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# of Players
2 − 4
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 2 players
Recommended with 2–4 players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
11 and up
Playing Time
90 minutes
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Language Dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
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Primary Name
Eragra: The Game of Eras and the First Step
Alternate Names
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Description Edit | History

Eragra is moving through 2 different worlds, the Ancient - an unknown and legendary Era and the Future, after our days, there where our planet has become a vast desert full of Machines and Cyber-Environments. In the Ancient World ('Kingdoms and AntiKingdoms Division Age), the Summoners (you) own several decks. The basic one is the Duel Stack that consists mostly of Figures and Characters which belong to the Eragra Saga as well as several new Card Leagues such as Ploys Ad Hoc (Artefacts n' Constructions), Relics, Walls, Incantations and many other. The next 2 Stacks are the Mastery (10 cards) and the Grim (15 cards) one where you must Unfold, meaning you cannot use them from the beginning of the Duel. The rest of the cards form a Common Space which can be used by all the Summoners! There, a War of Incantations and Artefacts take place and the most powerful combinations with Minions wins

Purpose in the Ancient World is to send as many Rival Minions as you can, to Limbo, in order to collect as many as you can from your Crystals (max. 25). The next step is to enter the Future World which can be done by activating 1 specific card from your Mastery Stack, a Vortex called Cyberspace. You can enter there any time you want but will you have enough Crystals? If you enter the Future World, then the rest Summoners must follow you with the Crystals they have collected from the first phase. Tough balance? No, the game in the Future World is totally different and much faster. In this world all change, so the rules.

  • The Future Stack is divided in 4 parts. Each Summoner owns a Stack of 30 cards. The cards you handle here are Viruses, Machines, Weapons, Ambushes, Resources & Future Survivors. Here you use your collected Crystals.
  • Each Future card has the sing of a Crystal along with a number. For example you may have a Hybrid Machine and on it the Crystal sing and the number 3. Since you activate this card, place the equivalent Crystals on it. That means, your rivals have to beat this card thrice. Following this way, this Machine will be destroyed. Each time the rival wins a small battle, you remove a Crystal from your card and gives it to him. This world is faster since the Machines are moving in each round and carry dangerous tools capable of the ultimate destruction.. here the Duel here may last...few minutes!!
  • Final Goal' of the Duel is to remove by any mean the Crystals from your rival(s) or to destroy their Future Survivor (there are 4 Future Survivors (1 for each one of you): A Hacker, a Cybermage, a Rebel and a member of the Torrius Syndicate who are protected by your Machines).

In this game you will find more and more things to discover while you play. The point is to combine your cards well. You will enjoy it more, if you play with more than 1 rival and then you will face the brutality of Eragra. You can create Alliances with a rival Summoner to defeat another, but at the same time you must defeat your ally too. Your only true ally is your Minions. Are you ready?

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More Information Edit | History

Eragra is a game born in a long forgotten era, during the Great War between the Kingdoms and the Antikingdoms. Travelling through time, Eragra destroyed nations and empires alike, and seemed unstoppable - but prophecy foretells of the Three who will stand up against this evil force, against the source of darkness. Against the Great Dark Archon.

An Outcast Alchemist from the Dark Ages, a Powerful Witch from the Unknown Lands and a Cybermage from the Vast Future will become one and the Countdown for Eragra will begin!

The game of Eragra takes place in two Dimensions - In the Ancient Era, brimming with primordial power, players must collect as many crystals as they can. Through smart combining and manipulation of these crystals, you can unlock different powers, until the Cyberspace Vortex teleports everybody to the Future World. In this Cyberworld you will fight until you’ve ensured the survival of your faction - Cybermages, Hackers, Rebels or the Torrus Syndicate. Defeat your opponents by attacking their faction directly with Machines or Viruses, or take away their power by destroying the crystals they collected.

The Eragra Phenomenon begins, Are you ready to face the challenge?


  • 60 Parchment Cards
  • 60 Grim Cards
  • 40 Mastery Cards
  • 30 White and 30 Black Incantation Cards
  • 20 Token Cards
  • 4 Duel Stacks / 60 cards per Summoner:
  • 19 Blue Minion Cards
  • 19 Gold Minion Cards
  • 19 Green Minion Cards
  • 19 Red Minion Cards
  • 14 White Minion Cards
  • 16 Ceremonial Minion Cards
  • 10 Integral Minion Cards
  • 8 Ploys Ad Hoc Cards
  • 6 Wall Cards
  • 36 Machine Cards
  • 12 Virus Cards
  • 12 Weapon Cards
  • 20 Vehicle Cards
  • 20 Resource Cards
  • 16 Ambush Cards
  • 1 Rebel Card
  • 1 Torrius Syndicate Card
  • 1 Hacker Card
  • 1Cybermage Card
  • 3 Custom Engraved Dice (Assault Die, Die of Awakening and Sinister Die)
  • 25 Red Crystals
  • 25 Yellow Crystals
  • 25 Blue Crystals
  • 25 Green Crystals
  • 35 Red Counter Cubes
  • 35 Green Counter Cubes
  • 35 Yellow Counter Cubes
  • 35 Blue Counter Cubes
  • 20 White Cubes
  • 12 White Cubes (Virtuous Acts)
  • 12 Black Cubes (Evil Acts)
  • 1 Libra Phenomenica (Rules of the Ancient World)
  • 1 Libra Mechanica (Rules of the Future World)


