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# of Players
1 − 6
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 3–6 players
Recommended with 1, 3–6 players
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13 and up
Playing Time
30 minutes
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Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
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Primary Name
Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck
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It seems the unbalanced scientist, Dr. Zycheck, has gone a little overboard with his experiments in his search for Immortality, and the Isle has become overrun with his Zombi monstrocities. Can you escape from the Isle before being added to their menu?

Chaos Isle is a Mission-Based Card Game (MBCG) that can be played Solo or by 2-6 players using just a single deck. Expansions are also available to add to the fun. The Zombi Deck has each player taking on the role of one of the Characters, who attempts to complete his Mission before the other players complete theirs, all the while fending off Zombi enemies. If you are killed, you become the Zombi that slew you and now you attack the other Characters!

Each deck contains 102 illustrated cards:
6 missions - require you to collect various combinations of resources: gas, gunpowder, viruses, rescues, nitro, and blood by destroying the zombies that have them
6 characters - Professor Mort, Jane Doe, Uncle Checkers, Travis, Salty and Angel -- each with a special attack power
20 equipment - 9 weapons, riot gear, rottweiler, binoculars, first aid kit, skateboard, four kinds of healing (including "chi tobacco" and a bong)
70 enemy cards, consisting of 8 tasks, 6 events and 56 zombis.
There are 10 different types of zombi cards:
2 rage, 6 slithering carcass, 4 stalker, 1 creator, 9 flesh reaper, 8 bone collector, 5 coiler, 3 corpse grinder, 7 corpsemare, 11 feeder

You will also need two 6-sided dice and approx. 10 tokens for each player, such as coins or glass counters (not incl.)

Character and Zombi Cards
Each card has 4 stats:
Speed - who goes first in battle and also if a character can outrun a zombi
Life - total Hits the character/zombi can take before being destroyed
Protection - minimum number that must be rolled on two d6 to make a successful Hit
Fate - a fate roll determines whether a character is lucky or not - a successful roll is less than the Fate score

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More Information Edit | History

Chaos Isle can be played many different ways

  • Campaign - playing to a certain number of points given for completing missions and killing characters as zombis
  • Survivor - last-man-standing
  • Single Mission - play just one hand -- the first player to complete their secret mission wins
  • Team Play - multiple teams to really mix up the action
  • Solo - single-player version

The Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck gives you 4 different ways to play, and each Expansion Set adds not only new cards, but gives you 2 new ways to play, as well.

A Brief Overview of Some of the Different Game Styles:

From the Core Game: Mission-Based Game
Each player selects a random character, mission (which is kept secret), and 2 equipment. The goal is to complete your mission before the other players complete theirs. Players take turns drawing from the enemy deck (which contains zombis, tasks, and events) and making decisions to run from or fight zombis, or to attempt tasks. Zombis carry different kinds of resources and killing them adds these resources to your mission.

From the Fresh Meat expansion: Zombi Master
Players use only the zombis in the game, battling each other with their own zombi armies. Each player takes a turn selecting one of his available zombis to attack a chosen zombi target of another player. Defeated zombis are added to a player's "corpse pile" and their total resources are added at the end of a hand to determine the winner.

From the Reinforcements expansion: Extermination
Each player selects a random character, 2 equipment, and adds 2 Exterminator zombis to his hand. Players take turns drawing from the enemy deck and attempting to kill as many zombis as possible. The player with the most zombi kills wins the game.

From The Lunatics expansion: Save the Isle
In this game style all players work as a team. On each player's turn 2 cards are drawn from the enemy deck for each player in the game. Players work together to defeat all the zombis that have been drawn. Tasks can be attempted and events mix up the action. Players that are killed still fight for the remaining players as zombis, but if all the characters are turned into zombis the players lose. Players must defeat all the zombis in the deck for ultimate success. This style provides the most strategy.



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Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck
English First Edition
Publisher: RealmsMasters Game Forge
Year: 2008
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0 Curse of the Zombis mini-expansion
This mini-expansion adds an element of surprise to the game. Each player is given a Curse of the Zombis card face down which cannot be viewed or revealed by the player until a certain number of rounds are played, as determined by a 1d6 roll. After the number of rounds have passed, the player reveals his/her Curse of the Zombis card and follows the instructions. It may be that the player becomes a specific Zombi character, a different player takes any hits, they can't use Equipment cards, and many more.
1 Time is of the Essence game style modifier
Many a time I've heard the 1 major complaint about Chaos Isle, and that is that battle turns can last forEVER. I have experienced this myself. I have created a game style modifier that will work with all Chaos Isle game styles and will help cut down on the amount of time a battle turn can take.
1 Zombi cards
How many times have you had to pass Zombi cards back and forth because more than one player has become the same Zombi Character? These cards have all of the stats and attacks for all Zombis. There are 4 of each Zombi card in different formats. Refer to the instructions for printing the right cards.
2 SURVIVOR Game Style for CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck
Official game variation for CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck. Works with all expansions. Version 1.0.
7 The Big Sleazy Variant - Mission Cards
These are optional custom missions to be used with the Big Sleazy rules and Settings Deck variant but there isn't any reason you couldn't use them with the base game.
7 The Big Sleazy Variant - Setting Cards
This is the Settings Deck needed to use with the Big Sleazy Settings Deck rules.
7 The Big Sleazy Variant - Rules
This variant introduces the concept of a Setting Deck. A Setting Deck represents an environment in which you must work through sequentially in order to escape. Each card lists a particular location in the setting and will generally have some effect on you (mostly negative) and occasionally offer the ability to search for items. You can move backwards and forwards through each location card but each time you “enter” a card, Zombis will spawn. Can you accomplish your mission and get out alive?
18 Chaos Isle Solo Play Extended Rules
Updated from version 2.0. Rules now cover the Rise of The Creator and Survivors expansions and better rules for handling the Character interactive abilities of certain Characters.
13 Chaos Isle Game Styles Reference
Quick reference guide for all of the current game styles, including those only available from the website
10 Chaos Isle Strategy Guide
Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck Survival Strategy Guide 1.0 Tips for getting the most out of your Vacation on Chaos Isle
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