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Episode: Advance After Combat 2016-05-01 ( 154.29 MB / 168:32)
Quiz Garbage Time Bitter Woods History Maker Baseball FAB: Sicily The Herald Come to AACon in October
Episode: Episode 98 – The Fall of Brandon-alad ( 112.52 MB / 0:00)
Click here to download this episode! – Introductions – NEWS! Tactics Eowyn is real! – 5 years of hard lessons! – A game of identification….   – Patreon pledge drive, any amount helps!! https://www.patreon.com/cotr – Sign off Contact us cardboardoftherings@gmail.com discord.me/cotr www.facebook.com/cardboardoftherings @cotrpodcast on twitter twitch.tv/cotrpodcast cardboardoftherings.com YouTube.com/COTRPodcast Chris’ Videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/DwalorDwarf/videos cardboardoftherings on cardgamedb.com
Episode: Epiosde 81 ( 27.13 MB / 0:00)
Click Here To Check Out This Episode! On our agenda: In Conversation: Alexis Spicer and The Women of Netrunner – This week we are joined by avid Netrunner player and Administrator of the Women of Netrunner Facebook group, Alexis Spicer. The panel discusses Alexis’ recent Store Championship performances, as well as her current deck choices […]
Podcast: Three Die Block
Episode: Three Die Block #122: Ork Chops & Khorne Dogs ( 164.44 MB / 179:37)
Podcast: Breaking News
Episode: Breaking News — Episode 46 ( 141.62 MB / 0:00)
Scott Kincaid joins Dodd & Jeff as a permanent host. Together with Daine from the Chicago meta they review Democracy and Dogma and discuss the Louisville Regional tournament. Intro: 0:00 Regional Discussion: 1:20 Card Discussion: 45:57 The Heap: 2:08:05 If you’d like to send us feedback on this episode, please come find us on Facebook, email us at anrbreakingnewsATgmail.com, or (best of all) comment at Team Covenant.
Episode: What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Week 75 ( 135.91 MB / 98:58)
It's Week 75 and we are back to normal-ish length I think. We've got a great show for you, a Meet the Gamer Segment, the Evolving Review and a Review of something new and hot!! Oh, and I'll babble a bit and AB will tell a story as well!! Special Announcement 1:30 AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 2:35 Doctor Eureka Brandon Babbles by himself 8:26 Santorini Succession! Bottom of the Ninth The Clubhouse Expansion Through the Ages Derek's Evolving Review 11:16 Onitama Mombasa The Eric Booth Review 24:06 Star Wars Rebellion Meet the Gamer with Sarah Reed 38:41 Project Dreamscape Villages and Villains Dresden Files Until Proven Guilty In the Ruins Brandon's Thoughts 1:34:01 Back to the Future The Geek All Stars End 1:38:57
Episode: BGA Episode 101 - If You Like Terra Mystica, Try... ( 70.62 MB / 77:09)
This month, the BGA team starts the second hundred episodes with a fan favorite - If you like, try...featuring Terra Mystica.  We'll take a look at four different mechanisms, themes, or components of the modern classic and share 12 games we think you should check out if you also like this one. In addition, we'll talk about the games we've gotten to the table lately, some recent acquisition disorders, and upcoming awards as the summer convention season gets underway.  Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, BoardGameGeek, and Patreon as well. 
Episode: DJ110: Odin's Ravens - 2a edició (2016) Thorsten Gimmler ( 7.87 MB / 8:33)
Continuem parlant de jocs una setmana més al Via directa de Ràdio Sant Andreu. Avui portem als estudis un joc d'importació d'una nova editorial anglesa anomenada Osprey Games. Es tracta d'una subdivisió del grup editorial Osprey Publishing, que està especialitzat en la creació i venda per catàleg de llibres sobre història militar. Osprey Games ja ha fet algun tiratge de wargames i ara han entrat al món dels eurogames amb reimplementacions interessants com The King is Dead (nova versió del ja clàssic King of Siam de Peer Sylvester) o la segona edició d'Odin's Ravens de la que aquí parlem. L'autor, l'alemany Thorsten Gimmler, és conegut per tenir tres grans jocs a l'inici dels anys 2000. Per una banda, una obra mestra en el camp dels fillers de subhastes: ¡No Gracias!. Per l'altra, dos jocs cabdals en l'apartat de jocs per a només dos jugadors: Aton (un rara avis de joc de majories per a dos i que funciona com un rellotge suís -molt recomanable-) i la primera edició d'Odin's Ravens de l'any 2002. Entre la primera i la segona edició hi ha lleugeres diferències mecàniques, però el tema de la mitologia nòrdica segueix present i potenciat per un nou art molt impactant. Tot i així els jocs, com qualsevol altre producte cultural o com els vins, envelleixen millor i pitjor... i potser aquest, comparat amb tot el ventall actual de jocs, fa palès el pas dels anys.   Espai conduït per Jordi Milian amb la col·laboració/dinamització de Miquel Jornet.
Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 115 ( 21.87 MB / 0:00)
Original Air Date: 28/05/16 In this episode, Mark and Garth are joined by Trent once again, as the boys pay tribute to Prince, talk about what they’ve been playing recently, and recap their latest session of Horror on the Orient Express. All that plus some Kickstarter news! The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 115 The post The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 115 appeared first on HoGS.
Episode: Garrett's Games 513 - Minerva, Balloon Challenge and Guns & Steel ( 37.3 MB / 40:45)

