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App News: Splendor Goes Online and 1775: Rebellion Lands on Steam

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Splendor Updates With Online Multiplayer
When Splendor arrived on digital last year it was hailed as a fairly spectacular port missing only one thing: online multiplayer. Today that oversight was corrected as Splendor was updated to include cross-platform multiplayer.

The version 2.0.0 update includes the following blurb:

What's New in Version 2.0.0

• Online game feature is live! Play against human opponents worldwide and cross-platforms!
• You will need a Days of Wonder account to log in and play online games
• Online games are either ranked or unranked, with 2 to 4 players, and you can include a password to make private games.
• Karma system: if you leave an online game in progress, you lose Karma. Players can create games with Karma thresholds to only accept players with a certain level of Karma.
• Victory conditions: in ranked games, the number of Prestige points to win is fixed to 15. In unranked games, you can set the number of points you like.
• Various bug fixes

Splendor is available for iOS Universal, Android, Kindle, and PC/Mac. The online multiplayer update seems to only be available for iOS and Android at this time, however.

- Splendor for iOS Universal, $7
- Splendor for Android, $7
- Splendor for Kindle, $7
- Splendor for PC/Mac, $10

1775: Rebellion Released for PC/Mac
It's not a mobile release (yet), but about an hour ago HexWar released their port of Academy Games' fantastic American Revolutionary War title, 1775: Rebellion for PC and Mac.

1775: Rebellion looks a lot like a war game, but it feels a lot like a euro. and it's one of the best 4-player games out there. Luckily, this version allows for both play against AI and online multiplayer for 2-4 players.

HexWar wrote:
Key Features

1775: Rebellion features simple and unique game mechanics and special attention to historical detail. Experience this critical time in American history, you will not be disappointed!

3 Scenarios – 1775, 1775 (Short) and Siege of Quebec.
Play solo vs. 3 AI difficulties
54 Cards (Movement & Event)
Cross-platform online play or up to 4 player hotseat multiplayer.
Faithful conversion of the original board game.

As for that tablet version, I've been told that we can expect an iPad version in about a month or so.

The Steam version is currently on sale for $20 instead of it's usual price of $25.

- 1775: Rebellion for PC/Mac, $20

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Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:03 pm
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Live Stream: Sorcery! 4 Continued - Tonight at 10pm EDT

Brad Cummings
United States
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The Just Released Sorcery! 4

We've made it into the fortress. Can we find what we need to defeat the Archmage? Find out tonight!

Come join us as we continue Sorcery! Part 4.The stream starts tonight at 10pm EDT. We'll also be giving out a few Geek Store codes.

We will be streaming at BoardGameGeekTV on Twitch. Come join us!

Here’s the full schedule:

- Thursday, 9/22 - Sorcery! 4
- May continue into next week. We'll find out tonight.

Come watch and help us try not to die. We’ll be asking the chat for advice on choices, etc, so be sure to join in.

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Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:02 am
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App News: Sentinels Season 2 Arrives on iOS, Paperback Coming Next Week, Red7 Port On The Way and more...

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Sentinels of the Multiverse Season 2 Arrives on iOS
For much of the digital world the second season of content for Sentinels of the Multiverse arrived last week. For those of us who prefer to battle evil on our iDevices, Season 2 was a wait-and-see proposition. The waiting is over as, yesterday, Handelabra Games announced that the iOS version of Season 2 has gone live.

You can sign up right now for the Season 2 Pass which will get you a load of content starting later this year. It will also get you a special Season 2 mini-pack which you can download immediately. The mini-pack includes:

Handelabra wrote:
Setback, the unluckiest hero who brings “a change from better to worse” from Vengeance
Chokepoint, the ferro-kineticist villain from Mini-Pack 4
The Temple of Zhu Long, a dark and mysterious environment from Villains of the Multiverse

The Season 2 pass is also discounted, but only for today! If you want to snag it for $5 less you need to pick it up ASAP. Note that the discount is only for the iOS version. The other platforms had their discount last week when Season 2 was officially released.

- Sentinels of the Multiverse for iOS Universal, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Android, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Kindle, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for PC/Mac, $10

Paperback Coming to Digital Next Week
Late last night an email filtered into my inbox from none other than Tim Fowers of Wok Star fame. It was nothing major, just letting me know that they're hoping to launch the digital port of his incredible deck-building word game, Paperback on iOS next week!

He also sent along a build of the game and I've been playing it pretty much constantly ever since. Thanks, Tim, I didn't need to catch any Z's last night.

The game currently features solo play vs. 3 levels of AI or pass-and-play multiplayer. Luckily, the AI is pretty damn great, however, and I've lost several games to the mid-level AI (and maybe one or two to the dumb AI). If you were hoping for online multiplayer, Tim has said that they're open for adding a whole bunch of new features depending on what the fans want. In other words, let him know in the comments.

