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Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1
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Description Edit | History

(from MMP's website and user's description:)

Beyond Valor is the first, and most important, of the Advanced Squad Leader modules. BV contains the German and Russian orders of battle from 1939-1945 as well as three different squad-types of Finnish troops. Additionally, the module contains the necessary markers and fortifications required by the ASL Series.

The newest, and we anticipate the last (should further reprintings be required the contents are not expected to change), printing of Beyond Valor has 10 ASL Starter Kit-style maps and 24 scenarios which use just those maps and the counters in the module. Paired with the ASL Rulebook, Beyond Valor is quite a lot of ASL in a single box. DYO possibilities are endless, and additional scenarios using only the components in BV can be found on our website in the downloads section.


Boards 1-5 & 8 [3rd edition only], 20-23 [all editions]
12 counter sheets for 1st edition. 14 Counter sheets
ASL Scenarios 1-10 [all editions], 123-136 [3rd edition only]
4 six-sided dice

Scenario List:

[all editions]:
1 Fighting Withdrawal, Terijoki Finland 1941
2 Mila 18, Warsaw Poland 1943
3 The Czerniakow Bridgehead, Warsaw Poland 1944
4 The Commissar's House, Stalingrad Russia 1942
5 In Sight of the Volga, Stalingrad Russia 1942
6 Red Packets, Zhabinki Russia 1942
7 Dash for the Bridge, Warsaw Poland 1944
8 The Fugitives, Berlin Germany 1945
9 To The Square, Warsaw Poland 1945
10 The Citadel, Brest-Litovsk Russia, 1941

[3rd edition only]:
123 The Borders are Burning, Kuhmo Finland 1939
124 On The Borderline, Artahuhta Finland 1939
125 First Crisis at Army Group North, Raseiniai Lithuania 1941
126 Commando Schenke, Liepaja Latvia 1941
127 Land Leviathans, Lipki Russia 1941
128 The Defense of Luga, Leningrad Russia 1941
129 Slamming of the Door, Panikovo Forest Russia, 1941
130 Debacle at Korosten, Korosten Russia 1941
131 The Penetration of Rostov, Rostov Russia 1942
132 Hill 253.5, Ponyri, Russia 1943
133 Block Busting in Bokruisk, Bokruisk, Russia 1944
134 Counterattack on the Vistula, Wola Chodkowska Poland 1944
135 Acts of Defiance, Breslau Germany 1945
136 The Agony of Doom, Muncheberg Germany 1945

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More Information Edit | History

(from MMP website:)

Beyond Valor 3rd Edition Scenario Fixes

Beyond Valor 3rd edition contains 24 scenarios that are playable with what is in the box. Scenarios 1-10 are the ten original ASL scenarios, published in the first and second editions of Beyond Valor. Scenarios 123-136 were previously published in other out of print venues (The GENERAL, ASL Annual, or ASL Journal) and are being renumbered with their inclusion in Beyond Valor. Previously identified errata have been incorporated, and some Victory Conditions and Scenario Special Rules have been reworded slightly for clarification. Five of the latter group have been changed to improve play balance and are annotated as updated.

123 The Borders are Burning (previously published as A10)
124 On the Borderline (previously published as A16)
125 First Crisis at Army Group North (previously published as M and now updated)
126 Commando Schenke (previously published as A80 and now updated)
127 Land Leviathans (previously published as Q)
128 The Defense of Luga (previously published as W)
129 Slamming of the Door (previously published as A7 and now updated)
130 Debacle at Korosten (previously published as A106)
131 The Penetration of Rostov (previously published as A17)
132 Hill 253.5 (previously published as T7)
133 Block Busting in Bokruisk (previously published as J8)
134 Counterattack on the Vistula (previously published as A21 and now updated)
135 Acts of Defiance (previously published as A68)
136 The Agony of Doom (previously published as A8 and now updated)

Beyond Valor 3rd Edition Changes

Below are the official errata that have been incorporated into the five scenarios that have been updated in Beyond Valor. The scenarios are listed by their old number, with the new number shown in parentheses.

  • M - First Crisis at Army Group North (125): increase the game length by one turn and add one 447 and LMG to the Russian OB.
  • A7 - Slamming of the Door (129): revise the circled numbers in the Turn Record Chart for the turn of entry of the German reinforcements and their relationship to the VC -- circled numbers are now "2" in turn 2, "4" in turn 3, and "6" in turn 4, and the number of CVP the Russians must amass is increased by the circled number of the turn of entry of the reinforcements.
  • A8 - The Agony of Doom (136): in the VC, changed "5 multi-hex buildings" to "4 multi-hex buildings".
  • A21 - Counterattack on the Vistula (134): in the VC increase the German CVP cap from 19 to 24 and in the German balance increase the German CVP cap to 29.
  • A80 - Commando Schenke (126): add one 4-4-7 to the Russian OB and decrease the German SAN to 2.

Eight more classic ASL scenarios that are fully playable with only what is in Beyond Valor 3rd edition are available for free download from our website.

A The Guards Counterattack
B The Tractor Works
C Streets of Stalingrad
D The Hedgehog of Peipsk
E Hill 621
F The Paw of the Tiger
G Hube's Pocket
H Escape From Velikiye Luki

Countersheets: [note: which edition ?]

1st Edition

1) 8225013/14 - SW/?/Russian SMC
2) 8225033/34 - German & Russian Ordnance
3) 8225021/22 - 5/8" Information Counters
4) 8225029/30 - German TD, AG & Halftracks
5) 8225025/26 - German Tanks
6) 8225017/18 - Russian MMC
7) 8225037/38 - Russian Tanks
8) 8225009/10 - German/Finnish Crew/HS/SMC
9) 8225005/06 - German/Finnish Squads
10) 8225001/02 - 1/2" Information Counters
11) 8225049/50 - German Vehicles & Utility
12) 8225053/54 - Russian/German Vehicles

Other editions[?]

1 Info Markers
2 Support Weapons
3 German/Finnish HS/Crew
4 German MMC
5 Russian MMC
6 5/8" Misc
7 German/Russian Ordnance
8 German Tanks
9 Russian Tanks
10 Russian/German Vehicles
11 German AC/SPG/SPAA
12 German TD/AG/HT
13 Finnish SW
14 Miscellaneous Counters

Expands: Advanced Squad Leader

The GENERAL Index Article List:

If you are looking for an online opponent for any level of ASL/ASLSK, you can post a message in the Guild forums. Joining the Guild is free, and if you subscribe to the Guild you'll receive a notification whenever someone posts there.



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Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1
Multi-Man Third Edition
Publisher: Multi-Man Publishing
Artist: Charles Kibler
Year: 2005
Product Code: BV3
Size: 11.50 x 9.00 x 3.00 inches
Release Date:  
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Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1
Multi-Man Second Edition
Publisher: Multi-Man Publishing
Artist: Charles Kibler
Year: 2000
Product Code: BV2
Size: 11.75 x 10.00 x 2.30 inches
5.00 pounds
Release Date:  
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Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1
Avalon Hill First Edition
Publisher: Avalon Hill
Artist: Charles Kibler
Year: 1985
Product Code: 8225
Size: 11.75 x 10.00 x 2.30 inches
Release Date:  
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18 Grids to Organize ASL Counters
The file allows you organize your ASL counters from Beyond Valor, Yanks, and the other Modules. Rather than the 34 compartment Plano-3701 storage bins, this system is based upon a smaller set of storage bins purchased at Home Depot that have 15 compartments. It allows a storage by Infantry and AFV's by nationality and is flexible enough to handle the later modules.
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