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12 and up
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120 minutes
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Primary Name
Combat Commander: Mediterranean
Alternate Names
Combat Commander: Volume II – Mediterranean
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(from GMT website:)

Combat Commander: Volume II - Mediterranean (or CC:M) is the expansion to Combat Commander: Europe ("CC:E"). CC:M's main theme is the addition of three new "nationalities" to the Combat Commander family:

  • Britain & the Commonwealth
  • France & the Allied Minors
  • Italy & the Axis Minors

This second module in the Combat Commander Series includes units, cards, and scenarios depicting the fighting forces of these nations.

FATE CARDS: As for Germany, Russia and America in CC:E, each of the new nationalities has its own 72-card Fate Deck highlighting its historical strengths and weaknesses (marksmanship for the British, giving them fewer shots but of higher quality; a higher likelihood of surrender for broken Italian units; quality Orders, Actions and Events for the French but saddled with only a "1" discard capability; etc.).

CC:M's Playbook will include the following:

  • 12 new historical scenarios, each one including at least one of the three new nationalities.
  • An updated Random Scenario Generator incorporating the new nationalities and the twelve new maps, as well as allowing for the early years of fighting in 1939 and 1940. This random scenario system provides an almost unending variety of map configurations, force structures, and combat situations. Re-playability value for Combat Commander gets even better with this new addition to the family.
  • A complete manifest of all 432 Fate Cards included in CC:E and CC:M. Number crunchers rejoice!
  • Assigned Point Values for all units, weapons, radios and fortifications in CC:E and CC:M, allowing players to easily create their own scenarios and Orders of Battle.
  • Additional designer's notes and play hints.
  • And more...

Combat Commander is one of those rare exceptional values in wargaming - one that can be revisited time and time again, each with a new tale to tell.

NOTE: Combat Commander: Mediterranean is not a stand-alone game. You will need to own Combat Commander: Europe in order to play it.


  • 352x large counters (5/8")
  • 140x small counters (1/2")
  • 216x 2.5 x 3.5 cards
  • 6x 2-sided 17 x 22 maps (twelve maps in total)
  • 3x 2-sided player aid cards
  • 1x 32-page Playbook
  • 1x 24-page Rulebook

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Expanded by:

Single Scenarios

  • Scenario 108: In My Time of Dying (C3i Magazine #22), German vs British forces, Strongpoint Hillman, France, June 6 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 109: Escape is Everything! (C3i Magazine #22), German vs Polish forces, Hill 262, The Falaise Pocket, France, August 19 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 110: Arctic Assault (C3i Magazine #23), German vs Norwegian forces, Grantangen Valley, Narvik Front, Norway, April 24 1940 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 111: The Scheldt (C3i Magazine #24), Canadian vs. German forces, Scheldt Estuary, October 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario CV1: Autel Complet (Vae Victis HS #14 ), Canadian vs German forces, St Martin de Fontenay, France, August 1st 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario CV3: La Chute de Sebastopol (Vae Victis #96 ), German vs Russian forces, Sevastopol, Crimea, June 29 1942 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario CV6 : Douce France (Vae Victis #99 ), German vs French forces, Feucherolles, France, June 16 1940 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario CV7: Rencontre au Sommet (Vae Victis #100 ), Italian vs Indian forces, Dongolaas Pass, Erythrea, March 16 1941

Tournament Scenarios

  • Scenario T1: oh-dark-thirty (Free), French vs Italian forces, French-Italian border, June 1940 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario T2: Hill 133 (Free), German vs Russian forces, Somewhere deep in Russia, 1943 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario T3: Yet another crossroads village (Free), German vs American forces, France, 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario T4: Gaulieter Estate (Free), German vs British forces, Northern Germany, 1945 (requires CC:E and CC:M)

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Combat Commander: Mediterranean
First edition, second printing
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Chad Jensen, Rodger B. MacGowan, Leland Myrick, Mark Simonitchmore»
Year: 2013
Product Code: 0709-13
Size: 12.20 x 9.20 x 3.00 inches
5.00 pounds
Release Date:  
Link Image
Combat Commander: Mediterranean
First edition
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Chad Jensen, Rodger B. MacGowan, Leland Myrick, Mark Simonitchmore»
Year: 2007
Product Code: 0709
Size: 12.20 x 9.20 x 3.00 inches
5.00 pounds
Release Date:  
Link Image
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9 Scenario MHAB 04 Polish Thermopylae
550 Poles take on 40,000 Germans. This represents one section of that battle in Strekkowa Gora on Sept 9, 1939. Also, this PDF allows you to use either the French (Allied Minor) pieces or the Polish pieces created by Maciej Czerwiec(Grzybek). If you have CC:E and CC:M, you'll be able to play this scenario! Many thanks to Paul (Gunderian007) for play testing and awesome fixes to the many problems I had. Anticipating issues: The brush along the road is actually the crest of the level 1 hill. This is important for LOS issues. The same is true with the woods in Hexes G9, H8-H10. This scenario also uses a bit of Banzai! tactics, but not because the Germans were fanatical, but rather because they were so numerous. All comments welcome!
56 Exporter Campaign: Syria and Lebanon June to July 1941
For those of you who are interested where exactly all my faults lie! Here are the exacting general detailed summary. ;-)
3 CCM Tuck Boxes - Deeper - Unsleeved Cards
Reworking of the excellent tuck boxes created by user potts_games. Reworked to be deeper to hold the cards from the latest printing. For some reason those didn't work with my printing, perhaps the cards are thicker for some reason... Hope this helps others.
8 CCM Counter Manifest
Inventory of counters in Combat Commander Mediterranean
4 Combat Commander Scenario Generator v2 for Windows PDAs
This is version 2 of my Combat Commander Scenario generator. It is intended for Windows Mobile devices WM5 and higher. This now supports CC:M. It randomly generates CC:M and CC:E scenarios using the same tables and rules for the game.
8 2008 WCBC Tournament Scenarios
Here are the four scenarios I used for the Combat Commander tournament at the 2008 West Coast Boardgame Championships held at Conquest San Francisco. Enjoy!
15 Design-your-own scenario spreadsheet (excel)
Design Your Own Scenario Excel file - updated, now includes values from CC : Resistance
27 Italian Tuckbox
Tuckbox for Combat Commander:Mediterranean for Italian Fate Deck (Sleeved)
20 French Tuckbox
Tuckbox for Combat Commander:Mediterranean for French Fate Deck (Sleeved)
26 British Tuckbox
Tuckbox for Combat Commander:Mediterranean for British Fate Deck (Sleeved)
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