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# of Players
2 − 6
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Recommended with 1–4 players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
12 and up
Playing Time
120 minutes
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12 and up
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Primary Name
Runebound: The Frozen Wastes
Alternate Names
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Belongs to the Runebound Series.

From release announcement (found on TGN):

To the North of Terrinoth, across the Sea of White Fangs, lies cold and desolate Isheim, the Land of Ice. After millennia of sleep in this frozen realm, the Ancients are beginning to stir. These strange and powerful creatures arise to serve the wrath of their immortal master, Arshan the Mad. The Years of the White Death are at hand, a time when doom shall claim all peoples who call this land home. Unless a hero can brave this unforgiving landscape and stand against the woeful and destructive might of Arshan, all of Isheim will be destroyed.

The Frozen Wastes features a new, beautifully rendered board overlay, 110 new cards, six new Hero figures, and winter survival gear. The ever-changing weather is represented by new rules for the harsh conditions, weather tiles, frost counters, and white death counters. New icy terrain types include features such as snow drifts and tundra. New creatures include vicious icewyrms, menacing wendigos, and formidable frost giants.

You must own the Runebound basic game to play this expansion.


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  • 56 Adventure Cards (17 Green, 19 Yellow, 12 Blue, 8 Red)
  • 1 Arshan Challenge Card
  • 18 Legend Cards (13 Items, 5 Allies)
  • 6 Hero Cards and 6 Plastic Hero Figures
    • Arvel Worldwalker
    • Laughin Buldar
    • Karnon
    • Okaluk and Rakash
    • Shiver
    • Zyla
  • 24 Survival Gear Tokens (6 Flare Crystals, 6 Luckstones, 12 Snowshoes)
  • 48 Frost/White Death Counters
  • 41 Rumor Tokens
  • 1 Princess Token
  • 29 Princess Clue Cards
  • 5 Weather Tiles
  • 1 Game Board Overlay
  • 1 Rulebook

Card Sleeves

Chimera sleeves : 57.5 x 89 mm (tight fit, a small pct may not fit)
Euro sleeves: 59 x 92 mm (slightly roomy)

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Runebound: The Frozen Wastes
English First Edition
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Year: 2009
Product Code: FFGVA52
Size: 11.90 x 11.90 x 3.00 inches
2.70 pounds
Release Date:  
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4 Terror of Blackwood (Endgame variant)
A variant that replaces the end game in TFW. Adds 8 Blackwood Dungeon cards and rules. (fixed a typo in the file)
3 Замороженные пустоши (перевод Shinner)
Русский перевод правил игры
0 "The Frozen Wastes" Sheet
Beknopt & handig overzicht van de aangepaste spelregels voor de Box uitbreiding "The Frozen Wastes" voor Runebound 2nd. Nederlandstalig.
12 The Ice King: Frozen Wastes Adventure Variant
The white dragon Acessiwal is an ancient villain, well versed in the ways of evil and a growing bane to humankind. For more than a millenia, he has grown in power and his wars against the frost giant clans ended thirty years ago with his total dominion of the great glacier that covers the crown of the world. With wealth and power to rival kingdoms, Acessiwal has finally turned his attention south to the weak and divided lands of men. Thousands of lives will be lost unless a band of heroes can venture half way across a continent to the dragon's lair at Coldheart Keep to put a stop to the beast once and for all. Cunning and ferocious, the self titled Ice King has already been the end of hundreds of would be dragonslayers and his lair may prove deadly once again unless the heroes can gain...
5 Cities of Adventure Reference Card for Tomb of Ice
An additional city encounter card for those using Judd "Warbringer25" Jensen's Cities of Adventure urban encounters for Frozen Wastes along with his new scenario Tomb of Ice. This package graphics for 1 card: Green Vale. You will also need 1. Cities of Adventure Reference Cards: the Frozen Wastes or Judd’s original CoA-FW PDFs, either to be found in the [url=http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/38643/runebound-the-frozen-wastes]Frozen Wastes[/url] file section. 2. Judd’s [url=http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/51363/adventure-variant-tomb-of-ice]Tomb of Ice[/url] expansion. NOTE: The creation of this card was pre-approve by Judd Jensen.
12 Cities of Adventure: Reference Cards - The Frozen Wastes
Based on Judd "Warbringer" Jensen's Cities of Adventure urban encounter tables, this package contains graphics for 9 cards: 7 for the Cities, 1 Rules Card, and 1 Statistics card. There are three methods for generating urban encounters for tables on the cards each time a hero enters one of the seven settlements of the Frozen wastes. The cards are convenient to quickly pass around as needed, small enough to keep table-side during a game, and the same size as all Runebound cards for easy storage. NOTE: This package was submitted to, and approved by, Judd Jensen before its public release. [b]NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AS A P.O.D. DECK (NOT-FOR-PROFIT). Visit "Ye Ol' Shope" at [url=http://www.fantasticdiversions.com]Fantastic Diversions[/url] for more information and purchase points.[/b] See...
1 Terrain Dice Stickers of FW
A graphic for making FW specific terrain dice, similar to such uploaded for the base game by myself and others. You can find more such for varied big box expansions on BGG or at http://fantasticdiversions.blogspot.com/
16 Adventure Variant: Tomb of Ice
This is an updated version of the 2nd card file. It fixes several typos.
4 The turn sequence in Russian
Памятка последовательности хода игрока.
5 Cities of Adventure Cards
Cards for Warbringer25's Cities of Adventure variant
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