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It Beats Watching The TV :: Tending to the Vegetable Patch

Stuart Burnham
United Kingdom
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Mrs B ponders how to satisfy her regular and casual customers. oooh-er!

Having a scan over the game shelves Mrs B and I identified a couple of games that she hadn't yet played and picked one for her to try out. We plumped for the vegetarian delights of At the Gates of Loyang, which previously I'd only enjoyed as a solo game.

The game itself, as I have written before, is an interesting puzzle that grows (hah!) as the game progresses and is always extremely tight money and resource (vegetable) wise. Playing with two adds the card market, "the courtyard", where players must place cards from their hand (of four) one at a time alternately until one of the players stops and plays exactly one from what remains in hand and one from the courtyard. This mechanic adds an element of risk and bluff as if you really want a particular card you are going to have to leave it in the courtyard for at least a turn and hope your opponent does not take it for themselves.

I'm probably going to be letting some of my customers down here!

I'm not yet proficient at the game but having a few solo plays certainly gave me an advantage over Mrs B as I was able to anticipate the escalation that occurs in the mid-game once you have several fields all producing crops. You want to be just on, or even just over, the edge in what your customers demand and what you can supply. Risking upsetting a regular customer is all part of the game, especially if you can satisfy a casual order to stack up on cash and advance an extra space on "the prosperity path".

This was evident in the final scores with me on 17(15) and Mrs B on 15(10) - so both of us were scrapping around trying to find that little bit of extra cash in the last round - to no avail. My risk in taking on 4 regular customers, and upsetting most of them (and paying a couple of fines) paid off, but a fortuitous extra field card, and a very timely Merchant helper (allowing me to by cheap veggies if I had at least 2 orders for a particular type) saw me out of a muddle and into some nice profit.

It's simultaneously both a tough and a relaxing game / puzzle and has a different pace to other Rosenberg games. The short(ish), even with the mid game explosion of vegetable delights, is also a nice change. It's not our favourite farm to till away at but we won't mind visiting every now and then.

Assuming the "Rosenberg position"
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Every Man Needs A Shed :: Boot Bargains!

Anthony Boydell
United Kingdom
Newent. Glos
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When the sun comes out and one has a goodly amount of free time at one's disposal, the traditional British response is to either
a) empty the house of crap and then try and sell it to a crowd of haggling strangers in a big field and/or
b) go to a big field and buy crap that people don't want in their house.

This is known as a 'Car Boot Sale'.

Yesterday, Sunday, while the rest of the (full) house was a-snooze, Arthur and I tootled over to Whitby and an enormous meadow behind the always-snigger-inducing Cross Butts Farm:

Amongst the usual avalanche of semi-melted DVDs, Top Of The Pops vinyl LPs, rusted garden implements and cheap sweets, the young lad - eager to spend some of his well-earned holiday money - and I found some excellent treasures:

Note: I have rare 1st and 2nd editions of the original Patience book at home; another edition for the collection!

Two very fine Transformers for £10 (the ubiquitous 'collector' stand was in the very LAST row we wandered)

And, for a paltry 50p, we also picked up this typically-understated Brit comic annual:

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Rockets! Dinosaurs! To most, this would be an astonishing experience...but, apparently, it's simply 'Ok'!
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Too Many Games!!! :: Cold War: CIA vs KGB (One Couple's Review)

sean johnson
United States
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We had this game years ago. When we played it then the game really fell flat for us, and we traded it away. However, in the years since then this is a game that I occasionally hear brought up on board game media. Whenever it is talked it about people tend to only have decent things to say about it. I also noticed that this is a game that is kept in print, and it was even given a Star Wars re-theme. I really began to wonder if when we played the game back in 2010, if we just missed something.

Recently at a decent sized gathering of gaming friends, we copied the trade table concept from Geekway to the West as a way to exchange unwanted games. Overall, I was really pleased with all of my picks. However, this was my last one, and I do think it was the best of my remaining options. So were we originally wrong about this game or should it just be permanently classified and buried?

Game Overview

In this game one player is the CIA and the other the KGB as the title implies. Players are competing for influence in countries. Each country has a point value, a target number, and a limit of how many cards can be played.