Oh, and it's for iOS Universal and there's also an Android build underway. Whether or not the Android build launches next week is shrouded in mystery, but if it doesn't it can't be too far down the road.

We'll let you know if/when it lands on the App Store.

Red7 Coming to Digital
We've known about this one for awhile, but wanted to keep it quiet until we got the go ahead to announce it. Considering that Chris Cieslik from Asmadi Games is talking about it here on BGG, I think it's safe if we spill the beans.

Red7 is coming to digital.

Wow, that was a lot less grandiose than I'd hoped for. Hold on a sec...

Red7 is coming to digital!


We don't know much other than it's coming to both iOS and Android...and, that's about it. As usual, we'll try to dig a bit and pass along whatever we uncover.

Sorcery! 4 Releases
Normally, the release of a new game from inkle Studios would be a major announcement and, yet, here it is way down the page. That's not to denigrate the fine folks at inkle, nor their fantastic interactive fiction series based on the Sorcery! series. It's really just acknowledgement that you probably already know this simply from Brad's awesome streams of the series that he's been doing for the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, Sorcery! Part 4 wraps up the story that launched inkle into our consciousness back in 2013 and you can carry a character all the way from that first installment through the last, bringing all your contacts, items, and clues along with you. It's really the only way to play the series. By itself, each book is a good piece of interactive fiction. Strung together, it's an epic piece of entertainment.

This version has you finally tackling the fortress of Mampang and confronting the vile Archmage to claim the Crown of Command. It's a mammoth book made even more mammoth by the way saves are implemented while inside the fortress. Don't understand? You will when you're chatting up monks in the monastery or wandering the Inner College for the eighth time...

Anyway, if you've played through the first three, snagging this is a no-brainer. The game's on sale right at launch as well, so no reason to delay.

- Sorcery! Part 4 for iOS Universal, $5
- Sorcery! Part 4 for Android, $5
- Sorcery! Part 4 for Kindle, $5
- Sorcery! Part 4 for PC/Mac, $6

App Updates

We don't normally do things like this, but there were a few updates I thought you should know about, so I'm lumping them all together. Don't let this weird format frighten you.

Mansions of Madness
As we all know, Mansions of Madness: Second Edition from Fantasy Flight Games is a board game that requires an app. I've gotten a few plays in and it's a fun way to play MoM, much better than the clunky version we received a few years ago.

Yesterday the app for the game was updated to include content from the expansions:

Fantasy Flight Games wrote:
What's New in Version 1.1.0
• Added Recurring Nightmares and Suppressed Memories Figure & Tile collections.
• New scenarios available for Figure & Tile collections and 1st edition products.
• Minor updates to Collection Manager

- Mansions of Madness for iOS Universal, free
- Mansions of Madness for Android, free
- Mansions of Madness for Kindle, free
- Mansions of Madness for PC/Mac, free

Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy
Small update for the iOS version of Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy landed this week which brings it up to date with the recently released Android and Steam version and allows for cross-platform play as well as a few other tweaks.

What's New in Version 2.0
- Cross-platform multiplayer - play agains PC, Mac and Android players!
- Rewritten online architecture - use your social media and/or Game Center account to play online
- Last round replay for online games

- Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy for iPad, $7
- Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy for Android, $7
- Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy for PC/Mac, $13.50

Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Yesterday, Neil Rennison the mad genius behind Tin Man Games announced via Twitter that a new update was coming to their phenomenal work of interactive fiction, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (2016).

The update will bring new characters and more, making an already awesome game even more awesome-er (take that, grammar!). Now the only thing we need is a version for tablets...

- Warlock of Firetop Mountain for PC/Mac, $20
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Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:27 pm
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Live Stream: Sorcery! 4 Preview - Today at 10pm EDT

Brad Cummings
United States
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The Just Released Sorcery! 4

It's all come down to this. We've been mugged by children, tricked by elves, helped by eagles, and lost for far to long. We've made it to Mampang - time get that crown!

Come join us as we start Sorcery! Part 4, releasing tonight! The stream starts tonight at 10pm EDT.

We will be streaming at BoardGameGeekTV on Twitch. Come join us!

Here’s the full schedule:

- Wednesday, 9/21 - Sorcery! 4
- Thursday, 9/22 - Sorcery! 4

Come watch and help us try not to die. We’ll be asking the chat for advice on choices, etc, so be sure to join in.

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Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:00 pm
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App News: Sentinels Season 2 Begins Today, Eclipse Comes to PC/Mac, and We Have Free Copies of Doomstar

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Sentinels of the Multiverse Season 2 Pass Available Today
It's official: I've now received more emails about Season 2 of Sentinels of the Multiverse arriving today than I've recieved for any other game. (Yes, even that one) Thanks, everyone! I'm on the case, I just wasn't in town the last couple days and have been unable to plant myself in front of my laptop.

