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1 − 5
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12 and up
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60 minutes
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Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game
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Castle Ravenloft Boardgame by Bill Slavicsek, Mike Mearls and Peter Lee
The master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner – and you are invited!
Evil lurks in the towers and dungeons of Castle Ravenloft, and only heroes of exceptional bravery can survive the horrors within. Designed for 1-5 players, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and cooperative gameplay.

Each player selects a hero; a ranger, rogue, warrior, cleric, or wizard. On their turn, each player can explore further into the dungeon (turn over new tiles), move through the already explored parts of the dungeon, and fight monsters. When a new dungeon tile is revealed, there is typically an encounter of some sort, and new monsters to fight are added. Slain monsters reward the players with treasure, and experience points, allowing them to level up and increase their skills during play. Players must cooperate to stay alive, slay the monsters, and achieve the goal of their quest. Each scenario has a different goal - from retrieving a relic, to slaying a vampire lord.

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Game Components

  • 41 illustrated, interlocking dungeon tiles
  • 42 plastic miniatures. 5 hero figures, 30 monster figures, and 7 villain figures
  • 9 illustrated Hero and Villain tiles
  • Rulebook
  • Adventure book
  • 200 cards. 50 power cards, 60 encounter cards, 30 monster cards, 10 Adventure Treasure cards, 45 Treasure cards, and 5 Sequence of Play cards
  • 192 markers and tokens
  • 20-sided die.

ISBN: 978-0-7869-5557-2

Unofficial FAQ:

Can be expanded with:

Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System and Dungeon Command Game Integration and Expansion Guide

Geeklist of unofficial user-created Adventures:

Geeklist of unofficial user-created Heroes:

Interviews with Mike Mearls about Castle Ravenloft:

mb Castle Ravenloft D&D Board Game fan
mb Castle Ravenloft Fan - Strahd

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mb I Delve in Dungeons !
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mb Dungeon-crawler

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Pg. 1
Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game
English first edition
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Artist: Jesper Ejsing, Jason Engle, Andrew Hou, Warren Mahymore»
Year: 2010
Size: 12.30 x 12.30 x 4.70 inches
6.62 pounds
Release Date: Aug 31, 2010
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31 Adventure Generation Booklet
Update version 2.1: Adventure Generation Booklet. It is currently my final version. This booklet gives a total of 72 unique combinations resulting in different adventures. See the Changelog for details of minor fixes and balances. Major update: 10 Dual Class Heroes added which are not forced to be used but can be used if you like them. Please let me know what you think. I would love to hear about some sessions. Please let me know of any errors and/or typo's. That way I can correct it.
1 Deutsche Schnellreferenz
Eine Schnellzusammenfassung der Regeln in deutscher Sprache, welche ich für mich zum Spicken erstellt habe. Viel Spaß damit! -- This is a quick summary of the Rules I made for myself. German Language.
2 Marker & Token Box
A little container for various markers and tokens, placed into two small fittings in the storage under dungeon tiles.
7 Campaign Rules
This is a rule variant that gives your games a more role-play type feel and will allow you to progress your heroes over each and every adventure you play. Contains Castle Ravenloft Hero Sheets.
9 A Castle Ravenloft Campaign
This is a campaign mode I have made drawing inspiration from several of the variants here on bgg. I have tested it using Immeril only, and managed to beat Strahd at the 6th entering of the dungeon. Try it, and tell me what you think!
8 D&D Epic Mode - Tiles Reference
Brand new design. Enjoy! Thanks to Vin Parker for his work on this project! Rules to be found there:
8 D&D Epic Mode - Rules
Final rules after a few adjustments made after we played some more games and realized we could improve the variant furthermore. The whole document has been revised, with some additions to the rules, among other: - Gold is shared between heroes. Advancement tokens are shared between heroes. To increase the co-op feel. - First defeated villain gives you back some of your skill cards, but the second villain makes more monsters spawn, to get the sentiment of urge/danger before escaping the dungeon. - I´m changing the name of the variant to "Epic Mode" because that's what it really is. The countdown is only one aspect of the variant. - Rules for starting items. - You can spend XP to buy skills. - Rules for trading items. - Changed the surges/time markers count a bit. I´m not...
4 The silence of the Lambs adventure
An Ravenloft adventure involving the werewolf, as we hadn't used him at all in the vanilla adventures. The Heroes must enter the crypts beneath Strahd's castle and search for a ancient silver dagger to defeat the werewolf whilst he is out hunting. It plays a bit randomly as you never know when he's going to turn up, we have tested a few times and usually works well, although one time he showed up on turn 4 and Tarak killed him straight away with his Tornado Strike and Furious Assault. Have Fun
7 Jiffs treasure cards
Some new treasure cards I have made to give a bit of variety, quite a lot of consumables. Thanks to Gecko for the template.
7 Jiff's undead Monster cards
I made some monster cards to use with some old miniatures I had from my Warhammer quest days, I've uploaded them if anyone is interested. We play with custom event and treasure decks and find they are pretty balanced now, let me know how you find them. The monsters mostly undead that keeps the theme I feel: Bats – I made these when we where finding the game a bit hard, the idea was a non threatening monster that Thorgrim could use as a healing pool. However they can be a bit nasty, as immobilising heroes so they get hit with events and traps. Grave Guard – Armoured Skeletons, as I had the minis! Skeleton Herald – I had some GW skeleton musicians so I made these. They are pretty weak if you get close but if they hang about at the back calling in allies they can be pretty...
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Year Published 2010
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