At the beginning of each round, each player chooses an agent. Both sides have the same agent to start with. Each agent has a special ability. Some of them only happen if a player wins the contest, others happen no matter what, and one only happens if the player loses.

There are cards numbers 1-6 in four different suits. On a player's turn they either draw a new card to play, use a card's ability or pass. The goal of the players is to get as close to the target number without going over. The abilities on the cards can allow players to peak at upcoming cards, discard a card in play from either side, steal a card or give a card, and ready a used card. The population of the country being fought over determines how many cards a player can play.

When both players pass then the player who is closest to the target number without going over places their domination token on the objective card. If there is a tie then it is based on a suit priority that is different for each objective. Players reveal their agents and abilities activate. One of the players (usually whoever was closest without going over) claims the objective card. The agent used is unavailable for a round. If a player causes civil disorder by going over the target number then the other side gets the objective and the agent is out of the game.

Once one player reaches 100 points (typically 7-10 objective cards) they win the game.

Our Thoughts
As a reminder we rate games on our own 5 point scale. When our scores are added together, it is where we as a couple theoretically rate the game on the BGG 10 point scale.

My Rating: 2.5 (do not care for)
My Thoughts: I feel like I should like this game more than I do. I like the theme. I feel like I should like the push your luck hit or stand element a lot more than I do. Every now and then, there is that really tense moment to decide to stop or go for it. Those moments are exciting. However, usually the risk of hitting is just not worth it. Also, so there are times where it does not really matter because of the luck of the draw and the way the cards fell one side has it locked up, unless the other side played the Master Spy (which allows the loser to actually win the objective). Playing the Master Spy though is easy, especially if the first card draw is lower than the opponents. I am sure we are just playing it wrong, but I feel like this game should have more bluffing and trying to get in the head of the opponent. As it is, I feel like this game falls flat like a deflated balloon.

Her Rating: 2.5 (do not care for)
Her Thoughts: I do not dislike this game, and I will play it. It is just this game does not excite me. I do not care about the theme and the cards are drab. There is nothing wrong with this game, it is just there are so many other two players games we have that are better games and that I would much rather play.

Combined Rating: 5
This game clearly has fans, but we are not among that number. Our initial impressions from about six years ago were about the same as they are now, so even with an evolution in gaming preferences this one is not for us.
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Painting for Profit and Pleasure :: No Disintegrations

Michael Jordal
United States
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Ike Clanton painted by me for Wild West Exodus

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Bobby's Games :: Help Bobby learn to play Menoth, or “Forcing an idiot focus!”

Bobby Warren
United States
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What are you looking at?
Since I am getting back into playing Warmachine and trying a new faction, I thought I would ask for some help. I posted the following on the Privateer Press forums and thought I would cross-post here with some minor edits.

Help Bobby learn to play Menoth, or “Forcing an idiot focus!”

I’m looking for advice on how to best learn to be an effective Protectorate of Menoth player. They look like the best faction to learn the intricacies of playing of the game and for recognizing and using the synergies of the game. I've never been good at staying with one faction or warcaster to really learn how to play and hope I can use the launch of the new edition to get better experience and learn how to make the game work for me.

About my experience.

I never played Warmachine MK1. I bought some mercenary figures, but after having some issues with building some of the warjacks, I opened the infantry models and was completely irritated by the sheer number of parts for the grunts that I gave up painting and building minis for a long time.

By the time of Warmachine MK2, I had come back into minis for smaller games, like Malifaux (speaking of difficult minis). A friend mentioned how most of the warjacks were now plastic. I got sucked in and we played it occasionally. I focused on Khador, with some Rhulics, then picked up some Gatormen and then a lot of Trolls.

I picked up the two-player box and was going to give the Protectorate figures to a friend out of state when I visited but he wasn’t interested. I ended up giving them, with a Choir and Vassal, to a friend here while another friend gave a bunch of old Cryx to someone else to try and get some in the board game group interested. It worked a little. The Menoth player’s family growth led to us seeing him less and less, and the others just weren’t as committed. That meant I played games against one guy who had played since MK1 most of the time and usually got my rear handed to me. Not that I am complaining. Well, except about Thagrosh 2 and MK2 Everblight. Khador I was happy to lose to, but I hated seeing him bring the Legion.

