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Podcast: Creators Cast
Episode: 62 - Writing - Chris Fox Chat! ( 16.77 MB / 16:43)
News:Chris' 5,000 WPH App:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/5-000-words-per-hour/id991383053?mt=8 Today's Chat:Chris Fox returns to share his writing process!To learn more about Chris visit him at his site: http://chrisfoxwrites.com/
Episode: Se Viene la Lluvia - 02x10 - Essen, Geek out Fest e Información Oculta ( 48.99 MB / 107:01)
Con una semana de retraso pero a tiempo con nuestro nuevo episodio de Se viene la Lluvia, el podcast de juegos de mesa argentino. En el episodio de esta semana hablaremos sobre la Geek Out Fest 1.9 realizada en la facultad de Ingeniería de la UBA, mencionaremos un par de los cientos de juegos que se presentan en la convención Essen 2015, Gonza nos hablará sobre juegos de información perfecta y su contrapartida, los juegos de información oculta. Finalizamos el episodio con reseñas del Xenoshyft Onslaught, Concept y Dead of Winter. Más info en www.dadooscuro.com o en nuestro facebook www.facebook.com/dadooscuro Que lo disfruten!
Episode: Three Moves Ahead 325: Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence ( 77.12 MB / 83:07)
Rob, Gaslamp Developer Nicholas Vining, and Troy "Notice me, senpai" Goodfellow sit down to talk about Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence. Koei has a long history of strategy games that dates back to console gaming with Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Their most recent offering, Sphere of Influence, is newly available on Steam. It's a beautiful game, but is it good? Is interesting better than good?
Episode: EPISODE357 - Star Fleet Universe On Call ( 39.62 MB / 57:56)
Discuss the different tournament formats and the different games.
Podcast: CanHammer
Episode: CanHammer AOS #63 -Top 5 Stormcast Heros ( 97.42 MB / 106:09)
  In this episode of CanHammer, Chris is joined by Logan.  We discuss  little hobby action, folloed by some AOS comp discussion and then we get to the TOP 5 Stormcast Eternal Heroes.  Also a little FYI we could not help but put a little Tau rumours in this otherwise AOS show.   Listen and as usual: Enjoy, Email: canhammer.podcast@gmail.com Twitter: @CanHammerChris Facebook: CanHammer Itunes: CanHammer
Podcast: Días de Juego
Episode: DdJ 078. Especial LES 2015. Meridiano 6, Zacatrus, Fubar podcast, pre-Essen con Richi y Viravi ( 61.38 MB / 0:00)
Hola a todos. Ahora mismo todo el mundo está en Essen… menos un servidor, que está aquí subiendo contenido. Vamos allá!! Pincha aquí para descargar el programa. CONTENIDO DEL PROGRAMA Programa 78, 08 de Octubre de 2015 [00:00:15] Presentación y sumario. [00:02:44] Hablamos con Manu, de Meridiano 6 sobre su próximo lanzamiento: Plus Ultra. [00:11:46] Zacatrus nos habla sobre […]
Episode: PSP #247: Star Wars: Battlefront / Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign / One Punch Man / Mr. Osomatsu / Dance with Devils / Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- / Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen... ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Like the Energizer Bunny, this episode just keeps going and going and going as Marc talks about the Star Wars: Battlefront beta--which is way better than the Rainbow Six Siege beta--and how the latest Metal Gear Solid V patch--which adds Metal Gear Online and tweaks the single-player in various minute ways--has 'em addicted to the game yet again--it's a problem. And, like always, Marc ends the show with a whole lot of new Fall anime--including a show about a dog that loves to stretch their master's towel and a show where a young lady really likes bones, like, really likes 'em. Cheers and enjoy the show (and your weekend too). Anyway, that's it and that's all, folks, and, if you're feeling extra generous, donate a little money or subscribe to show your support for the site and show(s); it's not free to host the site, the show, to make and record videos, and everything in between, so, anything would be greatly appreciated, even if you just tell a friend or two about the site and show(s). Y'all can also support the site by shopping at Amazon if that's what ya like. Thoughts? Questions? Comments Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage
Episode: Boardcast News 10-8-2015|Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers ( 29.23 MB / 36:30)
This week's news in ALL about the games we're looking forward to from Essen 2015.
Episode: Kicking the Table #57 ( 28.15 MB / 61:30)
Late September, early October
Episode: Spike ( 72.27 MB / 78:57)

We start off this episode with a quick look at Star Trek Five Year Mission before we get into a discussion on Spike.

