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Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
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Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is a fast-paced tactical miniatures game for two players. Survival horror at its finest, game play is fast and bloody, creating urgency and claustrophobic terror as the Vanguard fight for their lives against an unrelenting Strain.

Battle for Alabaster is a survival horror themed tactical science fiction miniatures game from Studio McVey. Pitting the stalwart Vanguard and the horrific Strain against one another in a miniatures board-game for two players, Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is exciting and easy to learn and calls to miniature enthusiasts, hobbyists and gamers everywhere.

Featuring an innovative one-roll resolution system, and reactive game-play turn that keeps all players always on alert and ready for action, as well as infection and mutation game mechanisms, the game is unique and revolutionary. Featuring beautiful models from some of the most talented sculptors in the industry, the furious action and deep tactical play in Battle for Alabaster marry the best of board game and miniature design!

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The Sedition Wars Base Game :

50 scenic miniature bases
8 Six-sided dice
5 double-sided full color expandable game boards
60 page rules and scenario book
Vanguard and Strain stat cards double-sided stat cards (63mm x 88mm)
200+ full color game counters
50 highly detailed 28mm miniatures (listed below)

•Vanguard miniatures
◦Drone Tank (50mm base)
◦Samaritan with Laser Rifles x 12
◦Female Grenadier x 2
◦Male Reaver Heavy x 2
◦Female Lancer special x 2

Strain miniatures
◦Phase 1 - 1 Big arm x 7
◦Phase 1 - 2 Claw hand x 7
◦Phase 2 - 1 Stalker x 4
◦Phase 2 - 2 Quasimodo x 4
◦Phase 3 - 1 Scythe Witch x 2
◦Phase 3 - 1 Brimstone (50 mm base) x 2
◦Phase 4 Grendlr (50mm base)
◦Phase 5 Cthonian (50mm base)

The Kickstarter Wave 1 set

1 x Vanguard Patch
2 sets of Custom Dice
12 additional Vanguard troopers
12 additional Strain Phase 1 & Phase 2
1 x Limited resin Kara sculpt
2 additional Phase 3 Scythe
2 additional Phase 3 Brimstone
1 additional Cthonian
1 additional Grendlr
1 additional A.I. drone
1 autographed poster

Plus wave 2 set of miniatures & items:

•How to Paint Sedition Wars DVD
•6 Baby A.I. drones minis
•6 Bonecrabs minis
•1 promo figure: Cyber Akosha
•1 promo figure: Keegan Kor
•1 promo figure: Iron Lily
•1 promo figure: Morgan in biohazard suit
•1 promo big figure: Kara in gnosis armor

The deluxe Set contain all Biohazard! plus below items (Price USD$380.00 included worldwide shipping fee)

Actual Opticamo and Glow in the Dark figures will ship with scenic bases.

You don't need this pack to play the Lights Out campaign, but it looked so cool, we had to make some for ourselves. And since we're already making them....

Here's what's in the each pack (Kickstarter and conventions only, we're only making these once):

Glow in the Dark Strain Pack
•Phase 1-1 x 3
•Phase 1-2 x 3
•Phase 1-3 x 3
•Phase 2-1 x 3
•Phase 2-2 x 3

Opticamo Vanguard
•Helmed Male Samaritan with Las x 3
•Helmed Female Samaritan with Las x 3
•Helmed Female Samaritan with Grenade Launcher x 1
•Female Samaritan and Las x 2
•Female Samaritan and Lancer x 1
•Male Reaver x 1

•Terrain Pack - This was meant to be a set of resin models sold individually to "bling" out Alabaster station, but with the overwhelming response we've decided to tool it in plastic and give you a 100% complete upgrade! Check out what you get below, SEVENTY pieces of terrain! This is expected to ship in 2013, ships free anywhere in the world.
◦2 x Exocyst
◦2 x Necrocyst
◦2 x Macrophage
◦2 x Genstation
◦2 x Spore Engine
◦12 x Security Doors
◦12 x Normal Double Doors
◦12 x Narrow Doors
◦12 x Crates / Low cover / Terminals
◦2 x Teleport Control
◦2 x Havoc Defense Turret
◦2 x Auto-Doc
◦6 x Corpse

◦1 x Dr Susan Ridley
◦1 x Strained version Dr Susan Ridley
◦1 x THI Carapace armor unit
◦1 x Niven Banks
◦1 x Strained version Niven Banks
◦1 x Ramirez
◦1 x Strained version Ramirez
◦1 x Dr Hexen
◦1 x Strained version Dr Hexen
And of course....
◦1 x Complete the crew of the Calamity! (4 minis)

Against all odds, Dr Susan Ridley has survived on Alabaster Station. Seemingly uninfected by the Strain, and with a completely shell-shocked orphan in tow, perhaps the doctor can provide the Vanguard team some insight as to what the hell is happening! Dr Ridley can lend her expertise to your team! Dr Ridley is promotional figure and will be available only on Kickstarter and at conventions.

