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God's Playground
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The game is set in Poland and draws heavily from the book by Norman Davies. It covers the period from about 1400 to 1790, which is covered by vol 1 of the two books.

Each player represents a Polish magnate. There are various ways of scoring victory points, owning land, religious activity, winning battles, etc. Surrounding Poland are her numerous enemies, who may or may not decide to attack Poland. It is up to the players how well they defend the country. The way the enemies work is that they change their strength to match historical changes.

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Players pieces:

  • 12 square wooden infantry counters (4 identical counters in each of the player colors: red, blue, white)
  • 9 square wooden cavalry counters (3 identical counters in each of the player colors: red, blue, white)
  • 3 square wooden artillery counters (1 counter in each of the player colors: red, blue, white)
  • 36 square wooden Noble blocks (2 sets of 6 blocks numbered 0 to 5 in each of the player colors: red, blue, white)
  • 60 wooden Noble cubes (20 cubes in each of the player colors: red, blue, white)
  • 48 wooden player discs (16 discs in each of the player colors: red, blue, white)

Polish Army pieces:

  • 4 silver square wooden infantry counters
  • 4 silver square wooden cavalry counters
  • 1 silver square wooden artillery counters
  • 12 silver wooden King cubes

Other pieces:

  • 2 tan square wooden Cossack tokens
  • 25 black wooden strength point cubes
  • 25 yellow wooden Tartar strength point cubes
  • 25 green wooden Russian strength point cubes
  • 30 orange wooden Ottoman strength point cubes
  • 20 purple wooden Habsburg strength point cubes
  • 10 purple Habsburg influence pieces
  • 2 circular wooden silver city pieces
  • 1 circular wooden gold city treaty marker
  • 8 circular wooden brown land manager pieces
  • 5 circular wooden black estate value pieces
  • 2 circular wooden silver city pieces
  • 3 wooden black pawns (1 to act as 1st player marker, 1 to mark game turn, and 1 to mark turn sequence)
  • 4 wooden dice (normal d6s with pips)
  • 22 wooden gold money pieces (each piece represents 5 units of money)
  • 22 wooden silver money pieces (each piece represents 1 unit of money)
  • 1 Rule Book (in English)
  • 1 Mounted mapboard

God's Playground is #7 in the Warfrog Games Treefrog Line

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God's Playground
Warfrog Games Treefrog Line edition
Publisher: Warfrog Games
Artist: Peter Dennis
Year: 2009
Product Code: 2007
Size: 12.50 x 9.00 x 2.00 inches
2.55 pounds
Release Date:  
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11 Player Aid: How to process the game
This aid helps you processing the game. Each phase is condensed to the steps to be played or processed when playing this phase. This aid does not support your understanding of the game strategics or tactics or even the historial circumstances. Please feel free to comment this aid to help me improving it. Thx.
4 concise reference sheet by hecose
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game. If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (>200), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog, http://hiewandboardgames.blogspot.com/2010/12/concise-reference-sheets.html
4 God`s Playground Reglamento en Español
Reglas en español maquetadas como la versión original. Spanish rules
11 Player Aid
Player Aid for the game (Turn sequence, special actions, and easy to forget rules, A5 size).
6 Chinese easy rule
Chinese easy rule
41 Rules edited and clarified.
Boy, are the rules as written bad! I usually think such cries are exaggerated, but in this case its true. Large parts of the rules for Ottomans or Habsburgs are totally unclear without the FAQ. So, I have re-edited and altered the rules using the FAQ. I have taken out the examples and historical statements to leave just the rules. Obviously a first time player should also use the examples from the original rules. Where a question had no answer in the FAQ I have my own answer in red. Also in red is a minor point different to the FAQ. The FAQ says money should be limited to what comes in the game. That makes no sense to me, especially as it does not say who gets their full income and who does not if it is about to run out. Also in red is a house rule allowing trading of money - just...
17 Converting to 4-player game
Guide to converting your 3-player Treefrog edition into a 4-player version.
12 God's Playground - Cyberboard GameBox
Here is the Cyberboard Gamebox for God's Playground. This is my first design ever at something like this, so I hope you enjoy and find it helpful. With only 1,500 copies of God's Playground published, we need this to link up some more players. Please e-mail me with any omissions or comments, and I'll update as required. I do know that the game marker and Habsburg influence piece could be a bit better, so feel free to submit your 3-D image and I'll update the gamebox sooner! :) Shameless plug for GeekGold follows.... GG and alms for the poor ... GG and alms for the poor... LOL! Good gaming everyone and enjoy! Brian
66 The Collected Habsburg Rules
All the rules pertaining to the Habsburgs, collected in one place, featuring a turn-by-turn sequence of Habsburg events to help you through the purple parts of the game. (Updated format; minor corrections.)
4 GP Player Aid Sheet german
Player Aid Sheet in german based on the English rules
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