Today, Handelabra Games has announced that Season 2 passes are available in both the PC/Mac and Android version of Sentinels. The iOS version is having the usual Apple review issues but it should be coming soon.

The Season 2 Pass will get you access to all the upcoming Season 2 content starting with Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance which is coming later this year. Actually, that's the first major expansion in Season 2. If you buy the Season 2 Pass now you'll immediately get a mini-expansion which contains the following:

Handelabra wrote:
-Setback, the unluckiest hero who brings “a change from better to worse” from Vengeance
-Chokepoint, the ferro-kineticist villain from Mini-Pack 4
-The Temple of Zhu Long, a dark and mysterious environment from Villains of the Multiverse

Apart from this mini-expansion, the rest of Season 2 covers the following:

- Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance
- Sentinels of the Multiverse: Villains of the Multiverse
- Mini-Pack 4 (2 more heroes and 1 villain)
- Void Guard (Mini-Pack 5)
- Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon

The normal price of the Season 2 pass is $25, but if you buy in on mobile in the next 48 hours, you can get it for $5 off. That sale will be in effect for iOS for 48 hours after is lands on the App Store as well.

- Sentinels of the Multiverse for iOS Universal, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Android, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Kindle, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for PC/Mac, $10

Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy Arrives on Steam (and Android?)
When Big Daddy's Creations released the digital version of Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy back in 2013 it signaled a change in what could be done with digital board games. Sure, we'd had some great ones like Carcassonne (iOS) and Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer released before this, but making a complex, 4X title work on an iPad was quite the achievement. Three years later, it's made the jump to the big screen by landing on Steam for PC/Mac. It's also made it's way to Android tablets by coming to Google Play.

Eclipse on Steam is currently 10% off, so you can snag it for $13 and change.

- Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy for iPad, $7
- Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy for Android, $7
- Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy for PC/Mac, $13.50

Lew Pulsipher's Doomstar Releases. Want a Free Copy?
As we mentioned earlier this week, Stratego-like board game, Lew Pulsipher's Doomstar, has arrived on Steam today. Thanks to the developer, Large Visible Machine, we have some free codes to hand out for the game.

I have 10 keys in my pocket and I'll hand them out to the first ten commenters who mention Doomstar in their comment. If you're a winner, look for your code to come via Geekmail in the next day or two.

For everyone else, Doomstar is available on Steam and should be coming to the App Store in the next month or two. It's also 25% off right now!

- Lew Pulsiphier's Doomstar for PC/Mac, $7.50

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Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:12 pm
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News: Sorcery! 4 Delayed and Games on Sale - Stream Continues Tonight!

Brad Cummings
United States
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Yesterday, Inkle announced that Sorcery! Part 4 will be delayed to Thursday, 9/22. They cite wanting to avoid going toe to toe with the iOS 10 release (wise choice). We've got review copies in house and will review/stream next week.

However, if you've yet to play the Inkle games, you're in luck. All three Sorcery games are on sale on iTunes and Google Play for $0.99 each.

Here they are:
Sorcery! 1 - Android, iOS

Sorcery! 2 - Android, iOS

Sorcery! 3 - Android, iOS

But, the Stream Continues!

We wandered the wastes and talked to a tree. We also died over and over in a pit, which was...disappointing

The stream starts tonight at 10pm EDT. We'll be playing Sorcery! part 3.

We will be streaming at BoardGameGeekTV on Twitch. Come join us!

Here’s the full schedule:

- Tuesday, 9/13 - Sorcery! 3
- Thursday, 9/15 - Sorcery! 3
- Wednesday, 9/21 - Sorcery! 4
- Thursday, 9/22 - Sorcery! 4

Come watch and help us try not to die. We’ll be asking the chat for advice on choices, etc, so be sure to join in.
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Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:00 pm
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App News: Ascension Expands With Dreamscape, Carcassonne Expands Again and more...

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Ascension Gets Update, Dreamscape Expansion
Way back in June of 2011, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer arrived on mobile and showed everyone how a digital board game should be ported. It's over five years later and Ascension is still one of the most popular games on the App Store, and it's still growing. Last night Playdek released the latest expansion for the game, Ascension: Dreamscape.

Playdek wrote:
Step into the Dreamscape, a plane of visions and imagination created in the wake of New Vigil’s transformation. As the factions gain insight into the new world’s power, they must also be on guard for those who might abuse it for their own nefarious ends. Join the heroes of New Vigil as they explore the exciting possibilities that await them in the Dreamscape!

What does that all mean? I have no idea! Let's look at the BGG page for Dreamscape instead:

Ascension: Dreamscape is the ninth standalone game in the Ascension series, although the game can be combined with other titles for play with up to six players. This set introduces the Insight resource that allows players to acquire exclusive Dream cards. Player can also use the Dreamscape to access powerful new Vision cards as well as Heroes and Constructs.

