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Axis & Allies Miniatures
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Axis Allies Miniatures: The Russian Front
Axis and Allies Miniatures
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Axis & Allies Miniatures gives both novice wargamers and veteran grognards the ability to engage in historically authentic, squad-level tactical combat with detailed, 15mm(ish) scale, pre-painted plastic miniatures featuring varying degrees of rarity to enhance collectability.

A single skirmish can be played in under an hour, or, players can advance their custom-constructed squad through a meat grinder of combat, battling from the hedgerows of Brittany to the steps of the Reichs Chancellery.

Roll across the battlefield and on to victory. Amass an unstoppable fighting force of tanks, troops, artillery, aircraft and more - with the Axis and Allies Miniatures game. Challenge your friends to fast, head-to-head, skirmish combat. Recreate historical battles from World War II. Ready to play - no painting, no prepping.

This high-quality skirmish game is playable right out of the box. With these faithful reproductions of real WWII combat vehicles and fighting units, you can recreate historical battles from World War II with authentic Shermans, Panzers, infantry, and more! Or create your own battles!

Scale Variations

The first five sets available in the game are in the original scale. In 2006, Wizards of the Coast changed the scale of the minis. All future expansions will be in 15mm scale.

12mm Scale Expansions

Base Set
(48 minis, released 2005)
The core for your War - troops, tanks, and more that form the basic building blocks for the game.

Set II
(45 minis, released 2005)
An expansion that introduces three new unit types (snipers, paratroopers, and cavalry) as well as troops from China, Poland, and Romania.

Contested Skies
(45 minis, released 03/2006)
Help from above. Contested Skies features fighter planes, antiaircraft guns, tank destroyers, motorcycles, forward observers and more.

(45 minis, released 06/2006)
The assault on Fortress Europe begins with D-Day. Highlighting units and nations involved in Operation Overlord – including the debut of Canadian troops – D-Day features the introduction of battlefield obstacles: immobile, non nation-specific units like pillboxes and tank traps that add to the realism of game play. Fan requested favorites like the Supermarine Spitfire and Jagdtiger also roar into action.

(45 minis, released 11/2006)
Escalate with the experimental. Deploy some of the most innovative and unusual units developed for the war, scramble fast-moving jets, and establish superiority with support units. Includes fan favorites such as Ranger and Fallschirmjäger units.

15mm Scale Expansions

(from this point on is where the scale of the minis changed, increasing to 15mm, rendering the earlier vehicle minis noticeably smaller in size from the new vehicles)

(60 minis, released 10/2007)
The Axis & Allies 1939-1945 is made up of fan favorites pulled from previous Axis and Allies Miniatures expansions, including an uncommon T-34. Included in the new starter are new full color maps.

North Africa 1940-1943
(60 minis, released 03/2008)
The Desert War is on in this new expansion set for Axis and Allies Miniatures. This 60 piece set contains many new units that fans have long petitioned for, such as the British Matilda, trucks and many new infantry units. Most of the units in this set are painted in desert paint schemes.

Eastern Front 1941-1945
(60 minis, released 12/2008)
Focusing mainly on German vs. Russian troops. Added Finnish units.

Early War 1939-1941
(50 minis, released 12/2009)
Early War 1939 - 1941 will feature units from 13 different nations, the most ever in a A&A Miniatures release! Belgian, Slovakian, and South African units make their debut.

Counter Offensive 1941–1943
(50 minis, released 10/2010)
Counter Offensive 1941-1943 features combat units from 14 nations. New Zealand, Yugoslavia, and Croatia make their debut while nations like Hungary, Japan, and the USSR will receive important units to add to their existing forces.

Late War
Rumored to be released in 2013, pushed back from 2012 due to the Angels 20 product release.

Expanded Rules

  • 48-page rulebook, including new, expanded rules for the Axis & Allies Miniatures Game .
  • 8 New Battle Scenarios.
  • 2 new full color, double sided, 21” x 30” hex maps with 3" hexes.
  • Comprehensive checklist featuring every miniature from all five Axis & Allies Miniatures expansions.

