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2 − 4
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12 and up
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45 minutes
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Evolution Earth: Cataclysm
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Blue Pearl
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Evolution Earth: Cataclysm is a fast paced strategic deck/world building game about species evolution, cataclysms and extinction. Build your world continent by continent as they rise above Ocean and conquer them with your evolving species.

Evolution Earth: Cataclysm is very easy to learn yet it has strategical and tactical depth which makes it challenging, fun and addictive. The game has tons of replayability value since it can be played with so many styles, ideas and with deep strategical planning.

Evolution Earth: Cataclysm is a deck building game - yet it has a strong and exciting interaction between players. Try to defeat your opponents with skillful deck building decisions, clever population/resource management, right timing of cataclysms, and countless strategical and tactical choices. Use your resources, and your population to defend your species from extinction, as your opponents start planning their ice-age, climate change, asteroid impact or a numerous other cataclysmic attacks against your precious species that try to survive and evolve into a more victorious species.

Harness the primeval forces of nature for your victory. The prosperity of your species rests on your hands.

The game also includes an advanced play option called Blue Pearl, which makes the playing a 100% pure strategy and tactics. No luck or randomness involved on that playing version.

• Build up your Proto-Earth World as you play from Precambrian era into the era of Mammals
• Inhabitate your World with your Species and evolve them into higher species while you play
• Collect Victory Points from Critters, Insects, Fishes, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals
• 208 exciting prehistoric themed cards.
• 7 Continents and Ocean cards for each player
• 14 different types of Cataclysm cards from tornados to asteroid impacts to attack your opponents World and Species
• 60 Population/Resource cards
• 4 Shuffle cards
• Advanced play is 100% strategy/tactics without randomness/luck factor for hardcore strategic gamers
• Easy to learn
• 3 levels of play

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More Information Edit | History

Update info for possible future publication (you can try it already) :

Evolution Earth: Cataclysm is going through some changes in set up and Victory Point Levels and the amount of species cards. The new setup will be 7 cataclysm piles that each player may choose in the set up.

Graphics will change too and game will have 3 new cataclysm cards :)

2-player game: 5 of each species cards
3-player game: 6 of each species cards
4-player game: 7 of each species cards

Victory Point Level recommendations:

2-player game: 50 VP
3-player game: 35 VP (used to be 40)
4-player game: 30 VP

UPDATE (edited):


1. Table any amount of POP
2. Play any of the following

a) Play a species card
b) Play a continent/ocean card
c) Play a cataclysm
d) Buy a card (species or cataclysm)
e) Pass your turn

Game ends when one of the following occurs:

1. Player reaches X Victory Points. X being 50 for 2-player game. 35 for 3-player game. 30 for 4 player game
2. Player has lost 5 continent/oceans
3. Player is at dead end. He can´t buy anything or do anything with all the cards he owns (deck and POP).
4. There is only 3 piles left in Card Supply. POP-cards not included into this. (This applies to the game version which is played with 7 Cataclysm piles)

When game ends the winner is the player with highest VP score.

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Evolution Earth: Cataclysm
First English edition
Publisher: (Web published)
Artist: Tomi Rantala
Year: 2009
Release Date:  
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12 Rules update plus summary
This contains the update of the rules. Includes a summary.
4 Cataclysm Attack Chart
This chart shows you the amount of population you need to protect your species and continents/ocean against cataclysmic attacks.
2 Evolution Earth Cataclysm slovenske pravidla
Slovakian language rules translated by Joe Kundlak
2 Evolution Earth Cataclysm suomenkieliset säännöt (finnish rules)
Kun pelaaja nostaa kortteja pakastaan käsikorteiksi ja shuffle tulee vastaan kesken nostojen niin pakka sekoitetaan ja sitten uudesta pakasta jatketaan korttien nostoa käsikorteiksi kunnes niitä on viisi.
16 Evolution Earth: Cataclysm english rules
Evolution Earth: Cataclysm rulebook. This is the newest and most updated rulebook for EE:C edit: please comment if your download does not work.
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