Star Trek Five Year Mission 00:48

In this episode we can not agree on anything about Spike - from components, theme, strategy, player controlled game ending, or even how to rate the game.

Needless to say 2 of the corners disagree with how the Gray corner plays games, and take turns pointing out their problems with the game play and certain strategies. And the gray corner, the mechanism guy, says there is a good theme to the game!

The one thing we all agree on is the game is a train game, but is it a good step after Ticket to Ride? Is it a complicated game? Is there depth to the game? We end the discussion with rating the game (hint some of us really liked the game, while others have a different opinion).

Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BWS018 – Essen 2015 Tag 1 ( 20.14 MB / 0:00)
Tag 1 von der Messe in Essen
Episode: Games on the Treadmill with Shoe Ep 79 – Why New Games are Thinkier ( 23.53 MB / 0:00)
Podcast: The Game Pit
Episode: The Game Pit: Episode 52 - Essen 2015 Field Report 1 ( 15.56 MB / 16:59)
This is the first in the series of quick Essen 2015 field reports. Sean goes through what he had played and what has caught his eye in the Spiel fair today. We also have a quick appearance from regular contributor Natalie. Ronan will be back tomorrow and remember we can be found on Friday evening at the Bredenay Hotel if you fancy a game or a chat.
Episode: G2B Ep. 172: TurboGrafx, GameHoleCon and All the Beer You Can Drink ( 54.35 MB / 0:00)
Join the Gutter Geeks in their deep diving tribute to one of the most criminally underrated game systems in history: The TurboGrafx 16. Not enough for ya? Alex from GameHoleCon drops in to visit and give everyone the skinny on all the great events going on at GameHole this year. Seriously folks, come to GameHoleCon and have a beer with us: It's going to be a great time!


Episode: Vox Republica 101: We've Been Sabotaged! ( 28.56 MB / 41:04)
Episode 101: We've Been Sabotaged! 

Length: 41:03

Show Links: RSS | iTunes | Stitcher | Download Episode


Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We post new episodes every Thursday, with each episode being about 25 - 35 minutes long.

DESCRIPTION: Vox Republica 101. Has a nice ring to it, no? In this lesson, we recount our recently played games before chatting briefly about the Essen games convention and the release of Pandemic Legacy. Then, we launch our first audio review segment with the hidden role game, Saboteur.




  • In case you missed it, Essen 2015 is in full swing by now. We aren't able to go, but Ryan did a guest spot on the Whose Turn Is It Anyway podcast talking about three games he'd check out if he were there, and one he feels will be overrated. (You can hear him around the 38:43 mark.)
  • It's the end of the world as we know it! Today also marks the launch of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. We go over the appeal of having a permanently pockmarked game.


  • We've been sabotaged! Well, ok, no, not really. But we do chat all about our first podcast review of small games. In this case, it's the hidden role game Saboteur by Mayfair Games.
    • 22:09 The discussion begins
    • 31:45 The Archetypes rundown of the game


  • Our 100th episode celebration is still ongoing! for a chance at a copy of Sushi Go!, Harbour, or Travel Catan, all you have to do is visit one of the gameplay threads on Facebook, BGG, or Google+ or find us on Twitter. Then leave a comment for us telling us either:
    • Something you like about the podcast and / or
    • Something you'd like to see us do (or do more of) on it going forward.
  • Our preview of the latest Seal of the Republic recipient, The Great Dinosaur Rush by APE Games, is live!
  • As always, Cardboard Republic YouTube videos and the BGG Guild are still ongoing. Subscribe to either, or both if you really love us. You do really love us, right?


We’d love to hear from you! You can send questions or feedback via email at podcast@cardboardrepublic.com. You can also reach us social media, including Twitter and BoardGameGeek.


Audio Credits: Intro music track is "Swing!" by Bargo!, used under Creative Commons license.