When the all-in-one boxes came out, I had extra hobby money available and ended up getting all of them. I got the core eight built and painted and ran out of steam at the Retribution which is mostly built. The idea was to have full armies that would get some of the slightly interested parties to play. (Protectorate-related, I also grabbed the two-player figures again because they were cheap and used the extra bits from the all-in-one to make Templar instead of a second Vanquisher.)

In the end I managed to get in six whole games with the boxes.

I recorded all my plays on the Board Game Geek.

All my Warmachine games played:

All my Hordes plays:

A new edition

Now is Warmachine MK3 (which is still not approved and in the database). I am ready to play with people outside of my group. This might fail because I generally have a problem playing against tournament players because of their bad behavior. I just want to have fun. I also am easily irritated by a lot of people. I am not a real social person.

My problems learning the game and playing it well was the limited pool of players. I never learned how to best use the tricks of the system to my advantage. I really wanted to like the Trollbloods, but couldn’t make them work for me. I found the Krielstone to be a huge area of irritant in the middle of my forces that didn’t feel like it gave enough benefit for the points. But all the Troll players love it always take it. Trolls looked like the Protectorate of the Hordes side of things to me, which is another reason why I am going to try Menoth.

Since I already had a good start with the all-in-one and two-player figures, I thought it would be a good learning experience to play Menoth in a Journeyman league since they were all about the stacking buffs. Plus, I already had a bunch of warjacks, the Choir and a Vassal, and their awesome Exemplar Errants. I had also picked up a unit of the Knights Exemplar.

I picked up some extra figures for the league and because I can’t always help myself on eBay, but am at a spending stand-still for a little while. I’d like to use what I have for now. I’d also like to stay with Malekus when I have the chance to switch casters, just so I am forces to work out better strategies with him. One of my issues with the game is it is easy to drop one caster to move onto another because there is always something greener over the fence.

Some thoughts on the Protectorate of Menoth

Not having a lot of accurate range seems to be the biggest issue facing the faction, especially with Cygnar and the good guns that Khador has in MK3. While there are some good Protectorate warjacks with ranged weapons, they look to be hard to integrate in the Journeyman league because of the way the points are added. I suspect that having a character warjack or two might also be important for the faction down the road. Overall, I like the MK2 box over the new one but believe Malekus can be a useful warcaster and the Castigator is a decent second heavy for him to have in his battle group.

The Journeyman League

The battlebox game looks a little tough. I have a slow heavy that is not as good as the other factions’ heavies. Malekus is not a big spell caster so the arc node (which Khador and the Rhules have not prepared me to play) isn’t much of a help, but he looks like he might be one of the better melee casters in the group from the battleboxes.

I have limited experience using light warjacks other than the gun bunnies that are position and shoot.

After skimming the forums, it looks like I would want to use the terrain to force the other players to move into me, hopefully goading them into a funnel so I can take on one at a time. Or have a free-for-all and engage their jacks/beasts and hope Malekus can eliminate their caster.

Khador looks like the toughest match in Week 1. I have their battlebox and Koslov is not a good one-on-one match-up with Malekus. My thought would be running Repenter around the heavies to try and do some damage (or kill him outright) before Makekus could take him on.

Week 2

I was initially going to add a Devout, but looking at the box and the challenges, I am leaning towards adding the Crusader for some punch. I’ll still be slow, but only Cryx looks like they can add a heavy.

Week 3

The Choir and a unit of Knights Exemplar look like my best option. I thought about adding a minimum unit of Exemplar Errants, but they just aren’t as useful as they used to be. This is when the army starts to feel like it is meant to. I have the Choir to help the warjacks.

Week 4

I plan to reduce the Choir to a minimum unit, add the Exemplar Cinerators, the Vassal, the Vassal Mechanik, and the Covenant.