Shelley and I check out new games from Hisashi Hayashi (of Trains, String Railways, Sail to India, fame), as well as Kenichi Tanabe (of Kaigan and Lisbon/Lisboa fame) after we talk about Jesse Li's Guns & Steel.

Guns & Steel by Jesse Li from Grail Games and Moaideas

Minerva by Hisashi Hayashi from Japon/Okazu


Balloon Challenge by Kenichi Tanabe from Colon Arc

Episode: BRUNO! - Part 2 ( 0 MB / 78:55)
Part 2 of our conversation with Bruno Faidutti drops in this episode. We get to hear all about why Bruno likes to work with other designers and what he has coming up. Plus, we review the dino-riffic two-player game Raptor from Matagot, co-designed with Bruno Cathala. Check out www.gamesurplus.com for all your game needs. Want to win a copy of Aether Captains? Follow us on Twitter @cardboardinsane and @horsey_avenger to get your hands on a copy.
Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: KBW006 – Neuheiten Nürnberg 2016 ( 25.9 MB / 32:10)
Wir schauen uns in Vorbereitung auf die Nominierungen zum SdJ ein paar Kinderspiele an die dieses Jahr in Nürnberg erschienen sind, und in unseren Augen das Zeug zum Kinderspiel des Jahres haben
Episode: Week In Review (17 - 2016) with the Game Boy Geek ( 5.76 MB / 3:05)
My week in Review where I summarize all the videos I produced last week in about 2 minutes.
Apotheca Rules School - https://youtu.be/p1O6oTwxYZU Apotheca Review - https://youtu.be/8IvaISqjXEs Cacao Review - https://youtu.be/9b0KQNTPfUM Cacao - Chocolatl Expansion Review - https://youtu.be/gSNQS-fXYko Tally Ho - https://youtu.be/UWF9u1GPVRQ [...]
Episode: Tabletop Day Post Party Special Halfway Show Show ( 98.57 MB / 71:47)

Colin and Richard once again filling your ears with their own brand of entertainment and take on the challenge laid down by Behind the Barricade.

Shout Outs  MassmoviecideUK  Behind The Barricade Staying In
Episode: RTT Episode #12 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Final episode of the first year o' podcasting!

Send your questions to questions@rahdo.com


•••[00:00:27] Games of Interest►►►
La Granja: No Siesta, Virus, Legends of Andor: the Last Hope, Codename: Pictures, Charterstone

•••[00:14:28] Top 10 Revisits►►►
Exploration & Solo games
•••[00:35:49] Dice Tower & GAMA Trip Report

•••[01:40:12] Q&A►►►
Fairness of big vs small publishers on Kickstarter? How do I learn rules & relearn so fast? Suburbia expansions? Jen's glass? Rahdo origin? Scientific skepticism? Star Trek Frontiers? 2p auction games? Boardgames for a videogame design class? Videogame design class assignments? TIME Stories? Laserdiscs? All things being equal, a boardgame or videogame design career? How can I make so many violent videogames yet be such a cardboard carebear? Game teaching? How to play against an experienced opponent? Can love of theme win out over player conflict? Potty mouth? Jen the shark?

•••[02:51:25] Q&A Personal Side►►►
Scientific skepticism part II? Hillary or Bernie? Fave songs?

