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Year Published
# of Players
2 − 6
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2–6 players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
13 and up
Playing Time
90 minutes
User Suggested Ages
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Language Dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
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Primary Name
Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
Alternate Names
Talisman (fourth edition)
Talisman The Magical Quest Game
Talisman: Die Magische Suche (4. Edition)
Talismán: El Juego de la Búsqueda Mágica
Talisman: Il Gioco delle Avventure Magiche
Talisman: Le jeu des quêtes magiques (4ème édition révisée)
Talisman: Magia i Miecz
Talisman: O Mágico Jogo de Aventura
Talisman: Varázslatos küldetések
Talisman: Магическое приключение (4е переработанное издание)
Талисман: 4-я редакция
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Description Edit | History


Talisman is an adventure board game set in a high fantasy medieval world. Players have 14 characters to choose from all based on role playing archetypes, such as heroes, wizards, villains, thieves, monsters, etc. The game makes players feel they are traveling the world to find equipment, weapons, ancient relics, and companions that will help them on their quest to acquire the Crown of Command. Along the way they visit various locales in the worlds, battle each other and fantastic creatures to make their way to the top.


Each player is trying to move from the outer world and ultimately to the inner world. Players wander the outer, middle, and inner worlds trying to acquire equipment, weapons, and companions. They will also improve statistics with equipment, companions, and encounters and battles with fantasy creatures and each other. Once they complete a Talisman quest, players will enter the inner world and face its challenges to finally reach the Portal of Power to claim the Crown of Command. Then the other players must race to stop this player before he eventually kills them all with the Command spell.


To begin, players select a character card from among the 14 provided. Characters have basic statistics to start. These are Life [hit points], Strength [physical prowess], and Craft [Magic and Intelligence]. Some characters are naturally more gifted in combat and others in magic, while others are mix of the two. Additionally characters are often differentiated with unique abilities, starting equipment, and starting spells. This all makes the players actually feel different during play. In addition items and companions players acquire during play also add to statistics, increasing Strength, Craft, Life or adding new abilities, etc.

Actual game play is relatively simple, making the game easy to pick up with novices. On a player's turn they throw a die for movement. Player then chooses which direction, left or right, or if meeting qualifications may be able to move from outer to middle world, or middle to inner world. Once on space, player follows instructions on space, or encounters face up cards already in space, or other player if in space. Most spaces have a player draw a number of cards to encounter. These can be creatures, companions, weapons, equipment, treasure, or relics. Players must fight creatures and win before acquiring any other items or companions. If another player is in the space, players may attack with either Craft or Strength but are not required to do so. The defender defends with same statistic attacked with. If the defender loses, he loses a life and an item or companion of attackers choice. If the attacker loses, he loses a life.

Players start in the outer world, and build up their character's statistics and items to try and move to the middle world. There are two ways to move up to the middle world, one requiring a test of strength and the other a boat man's ride for a price. Once in the middle world, play proceeds in the same manner, but the challenge generally is increased with more threats such as the desert and temple. However, there is more potential for encounters and items as most spaces now draw more than one card.

In the middle world, players may also acquire a Talisman quest, that once completed, will grant them a Talisman. The Talisman is required to unlock the Crown of Command and pass through the Portal of Power in the Inner World.

Once players have a Talisman and have enough Strength or Craft to enter the Portal of Power, they will try to enter the Inner World. There they must face and survive the guardians there, like the Vampire's Tower and Werewolf before claiming the Crown of Command. Once a player claims the Crown of Command, they can cast the Command Spell, automatically forcing a player to lose a life. It then becomes a race for the Crown as the other players try to take the player with the Crown down before he finishes them all off.

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More Information Edit | History

Talisman 4th Edition was published twice, initially by Black Industries and later as a revised fourth edition by Fantasy Flight. The latter (Revised) has several differences from the initial 4th edition:

1. Revised has plastic minis, 4th has cardboard standups
2. Revised has a larger board size
3. Revised has altered three of the board action spaces
4. Revised has minor basic rules and card text changes
5. Revised has a whole new component along with new rules called "Fate tokens" that can be spent to re-roll dice. Character cards have varying amounts of fate tokens as part of their starting gear. None of this is in 4th edition.
6. Revised is compatible with all FFG expansions; 4th edition is incompatible with all expansions.