Week 5

I was originally planning to add the Reckoner. I was running a point short because of the Devout but since replacing it with the Crusader, I now have 15 points to work with instead of 16. Unfortunately, 15 points doesn’t seem to be enough to work with to deal with my dearth of ranged attacks, unless I want to toss in a Redeemer for 11 to get the inaccurate ranged attacks. Luckily, I will have some time to see what is being played before making the final decision.

Week 6

I was going to add a minimum unit of Exemplar Errants but now I am not sure and will probably have a better idea after a couple of weeks of the league.


This is where you come in. Any advice on playing the box? Are there tricks I should use and traps I can avoid? I plan on posting my experiences and what I learned, so hopefully the experienced folks will tell me how I am being a huge idiot and how I am doing it wrong or how I could improve on what I am doing.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has read this and is even thinking about offering advice.

Available Forces

Just as a reference for anyone who cares, here are the forces I have to work with here in the desert.

Unpainted figures are in italics. I just picked up another battlegroup from the two-player box for less than the cost of a new heavy – these are not included and are unassembled.

I don’t want to spend more money unless I really have to. Things I am currently willing to buy and might on a whim in the near future are some Wracks, a second Mechanik, and maybe a second Vassal. If I make it through the league and am still playing, I will look at other ways to expand as well. I picked up Amon because of all the jack-heavy lists I’ve seen with him and because the store had him and he was not too expensive. I am a little impulsive on my purchases.

Warcasters: Malakus, Kreoss1, Severius1, Amon.

Light Warjacks: Devout, Redeemer, Repenter x2 (1 unpainted), Revenger.

Heavy Warjacks: Castigator, Crusader, Reckoner, Templar, Vanquisher.

Units: Choir of Menoth, Daughters of the Flame, Exemplar Cinerators, Exemplar Errants w/Officer & Standard, Knights Exemplar x2 (one unpainted).

Solos: Covenant of Menoth, Exemplar Errant Seneschal, Hierophant, Knights Exemplar Seneschal, Paladin of the Order of the Wall, Vassal Mechanik, Vassal of Menoth.


Units: Dannon Blythe & Bull, Herne and Jonne, Horgenhold Artillery Corps, Horgenhold Forge Guard, Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt, Ogrun Assault Corps.

Solos: Eiryss1, Eiryss2, Gorman Di Wulfe, Lord Rockbottom, Rhupert Carvolo.
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Beyond 500 :: Prepping for Gen Con 2016

United States
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Gen Con is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am getting really excited for the "Best Four Days in Gaming". Unfortunately, it is only myself and one other buddy going this year so I am limited on the games I am going to bring. On the other hand, we are at a downtown hotel again so we will get the good Gen Con vibe that I love. I am selling/trading several games but I hope to be playing a lot as well. My friend is not a regular gaming meetup attendee and tends to favor more thematic games. Hopefully, these games fit both theme and two-player. Here is what I am bringing:

Elder Sign - we have played this before. He is big fan of Arkham mythos so this should work out well.

Baseball Highlights: 2045 - I love this game and I think he will too.

NHL Ice Breaker: The Card Hockey Board Game - we played this one a few weeks ago. We are both big hockey fans so it turned out well.

1st & Goal - we played this at Gen Con two years ago and it was a hit.

Gears of War: The Board Game - I love this game and I think he will too if I can remember all the little rules.

Kingsport Festival - a theme choice. Not sure it works as well with only two players.

Warhammer: Diskwars - played this a few weeks ago as well. Cool game with cool universe.

Warmachine - actually I play a Hordes army but he has Warmachine. We haven't played this in a few years but we want to learn the new release rules and get the new faction decks.

I am hopeful we can get all these games in at least once during the trip. Thank goodness he has a big car because I am bringing a crap-ton of stuff.

Thanks for reading.
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A Gnome's Ponderings :: Nexus, still hanging out in my collection

Lowell Kempf
United States
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Nexus is a game that has stuck in my head for a good long time. Part of Cheapass Game's hip pocket line and _not_ to be confused with Nexus Ops, I don't know if it deserves the fascination I have with it but it's staying in my collection.

It's a very simple tile laying, area of control game. It's made up of forty-eight cards showing white paths and intersections over a pale blue background. Very plain and simple but still aesthetically pleasing.