•••Direct MP3 link: https://archive.org/download/rtt012/rtt012.mp3
•••Subscribe: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RahdoTalksThrough
Episode: The Broken Meeple - Episode 43 - Dry As A Bone ( 52.6 MB / 57:27)
People say that I only like games that have a strong theme and stay away from Euro's. Well the first part is half right and I actually like a lot of Euro games. So on Episode 43 I'm going to give my Top Ten "Dry" Games, which is a subjective list to say the list, but essentially these are games where the theme is non-existant without being simply an abstract game. There are a lot of games with pasted on themes, but these ones have incredibly thin veils. Prior to that though there's plenty of first impressions including some new titles, Valeria and Thunderbirds as well as an older title, The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac. And the "One More Game?" segments pays homage to the recent Captain America: Civil War craze by taking a look back at Marvel Legendary - have all the expansions kept it alive and does the setup time get in the way? 00:00 - Tabletop Day & UK Games Expo 06:10 - First Impressions - Valeria: Card Kingdoms 11:36 - First Impressions - Thunderbirds 16:56 - First Impressions - The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac 21:25 - One More Game? - Marvel Legendary 30:15 - Top Ten "Dry" Games 52:37 - Conclusion
Episode: D6G Episode 188: Mark Gibbons Interview, & Kings of War ( 149.77 MB / 161:11)
Owen Staton, the official D6G Welsh ambassador, returns to the 3rd chair! Owen has been playing quite a bit of Kings of War, combine that with Russ and Craig's impressions of the game at Adepticon and we thought it was time to dive deep into the game and talk about how it works, what makes it unique, and how it compares to Age of Sigmar. But first, we've doubled our Welshmen this episode!  Craig and Russ caught up with Mark Gibbons at Adepitcon and had a chance to discuss how he got into the game business as an artist working with companies like Games Workshop, Blizzard, and Privateer Press.  We also ask him about  his latest project: Dark Deeds.   All that plus:    - Total Fan Girl - Do You Ever Notice  - The Hollywood Minute - App of the Ep -  & More If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: click here.   The following fine organizations help make this show possible:   www.Battlefoam.com www.WolfLair.com www.geeknationtours.com      ==Quick Reference== App of the Ep: 1 hr 1 min - War Tortoise Mark Gibbons Interview: 1 hr 8 min  Total Fan Girl: 1 hr 37 min Kings of War:  1 hr 42 min    Links Discussed in the show: Craig's Blog: www.McNerdigansPub.com Russ's Blog: http://www.RussRant.com Total Fan Girl Blog: Link Dice Tower Network: Link      
Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Travis Gets Heavy - Episode 6 - Joel Toppen Interview ( 58.97 MB / 42:39)

In this minisode of Travis Gets Heavy, Travis gets to interview Joel Toppen, GMT Games developer and designer of Navajo Wars and Comancheria. He also discusses the May of Minisodes, along with the contest winner of 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis.


0:40 - A Month of Minisodes
2:00 - The 13 Days Giveaway!
3:39 - Joel Toppen

Check us out online here:
Twitter | Online | Email | BGG Guild | iTunes | Stitcher

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Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Flattered (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0
Episode: The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 4 ( 85.03 MB / 92:53)

The Top Gear of table top gaming come together yet again to talk about all manner of board games.  Steve talks about getting to play an early copy of Dark Souls, Andy explores the new world in Empires: Age pf Discovery and Jon sets sail in the Curse of The Black Dice.

We also answer questions from the mailbag, talking about meeting our favourite designers, our magpie approach to games and the requirements of cultivating a neck beard in order to play magic.

Podcast: Ludology
Episode: Ludology Episode 127 - Inspiration ( 57.29 MB / 41:37)

Mike and Geoff interview a panoply of designers of designers at the Gathering of Friends to hear about what inspires them.

Duration: 46:36


Episode: Game Review: Roll Through The Ages ( 9.91 MB / 10:50)

In today's episode, Mike travels back to the bronze age and successfully feeds his people. Mike builds great monuments and developments and is able to review, Roll Through The Ages, from Gryphon Games.

For more information on getting into the hobby, I ask that you check out my book, "Beyond Monopoly: A Beginner's Guide to Modern Board Games." The book is available on Amazon, the Apple iBook store and SmashWords.

