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2 − 4
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12 and up
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30 minutes
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The Amityville Project: Phobos
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Friday the 12th, 1964

It is raining today as I stand in front of the Amityville Asylum. I'm here, well because I'm a detective and that's what I do - solve mysteries. This one began when a strange note fell into my possession. Now that I'm here, I don't feel as if I'm alone - the voices are back... Are they phantoms of an insane mind or possibly shadowy thoughts of a deranged personality? Maybe they are all entities living within the world of our detective's mind. In Phobos, each player takes on the role of one of these personalities. Your goal is to eliminate the personalities of your opponent(s). Once accomplished then your personality prevails allowing you to control the detective. Each of you chooses a Mentality board, 8 Ghost Miniatures, 12 Character Miniatures, a D12 Die and 3 Action cards. Players then each get 3 Phobos cards (from 12 different possibilities) and keep these face down. These cards represent your Fears and an extension of the Detective who is imprisoned inside the Amityville Asylum. (Note that the Mentality board includes all the 12 different fears matching the 12 Phobos cards.)

In each round you play an Action card which will instruct you to place your Miniatures either on your board or your opponent's (depending on the card) trying to find their fears. If you place a Miniature on an opponent's Mentality Board that matches one of their fears, they are forced to reveal that fear. Then, based upon how you placed your Miniature you will have accumulated movement points which will be used to place and move your Ghosts on the main board (comprised of 16 tiles). The board includes four central halls where your Ghosts enter the detective's head and 12 fear rooms which represent each of the Phobos cards. When you place 2 Ghosts in a room which represents one of your Phobos cards, you are protected (for as long as they remain). This then makes it so that when an opponent places a Character Miniature on your Mentality board matching one of your fears, you are not forced to reveal your Phobos Card. It sounds simple but nothing is simple in the dream world where nightmares and demons prevail! On the other hand you can play an Adrenaline card and bring the upside down in the game. But these cards cost one of your Ghost, if you to claim one.

If your Fears are revealed by your rivals, then you lose but you are not eliminated. You become a Ghoul that can take revenge on the other Personalities still in play. As a Ghoul you can help control how the game unfolds by playing the right cards and destroying the rival Personalities. You have more advantages like you have more moves or you can even create a modular board. It is time to explore your personality in the ultimate interactive horror game!

Fear is your only god!

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More Information Edit | History

The Story - Chapter I

Phobos is a Horror, Fast Paced game with 80 Highly detailed Miniatures for 2-4 players and is the first part of the Amityville Project. Two more games will follow: The Amityville Project: Lethargos which is a Cooperative, Horror, Miniature game for 3-6 players and final Erevos a Miniature “Wargame” played in the real world and in the dream world and there the story comes to an end and the characters of the story face the Syndicate and all of its members who started the Amityville Project.

The Syndicate is an underground organization composed of demented scientists and criminal elements, parasites of society, specializing in paranormal activities. Together they build a device capable of reforming the personality of a man, making him their lab rat and slave for their dirty tricks. They kidnap innocent civilians and drag them to the Amityville Asylum where they become lab rats for their demented experiments. But the innocents are unable to withstand the power of the device and either they die instantly or end up as lab pets. The police are on the streets, cops and detectives look for evidence about the Syndicate. All of them have found nothing, except one, the detective Ed Sullivan. He tried not only to find out about the experiments but also the location of the Syndicate headquarters. But what the detective didn't know was that the Syndicate was already watching him, and so it was decided...

A cryptic note was left at the detectives door door that led him to the Amityville Asylum where members of the Syndicate trapped him and made him into their lab rat. They tried the device on him and an unexpected event happened. The detective's mind was so strong that the device could not reform his personality. The Syndicate then tried to push his mind more and more but the detective's mind was like an unbreakable wall. At the end the Syndicate decided to try something different so they maximized the influence of the device but instead of reforming the detective's mind, four different personalities were born into it! Four people beloved by the detective, which were hiding in the detective's head as memories, became four personalities who now try to penetrate and reform the detective's mind. This event was not planned by the Syndicate, but it was a solution to the problem. The members of the Syndicate now believe that they can reform the detectives mind thanks to those personalities...


  • 4 Character Mentality Boards
  • 12 Double Sided Room Tiles
  • 4 Double Sided Central Hall Tiles
  • 12 Phobos Cards
  • 28 Action Cards
  • 28 Additional Action Cards
  • 16 Adrenaline Cards
  • 4 12-Sided Dice
  • 8 Andriej Chakalin / Zombie Ghost Miniatures
  • 8 Henriette Lewis / Serpent Ghost Miniatures
  • 8 Bobby Coop Jr. / Spider Ghost Miniatures
  • 8 Rosa Delfino / Kraken Ghost Miniatures
  • 4 Henriette Lewis Miniatures Phase 1
  • 4 Henriette Lewis Miniatures Phase 2
  • 4 Henriette Lewis Miniatures Phase 3
  • 4 Andriej Chakalin Miniatures Phase 1
  • 4 Andriej Chakalin Miniatures Phase 2
  • 4 Andriej Chakalin Miniatures Phase 3
  • 4 Bobby Coop Junior Miniatures Phase 1
  • 4 Bobby Coop Junior Miniatures Phase 2
  • 4 Bobby Coop Junior Miniatures Phase 3
  • 4 Rosa Delfino Miniatures Phase 1
  • 4 Rosa Delfino Miniatures Phase 2
  • 4 Rosa Delfino Miniatures Phase 3
  • 1 Rulebook


  • mb Phobos - Elder Gnome
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The Amityville Project: Phobos
English first edition
Publisher: (Unpublished)
Artist: Michael Andresakis
Release Date: Oct 2014
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30 Phobos Rules in English
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27 House of Phobos
New Game Board for the final Phobos game. Now the game board consists of 16 tiles. Note: The game is a bit different now and finally the gameplay is completed.
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