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Iron and Oak
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Iron and Oak is game of ship-to-ship combat set during the American Civil War. As a tactical representation of naval warfare, each of the ships is accurately modeled for offensive capability including gunnery, ramming and spar torpedoes; for defensive capability including damage and five distinct armored or wooden hit locations; and for maneuverability, crew size and draft.

You command 70 famous ships of the era, including the Union: Onondaga, Tecumseh, Winnebago, Monitor, Osage, Minnesota, Brooklyn, Hartford, Essex, Carondolet, Kearsarge, Ossipee, Queen of the West, Iroquois, Spuyten Duyvil; and the Confederate: Tennessee, Virginia, Atlanta, Palmetto State, Arkansas, Albemarle, Alabama, Florida, General Beauregard, Sumter; and many more.

Many of the 14 scenarios, in this easy-to-learn game, are playable in an hour or less. Included are 13 historical and 1 hypothetical engagements featuring Hampton Roads, Mobile Bay, Trent’s Reach, Wassaw Sound, the duel between Alabama and the Kearsarge, and the saga of the Arkansas, which may be played as three individual scenarios or as a linked mini-campaign.

In addition, forts bristling with guns make their appearance to challenge the will of the ship captains. If that was not enough to heat things up, scenario based optional rules add a few interesting ‘what if’ situations to expand on play.

If you are interested in commanding your own fleet, Iron and Oak includes a standalone campaign module where player selected forces fight it out in the many rivers, bays, inlets and costal areas. The campaign game recreates the brown water actions, typical of the period, in a series of randomly generated battles. As play progresses, the players do not know the exact length of the campaign or the specific mix of the battles. Players must not only manage the unfolding battles, but must also strategically allocate resources and repair and refits their ships. The 16 card Navy Yard deck is used to plot a course through and influence the challenges of the campaigns.

Two or more players battle it out on an 22” x 34” map that features an area movement grid. This simple approach controls ship movement as well as all combat action. Gone are the long periods of inaction, typical of ACW tactical naval games, as these early steam-era ships struggled to maneuver into battle.

This innovative game system places the emphasis on quick action and tactical decision making. The 50 Action Cards are used to assist and enhance play, not drive it. Each time you battle it out, whether in a scenario or campaign game, the action unfolds in a very different manner. Do you wish to employ hot shot or incendiary shells? Is now the best time to rapid fire or is it wise to maneuver and ram? Should you allocate part of the crew as a repair party? Is that enemy ship going to maneuver into your torpedo (mine) field? These and many other possibilities exist through the play of the action cards. Or, you may decide to not play any action cards at all and just maneuver and shoot. You control how and when the action will unfold.

At its core Iron and Oak is a naval simulation. It accurately models the close-range slugging matches typical of the period. You have the opportunity to play out the various battles to their conclusion. Will history repeat itself, or will a new account be written? Will the Monitor’s 11” Dahlgren smoothbores blast through Virginia’s armor plating or will their battle again end in a stalemate? Will the powerful Tennessee win out against Admiral David Farragut’s Union fleet or again fall to his superior numbers? Will the Atlanta defeat the two Union monitors in kind or again slip aground and strike her colors. This time, you get to determine the outcome. You are not bound by history’s stories.

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More Information Edit | History


  • One 22" x 34" map
  • Rule Book
  • Play Book
  • Two 8-1/2” x 11” Player Aid Reference Cards
  • Campaign Game Status Sheet
  • Ten dice (2 x d10, 4 x d8, 2 x d6, 2 x d4)
  • One deck of 50 Action Cards
  • One deck of 16 Navy Yard Cards
  • 76 4” x 3-1/2” Ship and Fort Data Cards
  • 70 1” x 1/2” ship counters
  • 114 9/16” status and informational counters
  • 140 1/2” status and informational counters


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Iron and Oak
English first edition
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Charles Kibler, Rodger B. MacGowan
Year: 2013
Product Code: GMT 1303
Size: GMT standard box
Release Date: May 2013
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5 Scenario (fan made) : Hampton Roads 1862, the first day
This scenario depict the first day of the battle of Hampton Roads. CSS Virginia attacked the Union fleet vessels. Can be used with official scenario #2 to make a mini-campaign.
8 Scenario (fan made) : Head of Passes 1861
Corrected version. The CSS Manassas can't do any spar attack.
8 Scenario (fan made) : Lucas Bend 1862
My first scenario for Iron and Oak. In january 1862, a confederate fleet towing a floating battery came across two union ironclads in the mist. Battle last for one hour before the confederate fleet retreat to Columbus. CSS Jackson is far better than she was IRL. This change has been done to provide confederate side a better than D4 gunnery ship. For more historical accuracy, use a timberclad ship (as General Beauregard). As I'm not an english native tongue, there could be some spelling mistakes. Proposals for improving this scenario are welcome. Vlad
13 Iron & Oak Summary Aid (ver. 1.0)
The aid summarizes information from throughout the rule book, combines that information, and then presents the information in a simple, standard format for each order/action. For use with GMT Games' Iron & Oak (2014 living rules)
11 Ironclad: A Variant for Iron & Oak
This variant attempts to do two things: make the game more playable and simultaneously more realistic, by enhancing the relative power of ironclad ships.
10 Scenario (fan made): Stono River 1863 v1.0
Updated and corrected file
15 Living Rules
Updated rulebook includes all current information.
5 Procedures for Orders and Hazards
V1.1 Fixed the sentences that were being cut off on the right side
4 Tuckboxes for all three decks
In case I am not the only one who still uses tuckboxes, here are the ones I made for the Ship cards, Action Cards and Order cards.
10 Campaign Log Sheet
PDF of Campaign Log sheet
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I've Been Diced! episode 55: Jim Day
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