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Free music provided by: 

No.02 (Room For A Ghost) / CC BY 3.0
Episode: Protospiel San Jose Design, Development, and Publishing Panel ( 105.17 MB / 76:36)

Grant Rodiek from Hyperbole Games hosts a panel at Protospiel San Jose on board game design, development, and publishing. The panel members are:

  • Jeremy Commandeur - Designer, Organizer of Protospiel San Jose
  • Brian Henk - Designer, Publisher at Overworld Games
  • Teale Fristoe - Designer, Publisher at Nothing Sacred Games
  • Peter Vaughan - Designer, Publisher, and Development Director for Breaking Games
  • Aldo Ghiozzi - Game Consolidator with Impressions
  • Grant Rodiek - Designer, Publisher with Hyperbole Games

Thanks to Jordan Nichols from Your Game Night (http://www.yourgamenight.com/) for recording the audio!



Podcast: The Long View
Episode: The Long View - Werewolf ( 102.88 MB / 89:27)
In this episode of The Long View, I'm pleased to be joined by first time contributor Chris B as we discuss the classic game, Werewolf. What has made this game endure for so long? What makes it special? How do you play? How do you play well? What should you avoid, and what should you be sure to do? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this episode! The Long View is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network, and is proudly sponsored by www.gamesurplus.com. Go and check out what makes them so special the next time you place an online order! Thanks to Chris for doing the episode, and thanks to YOU for listening! The episode can be found here in the BGG database, or through iTunes and Stitcher by subscription. Please consider joining our guild if you enjoyed the episode!
Podcast: Spiele-Podcast
Episode: Steam Time (Kosmos): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 290 ( 22.67 MB / 24:45)
Steam Time (Kosmos): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 290 - Stragiespiel mit einigen interessanten Mechanismen - und vielen Kristallen. Die Rezension und Beispielrunde auch als Video: YouTube.
Episode: Boards Alive Plays - The End of the World Wrath of the Gods Episode 2 ( 113.65 MB / 82:44)

In the second episode of our second RPG series, Marty from Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Sean from the Dukes of Dice, and game designer Jon Gilmour join us as we experience the end of the world in The Wrath of the Gods, the 2nd RPG book in the End of the World series from Fantasy Flight Games. We try to save a life, we help some police officers, encounter a mythical being, and attempt to rescue a mother and child.

This episode is sponsored by Crash of Games & BattleBards

Episode: Histrio Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 9.57 MB / 5:08)
My board game review of this theatrical show producing game. Create your troupe of actors to please the king. However his mood is ever changing between wanting a comedy and tragedy. You do have influence to help change his mood though.
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.  Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website - www.GameBoyGeek.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/TheGameBoyGeek[...]
Episode: Crazy Karts Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 9.6 MB / 5:09)
My board game review of this chaotic team racing game. Climb in a kart with your buddy and one of you control the speed, rockets, and special abilities while the other is braking & turning. But you can’t communicate with each other!
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.  Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website - www.GameBoyGeek.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/TheGameBoyG [...]
Podcast: Arcade Castle
Episode: Arcade Castle: Episode 2 - SimCity The Card Game ( 47.91 MB / 71:09)

On this rainy day in April, The Arcade Castle decided to distract themselves from the boredom and woes that only come from being stuck inside during rainy weather. Searching through the archives they come across a game that reminds them of their youth; halcyon days filled with designing cities, relaxing music, and bulldozing schools and libraries to get a higher population count.

However, as they open the game and begin reading the extensive tome that acts as the rulebook to playing this game, will Arcade Castle be overjoyed, or underwhelmed, by this mid-90s card game by Mayfair Games and Maxis Games? Can the budding city of ArcadeCastleopolis survive disaster?!

In this (slightly delayed) episode, Arcade Castle examines SimCity The Card Game. In stores from 1994 to 1995, this CCG saw several starter sets and trading card paks. But can this game live up to players' expectations? Does this card game sucessfully capture the strategy and gameplay from the video game series?


Episode Outline:


00:00-05:00: Podcast Updates and Show News.

05:00-10:00: Once Upon a Powerup: The Story of Will Wright and the Simulated City.

10:00-20:00: Discussion about the SIM franchise and how SimCity as a videogame works.

20:00-40:00: Examination of the rules and gameplay of SimCity: The Card Game.

40:00-60:00: Comparing SimCity: The Card Game to the SimCity franchise. How do both games function? What core gameplay mechanics and strategies drive each in turn? What expectations do videogamers bring to the table when playing SimCity: The Card Game? Does this card game meet those expectations?

60:00-72:00: Breakdown Discussion: How faithful should a licensee be when they are adapting a videogame into a boardgame or card game? Can you truly adapt a video game from digital into analog?


