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Asia Engulfed
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from GMT website:

We are proud to announce the companion game to GMT Games' award winning Europe Engulfed. In Asia Engulfed the action takes place across Asia and the Pacific covering the entire war from the attack at Pearl Harbor to the final collapse of the Japanese empire.

Asia Engulfed is a complete stand alone game or it can be combined with Europe Engulfed to simulate the entire Second World War. A complete set of combined game rules allow for unit transfer, production allocation, and combined victory conditions.

Asia Engulfed focuses on playability and making players feel the pressures their historical counterparts were under. Players actually feel the pressures and stresses felt by the strategic level commanders in the real war. The game achieves this level of playability without sacrificing historical detail. The entire campaign is playable in 6-to-9 hours once players become familiar with its elegant game systems.

Wood Block Units:
Wood blocks are used for both land and naval units to provide a realistic fog of war. Different colors are used for not only the different nations but also for land and naval units so there is no confusion as to what is what and who is who. Only the controlling player knows where their elusive carriers are until combat is engaged. Players will have to decide during their naval reaction move if they have the guts to intercept the enemy's unknown forces.

Supply and Oil:
Asia Engulfed incorporates a unique and simple system to realistically portray the Japanese resource limitations. The further your empire expands from Japan the harder it is to supply and operate your far-flung forces, not to mention defend your perimeter with a navy limited by its oil reserves.

China, India, and Australia:
All three are in play and potential targets for Japanese expansion. Could any of them been captured if Japan had focused its resources? While it isn't likely, they are targets that the Allies have to defend and often seem just out of reach. Optional rules can bring the Soviet Union into the game.

Redesigned Air System:
Air assets are critical to a successful campaign in the Pacific, influencing both movement and supply. A carefully designed area map allows air units to exert control into adjacent areas and move across areas to the next airbase without having to worry about tracking range or counting hexes. Carrier air assets are represented by their own counters allowing for their losses to be tracked separately from the carriers and for the Japanese to husband their elite pilots.

Redesigned Naval System:
The naval system is totally redesigned from Europe Engulfed and along with the air system an integral part of Asia Engulfed. Basing limits, extended range movement, naval reaction movement, carrier day or surface ship night combat, surprise effects, port attacks, invasion support, it's all there and when combined with block limited intelligence and a healthy dose of lady luck every engagement brings the thrill of a potential victory and the fear of a devastating defeat. Even submarines get to put in an appearance as they try to pickoff stragglers.

Production and Strategic Warfare:
Asia Engulfed Game Turns represent two months each and production and strategic warfare takes place within each of these turns. Production levels are easy to calculate and production choices include Special Actions, Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Submarines, Land Based Air and Carrier Based Air units, Infantry, Marines, and an assortment of strategic assets. The USA conducts a strategic submarine campaign against the Japanese naval transport system and later in the war is able to direct strategic bombers over Japan.

Special Actions:
Special Actions are an innovative rule system to allow for not only extended operations during the course of a normal two month game turn but also to represent each sides unique capabilities. From code breaking to emergency rebasing, special actions provide a wealth of options for the player who has been able to commit the necessary resources to build them.

Rulebook and Playbook:
The 24-page rulebook is clearly written with many examples. Also included is a 24-page playbook. The playbook includes player notes, designer notes, combined game rules, optional rules, scenarios, index, and an extended example of play.

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More Information Edit | History


  • One 22" by 34" full color cardstock map
  • 135 wooden blocks with stickers
  • 68 round counters in three sizes
  • 228 9/16" counters
  • One 24 page rulebook
  • One 24 page playbook
  • 24 six sided dice (two sets of 12)
  • One air declaration and naval battle-board card
  • Several player aid cards

Online Play

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Asia Engulfed
GMT edition
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Rodger B. MacGowan, Mark Simonitch
Year: 2007
Product Code: 0706
Size: 17.50 x 11.50 x 2.50 inches
4.41 pounds
Release Date:  
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5 Scenario Cards
Here are some cards I've made over the scenarios in the game. I've done this to have an easy overview over the different scenarios and their victory conditions. If anybody have any comments or suggestions please post here: Enjoy.
18 Asia Engulfed Player Aids v.1.1
This is the ink friendly version of my player aids. Enjoy.
17 Rules + errata 15-Apr-2008
As of this upload, 06-Sep-2012, the latest rulebook is dated 13-Aug-2007. The latest version of the Asia Engulfed Official FAQ is 15-Apr-2008. I married the two in order to have one authoritative rulebook. There are also entries in the FAQ pertaining to some rules that are comments and not rule changes. I indicated those as well. Note that this is only the rulebook. The Asia Engulfed Playbook has not been made available electronically by GMT.
1 Transport Probabilites beta
Update which uses fractional numbers to calculate average - with charts.
16 Asia Engulfed Fleet Composition 1941 Setup
Graphic of Asia Engulfed Fleet Composition 1941 Setup. I also mave a high res version of this and a version with painting rather than profiles of the ships. Message me if you want it.
10 AE Fleet Composition 1941 Setup
Identification and drawings of ship composing 1941 setup fleet blocks for Asia Engulfed.
6 Approximate composition of starting fleets for 1941 and 1942 setups
Update to last file with notations and explanations
4 AE Place Names Pronunciation
List of web links with online live pronunciation of Asia Engulfed place names for English speakers. Still looking for links for Suiyuan, Morotai, Ulithi, Maloelap, Gili Gili, and Nanumea
18 Homemade stickers to Asia Engulfed
I really dislike oryginal, ugly nato symbols on my blocks, so I made my own version. You can see the effect on some pictures I added in gallery. I love it - and it's your choice, if you use orignal or those ones. I hope, you'll enjoy it. Just print it as it is. You can paste those stickers on orginal ones - if you will change your mind, you always can remove them to receive the orginal one. P.S. Mainly, I used graphics from Combat Commander Game.
23 Asia Engulfed Very Extended Sequence of Play
An extended version of the extended sequence of play, version 1. Might be helpful for learning the rules.
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