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2 − 6
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12 and up
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60 minutes
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Zombies!!! MidEvil
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Per the box:

This is a standalone game and IS NOT compatible with the original Zombies!!! board game.

MidEvil is the first game to be based on, and an extension of, the award winning Zombies!!! system from Twilight Creations. Players have escaped the modern-day zombie hoard only to find themselves transported back in time and faced with a whole new set of problems!

Game play is fairly straightforward. Players start at the well and their objective is either to kill 25 points worth of skeletons or to collect the Necromicon from the graveyard and return with it to the Altar. The various skeletons are worth different points, White are worth 1, Red are worth 2, and Blue are worth 3.

Players start by drawing a tile and placing it on the board anywhere it will fit. They then place a number of skeletons and villagers as shown on the tile. They then roll a six-sided die (d6) for movement. Movement is orthogonal and limited to the tiles currently in play. If you encounter a villager you can collect it; skeletons you encounter must be overcome. At the end of your turn you again roll the d6 to move that many skeletons 1 space each.

Players can collect up to 5 villagers who can be sacrificed if they lose a fight. Combat is simple - enter a square with a skeleton and on a 4 or better on a d6, you win. If the roll is less than 4, you can either sacrifice a villager or pay skeletons to reach 4 or better. There is no change, so if you roll a 3 and only have reds, you now have a 5.

Some of the cards also require specific colors of skeletons be used in order to power them and many require that you kill skeletons in order to play them.

Once a player reaches the Graveyard and grabs the Necronomicon, the other players can attack him during their turns to try to steal it away from him. The game ends when someone takes the Necronomicon to the center tile of the Altar or collects 25 points worth of skeletons.

This Zombies!!! sized box contains 30 map tiles, 50 event cards, 6 pawns, 50 sculpted life counters (little gray dudes), rules and 100 HEAVILY ARMED AND ANGRY SKELETON WARRIORS!!! The whole game is done with the same realistic but very tongue-in-cheek style you have come to expect from Twilight Creations.

Part of the MidEvil/Zombies!!! series

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A Deluxe edition has been published in May 2009. It contains the base game and both the expansions in a single, updated package.

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First edition
Publisher: Twilight Creations, Inc.
Artist: Dave Aikins, Ed Bourelle, Paul Herbert, Jeremy McHughmore»
Year: 2005
Product Code: TLC 2100
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 x 1.90 inches
Release Date:  
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1 Cartas MidEvil en Español
Traduccion de las cartas del MidEvil en español
1 MidEvil Variant: The Looming Dead
I'm not sure how I came up with the subtitle. A more descriptive one would be: Get The Necronomicon! I had scratched out these variant rules a while ago, suddenly decided to fully playtest and type them out this weekend, and am now finally submitting them... only to find that Timo (above in the Optional Rules: English/German) beat me to some of the revisions! I'd say just pick and choose your favorite bits... and add some new terror to your game! Enjoy! (last page is a one-page chart summary)
1 Optional rules (English & German)
Some optional rules for the game.
0 RPG Variant Rules/Cards
A simple rule mod that allows players to trade skeletons for experience, as well as use character classes. Works with Zombies and MidEvil
2 MidEvil (Variant v1.0).pdf
Optimized rules for a more tense, streamlined and satisfying game.
0 règles-traduction.doc
Traduction des règles par Wolfodeiwolfy (format normal)
0 REGLES MIDEVIL 2 Castle chaos.doc
Midevil 2 Castle Chaos rules in french (Gruntk)
0 Midevil-cartes en français.xls
Midevil cards translated in french by Wolfo dei wolfy
1 Midevil-traduction des règles.doc
Midevil rules tarnslated in french by Wolfo dei wolfy (book size)
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