The rules are also really easy. Every side has one path so there's no possible illegal plays. However, the intersections range from dead ends to four-ways. In your turn, you place a card and place a marker you supple yourself (Cheapass Games, remember) on any open intersection on the board.

When a chain of paths is closed, you score it. And that's where the clever bit comes in. The value of each token is the value of the intersection it's on. So dead ends are worth one and four ways are worth four. Whoever has the highest value in tokens gets the points. But a chain is only worth the value of the unclaimed intersections. So a good fight over a chain can really tank the score.

By the way, you score closed chains and then place a token so you can't zero out a chain.

When someone gets to ten points, they get to be declared the winner.

I know that one of the reasons Nexus has stuck in my head is that you lay the cards long end to short end to create a basket weave. I know that's because they're rectangular cards, not square, but it still creates an interesting visual.

I also know it made an impression because it was a game I picked up before I really got started collecting games. That definitely gives it a leg up in the old memory department.

I honestly don't know how it would hold up now. Truth to tell, given my limited time to play games, other small area of control games, like This Town Ain't Big Enough For the 2-4 of us, are much more likely to end up on the table.

However, since it's smaller than a regular deck of cards, it gets to stay in the collection. Devaluing chains in order to claim them does make the game interesting. Maybe it will help me introduce my son to area of control.

originally posted at www.gnomepondering.com
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All the Thematic Colors :: Older Games Are Overrated and Overhyped. But New New Games Deliver.

Dustin Crenshaw
United States
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Sorry for missing last week, had to go out of town to see about a girl. She's a gamer, but Game of Thrones marathon was how most of the weekend was spend, since she's never seen it. All I got in that weekend was Mystic Vale.

This week though I got in plenty of gaming. Wednesday I got together with some friends for Warhammer Conquest. Saturday was meetup, more new to me stuff than usual.

Biggest surprise? Realizing Galaxy Trucker is not my favorite game of all time.

To clarify, game of the week, doesn't mean the best game. It means the best play of a game in a week.
Similarly, dud doesn't mean worse game I played, just one that fell the most flat.




Exceed: Red Horizon – Reese & Heidi vs. Vincent & Nehtali
2 Games with Travis
One the first game, as we were both learning the game with characters that were probably not the best to learn with. Second game we really got the hang of it. Sadly store was closing, and we had to scoop with both of us at 8 life.

This is the 2D fighting game I've been waiting for. All those before it failed in some way for me. BattleCON was too slow and mechanical, Yomi was too luck based. This, a near perfect system. I hope it stands up to repeated plays (so many characters it should). Both of us wanted to play it more immediately, always a good sign. I do think it's longer than the 10-20 is claims to be. I'd say it's more in the 20-30 range once you know the game. But maybe we like to think more than others will. Very engaging, instant buy for me.

Feels like a 2D fighter
Great action system
Tense simulation action selection
Characters play very differently
Fast and clean

soblue Wish it was a big box release
soblue Needs board or playmat


Mystic Vale
4 Games
3 two player games, and 1 4 player. I haven't one once lol

The card crafting mechanic lived up to my expectations. What was surprising, is how good the push your luck mechanic is in the game. It's really great. That said, I no long own Mystic Vale. Why? Well it's pretty bare bones and needs expansions (which are coming). Also, my gaming tastes have me much more interested in the pvp version, coming next year.

Coolest innovation in board gaming in some time
Push your luck mechanic is fantastic
Good artwork/theme

soblue Too bare bones
soblue Better at higher player counts
soblue Set up a bit of a bear
soblue Slow ramp up (seriously should just have a beginning draft or something)


Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia
5 Players.
I didn't quite understand the game from the rules rundown (partly because I wasn't close to the board). But once it go going, it was super simple. I think I jump out to an early lead, but we all lost by 5 or more due to a player's broken powers combo.

I finally got to play this game, that George has raved about. It's baffling, as George doesn't like resource conversion games. Yet that's all this game is. The board is pretty, theme is good, but man it is so so boring. I was worried I was gonna be stuck playing it for hours, but then the one player took off in points. I will never play this game again.

