Warhammer Quest

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Year Published
# of Players
1 − 4
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2–4+ players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
12 and up
Playing Time
120 minutes
User Suggested Ages
(15 voters) [poll]
Language Dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
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Primary Name
Warhammer Quest
Alternate Names
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Description Edit | History

Warhammer Quest is the original game in the Warhammer Quest Series.

From the Main Rulebook:

In Warhammer Quest each player takes the role of a warrior, one of four brave adventurers willing to test their courage in the search for wealth and glory. Each hero comes from a different people. The Barbarian has traveled far from the savage north, a land of bitter cold and ferocious warriors. The Wizard hails from the cities of the Empire, the largest and most important of the realms of men. The Dwarf is drawn by the goldlust for which his race is famous. Dwarfs are grim and rather abrupt, but they are good fighters and loyal friends who remember debts of gratitude as readily as debts of coin. The Elf comes from the green woods of Loren where his kin spend their days hunting and making merry, protected from evil by the strange magic of their land. Elves are incredibly quick and agile, and they are also the best archers in the world.

In the Warhammer Quest game the players enter a dark and forbidding dungeon. Together they must face the horrific dangers that wait for them. They will be attacked by monsters such as Orcs, Goblins, Skaven and Minotaurs. Other perils lurk in the darkness: scurrying venomous things like spiders, deadly pit traps, and decayed tunnels that cave in at the slightest touch. If they complete their quest the players will be rewarded with gold, treasure and artefacts of magical power. The more gold and treasure you can discover the better.., and the player whose warrior amasses the greatest fortune has done best of all!

Warhammer Quest is probably unlike other games you have played. Rather than each player competing against the others, all the players must co-operate if they are to win. Also, there is no single board. Instead, the different rooms and corridor sections are clipped together to make a dungeon that is different every time you play. The game rules may seem a little complex at first - but don't worry a lot of the rules are designed to extend the game and are not vital to begin with. The actual game rules you need to play are in this book or printed on the various cards. The hugely thick Role-play Book is all extra and alternative material that introduces you to a whole new hobby of role-playing Warhammer Quest.

- Warhammer Quest Contents -

  • 4 Warrior models: Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard
  • 6 Orc Warrior models
  • 6 Orc Archer models
  • 6 Goblin Spearmen models
  • 6 Night Goblin Archer models
  • 12 Skaven models
  • 3 Minotaur models
  • 12 Giant Spider models
  • 12 Giant Bat models
  • 12 Giant Rat models
  • 12 Snotling models
  • 10 Dungeon Doorways
  • 32 Page Rule Book
  • 16 Page Adventure Book
  • 192 Page Role-play Book
  • 1 How to Play sheet
  • 50 Page Adventure Record Pad
  • 19 Event Cards
  • 23 Dungeon Cards
  • 30 Treasure Cards
  • 17 Blank Event Cards
  • 15 Spell Cards
  • 4 Warrior Cards
  • 4 Battle-level Cards
  • 4 Equipment Cards
  • 4 Warrior Counters
  • 6 Dungeon Rooms
  • 5 Objective Rooms
  • 7 Corridors
  • 1 Steps
  • 3 T-junctions
  • 1 Corner
  • 1 Portcullis Marker
  • 1 Cave-in Marker
  • 3 Pit of Despair Markers
  • 6 Webbed Counters
  • 15 Power Tokens
  • 10 Luck Counters
  • 18 Scenery Markers
  • 6 Large Dice & 12 Small Dice

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Adventure Packs

Warrior Packs

Card Packs


Mail-order Adventure Packs

Mail-order Warrior Packs

Fan-based supplements (non-official)


Extra Cards, Board Sections, scenarios and rules were published in White Dwarf Magazine, Citadel Journal and Deathblow Magazine and are considered semi-official by Games Workshop. For more information on magazine supplements, please see details on the Warhammer Quest Series wiki page.


mb Warhammer Quest Forever!
mb Warhammer Quest Fan
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Lantern
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Mitey Worrier
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Barbarian
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Elf
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Wizard
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Dwarf

Microbadges for expansions

mb Warhammer Quest fan - Pit Fighter
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Warrior Priest
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Imperial Noble
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Elf Ranger
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Dwarf Trollslayer
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Chaos Warrior
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Wardancer
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Witch Hunter
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Bretonnian Knight
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Halfling Thief
mb Warhammer Quest fan - Kill Krazy Total Brew
mb Warhammer Quest: Catacombs of Terror

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mb Dice (d6) fan
mb Dice-6
mb Dice-6
mb Dungeon-crawler
mb I Delve in Dungeons !
mb I just leveled up!
mb My character just died!

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Warhammer Quest
Spanish edition
Publisher: Games Workshop Ltd.
Year: 1999
Product Code: 03 01 07 99 001
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Warhammer Quest
English Edition
Publisher: Games Workshop Ltd.
Year: 1995
Product Code: 0001
Release Date:  
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Warhammer Quest
French Edition
Publisher: Games Workshop Ltd.
Artist: Geoff Taylor
Year: 1995
Release Date:  
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5 Priest of Morr alternate Warrior by Cpt. Cutlass
My latest creation is an alternate character to take with your band of adventurers on their quests in the dungeons of the Old World. The Priest of Morr is especially good at dealing with undead.
9 The Friendly Giant (Custom Warrior Rules)
One of my favorite custom warrior creations. Recently reformatted in pdf file with bookmarks! How entertaining a Giant can be when clobbering, grabbing, eating, throwing, jumping up and down upon and kicking warriors! But, wouldn't it be nice to have someone like that as an ally when facing insurmountable odds against all sorts of gruesome and wickedly powerful creatures? Imagine the looks as the gleefully sneering faces turn from surprised to shocked to frightened to terrified as they look up from the ankle or the knee and see not a wall or a pillar, but a Giant! Not only that, the creatures of darkness also notice that the Giant is looking fondly upon the warriors with a twinkle in his eye. But, he strangely does nothing to attack anyone, nor does he reach for the warriors to...
39 WHQ Contents Checklist
Updated checklist of contents for WHQ, CoT & LotOW expansions, and a list of all Treasure Pack cards. Corrects some errors in the GW documentation.
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