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Subject: The Random Gamer at the Cottage Next Door: Game #7 Dragon's Gold rss

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Ender Wiggins
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The Random Gamer at the Cottage Next Door: Game #7 Dragon's Gold
Mr. HomoLudens: Well, I just spent a week at a cottage north of Toronto and played some games. Oddly enough, BGG user Ender Wiggins (EndersGame) and his family were at the cottage next door, so we decided to let him and wife play too. Sometimes we even let one or two of his kids play. Yes, the man has kids, although they don't often appear in his many, many photos. We did not let him take any pictures of our games, because the man's made enough GG already.

Mr. Ender: There's nothing like being on vacation and discovering that the random person in the cottage next door is a fellow gamer. Dragon's Gold was Game #7 in the many game sessions (see the first here) that resulted from this amazing discovery.

Mr. HomoLudens: On to the lighter games. This one got played a couple of times. I absolutely love this game. As do kids I found out. The funniest is when someone blindly steals the expensive black diamond, but who didn't want it (because it detracts from other points that are scored).

Mr. Ender: One memorable moment in this game: Daughter #1 and myself were both going for points without using colors, and she was relying on the black diamond for a 15 point contribution to her final point score. Right near the end of the game I was fortunate enough to be able to steal this from her. So her final score doesn't really do her justice, and my final score was somewhat fortunate, as a result of a 15 point swing at the end. So as far as scores go, perhaps Mr. & Mrs. HomoLudens were both the real winners in this one. How cute.

Mr. HomoLudens: Also funny are the red wizard cards which we played with, esp. the one that permits stealing, at least until the owner of the card is caught.

Mr. Ender: One of the most fun cards in the game is the Invisible Hand, which lets players steal cards ... as long as they get away with it.

Since I'm such an honest chap and my eyes twinkle too much, I'm always a dead give away when I get cards like this. I think it was Daughter #1 or Mrs. HomoLudens who nailed me before the fruits of my attempts at blatant robbery had any chance to get beyond one measly bit of treasure.

Mr. HomoLudens: My strategy is usually to go for bulk early on (particularly in the colours), and then specialize in a few colours after trading occurs.

Mr. Ender: The final scores for this one (playing with the advanced rules, and using the Magic Item cards) were: Mr. HomoLudens 54, Mr. Ender 51, Mrs. HomoLudens 49, Son #2 (age 8) 30, Daughter #1 (age 10) 17. Mr. HomoLudens always seems to do well in this game, but perhaps that's just because he's a nice guy, and everyone can't but help be nice to him when he's involved in negotiations. Maybe he should change his career and become a stock broker, or international peace keeper.

Mr. HomoLudens: As far as negotiation games go, this is a tame one, as I've never seen a negotiation break down because of the timer. Usually people come to a common understanding quite readily. Let's hope that's a good sign for humanity

Mr. Ender: General thoughts on the game: This is a great light negotiation game, and certainly suitable for families - the Ender juniors always have a lot of fun playing. There's lots of humorous trash talking during negotiations, and this game session was no exception. It works very well as a fun social game, and having a sand-timer to limit negotiation time works very well. The advanced rules with Magic Objects makes it even more fun. Two thumbs up!

See an overview of the complete list of 15 games played as part of this series, along with links to each session report here:
The Random Gamer at the Cottage Next Door
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