Year Published
# of Players
2 − 6
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Best with 4, 6 players
Recommended with 4, 6 players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
15 and up
Playing Time
60 minutes
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Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
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Primary Name
Stratagems of the Warring States: Thirty-six Stratagems
Alternate Names
Zhan Guo Ce San Shi Liu Ji
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Description Edit | History

English Name: Stratagems of the Warring States - Thirty-six Stratagems
Chinese Name: 战国策三十六计
Publisher: 上海善见城文化传播有限公司
Offical Web:
Game Web:
Publish: 1.8.2010 virsion 2 "ICE BLUE"
18.4.2011 virsion 2 "FIRE RED"

2010 WZY Best Game (China)
2010 WZY Best Strategy Game (China)
(report link<English>: )

The Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period began after the Royal of Zhou dynasty moved their capital to Luoyi in 770 B.C.,
When battles frequently broke out between vassal states for larger nations to absorb smaller ones. In this game, you, as an omnipotent king, will contend for hegemony against the players just like you.
Why not to try to take advantage of a Bad situation to loot, or the taste of being corrupted by seductive women? Welcome to enjoy the Thirty-Six Stratagems of China.
(This is a card type game designing for 2-6 players older than 15 years.)

Production Characteristics:

The game's background is dynasty of The Spring and Autumn of China ( 770 BC ), game design fully respects the history, description and profile all compiled abstract from the official history: and (historical records ), card skills and special design also respects the Spring and Autumn States history and the historical life of celebrity. Stratagem card described come from the book, and processing of the Thirty-Six Stratagem card of the game, as the story completely designed from the . Building and Arms cards from the same historical data set, be pointed out that the use of cavalry element of a violation of historical facts.
The design of the game full consideration to the needs of different players ,so we support two kinds of game modes:
1: Build model-based benevolent
2: Conquest-based force and power
which is also fully reflects the Warring States period, the founding of two very different way.

Simple Rules:

1: Build model-based benevolent game modes:
Recommend to strategic players,only one can win the game

3 people: (about 30-45 minutes) ,first one who build 3 golden building + 2 other building to win (Recommend)
4 people: (about 40-60 minutes), first one who build 3 golden building + 1 other building to win (Recommend)
5, 6 people (about 60-120 minutes) first one who build 3 golden building to win

Game preparation:
Beginning of the players rolls the decision, according to counter-clockwise, one after one, each one take 1 Countries Cards, 2 Prime Minister cards but should choose only 1, then, each one take 4 Stratagem cards , 8 Army cards. Game begin.

Action steps:
1) Take card: Round began, the first turn pick 2 Stratagem cards , 3 Army Cards
2) Use blue stratagem cards or build: at this time can build a building, can use the blue Stratagem card (non-war Stratagem card)
3) Attack: You can attack other players. Note: if you attack other players, you can't build or use blue stratagem cards again at this turn. Attack by the following process: select the target building ->Declaration of war and asked whether the defence side retreat(need retreat stratagem cards ) -> If the defence side cant retreat then both sides into the battle.
Battle: Use building features (offensive and defensive order) -> Battle and use orange Stratagem cards (attack, defend, third party order) -> victories Assessment -> clean up the battlefield ( Please note the use of time for stratagem, country characteristics and Prime Minister skills )
4) Discard cards: end of turn. Building and stratagem cards limited 4, need to discard the excess, Army card unlimited. Then turn to the next player action

Brief rules:
1) No building player can not attack, except other player use the together attack stratagem cards
2) the number of the Army cards should tell to others
3) 1 player 1 turn can only attack or use together attack stratagem cards 1 time,
4) a player can only be attacked 1 time, unless attacked by the attack stratagem cards,

2: Conquest-based force and power
Recommend to whom love PK players , more cruel and intense. Team war or solo all ok.

3 people: (about 30-45 minutes) lost all golden building, out! (Recommend)
4 people: (about 40-60 minutes), 2V2 or solo lost all golden building, out! (Recommend)
6 people (about 40-90 minutes), only for 3v3, lost all golden building, out!

same as the Build model-based benevolent game mode, but , every one need put 1 set (3 Pieces) golden buildings first before game began.

Brief rules:
Except the golden building, player need at least 1 other color building then can attack, except other player use the together attack stratagem cards.
other rules all same as the first mode.

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More Information Edit | History

Game components:

Building Cards (4 categories, total 12 kinds, 45 cards)
This version of the card under the building was divided into four categories A total of 45 of 12, gold, red, white, blue. Different buildings have different functions, all the same color after the building was built with a combination of features. Directed the construction of buildings consumes the corresponding Army cards.

Stratagem cards (1 card per stratagem, total 36 cards)
This version of the card under the plan was divided into two categories, blue and orange. blue Stratagem cards used for own turn at non-war time; orange Stratagem cards used for the war.

Army Cards (3 kinds, total 78 cards)
In this version is divided into crossbow, Spear, Cavalry categories. Army cards as soldiers for combat at wartime( the three arms can be combined to the Chariot). Non-war time the cards can be used for building.

Countries Cards (9 cards)
Includes Qin, Chu, Qi, Yan, Zhao, Wei, Han, Wu and Yue. Each country has different characteristics and advantages.

Prime Minister Cards (18 cards)
Includes Wang Jian, Lian Po, Bai Qi, Li Mu, Zhang Yi, Su Qin, Shang Yang, Fan Li, Xi Shi, Qu Yuan, Bian Que, Jing Ke, Mon Di, Lu Ban, Sun Bin, Su Wu, Wu Qi, Guan Zhong, 18 famous Prime Ministers or Generals.

Reference Guide cards (6 cards)
Simple rules cards for easy reference

total card: 192
Rules book: 1
Dice : 3
VIP card for genuine verification: 1

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Stratagems of the Warring States: Thirty-six Stratagems
First edition
Publisher: Shanjiancheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai.China
Year: 2010
Size: 37.50 x 7.80 x 4.60 inches
0.55 pounds
Release Date:  
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