  • mb - ERAGRA Crest
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Eragra: The Game of Eras and the First Step
First Edition
Publisher: MAGE Company
Artist: Sherdar Abay, Paul Abrams, Bianca Achidime, Juho Ahonen, Michael Andresakis, Sharyn Ashley, Michal Bernat, Lin Bo, Haley Bott, Melvin Calingo, Roberto Campos, Dan Carter, Clint Cearley, Lin Chen, Francois Chollet, Mario Clemente, Nicholas Cloister, Veronique Comeau, Orlando Telmo Couto, Rolando Cyril, Tiago Da Silva, Robin De Blanche, David Delagardelle, Karl Diaz, Andrew W. Dickman, Parket Dunse, Christian Espejel, Kamjar Fadai, Mattias Fahlberg, Esteban Felipe, Phil Fensterer, Alex Franieczek, Ed Galvani, Jose Rodrigo Munoz Gatica, Ivy Beth Gladstone, Steve Goad, C. W. Graham, Christie Grandjean, Jacob Kenneth Guidry, Eko Handriyanto, Tony Hayes, Eric Hilliker, Matthew Howerter, Hyula, Jonas Jakobsson, Monsit Jangariyawong, Robert C. Kilmon, III, Karen Koski, Przemyslaw Kucinski, Camille Kuo, Beata Kurkul, Kitt Lapena, Alan Lathwell, Ignacio Bazán Lazcano, Krista A. Leemhuis, Jennifer Liu, Rory Lane Lutter, Axel Medellin Machain, Jo Marsh, Jose Manuel Quintela Matus, Tom McGrath, Jennifer Miller, S. H. Moy, Joshua Munkers, Chris Musgrave, Brian David Mutschler, Niteangel, Robert E. Nolin, Saejin Oh, Alexis R. Pineda, Matti Putkuri, Gisele Prata Real, Joao Ribeiro (II), Marissa Rivera, Sarah Robertson, Scott Rodriguez, Alex Ruiz, Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe, Jordi Santo, Simon Schulz, Fandy Soegiarto, Damien Soh, Marta Sokolowska, Stian Røbergeng, Amelia Stoner, Michael J. Sullivan, Minna Sundberg, Andre Surya, Eric Tan, Darryl Taylor, Kheng Teoh, Dineshsingh Thakur, Erin Thweat, Hauke Vagt, Adam Vehige, Emily Veinglory, Jeremias Virtanen, Markus Vogt, Matthew E. Walker, Winged Bunny, Wiktor Woztyczka, Athena Wuxi, Jimmy Xu, Liu Yang, Gurkan Yilmaz, Zeiva, Miao Zhangmore»
Year: 2011
Product Code: 0799422828001
Size: 14.40 x 10.47 x 2.60 inches
4.40 pounds
Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russianmore»
Release Date:  
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2 French rules for Libra Phenomenica
Règle française du libra Phenomenica
2 French rules for Libra Phenomenica
Règle française du libra Phenomenica
2 French rules for Libra Phenomenica
Règle en français du Libra Phenomenica
2 French rules for Libra Mechanica
Règle française du Libra mechanica
8 Eragra streamlined version 1.0
The aim of these modifications is to remove rules that add complexity without improving the gameplay, to rebalance a few aspect of the game, and finally to add choices to the player that have tactical value while reducing the luck factor.
1 Revised Rules Libra Phenomenica Part B / English
This Rulebook includes the Revised Rules for the Ancient World. We split in 2 parts this book cause of its file size. You must download and Part A. If you want to download the original PDF Copy in high resolution visit our website:
1 Revised Rules Libra Phenomenica Part A / English
This Rulebook includes the Revised Rules for the Ancient World. We split in 2 parts this book cause of its file size. You must download and Part B. If you want to download the original PDF Copy in high resolution visit our website:
1 Revised Rules Libra Mechanica / English
This Rulebook includes the Revised Rules for the Future World If you want to download the original PDF Copy in high resolution visit our website:
17 Understanding Eragra - Unofficial Rules for "Eragra: The First Step"
This is a personal guide I use to understand Eragra: The First Step. It combines the rulebook with the online video tutorial and some tweaking by me! Feel free to use it/print it/line a litter tray with it. Just give the correct kudos where due, such as if you modify it or repost it somewhere else. Comments/Criticisms/Praise welcome.
9 Eragra The First Step - Part A - The Great War
Here lies a piece of the puzzle of a whole new mythology coming from the Eragra game and you shall will discover some of the Kingdoms and the Antikingdoms. Here you will see and feel the shadow that game spreads but above was born and came to us through the time....
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