Is that better? I'm not sure!

What I do know is that the update is available right now and the Dreamscape expansion is available via IAP for $4.

WARNING: It appears that this latest update has a fairly major bug that slipped through.

Gary Weis wrote:
Yes, Dreamscape is available. And there is a bug with adding cards to your Dreamscape that somehow managed to slip in at the last minute. I believe the AI lockup is the same bug. It's been fixed on our end just now. The bug doesn't exist in the PC version. An Android should be available within a couple hours. And iOS will be submitted shortly and awaiting Apple's approval.

It doesn't affect the game other than when using the Dreamscape cards, so feel free to update, but be wary of using the new cards until the patch rolls through.

- Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer for iOS Universal, free
- Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer for Android, free
- Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer for PC, $10

Carcassonne Updates and Expands
I mentioned above that Ascension was one of the first board game ports to get it right. Well, Carcassonne from The Coding Monkeys was the first. Still one of the best board games you can find on a touchscreen, Carcassonne is still going strong with yet another update landing today.

Today's update adds three new mini-expansions to the game:

Coding Monkeys wrote:
• Abbot

The Abbot is a new game piece you place on Cloisters or Gardens (a new tile feature that will magically appear on some existing tiles). You can recall the Abbot at any time during the game, scoring points without needing to finish the Cloister or Garden first.

• The Old River

This was the very first expansion evver to be published for Carcassonne. Introduced at the SPIEL 2001 toy fair in Germany, it remains a true collector's item.

• German Cathedrals

The newest mini expansion comprising six famous German cathedrals. So new it's not even available in print until mid October.

You can place a meeple on a German cathedral to score points. Roads connected to a German cathedral score bonus points.

Each of the mini-expansions will run you $1, so $3 for the whole bunch.

Note: This only affects the iOS version of Carcassonne. There is an Android version of the game available, but it is developed by a different developer (Exozet Games GmbH) and is not updated with the same content as the iOS version.

- Carcassonne for iOS Universal, $10
- Carcassonne for Android, $5

New CCG Set in Titanfall Universe Coming This Fall
Not being an FPS player at all, I only know a very little bit about Titanfall. Namely, the title. I know it's a thing that people play on the thing, and that's about it. I was okay with this, but apparently I'm going to have to learn a bit more about the Titanfall universe because there's a CCG on the way called Titanfall: Frontline.

It looks like your standard CCG fare with 2 players going head to head trying to knock the other guy off.

Nexon wrote:
Collect and upgrade hundreds of Pilots, Titans and burn cards as you put together an unbeatable team to take control of the Frontline and destroy your opponent. Combine your Pilots and Titans to deal extra damage or place your Titans in auto-mode to provide cover as your Pilot attacks the target. With hundreds of cards and combinations at your command, you can play the battle your way and defeat your rival Commanders!

It's coming for both iOS and Android sometime this fall.

Hat tip: Thanks to AppAddict.net for the info!

Large Visible Machine Brings Doomstar to PC/Mac This Week
We're familiar with Large Visible Machine from their mobile port of the card game The Battle for Hill 218. They're working on the port of the newer The Battle for Sector 219, but they have another game in the works that's coming out this week, on September 16.

The game is called Doomstar and is designed by Lewis Pulsipher of Britannia fame. The game has a hidden unit mechanism, similar to Stratego. Of course, there's more to it than that as each ship type has its own unique abilities. The game includes a single-player campaign as well as asynchronous multiplayer.

Doomstar is set to release for PC/Mac, but I've also heard rumors that it works on later model iPads as well. Will we see it come to the App Store at some point? Yes, we will! It should be making its way to tablets down the road.

When it launches on Friday you can nab Doomstar here. We may even have a few Steam codes to give away once it launches, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:31 pm
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App News: Sushi Go! Releases, Baseball Highlights 2045 Expands, Talisman: Horus Heresy Adds Warlords and more...

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Sushi Go! Makes Its Way to iOS
It's been awhile since we've had a big release to crow about here at the unfortunately named iOS Board Games. That ended yesterday when the digital version of Sushi Go! landed on the App Store.

Sushi Go! is for iOS Universal and...oh, what am I doing? Prepare thyself for the iTunes blurb:

Michael Busheikin wrote:
Play the super-fast sushi passing game Sushi Go! with friends, family, or against the computer!


Pass the sushi! In Sushi Go! the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value. But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you'll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!


* Official Sushi Go! game with original artwork
* New adorable animations, opponent and chef characters
* Universal app - play on your iPhone and iPad
* Play locally against AI characters
* Play online against Game Center friends
* 25+ Achievements to test your mettle

I haven't had a chance to play Sushi Go! myself yet, but I'm hearing nothing but good things so far. If you want to check it out it will run you a fiver.