Game Contents (for Black Industries Edition)

  • All-new Artwork
  • 1 Large Full-Color 6-Fold Playing Board
  • 4th Edition Rules
  • 14 Full-Color Character Cards with matching stand-up cardboard figures and plastic stands
  • 104 Full-Color Adventure Cards
  • 24 Full-Color Purchase Cards
  • 4 Full-Color Talisman Cards and 4 Slimy Toad Cards
  • 4 Alignment Cards
  • Six 6-Sided Dice
  • Plastic Craft, Strength and Life Counters
  • Plastic Gold-Colored Coins

Game Contents (for Fantasy Flight Games Revised 4th Edition)

  • 1 Large 6-fold Game Board (slightly revised)
  • Revised 4th Edition Rulebook
  • 14 Character Cards with matching plastic character figures (Assassin, Druid, Dwarf, Elf, Ghoul, Minstrel, Monk, Priest, Prophetess, Sorceress, Thief, Troll, Warrior, Wizard)
  • 104 Adventure Cards
  • 24 Spell Cards
  • 28 Purchase Cards
  • 4 Talisman Cards
  • 4 Toad Cards with matching plastic toad figures
  • 4 Alignment Cards
  • 6 Six-sided Dice
  • 120 (40 each) Strength, Craft, Life Counters (8 large and 32 small plastic cones in each set)
  • 36 Fate Tokens (cardboard)
  • 30 Gold Coins (plastic)


mb - Talisman fan - 4th ed
mb - Talisman fan - Reaper
mb - Talisman fan - Dungeon
mb - Talisman fan - Frostmarch
mb - Talisman fan - Highland
mb - Talisman fan - 4th ed
mb - Talisman fan - Evil
mb - Talisman fan - Neutral
mb - Talisman fan - Good

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Hebrew edition
Publisher: Monkey Time
Artist: Massimiliano Bertolini, Ralph Horsley, Jeremy McHugh, WiL Springermore»
Year: 2015
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date: Feb 2015
Link Image
Talisman: Il Gioco delle Avventure Magiche
Giochi Uniti Italian edition
Publisher: Giochi Uniti
Year: 2014
Product Code: GU121
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date:  
Link Image
Chinese Edition
Publisher: Game Harbor
Year: 2012
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date: May 2012
Link Image
Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
Fantasy Flight Games Revised 4th Edition
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Artist: Massimiliano Bertolini, Ralph Horsley, Jeremy McHugh
Year: 2008
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date:  
Link Image
Talisman: Die Magische Suche (4. Edition)
German edition
Publisher: Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Artist: Massimiliano Bertolini, Ralph Horsley, Jeremy McHugh
Year: 2008
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
2.69 pounds
Release Date:  
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27 Toad King
The Toad King is an NPC character that is created by several Talisman fans in the FFG forum: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=49&efcid=1&efidt=281382
50 Unofficial Faq (4th Ed. Revised)
Unofficial Faq. Update June 2010 Contains a gathering of rule answers from reliable sources!
3 Carte Finali Alternativi - Danse Macabre (ver 1.1)
Carte finali alternativi in Italiano. Creati con Strange Eons
1 Carte Finali Alternativi - Corona del Comando (ver 1.1)
Carte finali alternativi in Italiano. Creati con Strange Eons
3 Talisman 4.5 FAQ v. 1.0
Traduzione italiana delle FAQ 1.0 (17 novembre 2009) di Talisman 4a edizione revised. I nomi delle carte, caselle e personaggi li ho tradotti da me, non avendo accesso alle versioni italiane del gioco e delle sue espansioni. Ho lasciato i nomi in inglese tra parentesi.
9 Crown of Command Alternative Ending Card
Crown of Command Alternative Ending Card
8 Danse Macabre
Bonus Alternative Ending Card. Players must have The Reaper expansion in order to use this card.
30 Talisman Player's Mat Full Colour
A full colour player's mat for Talisman 4th edition
53 talisman map cheat sheet
once again, after repairing the last mistake on the map here is the zip file containing the talisman map cheat sheet (version 3 - and latest) and also included the talisman Dungeon map cheat sheet (just got it completed today) once again, thanks for the nice comments and notes for the repairs and the thumbs up.
2 Spells Pt_br
Talisman Fourth Edition and The Reaper Expansion spells translated to brazilian portuguese
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Avg. Game Weight: 2.2
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