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Star Wars Customizable Card Game
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Description Edit | History

In Star Wars CCG, you take on the role of either the Rebellion or the Empire, and try to deplete your opponent's 'Life Force' by battling on the ground and in space.

In the Star Wars Customizable Card Game (Star Wars CCG) players can choose from over 3000 different cards to build their own play deck consisting of 60 cards.

The game went out of print in 2001 but an active Player's Committee keeps the game alive by producing new, free "virtual card" expansions that are released frequently. You can 'customize' your deck by adding or removing cards between games to 'tweak' it.

Each player selects their deck of 60 cards in secret. Cards are arrayed on a flat surface between the two players. Location cards are laid out first and then characters or ships are laid out at the locations. Additional types of cards can be placed on ships and characters, for example weapons and devices. The object of the game is to drain your opponent's life force. Each card represents a unit of life force. Playing location cards allows you to draw additional life force into your hand. If a ship or character is destroyed in battle, the card goes to a lost pile; when all cards are in your lost pile you have lost the game.

This is a strategy based card game set in the Star Wars universe that can become very addictive. It is a complex game that offers rewarding, strategic play for those who take the time to learn it. Visit SWCCGPC.com for the latest news and to learn how to play.

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More Information Edit | History

The Star Wars: Customizable Card Game was created by Decipher in 1995. The game was a hit and Decipher continued to release expansions, exploring the events of the original trilogy, as well as Episode I: The Phantom Menace and a few parts of the expanded universe. In 2001, Decipher lost the rights to make the card game, and were forced to stop printing it. At this point, Decipher worked with Lucasfilm Ltd. to give stewardship of the card game to members of the playing community. This group became the Star Wars: CCG Player’s Committee and they were in charge of cultivating the game now that it was no longer in print.

Players Committee

The Players Committee maintained the competitive scene by organizing local, state, regional, and world tournaments. With the cooperation of Decipher and Lucasfilm Ltd., the Player’s Committee also began releasing new cards to the playing community in 2002. These new cards came in the form of new game text boxes and eventually new card names and entire frames that could be printed out and placed over existing cards, giving that card a new name and new capabilities. Since 2001, the Player’s Committee has grown the Star Wars: CCG to great success, releasing multiple expansion sets a year and maintaining a vibrant competitive scene with a loyal playing community.

Since the creation of the Players Committee, the Star Wars: CCG has been powered by the playing community. Leaders in charge of the various sections the Player’s Committee have come and gone as life has deemed necessary, and dedicated members of the playing community have risen in their stead.

The Star Wars Customizable Card game has released 12 full expansions and numerous smaller expansions throughout its course until 2001, after which the SWCCG Players' Committee continued releasing expansions as virtual cards using official cards as the template and using slide-in printed card fronts to change the text.

Decipher full expansions:

  • Premiere (1995)
  • A New Hope (1996)
  • Hoth (1996)
  • Dagobah (1997)
  • Cloud City (1997)
  • Jabba's Palace (1998)
  • Special Edition (1998)
  • Endor (1999)
  • Death Star II (2000)
  • Tatooine (2000)
  • Coruscant (2001)
  • Theed Palace (2001)

Decipher premium expansions:

  • Premiere 2-Player Game (1995)
  • Jedi Pack (1996)
  • The Empire Strikes Back 2-Player Introductory Game (1996)
  • Jedi Leader Pack (1997)
  • First Anthology (1997)
  • Official Tournament Sealed Deck (1998)
  • Enhanced Premiere (1998)
  • Second Anthology (1998)
  • Enhanced Cloud City (1999)
  • Reflections (1999)
  • Enhanced Jabba's Palace (1999)
  • Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck (2000)
  • Reflections II (2000)
  • Third Anthology (2000)
  • Reflections III (2001)

Virtual Set Blocks

Initially, the Player's Committee released virtual cards in numerically identified sets. These sets were numbered as Virtual Sets 1-18. In August 2009, the existing 18 sets were reorganized thematically into 5 virtual blocks. What were to have been Virtual Sets 19-21 became known as Virtual Block 6 instead. New Virtual Sets are now released using the block numbering system. In July 2014, the Player's Committee announced it would reset the virtual card pool later in the year.:

  • Virtual Block 1: A New Hope
  • Virtual Block 2: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Virtual Block 3: Return of the Jedi
  • Virtual Block 4: Expanded Universe
  • Virtual Block 5: The Old Republic
  • Virtual Block 6: Reflections IV
  • Virtual Block 7: Darkness Rising
  • Virtual Block 8: Scoundrels

Sets Within Blocks

Virtual Block 6

  • Virtual Set 6.1
  • Virtual Set 6.2 - Domain of Evil
  • Virtual Set 6.3 - Mercenaries

Virtual Block 7

  • Virtual Set 7.1 - Ultimate Power
  • Virtual Set 7.2 - Ultimate Freedom
  • Virtual Set 7.3 - Ultimate Conflict
  • Virtual Set 7.4 - Ultimate Legacy

Virtual Block 8

  • Virtual Set 8.1 - Scoundrels (May 2012)
  • Virtual Set 8.2 - Agents For Hire (September 2012)
  • Virtual Set 8.3 - A Wretched Hive (March 2013)