Pretty board, components

soblue Resource conversion at it's worst
soblue Boring, with lack of interesting options



Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy
4 Players.
I didn't do much baby making in the 3rd age. Instead I just used my insane gold engine (and savings, I broke the bank) to buy points and to combo those with my end game scoring goals. I won with 76 points, next highest at 54 I think.

Another disappointing game from Portal Games. The theme works fine in this game, but it was just not interesting or engaging. Worker placement part was super frustrating, and should have been action selection.

Theme works

soblue Some hideous artwork
soblue Messy
soblue Frustrating worker placement


Dark Seas
3 Players
Charlotte seemed disinterested 2 seconds into rules, and never understood anything going on. I dunno why this happened, as the game is very clean. John won by like 2 points as he had a lot of end game scoring. I lead for most of the game.

It's not gonna light the world on fire, but it's a pretty solid game. It's very clean, and super quick. This is a filler, tableau builder. That makes it an odd duck for me. Not sure I want a tableau builder filler. Theme works, art is good. If any of that sounds good, you should check it out.

Plays very fast
Clean good mechanics
Solid artwork and bits

soblue Ends before your engine shines
soblue Scoring pieces way too big for board
soblue Errata scout and basic rules, don't play without them!


Valley of the Kings
I started to run away with it late, against 2 players who've played it a bunch! Always fun

I was very surprised at how much the theme didn't work for this game. There is some cool things here, but at the same time I feel the whole game is just buying stuff. The "tomb" mechanic is very cool, I love how you have to destroy your engine. So real mixed bag here, end of the day I'd love to see the tomb mechanic is a bigger better game.

Very cool engine destruction mechanic

soblue Memory element
soblue Theme doesn't work
soblue Feels like part of a game


Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary
4 Players. I felt pretty good going into the dungeon, then I got the stupid Paladin. We decided to end it after year 1.

This game has an awesome theme.
This game has awesome humor and art.
This game has a really cool combat system.
This game is no fun.

Why? It's just too much work, to get to the combat part. You spend 60-90 minutes to get to a 5 minute fight. I had played this game before, only the base though. I was hoping all the crazy amount of additions would make the work part more fun and engaging. It does some, and some it doesn't. End of the day, I never want to play it again. Dungeon Petz is far superior.

Great theme, artwork, and humor
Fantastic components and insert
Cool combat system...

soblue ... that takes way to long to get to
soblue Unfun worker placement system
soblue Feels like work getting to the combat



51st State: Master Set
4 Players.
Playing New York is rough, as they struggle to actually build buildings. I was behind everyone for the first 3 rounds, but then I made my move. I ended up winning 49-46 over Sean.

This game has 1 thing keeping me from loving it, the contact system. This is just an unfun step to do simple things. And every time I play it, someone gets screwed out of being able to get them. So even though I like the theme, art, 1 deck, and race for points better than imperial settlers, imperial settlers is a better game. I do wonder, if I could just take the contact tokens out. Instead just pay for card distance based on resource type. Seems like it would work. I also don't like the instant cards that get flipped up every round. I was happy to see they can be shuffled into the deck like first edition.


Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
3 Games.
My Dreadnaught deck's undefeated streak continues, as I got my first win over Josh's best deck Chaos.

This game is starting to piss me off again, and it has nothing to do with the game itself. It's the release schedule. They are releasing this cycle's packs 2-3 weeks apart. A month is much faster than I like, but this is unacceptable. I haven't bought any this cycle, and I may not ever.


StarCraft: The Board Game
2 Player game with Jordan. That sumbitch took my base on turn 1! Thus he had me playing catch up right from the get go. The knockout blow came when he killed Fenix in a one on one fight with Mengsk. Well done Jordan.

Our new minor house rules are fanastic. The last 2 plays of this made me realize,
This Is My Favorite Board Game of All-Time.



So I've played this once, many years ago, and it wasn't the best time. For some reason the other 3 players had played it before but made me play the bad side. So I was pretty lost, and the game seemed to drag. It did have 1 amazing quality to it though, it has maybe the best combat system in a board game. I was also excited to learn that it plays great with 2 or 3 players without them controlling extra heroes, and most prefer it to the 4 player game. So I'm excited to learn this one instead of spot playing it. Has top 25 potential.