Episode: Episode One Hundred and Sixty-One: It’s Now an Innie ( 86.61 MB / 63:04)
Really good mechanics mashed with really bad artwork creates a fun game? We find out when people get poked with a knife in Fantasy Flight’s Blood Bound.  
Episode: Dog and Thimble 16: Blood Rage Review ( 62.19 MB / 45:18)

Blood Rage fills Tom with a Viking fury and he nearly kills everyone else in the room! Plus, a stalker reviews Dog and Thimble. Please subscribe to our podcast and rate us on iTunes!

Podcast: 7LandHand.com
Episode: 7LandHand: Episode 51 – Imperial Assault ( 46.04 MB / 100:34)
Exploding into your ears, like a Death Star with a torp down it’s whatsit, we’re engaging with the Fantasy Flight game: Imperial Assault. Bullseye this episode like a womp rat in your T-16 and join about rebellion struggles on Yavin 5. Matt does a Star Wars quiz and up top, … Continue reading
Episode: Garrett's Games 79 - Meeplefest 1, Day 3 ( 58.28 MB / 63:40)

Shelley and a bunch of friends join in for a discussion of a bunch of games played back in August 2007

Episode: Episode 5 - Line Drive Design Session ( 40.47 MB / 44:13)

A Special Episode - Chris and Aidan taped a design session and this episode is the result. We are talking about Line Drive, our baseball deck building game. 

Podcast: Gradanie
Episode: Gradanie Specjalne – Top 10 ulubionych gier ( 72.69 MB / 0:00)
Jednym z pytań w Q&A dotyczyło naszych ulubionych gier, na forum też padały tego typu propozycje. Było odwlekanie, była walka z materią, lecz zebraliśmy się, siedliśmy, nagraliśmy i się dzielimy Niestety wrogiem po raz kolejny okazała się technologia (czyli taki spoiler, że X-Com się raczej nie załapał
Episode: Ep 22 CCGs & LCGs ( 41.58 MB / 95:44)

This week we talk about collectible card games & Living card games!

make sure to check us out at www.epicgamingnight.com

Podcast: UnderDiscussion
Podcast: UnderDiscussion
Episode: UD209: Opinionated Discussion 1: Best Federation Captain ( 40.55 MB / 44:17)
This week Kevin, Brady, & Dustin diacuss one of the most important question of our times: Who is the best Federation captain?
Episode: GeekNights 20151007 - Colorful and Rick and Morty ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Scott watched Colorful. Rym watched Rick and Morty. On GeekNights tonight, we bring you reviews of both. Rym has restored the copyright-blocked GeekNights Presents: Utena episodes. Yowamushi Pedal gets a third season! Hulu is now the go-to source of anime now that there is an ad-free tier. (We can finally give those Slayers DVDs back). Manglobe is bankrupt. Cats are hustling.

Podcast: Out of Game
Episode: OOG - EP15 - Big News Revealed, Codenames Contest & Our Top 10 Games ( 71.51 MB / 0:00)
In the fifteenth episode Out of Game Ryan & Chris celebrate their big news, introduce a new contest, and give their top 10 games, 2015 edition.
Podcast: Geekline415
Episode: Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness with Jared Cohn - Geekline415 ( 51.62 MB / 56:23)

Ever wonder what REALLY happened with the original film for Sharkando?  Before it was suppressed by the studio?  Well now you can find out with the "Documentary" (Mockumentary) Sharknado Heart of Sharkness!

The geeks were joined by Jared Cohn who stars in the new flick from The Asylum.  Jared plays David Moore, the man who originally came up with "Sharks in a Tornado".  Sharknado Heart of Sharkness follows around the cast and crew, splicing in interviews with the original cast, footage that has yet to be seen, and weaves together the story of exactly what happened during the fateful filming of the first Sharknado.  As the poster bills it "The story they didn't want told".  After seeing the movie, we can tell you, this is a story that MUST be told!

The geeks talk with Jared about his role in the new release, as well as each taking a shot at some of the "super fan" questions presented as part of a contest a few months ago.  You get a chance to hear exactly what city Jared would like to see wiped out by a Sharknado, as well as who they'd like to get eaten (Steven Seagal anyone?) and many other fun Sharknado references.  If you lost your hand in a Sharknado, what would you replace it with?