"THI Carapace" bad boys come with one set of arms. Flamer and Pulse Cannon arms too! So you got 4 arms to choose from. unpainted and unassembled.

Infected! It looks like Mr Banks won't make it off this tub after all. Every one who purchase Niven Banks gets his Strained version free!

It looks like Ramirez didn't quite detonate that grenade in time. Get a free Strain version of Ramirez with every Ramirez!

"I had decoded it. Using a nanite utility mote I built an operating interface. Once I confirmed I could interface using my own nano-controls, I decided to take one final measure – No, I’m in control of this. Soon I’ll be in control of it all." Every copy of Dr Hexen will ship with her evolved version free!

Complete the crew of the Calamity! If we hit this stretch, Phoenix and Delta join the Cap in his (mis)-adventures on Alabaster Station! They'll ship the same time as the Captain and XO and are free with every set of the Mercenary Crew!


Sedition wars: battle for alabaster video

Sedition Wars Gameplay




mb - Sedition Wars Fan
mb - Sedition Wars Kickstarter Supporter
mb - Sedition Wars Fan - Biohazard
mb - Sedition Wars Fan - Vanguard

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Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
English first edition
Publisher: Cool Mini Or Not
Artist: Mike McVey
Year: 2012
Product Code: SWM0001
Size: 14.15 x 14.15 x 3.15 inches
5.24 pounds
Release Date: Feb 2013
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16 SW Helpsheet
(Based on Ed2 rules incl. Errata 5.6.13) This is another apporoach for a helpsheet. I tried to put informations where they are needed during gameplay, like all modifiers in the Attack section, or Status Effects in the Action Phase, etc. Have a look, maybe it´s useful for you. Update V1.1 - minor re-wordings - fixed typos - changed text layouts
19 SW Large Cards 80x120
These are large sized 80x120mm character cards based on the original design. Edition 2 incl. Errata 4.6.13 - all information on one side - multiple wound tracks on cards for multiple characters - fit into Mayday Magnum Sleeves (Don´t be worried if these look slightly pixeled on your PC. Don´t know where this happens in the conversion process. But they print out high quality)
87 Universal Head SEDITION WARS: BfA Rules Summary, Reference and Unit Cards
The Universal Head SEDITION WARS: BATTLE FOR ALABASTER Rules Summary & Reference v3.8 (Sep15). Rules summary, play reference, and redesigned larger tactical unit cards. SECOND EDITION RULES & CARDS (including wave 2 models).
20 Proxy for Sedition Wars
You may use this proxy, while painting your minis. A4, printer friendly )
11 Strain Assembly guide
Strain Assembly guide a simple compilation guide I did to help myself in order to assemble the miniatures
12 Vanguard Assembly guide
Vanguard Assembly guide a simple compilation guide I did to help myself in order to assemble the miniatures
9 Strain Player Aid
Strain Player Aid copied from the forum on 02-05-2013 http://studiomcvey.com/forums/
13 Vanguard Player Aid
Vanguard Player Aid copied from the forum 02-05-2013 http://studiomcvey.com/forums/
10 Sedition Wars FAQ
FAQ Copied from the forum on 02/02/2013
16 Set Up Guidelines
Due to the total lack of cohesiveness and just plain missing stuff on how to set up the game, I've taken the liberty to create a guideline for the set up for both the Campaign Scenarios and the Strategic Scenarios. Please be advised that a lot of this stuff isn't official wording or described in any way, shape or form in the rulebook. Many things are assumptions and guesswork based on my restricted view for the game, since I haven't played it yet. If we get any official wording on any of this, I'll update accordingly. Some minor stuff was added for balance during set up. Also, be advised that these are in a ROUGH state. It'll be redone on a "pretty" layout when all so much needed adjustments and clarifications are done.
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