- Sushi Go! for iOS Universal, $5

Baseball Highlights 2045 Updates and Expands
The last we heard from Peter Kossits and the digital version of Eagle-Gryphon Games' and Mike Fitzgerald's Baseball Highlights 2045, it was gaining a brain by adding AI. Work on the app hasn't stopped, apparently, as today a new update landed which brings the game's first expansion pack.

The update includes other features and fixes:

Peter Kossits wrote:
Introduction of Expansion pack 1 which can be purchased from the new Add-Ons screen.

New Feature: When playing against the AI, you may now choose to skip the 3 season games.
New Feature: Indicator on each card to show whether the Immediate Action is useful

Bug Fix: AI was demoting one of the most valuable players rather than the least late in some World Series.
Bug Fix: Game will no longer hang if AI cannot afford any free agents
Bug Fix: No longer possible to manipulate AI cards during its turn.

It's that expansion pack that's the biggest addition, though. There's not much information on iTunes about what your $3 will buy you, but the expansion is detailed greatly within the app itself:

Peter Kossits wrote:
Expansion Pack 1 - Adds 30 new cards that change the game dramatically.

10 new Naturals. Use the Teamwork Immediate action to make all Naturals on your squad better. Use rare Magna Gloves to shut the opposition down.

10 new Cyborgs. One new pitch type introduced. Some pitchers now have a Pick Off move that can clear the bases.

10 new Robots including some of the strongest players in the game. Three new immediate actions added: Cloning, Gambler, and Replace. The new wave of robots have the ability to clone abilities from other players.

As mentioned, the expansion will run you $3 via IAP.

- Baseball Highlights 2045 for iOS Universal, $6
- Baseball Highlights 2045 for Android, $6

Talisman: Horus Heresy Expands With More Warlords
With the sad news of the split between Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop Ltd. hitting today, it's good to know that GW's digital games are still in good hands. Many of those good hands belong to the folks at Nomad Games Ltd (II) who develop both Talisman: Digital Edition and its 2.5 billion expansions and their latest, Talisman: The Horus Heresy which arrived earlier this year. Like its fantasy cousin, it looks like the 40K version of Talisman is set to receive a bevy of expansions with the latest appearing today.

The expansion today includes two new Warlords, one for the Loyalists and one for the Traitors. The Loyalist character is Kaedes Nex:

Nomad Games wrote:
A dark figure among the kin who followed Corax from Deliverance, Kaedes is seen as an ill-omen by his brothers. An infamous murderer condemned to prison, Corax offered him a pardon if he fought alongside him. When the Raven Guard came to Isstvan V, Kaedes was among them but vanished into the wastes to stalk traitors on his own terms...

The Traitor is the very cool looking Archmagos Draykavac:

Nomad Games wrote:
The treacherous Archmagos Draykavac has a fearsome reputation throughout the Imperium, thinking nothing of sacrificing thousands of lives to further his knowledge and understanding of the arcane arts of the Omnissiah. When the Horus Heresy broke out, Draykavac revealed his dark allegiance to Warmaster Horus, his loyalty bought with the promise of access to technologies long forbidden by the Emperor.

How cool does he look? Take a look at this mug:

Each character comes with their own Legion Dataslates and 15 new Encounter Dataslates.

- Talisman: The Horus Heresy for iOS Universal, $4
- Talisman: The Horus Heresy for Android, $3
- Talisman: The Horus Heresy for PC/Mac, $15

Changes Coming to Hearthstone Arena Mode
I've never designed a CCG (in truth, I couldn't design something as simple as a bookshelf) but I'm guessing the hardest part is balancing the whole thing out when every new card can, in theory, blow up the game. Blizzard Entertainment has already shown that balancing can be a tricky beast in their popular digital CCG, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Changes to cards happen frequently with updates and earlier this year they moved to a system where older cards cannot be used in competitive matches in certain modes of play. The other area where balance appears to be an issue is in Arena Mode, where players draft a deck and try to win as many games as possible before losing three times. Yesterday, Blizzard announced some major changes to Arena Mode, mainly concerning cards that will no longer appear in that mode. It's a long post that's worth reading if you're a Hearthstone fan. In order to save on our cut/paste budget, I'll just post the section about the cards that will be leaving:

Blizzard wrote:
...we will be removing the following cards from the Arena draft in an upcoming patch:

Forgotten Torch
Faceless Summoner

Goblin Auto Barber
Undercity Valiant

- No changes

Vitality Totem
Dust Devil
Totemic Might
Ancestral Healing
Dunemaul Shaman

Anima Golem
Sacrificial Pact
Curse of Rafaam
Sense Demons
Void Crusher
Reliquary Seeker

Poison Seeds
Soul of the Forest
Mark of Nature
Tree of Life
Astral Communion

Warsong Commander
Bouncing Blade
Axe Flinger
Ogre Warmaul

Starving Buzzard
Call Pet
Timber Wolf
Cobra Shot
Lock and Load
Dart Trap

Mind Blast
Power Word: Glory
Inner Fire

I'm not an Arena player (not much of a Hearthstone player at all these days), so I'm not entirely sure how much impact any of this will have. Let us know in the comments.