There were a few fan questions that got covered and we get learn a lot about what Jared has on his plate coming up.  Jared has a ton of projects in the works many of which you can find here on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1714788/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 but you'll have to listen to find out about the super secret projects.
Where can you find Sharknado Heart of Sharkness?
You can check out the trailer to Sharknado Heart of Sharkness right here and pick it up for only $3.99 (That's a lot of entertainment for four bucks!):

Sharknado Heart of Sharkness is part of the official canon of the Sharknado story line.

The post Sharknado Heart of Sharkness with Jared Cohn appeared first on Geekline415.

Podcast: All Us Geeks
Episode: Episode 62 Two Geeks Trying To Survive in the Chaosmos ( 24.14 MB / 52:16)
Welcome to episode 62 of All Us Geeks! Don't forget that The Geeks have started using Mixlr to live stream the episodes! For episode 62, Jeff and Jordan take a look at Chaosmos, from Mirror Box Games.   Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the show notes below are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, All Us Geeks will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only provide links for things we've discussed on the show or that we use and believe will add value to our listeners. All Us Geeks is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising." General Opening Conversation     Game Review   https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/142830/chaosmos     What We're Watching American Ninja Warrior             Assassination Classroom             What We're Reading/Listening To         What We're Playing                 Rate us in iTunes Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/allusgeeks YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/AllUsGeeks Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/112353159075968787583 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AllUsGeeks Twitter - https://twitter.com/AllUsGeeks Tumblr - http://allusgeeks.tumblr.com/ Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/allusgeeks/ BGG Guild - http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1274 Credits Music: Tom Smith, Kevin MacLeod, Dan-O, & PINS Music Production  
Podcast: Dice Tower News
Episode: Dice Tower News 462 - Oct 7 - 2015 ( 4.8 MB / 5:15)

Roger Hicks brings you all the new Board Game stuff on this episode of the Dice Tower News

Episode: Kicking the Table #56 ( 37.04 MB / 80:54)
Late September
Episode: Gaming Nonsense Uncensored Ep 030: Get to know the GNU crew ( 85.34 MB / 46:05)

We ask each other questions about boardgames to let viewers know how we like our boardgames.

Episode: Ep56-Game Eat Game ( 163.82 MB / 178:56)

It's time for the annual wishlist of new games being released at Essen and the gang is excited. And soon poorer.

Podcast: Legal Moves
Episode: Episode 16 - Taxes and business basics for indie game developers with Rachel Presser ( 22.47 MB / 49:05)
In this episode, I talk business with Rachel Presser of Himalaya Studios and Sonic Toad Consulting. We delve into tax issues for indie developers, including hobbies versus businesses and getting Kickstarter funds. Don't miss it! I apologize for the echo on my voice - I recorded in a new setting and haven't worked out the kinks yet.
Episode: TAPP Episode 106 - Getting Excited for Nerd Christmas ( 65.61 MB / 71:40)

In this episode:

Jackson joins us in this episode to talk about what we've been playing and watching lately and we discuss new releases we are excited about in the next couple of months. A bunch of big video game titles are being released soon and the Essen Spiel board game convention is just now under way. In round up: we discuss The Beginner's Guide, SOMA, Journey, Fear the Walking Dead, Sense8, Rick and Morty, and much more!

Links for the things we talked about:

League of Legends World Championships

Melodatron.com - Inspectre

The Beginner's Guide




OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

Fear the Walking Dead


Rick and Morty



Hellboy Figure


The Witness


Splotter Spellen


...and then, we held hands


Guitar Hero Live

Rock Band 4

Episode: Playtime n°22 – Les acteurs ludiques : Le Nid – Cocon Ludique ( 93.37 MB / 0:00)

Avec le mois d’octobre arrive un nouvel épisode de Playtime au format « Les acteurs ludiques« . Pas de nouveau mensuel ce mois-ci, mais on espère reprendre le format pour le mois à venir ! Nous avons cette fois reçu deux intervenants, à savoir Nils, patron du Nid – Cocon Ludique, et Micha, qui a rejoint l’aventure […]

The post Playtime n°22 – Les acteurs ludiques : Le Nid – Cocon Ludique appeared first on ArtZone Chronicles.

