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Matt Hiske
United States
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Team Manager: The Mega Race
Team Manager: Mega Race
121 Energy Points
Time To Play: 7-8 hours
Four Teams with three cyclist,s per team.
I controlled the orange team

Playing Team Manager is the only time I would ever play such a long race, and it was very enjoyable as I could play at my own pace.
You can click on the photo to get a larger visual.

A few cyclist's broke away right off the start and I decided to keep my team in back of the peloton. Once the majority of cyclist's broke away I decided it was time for my leader and rouleur to catch the pack. I kept my climber in the back of the peloton until I reached the first long mountain pass.


The first half of the race was dominated by the white team as the next few photos will show. This photo shows my climber gaining ground in the first long mountain pass and then he puntures a tire, he is turned backwards in the photo. I was keeping my leader and rouleur in the middle of the pack.


The white team with their leader and rouleur took a significant lead and they were able to use each othersw slipstream. My cliber at this time had the most energy reserve and decided it was time to try and catch them, critical mistake. My leader in the photo had a puncture in this photo and was struggling to keep up with the middle pack.

Note: This race saw so many punctures and falls as I had a lot of cobblestone setup along with treacherous asphalt.


The white team was able to keep their lead down the long straight into the circle radius. The climber for the black team found himself way back beyond this photo. He actually punctured a tire in the peolton and struggled to get back into it. There was one more long mountain pass coming and he really need to start gaining ground on the pack.


This photo shows the tokens that I use to keep track of who gets a slipstream. I also used weather in the race and two feed zones.


The black rouleur was able to break away from the main group and actually passed the two white teammates to take the lead. The photo also shows that we hit a -1 headwind. I think my climber spent a lot of energy in the previous long straight to catch the white team, unsuccessfully, and was tiring and had to fall into the main group.

The climber for my team and the green team were leading the main group here as we entered the mountain pass, good sign.


This just shows a top view of the main group as we were entering the mountain pass.


My climber and the green climber were on the tail of the three leaders. The photo also shows the climber for the black team being sucked into the tail end of the peloton. The peloton is entering the mountain and he will have to start making his move on the group, luckily the peloton gained ground on the whole group.


Still climbing and becoming exhausted. My climber takes the lead as we run into some major headwinds. The white team is still dominating right behind me with all three teammates. You can also see in the photo that the climber for the black team is finally gaining ground and moving through the pack.


The peloton was brutal on us as it approached the final long flatlands before entering the stadium. The leader and climber for the white team were in the lead. The green team had two teammates in the peloton and the one near the fron of the pack must have fallen, not good for the green team.


This photo shows the lineup as we approach the stadium, black in the lead.


This photo shows my leader in the lead as we approach the finish. I was only able to get to the space on the finish without crossing. The gree rouleur was only able to come up beside me, which means he would cross ahead of me. The both of us had the finish line blocked and you would think we had first and second secured, not. The white lead was able to elbow his way through with just enough energy to finish first. The black rouleur then elbowed his way through to finish second, ouch.


This photo show the last three cyclist's as the peloton approaches the finish. My climber only had two energy points remaining and I was hoping the peloton would suck me in, and then I would breakaway on my last move across the finish. The peloton didn't allow this to happen as it made it to three spaces away and that didn't allow me to cross before it. The other climbers were able to breakaway and cross and it was the order of the peloton tokens that determined who crossed first.

Trophy Winners

1st: White-Leader-Sprinter
2nd: Black-Rouleur- Sprinter
3rd: Green-Rouleur- Downhiller

The Rest:

4th: My Leader- Downhiller (I did roll for all my characteristics and figured a sprinter would be a good one for this course.)
5th: My Rouleur- Downhiller
6th: White-Rouleur- Fighter
7th: Black-Leader- Fighter
8th: Green- Climber- Sprinter
9th: Green-Leader- Sprinter
10th: White-Climber- Downhiller
11th: Black-Climber- Downhiller
12th: My Climber- Downhiller (In Peloton)

Great Fun and an outstanding race. I really thought the course would favor the climbers a bit more as both mountain passes were long.

Hope some of you are enjoying Team Manager as much as I have been. I did make a few tweaks to the charts but nothing major, these are in the AI teams favor. These changes will help the climber in the flatlands a little more and I tweaked the leader a little bit.

I conclude in regards to my cycle challenge that I need some heavy training!!!shake
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