For pictures and more information about our podcast, check out our blog at: http://arcadecastle.blogspot.com

Podcast: NPC Cast
Podcast: NPC Cast
Episode: Heavy Board Games ( 47.11 MB / 0:00)
Download NPC Cast Episode 174 – Heavy Board Games The NPC Cast guys chat about heavy board games, and how you can convince your friends to try them! (68min) Things you may be interested in: Knit Wit Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Nippon NPC CAST: YOUR PLACE FOR FACE TO FACE GAMES.  
Episode: 20 – The Family Gamers Podcast – So Much PAX ( 41 MB / 59:43)
Wow, Andrew saw a lot of games at PAX East! And our first thoughts on a few games we received recently, plus a giveaway.Games we played this week: The Best Treehouse Ever JurassAttack! Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm - Kickstarter ends Monday, May 2. Go back it now! Speaking of mice and rats... Mouse Guard RPG, based on the Mouse Guard graphic novels Giveaway! Accalia Designs custom dice bag. See Rafflecopter widget at the end of this blog post. On to the games from PAX East: Bring Your Own Book card game Story Warriors Haimrik Gamester - currently on Kickstarter Lumo GNOG Crazy Machines 3 - slated for October 2016 Ayo the Clown Hexarden Stories: The Path of Destinies - available now (reminded Anitra of Monster Loves You) Hob - Like Dark Cloud? No, more like Bastion. Pollen Tacoma We Happy Few - from Compulsion Games, who published Contrast. Definitely not for kids. Back to the board games! Letter Tycoon Boomtown Bandits Ninja Camp One last video game... I Expect You to Die - room escape game especially for the Oculus Rift. That's it! Don't forget to enter our giveaway... a Rafflecopter giveaway
Episode: HLG-EXTRA 1: Zuiderspel 2016 ( 73.13 MB / 75:37)

Special over Zuiderspel 2016 door Het Ludieke Gezelschap, dé Nederlandse bordspel podcast. Op 20 Maart interviewde Roel uitgevers, spellenmakers, bezoekers en een paar kinderen op de beursvloer van Zuiderspel 2016.

00:00 Intro / 00:53 Welkom / 3:58 Michaël Maley / 06:57 Arno Quispel - Quined / 11:28 Frank Bunnik - SpellenSpektakel / 13:15 Bart Latten en Frederick van de Bunt - Black Box Adventures / 18:05 Dennis Merckx en Kees Meis - Rielekst / 22:53    Frank - Het Ludieke Gezelschap / 23:35 Martin Looij - Keep Exploring Games / 24:27 Dierik / 25:56 Arthur Scholten - Sensalot / 28:52 Hans van Tol - The Gamemaster / 35:15 Patricia / 37:00 Michel Baudoin - Wacky Works / 39:16 Nox / 40:26 Michiel - Het Ludieke Gezelschap / 41:35 Ewout Rameijer - Keyser / 45:02 Henk Visser - Zuiderspel / 47:40 Robin / 48:57 Xander - White Goblin / 49:36 Justin en Irene / 50:43 Patrick - White Goblin / 51:24 Oscar / 52:07    Niek - Spel /  53:25 Julia - Orange Dwarf / 57:03 Paul / 58:02 Cees / 58:38 Joost Das - Fablesmith / 62:18 Tessa en Cathelijne / 63:19 Gerben - Het Ludieke Gezelschap / 63:42 Ron van der Hulst - Hulst Games / 68:09 Peter / 69:01 Wesley / 70:03 Tim de Rycke - Sandtimer / 74:35 Afsluiting aka Blooper

Meer details op onze Facebook pagina:
Reageren? Mail ons op hetludiekegezelschap@gmail.com

Podcast: Heavy Cardboard
Episode: Podblast: Amanda reflects on the 2013 Golden Elephant Award ( 6.09 MB / 0:00)
In this Podblast, Amanda takes a look back at the game releases from 2013 to give what her Golden Elephant List would have been if she was on the show! [download]
Episode: Meeples & Miniatures - Episode 170 - Salute 2016 ( 181.6 MB / 198:22)

Welcome to Episode 170 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

In this episode, hosts Neil Shuck & Dave Luff visit the 2016 Salute show - one of the biggest wargaming events in the UK - and interview various companies about their latest news.

They are then joined by Mike Hobbs and Mike Whitaker to look back at the event.