Previous Virtual Sets

  • Virtual Set 1: Legacy (2003)
  • Virtual Set 2: Our Most Desperate Hour (2003)
  • Virtual Set 3: Revolution (2004)
  • Virtual Set 4: Battle of Hoth (2004)
  • Virtual Set 5: A Dark Time (2004)
  • Virtual Set 6: A City in the Clouds (2005)
  • Virtual Set 7: Shadows of the Empire (2005)
  • Virtual Set 8: Jabba's Court (2005)
  • Virtual Set 9: Sanctuary Moon (2006)
  • Virtual Set 10: Fourth Anthology (2006)
  • Virtual Set 11: A Gathering Storm (2006)
  • Virtual Set 12: Magistrates & Martyrs (2007)
  • Virtual Set 13: Remote Outpost (2007)
  • Virtual Set 14: Armed & Operational (2007)
  • Virtual Set 15: Galactic Frontier (2008)
  • Virtual Set 16: Revenge of the Sith (2008)
  • Virtual Set 17: The Force Unleashed (2009)
  • Virtual Set 18: Fifth Anthology (2009)

Tournament formats

There are two major constructed formats for tournament play - Open and Classic, which differ only in deck construction rules.
In the Open format, every card is legal. The only deck restrictions are that each deck must contain 60 cards from the same side of the Force and no more than 1 Objective card.

Classic format is intended to recreate the environment of the game before the Episode I sets (Tatooine, Theed Palace, Coruscant, and Reflections III), which many players viewed to have unbalanced game mechanics and broken continuity. The Classic format has the same deck construction rules as the Open format, but includes the following list of banned cards:
Any card with the Episode I icon
Any card with a Maintenance Cost

Another type of tournament was a sealed deck tournament. This would consist of players purchasing a Sealed Deck box (see above) and using its contents to construct a deck.

Past World Championship Winners

The World Championships and most events in the World Tournament Circuit are played in the Open format.
Year Champion Nationality Runner-up Nationality Worlds Location
2012 Emil Wallin Sweden Angelo Consoli Germany Bochum, Germany
2011 Kevin Shannon (2) USA Brian Herold USA Washington, D.C., USA
2010 Dan Kim USA Kyle Krueger USA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2009 Brian Hunter USA Justin Desai USA Princeton, New Jersey, USA
2008 Kevin Shannon USA Kyle Krueger USA Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
2007 Jonathan Chu (2) USA Justin Desai USA Chicago, Illinois USA
2006 Nate Meeker USA Brian Hunter USA Chicago, Illinois, USA
2005 Drew Scott USA James Booker USA GenCon, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
2004 Brandon Schele USA Reid Smith USA GenCon, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
2003 Jonathan Chu USA Greg Shaw USA DragonCon, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2002 Angelo Consoli Germany Greg Shaw USA DecipherCon, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
2001 Bastian Winkelhaus Germany Martin Akesson Sweden FreedomCon, USA
2000 Matt Sokol USA Yannick Lapointe Canada DecipherCon, Florida, USA
1999 Gary Carman United Kingdom Steven Lewis USA Virginia, USA
1998 Matt Potter USA Michael Riboulet United Kingdom Florida, USA
1997 Philipp Jacobs Germany Michael Riboulet United Kingdom Florida, USA
1996 Raphael Asselin Canada Bjørn Sørgjerd Norway USA

Star Wars: The Card Game is a completely different card game.

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Star Wars Customizable Card Game
Decipher Premiere edition
Publisher: Decipher
Year: 1995
Product Code: 73000 40360
Size: 7.25 x 10.00 x 2.10 inches
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17 Star Wars CCG - MS Excel Collection and Deckbuilder
Use column A to record the number of each card in your collection. Use column B to build a deck. Then use the other sheets to look at the break down of your collection and deck. Very useful, very simple!
2 Star Wars CCG Dictionary - Castellano
Libro de Términos en Castellano. Utilizados en el Libro de Reglas.
2 Star Wars Rulebook - Castellano
Libro de Reglas de Star Wars en Castellano.
4 BakaMattSu's Classic Cube
A complete card listing with change log of my personal high-powered cube drafting pool. Classic-era only, Virtual Block 6.3 inclusive. (Version 1.01a)
1 Phreedh's SWCCG Deck Randomizer
This Excel sheet contains a page of rules and construction philosophies for randomizing SWCCG decks. It is created with my own collection of cards in mind, but could easily be tweaked to fit your own collection. Cards used in the example card list range from Premiere to Dagobah. No later sets are used.
31 SWCCG Official Rules 3.0
This is the most recent version of the official rules for the SWCCG provided by the SWCCG Players' Committee. Knowledge of these are currently required in all SWCCG tournaments superseding all previous rulings.
45 Star Wars CCG Complete Card List 3.0
This is the third edition of my complete card list for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game (SWCCG) created by Decipher, Inc. Rebuilt from the ground up, this new and improved checklist includes literally every card ever released by Decipher. There are hundred of improvements throughout the cardlist including: • Card type headers for each expansion and product set • Checkboxes for all Japanese cards • Checkboxes for promotional over- and undersized cards • Checkboxes for all cards that have been corrected over the years • Consistent formatting throughout • Edits and corrections In addition, all aspects of the second edition remain including readable font sizes, organisation by expansion and release year, and custom-numbered cards (organised alphabetically by card type)....
12 2nd Annual SWCCG Encyclopedia of Decks.doc
Lengthy (64 pages!) document on the state of SWCCG in 2007
1 sw_triangle.txt
The "Triangle" Variant -- Multi-Player Rules For Star Wars:CCG
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