Exceed: Red Horizon – Reese & Heidi vs. Vincent & Nehtali
Just won a full KS pledge right before posting this


How exciting is this?! I love the idea of cosmic, hate how wildly unbalanced it is. So much I like about this new reimagined version.

Changes and things that have me excited

* Each color is a house.
* Houses have 5 leaders. Once you pick your leader, you will take remove that character (planet) from your field.
* Victories you place a house token of your house on their house card (completely different than the old way).
Each house has it's own unique deck. You can only use a character specific card if that character is in the battle, or it's the leader you have chosen.
Everyone has the same combat cards in their deck, ranging from 1-20. No wild swings of luck.
Instead of inviting people, then the defender, then players deciding in turn order... in turn order (presumably) they can offer their support to a side, that player chooses to accept or not. This should speed that whole step up.
Characters (planets) can now be captured or killed.
You only declare an attack against a house, they choose the defender.

All this leads to a massively easier and quicker set up time. As well as tear down time. They are no longer bound to cosmic and trying to balance crazy unbalanced powers. As a result, the powers and cards should be better balanced, and lead to a tighter game. The entire leader card system will be very interesting, as over time you will learn the characters and the tricks they can do. All fights where the same in cosmic, now Jamie vs Ayra compared to Jamie vs Eddard will be different.

Streamlined. More interesting mechanics. Character driven. Less components to deal with. All great changes.


I currently have 2 auctions going on.
Game of Thrones. A Storm of Swords. A Clash of Kings. Mystic Vale +more
Dungeon Lords Anniversary Kickstarter Edition +more

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Breacher18's Board Game Blog :: Scythe (Collectors Edition) - Unboxing

Jay Howitt
United Kingdom
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Support me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/breacher18
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The First Roll - What's New on Kickstarter? :: The First Roll - What's New on Kickstarter? Blog & Podcast - Episode 63: Sunday, July 24th

Maero Effendi
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Episode 63 of your Weekdays Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Sunday, July 24th.

This Blog accompanies a podcast, which can be found here:

This episode can also be found as Podcast & Blog combo at:

Featuring (Amongst Others): Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game, Soccer Tactics World, Texas Hold'em StrataCards, Poisoner's Pour & DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game.
(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

From now on, this podcast will also be available in the iTunes store:

Follow the First Roll / Final Roll on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thefinalroll
Follow the First Roll / Final Roll on Facebook: https://facebook.com/thefinalroll

If you can spare a Dollar/ Euro, you could:
Support this Podcast / Blog on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thefinalroll
Support this Podcast / Blog via Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/thefinalroll

Miniature Related Projects:

Black Blood Children Band for Punkapocalyptic [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Bad Roll Games is releasing a new set of miniatures for their free-to-download Punkapocalyptic skirmisher game, which is played with 5 to 10 30mm miniatures. This campaign is set around the gang called The Black Blood Children. The miniatures do look very good I must say, both the new gang and the older ones (which are also available in this campaign). There’s all kinds of pledge combinations available so check these out, because boy…
Ends Saturday 08-06

Modular Towers [No BGG Link at Time of Release
For people looking to add some height to their tabletop games there’s a set of modular towers on kickstarter. And 8 by 8 inch grid which you can build up to 6 layers high for you and your fellow 28mm scale adventures to battle through! Build the tower however you like! Because of its modular structure you should check out the pledge levels for yourself!
Ends Saturday 08-20

Board Games

Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game
Fallen Land is a sandbox board game set in post-apocalyptic America. Take your faction of survivor into the wastelands to gather resources, complete missions and to manage your town to protect its citizens. A Role-playing boardgame combined with card-building elements and a lot of strategy. Can you survive in this world gone mad? Fallen Lands is 63USD for the core set and 81 if you want to include the ‘Journey into Darkness’ expansion.
Ends Monday 09-05

