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Year Published
# of Players
2 − 6
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 4–5 players
Recommended with 3–6 players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
10 and up
Playing Time
180 minutes
User Suggested Ages
12 and up
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Language Dependence
Some necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
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Primary Name
Attack! Expansion
Alternate Names
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From the publisher's web site:

Attack! Expansion will add quite a bit of detail while retaining playability. Players will be able to choose from many new options including (They will get 3 per turn): Moving Military Units, Playing Political Cards, Attempting a Diplomatic Blitz, Beginning a Trade Route Auction, Purchasing Units, Researching a New Technology, Trading with another Player, or a Strategic Move (Land, Sea, or Air).

Politics: Each player nation and each minor nation will have one of the four political affiliations: Fascist, Monarchy, Democracy, or Communism. Political cards will allow the players to influence the minor nations governments with propaganda, or even overthrow them in an attempt to install a friendly government that they can then influence to join their "sphere". Other diplomatic cards will allow players to spy on each other or perform various internal political actions.

Trade Routes: Players will be able to bid on Trade Route cards. The highest bidder gets the card. Trade cards act just like any other economic card, except they are "wild cards" and may be used to create sets. They also usually have higher than normal economic values. The downside to Trade Route cards is that they may be blocked or destroyed by blockades or Submarine warfare.

Technology: After the initial expansion, players usually begin to build alliances and the wars begin. Having a technology that gives you an advantage on the battlefield is critical. Players may spend an action (and money) attempting to develop a special technology.

Oil: Oil also takes on its historical importance in Attack! Expansion. Every time a player moves tank, air, or naval units, they must spend oil units from their reserve. The oil reserve may only be replenished when oil cards are used to do so rather than used in a player's economy that turn.

Attack! and Attack! Expansion will contain the same quality art and components featured in other Eagle-Gryphon Games products.


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Attack! Expansion
English Edition
Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Artist: Paul Niemeyer
Year: 2003
Size: 13.00 x 10.50 x 3.50 inches
Release Date:  
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0 Attack Archipelago
Variant rules for Attack! that use the tiles from Settlers of Catan to create a random mapboard. The "archipelago" comes from the fact that the map will be a set of islands surrounded by seas. There are other rule changes included, many of them the same or extensions of the variant rules that I separately posted to this site. My separate "markers and counters" post will also need to be used to add some necessary items to the game in order to use these rules.
3 Cartas acción política Español
Traduccón al Español de las cartas de acción politica. Spanish translation for the political action cards.
1 Attack! RUS
Attack! Expansion Russian rules
8 Attack! The Expansion revisions-additions-house rules
Edited further for clarity.
2 House Rules for "Attack! The Expansion" from the Mile High STrategists
An MS-Word doc containing our group's "house rules" - we have played this game [14] times as a group
2 Attack! World COnquest rules variant
All Players / Major Powers are identical and the [4] government type counters are essentially arbitrary
2 Attack!_Balance_of_Power_rules_variant
Adds more distinct rules to enhance the national characteristics of each government type - creates more balance as the Fascist (1st) and Monarchist (2nd) have the most advantages while the Democracy has none
2 Markers and units to accompany variant rule set
Contains the markers and units that are required to play with the variant rule set also posted here. There are instructions elsewhere on the web as to how best to card-board mount printed counters.
4 Variant rules for Attack! + expansion
This began life as a summary of the two rule-books, and evolved into a set of variant rules as I tinkered with them. In general, the direction taken was to add a bit more complexity to recapture a more historical feel to the game, or to fix something that did not seem to work as well as it should. Note that a second file contains the required additional markers and units.
2 Sneak Attack!.doc
Sneak Attack - 2nd edit ver.
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Rank 3451
Num Ratings 1627
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Num Owned 3041
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Wishlist 126
Comments 658
Year Published 2003
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