- Hearthstone for iOS Universal, free
- Hearthstone for Android, free
- Hearthstone for Kindle, free
- Hearthstone for PC/Mac, free

Reinier Knizia's The Confrontation Getting New Content Next Month
I think I've mentioned it before, but 2016 has been a really great year for board game ports on mobile. That trend actually began right before the New Year with the often forgotten port of Reiner Knizia's Stratego-like game Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation which hit in late December. Of course, the digital version from Offworld Games doesn't include the characters from Lord of the Rings, but even without that it manages to be a really great port of a fantastic 2-player game.

TouchArcade got their hands on some great news regarding The Confrontation: It's getting the Deluxe Edition content in an upcoming upgrade. That means we'll be getting 18 new characters as well as 4 special cards which introduce new actions to the game.

The expansion is even dated, coming on October 27. We'll be bugging Offworld to see if we can get any more information for you before its release.

- Reiner Knizia's The Confrontation for iPad, $7
- Reiner Knizia's The Confrontation for PC/Mac, $15
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Fri Sep 9, 2016 5:07 pm
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App News: Pathfinder Heads to the Small Screen, Twilight Struggle on Android Update and more...

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Pathfinder Adventures Updated to Play on Phones
In a year of great board game ports, Obsidian Entertainment's port of Paizo Publishing's RPG card game, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is one of the best. Renamed Pathfinder Adventures for the digital realm, it manages to create an exciting RPG and also keep track of all the cards, rules, and modifiers that can drag the tabletop version down a bit. If there's been one issue with the game, it's that new content has been slow in coming. I feel like I've been waiting forever to continue the adventures of my ragtag crew, and every day I'm checking to see if the app has updated with new adventure decks.

Yesterday the app was struck by one of these updates but, alas, still no new content to be found. That said, what was included in the update was pretty wonderful: the ability to play Pathfinder Adventures on your phone. That's not all that the update added, though:

Obsidian wrote:
Phone Support
We now have official support for phones!
In addition to some significant UI overhauls, we've implemented new methods of zooming:
-Tap on a card to do the initial zoom, then tap and hold on a card to zoom in on the card text (available on both phone and tablets)
-Tap on a card to do the initial zoom, then rotate the device to get the card to rotate and zoom in further. (Phone only)
Phones with less than a 1gb of RAM are not officially supported and may experience performance issues with such devices.

Quest Mode XP changes
We've listened to your feedback regarding the leveling experience in quest mode. We've modified the numbers so the leveling should be smoother and less of a grind.
-Tier B has been slowed down. The initial levels won't be blown through quite so quickly.
-Experience gain in later tiers has been scaled up.

Other New Features
-Some initial achievements have been added.
Dice changes
-When other characters add dice to your check, the dice use that character's dice skin.
Push Notifications
-If you opt in, at 5pm PST you'll now be notified when the Daily Challenge resets, and, if you have Daily Gold, be notified that its available for pickup.

Top Community Issues

These are issues you have all helped to bring to our attention. We can't thank you enough for your feedback on the game! These five issues have been the most discussed here on the forum and these, along with many more, will be fixed when 1.1.3 goes live!
-Daily Gold: An issue where you could purchase Daily Gold when you already had an active subscription has been resolved
-Login: Several fixes have been implemented to resolve issues that some players were having with logging into Google Play Games and Gamecenter.
Progression Break: Bury Card: Some fixes have been made to resolve issues with encountering a progression break when being prompted to bury a card
-Progression Break: Ezren: Fixed a possible progression break when using Ezren's Expanded Spellbook. This should also resolve issues where cards from his deck would be stuck on screen.
-Scenario Completion Gold: Resolved an issue where you could miss out on gold when completing scenarios that should grant it
-Quest Mode: Resolved an issue where characters that died or lost a scenario but leveled up were unable to acquire rewards.
This fix is not retroactive, so characters missing out on feats will not get them.
We are working on ways to correct all characters in Quest and Story mode that have missed out on rewards.

Other Fixes

Here's the list of other fixes we've addressed in this patch, broken down by type!