Soccer Tactics World
Soccer Tactics World is a dice-based board game that emulates the beautiful game of soccer (Even though I hate the word soccer) Move your pawns, pass the ball, defend your goal and of course score goals in this fast-paced game. No match will be the same in Soccer tactics World. It’s 33 CAD.
Ends Saturday 08-20

Clash of the Genres [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Clash of the Genres is described as a tactical Player versus Player Chaos. A fight to the (comical) death between 3 to 8 players which aims to blend Card Battle games, Dungeon delving campaigns and territory-based tactical board games all into one! No dice rolling and a common pool of all kinds of different card types will guarantee a chaotic game that will neer play out the same way twice. Clash of the Genres is 50 USD.
Ends Sunday 08-21

Four Kings, One War! [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Four Kings, One War is a 4 player variation on chess, which you can play on either one of two quote-unquote “boards”. Not quite sure if the formula of chess needed improvement, but I must say the 3d board does indeed look very, very good! I didn’t mean to bash it btw, i just like chess as it is and have no clue how this game would work out, it might just as well! The standard Package pledge is 349 NZD and the Battle of the Bridge (which is the two board combo i was talking about) is 599. Both come in prestige models as well!
Ends Monday 08-22 Pre

Card Games

Texas Hold'em StrataCards
Stratacards is a deck of self-playable poker cards. It allows you to play Texas Hold-em poker by yourself or your friends anywhere, anytime. A clever variation on the well known poker classic so it emulates the game truthfully but with double-sided cards… it’s a little hard to explain in a couple of sentences so check it out for yourself! Stratacards are 10 USD per deck.

Superhero Solitaire [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Superhero Solitaire is is a powered up version of solitaire filled with superheroes and villains! It offers unique variations on a game we all know and probably played during some spare (or not so spare) office time. Save what you can in Superhero Solitaire! It’s 15 USD per deck (i believe there’s several) but the single decks can only be shipped inside the U.S.
Ends Tuesday 08-02

Party /Miscellaneous Games:

Fishing Cups [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Fishing Cups is a playset of all the things you need to play safe (hookless) fishing in your backyard. Throw out your lines and try hitting the cups, increasing your hand eye co-ordination. The set is 30 USD but there’s higher pledges that includes actual fishing rods available as well.
Ends Saturday 08-20

Poisoner's Pour
Brass Dog Games is back on Kickstarter with their new game: Poisoner’s Pour. A bluffing game of second.. And third guessing your choices on your way to get the gold! Take a glass, which is worth a gold value from the table and hope the pourer didn’t poison that particular one! Poisoner’s Pour is 5 USD for the PnP and 12 for a physical copy!
Ends Saturday 08-13
PnP Available

RPG Related Projects

New Poster Maps - Ships and Strongholds [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Christopher West is back with a new poster maps campaign and as usual they look very, very good! The released posters this time are Deep Vistas IV & Dangerous Seas. The First displaying a series of caverns leading up to a temple of some sorts and the second displaying a 19th century ship, waiting to be boarded. You can get these maps in a lot of different ways so check out pricing for yourselves!

The Wilderness of the Lost [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Another Map set, though completely different is the Wilderness of the lost by Tim Raven Press. It’s a detailed set of maps covering an expansive new world for all your adventures to take place in. They will come in Digital formats, in both Black and White and Color and are available with two kinds of grids on them as well. There’s all kinds of pledges available but they start at 5 EUR.
Ends Wednesday 08-17

Helheim RPG - Tabletop Skirmisher [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Helheim RPG is a ruleset for a tabletop Skirmisher designed by Nat Skinner. It combines RPG mechanics with tabletop skirmish rules to offer a unique tabletop battle experience. The ruleset is available for 10 USD for the PDF and 27 for a physical copy and there’s a demo version available on the kickstarter page for you to check out!
Ends Sunday 08-21

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades;

DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game
Mantic is Bringing the Second edition of dreadball to kickstarter! The game of futurstic fantasy football is back and it’s supposedly better than ever! A lot of community based feedback was implemented into this new version of the game as well as a lot of balancing out! The 2nd Edition of Dreadball is 100 USD.
Ends Monday 08-08 Pre
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