Axis & Allies Miniatures 1939–1945 Starter

  • 10 prepainted, durable plastic 15mm miniatures.
  • Full-color game stat cards
  • 2 double-sided full-color battle maps
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Rulebook
  • Damage Counters
  • 8 dice

North Africa 1940-1943 Map Guide

  • 3 full color, double sided, 21” x 30” hex maps
  • 2 all new scenarios
  • Priced at $14.99 and available March, 2008
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Axis & Allies Miniatures
Avalon Hill (Hasbro) 1939-1945 Two-Player Starter Set
Publisher: Avalon Hill (Hasbro), Wizards of the Coast
Year: 2007
Product Code: C-082A
Size: 6.50 x 8.75 x 1.00 inches
0.69 pounds
Release Date:  
Link Image
Axis & Allies Miniatures
English first edition
Publisher: Avalon Hill (Hasbro)
Year: 2005
Release Date:  
Link Image
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2 Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket—February, 1944
This scenario was something I created after seeing a documentary on Léon Degrelle, a Belgian Nazi collaborator during WWII. I researched Degrelle’s 28th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division Wallonien, and their actions on the Soviet front. This scenario represents the 28th Wallonien's actions during the Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket in February of 1944. Degrelle and his men held off a vastly superior Soviet force to ensure the escape of the 5th SS Panzer Division & 72nd Infanterie Divisions. Degrelle's men fought fiercely, and of the original 1200 men in the 28th Wallonien, only 600 survived.
3 ANAM-2 QRS, improved rules, better WW2 feel.
Attached the QRS of ANAM-2, with Ability list. See forum post 'ANAM-2 QRS' for more info. Enjoy, comments welcome.
3 Unit ID Tokens
Included are 46 actual Infantry Division Insignia (shoulder patches) for the US and Germany from WWII to help identify your units in the field. I made 2 copies so I could put one on the map and the matching one on the unit card. This cuts down the back-and-forth checking if there are a lot of units in play. Tokens are .5" circles.
4 1" Circle Damage Tokens
Each token is represented by a photo. Includes Disrupted, Damaged, and Destroyed tokens.
13 Axis and Allies Miniatures Checklist
This checklist includes information on: 1) All *Miniatures* from: Axis and Allies Miniatures Sets I-X, Axis and Allies Miniatures: War-at-Sea Sets I-V; 2) All *Scenarios* from:, Axis and Allies Expanded Rules, North Africa Map Guide, Eastern Front Map Guide; 3) All *Maps* from:, Base Set Starter Set, 1939-1945 Starter Set, Axis and Allies Expanded Rules, North Africa Map Guide, Eastern Front Map Guide. Add your collection of Miniatures, and this spreadsheet will calculate what miniatures you need to play the scenarios.
4 Axis and Aies Mini Admin Counters
I created some 5/8" Admin Counters to use with Axis and Allies Mini's, since I never seem to have enough.
7 Action Deck for A&A Minis (PDF file)
I've created a card deck from the Action Deck for A&A Minis, with some changes; additional cards and some mods. The first 7 pages are the cards, the last page is the back of the cards. Print on card stock, cut out and you're ready to go.
20 One Sheet Player Aid
A simple one sheet player aid containing a reference for terrain effects, attack effects, and expanded rules. Up to date with latest Avalon Hill online rules revision as of May 16, 2009.
0 Custom Soviet Fighter
Soviet Yak-1 Aircraft based on the Japanese Zero.
1 Soviet 9 Game Campaign For Axis & Allies Miniatures
Posted by designer. Axis and Allies Miniatures provides an excellent gaming environment in which we can simulate historical struggles. Re-creating the battle of Stalingrad or Kursk, however, would be on such a giant scale that even I would shrink from it. So, my goal is to introduce the historical flavor of each 6 month period, by creating a scenario for each period that has elements of the real battles. Basically, I have 9 scenarios, two for each year 1941 to 1944, and then one last one in 1945. The overall campaign is won based on total prestige earned of all scenarios combined. The later games provide larger battles and more opportunity for prestige, so even if you get a little behind at the beginning, the campaign isn’t over until the end. There are no “winners” specified for...
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I've Been Diced! episode 47: Ignoble successes and serious SF games
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