Podcast: BoardGameHour
Episode: EP15 - aging disgracefully ( 48.64 MB / 53:08)
In this episode Nate and Lewis talk about aging in games. Board Game Geek is the topic of rant o'clock and we have a quicky at a con with @stuffByBez
Episode: Episode 96: Far Space Foundry, Cyclades, Short Topic Extravaganza and Creating a Cohesive Party in RPGs ( 107.72 MB / 204:48)
Tony's back from Hawaii, Steve is back from Bermuda and ready to talk board gaming! In today's episode the gang reviews Far Space Foundry and looks back at Cyclades. Then Tony T goes bananas giving you the best gaming news you'll find. The guys then host yet another Short Topic Extravaganza and round out the show with part 2 of their character creation series, creating a cohesive party in RPGs.
Episode: The Pitch with The Game Crafter - Episode 39 ( 12.33 MB / 26:43)



Whether it's within the gaming industry, or just in general day-to-day life, we all need to ask for something from others at times. On this episode JT and Jeff discuss a few pointers on approaching someone with your pitch. 



Website: http://www.thegamecrafter.com

TGC Twitter: https://twitter.com/thegamecrafter

TGC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegamecrafter


Jeff can be found at:

Website: http://www.allusgeeks.com

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AUG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllUsGeeks


If you like the content we provide, please consider leaving us a rating and review! 

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This podcast is a part of the United Geeks Network over at: www.unitedgeeksnetwork.com. You can broadcast your geekiness at United Geeks Network!


The intro and outro music:

"Mechanolith" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode: #22 – Games, Booze and the Art of… ( 64.47 MB / 0:00)
  After a short delay,  Josh, Ty, and Troy are in the BoD brewhaus discussing what they’ve been up to for the last few weeks.  Listen around :39 to learn what happen to John Download here  or find us on Itunes or Stitcher ** Listener Beware! ** GBatAo sometimes contains explicit language and themes.  GBatAo theme music is […]
Episode: S11.E07 :: Warning! Don't Eat Components! ( 24.08 MB / 72:39)

Mint Tin games, designed by David Miller, is a series of (currently) 3 games that fit entirely in small Altoid-sized tin. The 3 games are Pirates, Aliens, and Mini Apocalypse. These are games that you can play anywhere whether waiting for dinner at a restaurant or on line at the DMV. The charm of these games is that they are component-lite yet provide enjoyable game experiences. The added bonus is that they fit in your pocket. In Pirates, each player wants to use pairs of mini cards and dice to destroy each other's ship. The game feels like a sea-worthy battle of tug of war. In Aliens, players compete using the Ticket to Ride card acquisition mechanic to complete badges related to becoming better abductors of humans and Earth fauna. In Mini Apocalypse, players frantically roll dice to try to escape a monster by getting 4 of their people into the fallout shelter. Be careful because if the monster die reaches zero, the game ends with both players losing.

Our discussion focused on the inspiration for the Mint Tin series and what kind of places David could take the series in the future. We also explored each game and its mechanics. Finally, an important topic of conversation was the amount of work David puts into packaging his games, which he does by hand. Impressive work.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mint Tin series or ordering a copy (I'd recommend Aliens or Mini Apocalypse), please visit David's website: Subquark.com.

Episode: Toxic Bag Podcast, Ep. 309 – Sept. 2015 ( 28.53 MB / 0:00)
Find out what’s new with the lads from Toxic Bag Productions. We’ve got a new sc-fi sound product, a new special segment and another installment of our “Pop Culture Update.” Get the podcast here.
Episode: Per+1, October 2015: Gaelcon Part 1 RPGs & LARPs ( 30.17 MB / 32:58)

Hosts: Liam, Brian, Graham

This week we bring you Part 1 of our Gaelcon 2015 preview. Up this week, we take a look at some of the RPGs and LARPs on offer.  

Show Notes:

Podcast: The Game Pit
Episode: The Game Pit: Episode 51 - Treasure Hunt Essen 2015 Part 3 ( 113.01 MB / 123:26)
In this, the last of their Essen previews Sean and Ronan mull over and make predictions on another dozen games including Dilluvia Project, Rattle Battle Grab the Loot, Xenon Profiteer, Mistfall, Guns & Steel, Posthuman and more.
Only these two could get in a ‘heated discussion’ about a game they’ve never played and one game in particular sets off a barrage of squeaking and indignation.

