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# of Players
1 − 7
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 1, 2, 3, 4 players
Recommended with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, more than 7 players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
13 and up
Playing Time
120 minutes
User Suggested Ages
12 and up
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Language Dependence
Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
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Primary Name
The King's Armory
Alternate Names
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ObjectID: 145493
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The King's Armory is a co-op tower defense game for 1-7 players that remains true to the online genre of tower defense; in addition, it allows new players to drop in or drop out of the game without destroying the game balance!

Designed after our favorite online TD games, there is a map that consists of 16 road tiles that allows you to design your own new map each time. At the start of the game each player chooses one of seven playable heroes to lead the King’s defenses. The Heroes, though powerful, can not go it alone. They will need to build towers which will house hired aid, such as the Foot Soldier, the Archer, the Sorcerer, the Psionicist, and the Cleric; each with their own unique abilities. Over the course of the game Waves of monsters will flood onto the board, rushing down the path, turn by turn, trying to break into the King's Armory. If the monsters succeed, you lose! If you kill them all, including their leader, the super powered Boss monster, you all win together!

To aid your quest you may upgrade your Heroes by purchasing unique Equipment that grants them newer better abilities; while the Hirables can be upgraded directly, up to 3 levels each, gaining new powers each time! And when all else fails, you can always call for Reinforcements; a set of special bonus attack cards that each deals damage to a whole area on the board in a new and unique way!

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Component List

Game Board

  • 17 Double-Sided Map Tiles
      • 6 Straight Tiles
      • 8 Elbow Tiles
      • 2 T-Tiles
      • 1 Special Monster Entrance (Cave)
  • 12 Border Tiles
      • 1 Monster Entrance Tile
      • 1 Castle Gate Tile
      • 2 Long Tiles
      • 4 Short Tiles
      • 4 Corner Tiles

Statistic & Wave Cards

  • 7 Hero Stat Cards
  • 12 Hireable Stat Cards
  • 7 Boss Stat Cards
  • 1 Wave Card

Character Tokens

  • 7 Heroes
  • 51 Hireables
      • 4 Level 1, 2, 3 Foot Soldiers
      • 4 Level 1, 2, 3 Archers
      • 3 Level 1, 2, 3 Sorcerers
      • 3 Level 1, 2, 3 Psionicists
      • 3 Level 1, 2, 3 Clerics
  • 1 Guardian
  • 1 Sword Golem
  • 85 Monsters
  • 7 Bosses

Towers & Miscellaneous Tokens

  • 7 Unique 3-Dimensional Towers
  • 1 Castle Gate Token
  • 115 1 Hit Point Circles
  • 36 5 Hit Point Heptagons
  • 34 10 Hit Point Squares
  • 1 Monster Controller Token
  • 7 Player Turn Tokens (Optional)
  • 3 Monster Reference Tokens
  • 1 Game Order Quick Guide Token
  • 2 Turn Order Quick Guide Tokens
  • 56 BBSSB (Status Effect) Tokens
      • 12 Bleed Tokens
      • 12 Burn Tokens
      • 12 Slow Tokens
      • 10 Stun Tokens
      • 10 Bless Tokens

Card Decks

  • 36 Reward Cards
  • 14 Equipment Cards
  • 11 Reinforcement Cards
  • 7 Armory Cards


  • 7 Unique Two-Tone Hero d20s
  • 1 Monster d20
  • 1 Monster Selection d12


  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Includes Bonus Content Guide


Dimensions: 11.75 x 9.5 x 3inches - 29.5 x 24 x 7.5 cm
Weight: 5lbs 1oz - 2.3kg (approx)

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Pg. 1
The King's Armory
English First Edition
Publisher: Gate Keeper Games
Year: 2015
Product Code: GKG 701
Size: 11.50 x 10.50 x 3.00 inches
5.50 pounds
Release Date: Aug 2015
Link Image
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7 GM & Player Quick Reference Sheets
Based on the rule book, especially the Encyclopedia Tkannica section, I put the most useful effects and terms definitions in one document. Handy while running a game when you need to look up how an effect works or what a term means exactly with out dragging out the rulebook.The last page includes use of Action Points, Critical Hits & Misses, using Gold, general rules for Boss Monsters and Monster color level (toughness).
3 Modifier Setup Chart
The Monster Selection Grid is easy to use, because of number of player modifiers, having to figure out: how many monster come out and the level of monsters coming out each wave takes a bit of time. Use this worksheet to quickly establish the needed info to get into the game faster with out losing your place on the Selection Grid or not using the correct modifiers.
6 Monster Attack & Movement Summary Card
While we all quickly learn that monsters UPKEEP-MOVE-ATTACK, in what order the monster take their turns in is not easy to remember. Sure we all will remember the monster will first attack the Ally that tanked them, but after that? We all will remember the monster closest to the Castle Gate will move first, but after that? Here all the Attack & Movement Priorities on one card - right out of the rule book. Print out multiple copies so you have one for each player.
5 Guide to Monster Tokens
A handy and larger reference to reading the icons and stats on the monster tokens. These are the same graphics as in the rule book and on the punchcard tokens. Print out several so all players can have one handy.
15 The King's Armory Rule Manual & Bonus Content Guide v18.0
The King's Armory Rule Manual & Bonus Content Guide v18.0 (Posted by Publisher). Personal printing rights granted; professional level printing, or printing for sale or distribution is prohibited. Please note: The image quality has been reduced in order to reduce the net file size to acceptable BGG upload limits. Printed art in physical game is at maximum quality. Enjoy!
5 Simple player aid
This is a simple player aid for the Kings Armoury game.
7 MapEditor
This is a [thing=145493][/thing] map pack for the [url=]bgMapeditor [/url] tool. This enables you to easily create your own maps and export them as a png. 1. Go to the site [url=][/url] and download the software. 2. Install the software 3. To add the pack select the appropriate entry from the Pack menu and browse to the pack you wish to install.
14 Map Tiles
These are the files necessary for creating your own maps. You have Gate Keeper Games's permission to download them and use them for that purpose.
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#5 - Tide of Iron, King's Armory
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