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Star Requiem: Humanity's Last Stand
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1,000 years in the future, humanity has traveled well beyond their Sol home to carve out a new empire in a nearby fold of the galaxy. Mankind has all but given up their warlike ways, instead following a destiny of peace, exploration, and discovery.

However, in the year 1044 A.E. (After Exodus), the cyborg race Xyl discovered humanity, and proceeded to systematically begin the process of what they had done to every other species in their quadrant - exterminate them to the last microbe.

It was supposed to be easy, just another species to eradicate in the search for the 'perfect hybrid' race of Xyl.

Pity nobody told the humans...

Your mission as the human supreme commander in this exciting solitaire game is fourfold: First, rebuild and retool the peaceful human economy and set it on a war footing. Second, develop and build mighty starships of war to bring the fight to the Xyl, and to protect your systems from bombing and conquest. Third, develop new technologies that could turn the tide of the war.. or turn out to be worthless dead-ends. And finally, develop, under deeply buried labs that contain humanity's last home, a nanovirus that will destroy the Xyl threat once and for all. Only then can humanity breathe easy... but the Xyl are merciless and though they can be slowed, their species doomsday protocol can never be stopped... until and unless their xenophobic AI is destroyed.

There is no diplomacy. There is no surrender. Humanity must Fight... or Vanish.

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UPDATE 5/24/2015 - The game is rehosted and now available again here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gvznuntzio659zh/AABCbcYPQ1oh61BgrfmCPEDga?dl=0. Enjoy!

UPDATE 6/23/2013 - Well, the long road is finally travelled and Star Requiem has been released as a FREE P&P file! Look for the link in the 'Weblinks' section of the game page, or in the game description. Enjoy!!

Game Features

The exciting features of Star Requiem include:

  • Dynamic empires - choose the location of both humanity's space and the Xyl - also random systems so no two games will ever have the same astrography
  • Choose humanity's strategy - industrial might, churning out lots of basic warships, or invest in technology that will lead the the eventual downfall of the Xyl, but at the possible cost of your war machine
  • How hard to push the Xyl may make the difference between victory and defeat - become too passive and humanity's morale will drop to the point where surrender is inevitable; push too hard and the Xyl will focus every resource in their species towards a quick, brutal victory
  • Defend your colonies from the Xyl attack, both in system and on-planet, and plan retaliatory strikes on their systems
  • Assign missions to your fleets - timing is everything; do you stick to defensively patrolling your systems or load up for a risky strike on a enemy fleet intel found sitting in port?
  • Build your fleets the way YOU want! Fleets also gain experience the more battles they are involved in
  • Over 15 different types of human ships, from basic warships to missile ships to ECM/Aegis ships to more specialized ships such as the Screamer class and hulking war dreadnoughts
  • A cunning enemy whose strategy changes turn to turn subtly, and whose options (and boldness) grow as their success against humanity does
  • An escalating, changing game experience - stop the enemy scouts in the first phase of the game, and later hold off their terror runs against your colonies, and finally defend against all-out conquest of your systems while trying to stop the Xyl final doomsday weapon
  • It's ID4 all over again: destroy the AI core at the homeworld by researching a nano-virus that may destroy the infestation forever
  • Over 25 items to build on land and in space, including resource processing plants, shipyards, system defense grids, minefields, research labs, war walkers, and starbases
  • Tactical star combat with detailed, yet easy-to-learn space combat strategy or quick-resolve; your choice
  • Random morale events in-game may change your strategy - or the Xyl
  • Random shipyards have different capabilities - one may be better at building frigates and destroyers, another may excel at cruisers! Also variable ship build times; you never quite know how long a ship will take to build, or how many resources it may end up costing
  • And much more!
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Star Requiem: Humanity's Last Stand
English first edition
Publisher: (Self-Published)
Release Date: Jun 23, 2013
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16 Star Requiem Manual - Release Version
This is the release version of the Star Requiem manual. The game has been released for download and you can find the link in the description or in the weblinks. Enjoy!
7 Human Missions Reference Sheet
This reference sheets explains all the human missions that can be conducted in Star Requiem, including instructions, targets, eligible ships, and modifiers.
10 Star Requiem AAR - Pictures Included
This is the first 4 turns of the AAR that I am posting on the forum, but with pictures. It is a Word format. To read the entire AAR, please refer to the Star Requiem AAR thread in the dedicated forum thread.
18 Strategic Sequence Of Play
This is the final version of the SR Sequence of Play. It can be used as a play aid, especially during the first few playthroughs.
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