Progression Breaks
-Sandpoint Cathedral: Resolved a progression break that could occur if you defeated a monster with no blessings in discard
-Booster: Demonbane Longsword +1: Text and functionality have been updated.
-Original: "[...] you may additionally recharge this card to add another 1d6 and the Force trait, or to add another 1d8 if the bane has the Demon trait."
-New: "[...] you may additionally recharge this card to add another 1d6 and the Force trait. Add another 1d8 if the bane has the Demon trait."
Booster: Djezet Skin: Now only adds a bonus of +2 to a Charisma/Diplomacy check, per the text. The erroneous extra die has been removed.

-Booster: Locksmith Leather: Card background art should now properly use the background for magic items

-Booster: Portable Ram: Now correctly grants 2 extra die on discard.

-Booster: Silent Enforcer: Can no longer be incorrectly played with other ally cards on the same check

-Booster; Vicious Double Axe +1: Card changed to be more in line with other Vicious weapons. Now requires a discard upon play in addition to the damage taken after the check.
-Original: "For your combat check, reveal this card to use your Strength or Melee skill + 1d10+2 [...]"
-New: "For your combat check, reveal this card and discard another card to use your Strength or Melee skill + 1d10+3 [...]"

-Booster: Vicious Trident +1: Card text updated to be consistent with other Vicious weapons.
-Original: "When you play this weapon, you are dealt 1 Force damage that may not be reduced."
-New: "After the check, you are dealt 1 Force damage that may not be reduced."

-Attic Whisperer: Now properly restricts the Poison trait

-Greater Luckstone: Resolved an issue where you were incorrectly given the option to bury on subsequent explorations

-Major Cure: Now correctly shuffles a card into the player's deck when used off turn.

-Shalelu Andosana: Resolved an issue where encountering a villain with Shalelu resulted in Villain Fanfare with no villain card

-Wand of Enervation: Fixed an issue where the Wand could incorrectly remove dice in play

-Lini's Beast Form power text has been updated.
-Original: "You may discard a card to roll 1d10 instead of your Strength or Dexterity die for any check."
-New: "You may discard a card to roll 1d10 instead of your Strength or Dexterity die on your check."

-Valeros: Fixed an issue where he could use his Melee bonus when using ranged weapons
-Valeros: Close Quarters: Fixed an issue with Close Quarters where it would not use Melee.

-Fixes for some dice textures: Cinnabar, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Pale Sun and Marigold
-Sky Metal Blue has been renamed to Aquamarine
-Opal has been renamed to Marigold
-Hematite has been renamed to Pale Sun

-Exploration: Fixed an exploit that would allow for extra explores without actually discarding a card.

-Apothecary: Timing of At Location power was incorrect; now properly fires after resetting hand.
-Mountain Peak: Fixed an issue that would allow a player to use the When Permanently Closed power multiple times in the same turn
-Thassilonian Dungeon: Playing spells off turn now properly activates the At Location power.

Quest Mode
-Resolved an issue where you could lose your bonuses when fighting certain villains
-Nightbelly Boa: Removed from Quest Mode as a possible henchmen.
-Fixed an issue that could sometimes make scrolling characters and decks difficult

-Battle At the Dam: Resolved an issue where you could not modify the turn order on Heroic or higher difficulty
-Daily Challenge: Now refresh at the 5pm PST rollover time without needing to restart
-Text for Ezren's Mind Trick options now fit properly on their buttons
-Phone: Certain location powers (Warrens, Shadow Clock, Habe's Sanatorium) with the darkened overlay will have the highlighted area in the incorrect location

That was long enough that I actually broke a sweat when I pasted it. Despite the lack of new Adventure Decks, there's still a lot here to love including fixes for Quest Mode which is a good way to spend your time while waiting for the Stone Giants to show up.

In other fun Pathfinder news, Obsidian recently posted our interview (well, Brad did the interviewing but I was the ape holding the camera) with the Lead Artist, Andre Nguyen from Gen Con. Brad had posted it before as well, but if you haven't seen it yet, I've added it below.

- Pathfinder Adventures for iOS Universal, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for Android, free

Playdek Announces Beta for Android Version of Twilight Struggle
Remember when I said that this was a great year for board game ports? (You should, it was just in the Pathfinder post right above this one.) Well, the digital port of GMT Games' Cold War classic, Twilight Struggle, is at the top of the list. It's almost a nearly perfect port with one exception: a lot of people still can't play it. I'm talking about Android users, but last night Playdek got on the horn and updated Kickstarter backers where TS for the Android platform currently stands.

From what they're saying, it doesn't sound like Android users will have very long to wait and, if you can't wait, you're welcome to sign up to join the beta. This only applies to those of you who backed the Kickstarter, so don't sign up if you aren't a backer.

Here's the details:

Playdek wrote:
We are also excited to share some good Android news with you!