Now the boys are off to Essen to hopefully play the games they have previewed an more! If you would like to meet up with Ronan and Sean or just s [...]
Episode: GrogCast Season 2, Episode 5 ( 27.97 MB / 48:53)
06 October 2015 ~ The OTS dudes stop by and give us all things Flashpoint Campaigns, including C2, the OODA loop, and the ugliest maps you’ve ever hated.    Discuss this episode below, or pop into our forums to chat >> Full podcast feed here
Podcast: G*M*S Magazine
Episode: The Boardgame Interview Room: Heroes from Lion Games ( 27.09 MB / 23:38)

Thanks to Piotr Żuchowski, I managed to get my hands on an early production copy of Heroes a few months ago. Since then, I’ve managed to do the Unboxing video and play the game a few times and must say loving it every time I play.

This is a weird thing for me to say because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t like real-time dice-throwing games. They make me very anxious and the lack of chance to think between dice rolls drives me potty. And Heroes has a real-time dice-throwing mechanic.

The difference is, though, that at times the game stops and you can think about what you want to do.

Anyhow, I am getting ahead of myself. Heroe [...]

Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: N°69 Fred Henry : l’aventure Conan ( 163.29 MB / 178:21)
Deuxième partie de notre épisode consacré à Fred Henry, auteur à succès et Crowdfunder Millionaire. On y parle des Spaces Cowboys, de models économiques et des difficultés à mener un Kickstarter aussi réussi soit-il. L’occasion également de dire « au revoir » à Jérémie qui ...
Episode: Episode 162 ( 0 MB / 95:29)

Rich and I have been gaming up a storm, thanks to Jonathan H. Lui of GeekDad.com! We got to try several kickstarter games that aren’t out yet and some new games that are freshly out. As always we also have plenty of tabletop news, kickstarter reviews and listener questions – so let’s jump into it! Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery Trove: The Crystal Caverns Codenames SpaceTeam Card Game Game of Crowns Cunning Folk Tabletop News: Guardian Games 10 Year Anniversary Party Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom (and Pennsylvania) Hex: Shards of Fate / M:tG Settlement Norse Foundry Metal

Episode 162
GoingLast Tabletop Gaming Podcast

Episode: Episode 48 - Something Weird ( 0 MB / 72:24)
In this weeks Gameplay episode Matt takes another trip back to ancient Rome, to right wrongs and deliver sweet bloody vengeance in Ryse: Son of Rome, later he puts the pieces of his life back together, once stitch and button at a time with the deceptively simple puzzle game Patchwork, finally he gets his fill of parody movie trailers and movie fights with the hit Youtube channel Screen Junkies. Meanwhile Andrew travels backwards, forwards and sideways through time, warping reality in the name of kitten lolz with Super Time Force, later he travels to the far distant future of the Ninth World as he struggles to rebuild the glory of humanity with Numenera, finally he finds himself back in the present struggling to deal with the strange and the stupid in The Office (US).  
Episode: The One About Going to Essen ( 53.42 MB / 116:42)
In this episode of the State of Games, Dice is headed to Spiel in Essen, Germany - the world's largest boardgame extravaganza - and asks for some help from Darrell, TC, and Jessica for what to expect, what to try, and what to buy. All this plus Launius, NASCAR, Zombicide, World's Fair 1893, camels (of course), the real designer of Stone Age, time travel, wireless meat thermometers, Xenon Profiteer and much, much more!
Podcast: Terminal7
Episode: Terminal7 38: A Test with No Answers ( 81.46 MB / 69:20)
We stand on the brink of a date ... with data. And destiny. We are destined to date data. *ahem* With the impending release of Data & Destiny, each faction will now have one major expansion for each faction, plus three new mini-Runner factions. At such an interesting time in the game's development, Terminal7 sits down the Netrunner's lead designer Lukas Litzsinger to talk about the development of Data & Destiny. In some ways, this brings the first chapter of the game to a close. Lukas will be granting the mantle of lead designer of Netrunner to Damon Stone, so we also discussed that changing of the guard, how board/card game design differs from video game design and how Madmen was a springboard into game design.
Episode: 141: Flip It and R.I.P. It ( 53.55 MB / 46:47)
BFZ Standard & Cutest Card!

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