We will release a beta version on
Android next week. It will be tablet only for now.
The beta will connect to the retail game servers, so you will be able to play online games against PC and iOS users. Backers who are owed an Android copy of the game, and wish to participate in the beta need to do the following:

*Contact Support@playdekgames.com with Android Beta in the subject line,
*Provide your KS email address AND your Google email address that you use on your Android device and will use for the beta. (We need this in order to authorize your participation.)
NOTE: As this is a beta version of the game, some features are still pending, like push notifications and achievements.

For those of you with iPads or a PC/Mac laying about, you should already be playing this game. If you haven't picked it up yet, the appropriate links can be found here:

- Twilight Struggle for iPad, $10
- Twilight Struggle for PC/Mac, $15

ENYO Supposed to Arrive Today, Actually Arrived a Week Ago
We posted about Tinytouchtales' newest title, ENYO, releasing for iOS/Android on September 7th back on August 31st. Little did we know that Arnold Rauers of Tinytouchtales was having a bit of fun with us because it appears that ENYO actually arrived the very same day I wrote that post. Haha! Good one.

ENYO is a fun little puzzle game in which you have a four actions to take each turn and need to figure out how to throw all the bad guys on each level into a pool of lava. Here's the blurb:

Tinytouchtales wrote:
ENYO is a tactical roguelike about hook & shield combat.

Grab your hook & shield and descent as Enyo, the greek goddess of war, into an ever changing labyrinth to recover 3 legendary artifacts.

ENYO's gameplay is based on the idea of indirect combat. Enemies can only be defeated by pushing or pulling them into burning lava pits or deadly spiked walls.

While staying accessible through the limited amount of actions a player can take, the core of ENYO are highly tactical turn based battles. To enter the highscore leaderboards for each of the 3 game modes you are tasked to master your weapons and create powerful chain combos through clever maneuvers.

ENYO is free to download with a $2 IAP to unlock the full game and disable ads. Definitely worth trying for nothing.

- ENYO for iOS Universal, free
- ENYO for Android, free

DIGIDICED Aiming for Steam
As many of you stated in the comments yesterday, our favorite developer of Uwe Rosenberg 2-player titles, DIGIDICED is trying to get their games onto Steam so they're playable via PC and Mac. They succeeded with their first title, Le Havre: The Inland Port which is already on Steam. Now they're trying to get both Patchwork The Game and Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small onto the platform is well.

To make this happen, they need us to vote for them to get Greenlit. Lucky for us, both titles have already received enough votes for the Greenlight process to proceed. As such, we should have PC/Mac ports of both titles soon. We'll let you know when they land.

- Le Havre: The Inland Port for iOS Universal, $5
- Le Havre: The Inland Port for Android, $5
- Le Havre: The Inland Port for PC/Mac, $10

- Patchwork: The Game for iOS Universal, $3
- Patchwork: The Game for Android, $3

- Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small for iOS Universal, $5
- Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small for Android, $5
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Wed Sep 7, 2016 6:43 pm
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App News: I'm Back, and Ticket to Ride Expanded While I Was Gone

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Hey everyone! Spent the long holiday weekend camping with my family, trying to get one last hurrah in before school started this morning. As such I've been gone and have been out of touch with what's going on in Digital Land. Sorry for the lack of news over the past week, and I'll be getting back on track and digging up the latest on what's happening. We'll start slow today with a Ticket to Ride update that landed last week and see where it leads as the weeks go on.

(I love writing updates like these about my personal crap because in my mind I'm convinced that you are having a hard time going through life without my super-important news updates and, also, are worried for my personal safety. Please don't burst my bubble.)

Ticket to Ride Updates, Gets Pennsylvania
For those of you who skipped my lame very important prologue today, the only news I picked up over the holiday weekend was an update to the venerable Days of Wonder app, Ticket to Ride. Unlike the usual updates that bring boring bug fixes and tweaks that you can't even notice, this one brought something cool to the game: Pennsylvania.

Blurb time? Heck, yeah! I haven't worked in almost a week and all this typing is killing my digits.

Days of Wonder wrote:
- New map: Pennsylvania! A new board with a tactical Stock Shares system, and specific 2-player rules. Adding a new dimension to your strategy, it should completely renew your game experience!
- More achievements to complete, that will make you master the Stock Shares system.
- Various bug fixes

Stock Shares in Ticket to Ride? Apparently! This expansion looks to be one-half of the Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 5 – United Kingdom & Pennsylvania cardboard expansion and, yes, there stocks in the game. Despite that, it doesn't quite convert TtR to an 18XX game. You don't buy or sell at all, but get stocks as you build routes and then get points based on how many stocks you hold at the end of the game.

The Pennsylvania expansion can be purchased via IAP for $5.

- Ticket to Ride for iOS Universal, $3
- Ticket to Ride for Android, $7
- Ticket to Ride for Kindle, $7
- Ticket to Ride for PC/Mac, $10
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Tue Sep 6, 2016 5:49 pm
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