We hope you enjoy the show

Show details:


Podcast: Jugando Solo
Episode: Jugando Solo 17. Mi lista de deseos. ( 40.5 MB / 88:28)
Queridos amigos y amigas: ¡Último programa hasta después del verano!, así que voy a confesar mis deseos más íntimos y os hablaré de aquellos juegos que no tengo, pero me gustaría probar y también de algunos juegos que sí tengo, pero con los que todavía no he jugado. Para los amantes de la buena cocina he dejado una rica receta al final del podcast. Si los dioses quieren volveremos a escucharnos en el mes de septiembre. Hasta entonces os mando un abrazo muy fuerte desde mi mazmorra.
Episode: Game Review: Condottiere ( 8.26 MB / 9:01)

In today's episode, Mike goes to Italy for some Pizza but ends up fighting a few battles instead, and because of which, he has first hand experience to b able to review, Condottiere, by Fantasy Flight Games.

For more information on getting into the hobby, I ask that you check out my book, "Beyond Monopoly: A Beginner's Guide to Modern Board Games." The book is available on Amazon, the Apple iBook store and SmashWords.

We're also on Patreon! If you are enjoying the content we are delivering, we ask that you support us (patreon.com/bgd). We appreciate it very much!

Free music provided by: 

No.02 (Room For A Ghost) / CC BY 3.0
Episode: Deadzone Containment Protocols - 4 - No Survivors ( 44.77 MB / 32:37)


No Survivors

by Chris Nicholls

Deadzone is the kind of game that invites stories. It’s tight focus on one small corner of the Warpath universe and skirmish level of gaming means that it invites narrative about the various factions and their heroes. What we have here are ten examples of those stories, chronicling the adventures of various factions from the no-nonsense Enforcers to the piratical Marauders, with idealistic Rebs and wise Asterians thrown in for good measure. Heck, we even managed to get the Plague in there for all you players who just can’t get enough gribbly. As the game inspires stories, you will find that these stories inspire your games. The cinematic nature of the game itself means that you can’t help but visualise each one as a scenario played out across a tabletop. That’s what the best games are about after all.


Rob Harper, Jack Fyke, Andrew “Coach” Jasyn, Janet Wasson, Andrew Jashyn, Daria Win [...]

Episode: Episode 27: Your Warlord: Prince or Pauper? ( 59.48 MB / 64:58)
In which we grade the first batch of Planetfall warlords, talk about our Regionals experience, and pay homage to a the loss of an entire music genre. How many references can you catch?
You may like us or interact with us on Facebook, via Twitter (@TraxisSectorWC) and subscribe to us via iTunes.
This episode was sponsored in part by Rocky Mountain PC (http://www.rockymountain-pc.com/).
Episode: Boardcast News 4.28.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers ( 41.22 MB / 45:01)
The News and Kickstarter Spotlight are back again! Lots of awards and crowd-sourcing dollars being handed out this week.
Episode: Ep. 43 – Failed & Flipped and UnPub 6 Recap | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers ( 59.75 MB / 65:16)
Crazy late, but not forgotten, it's Episode 43! Come on by for Dan's Top of the Stack and the UnPub 6 recap.
Podcast: Game Wisdom
Episode: Overflow Games and Making Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim ( 39.71 MB / 43:22)

This week on the cast, I sat down with Jonathan and Sam of Overflow Games to talk about their first Kickstarter completed game Cornerstone  The Song of Tyrim.   We started off with introductions and how Jonathan and Sam got started and came up with the idea of Cornerstone. We talked about the state of [...]

The post Overflow Games and Making Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim appeared first on Game Wisdom.

Episode: Tally Ho Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 7.85 MB / 4:13)
My board game review of this light hearted hunting game. It’s an asymmetrical 2 player abstracted strategy game where you’ll play the animals or the hunters. It has a good dose of luck, but there is definitely strategy involved as  well.
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.  Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website - www.GameBoyGeek.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/The [...]
Episode: GrogCast Origins Previews: Enterprise Games ( 14.65 MB / 25:36)
29 April 2016 ~ We’re continuing our Origins 2016 previews with our Central Command Sponsors and this week Don from Enterprise Games chats with us about their sponsorship deal with GMT Games, that lets us run events for GMT at Origins.  Enterprise Games will have their booth in the main exhibit hall instead of the wargaming area, and Don also gives you the
Episode: Geeks of the North Episode 28 - Warmachine & Hordes MK3 preview ( 69.12 MB / 100:41)

Hello geeks!

This episode, as usual we chat about our hobby and games (or lack thereof, depending on the host) and discuss about how our gaming choices changed with the years. In our main topic, we talk about the Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 announcement and previews made by Privateer Press, from our casual veteran viewpoint. So sit back, relax, grab a paintbrush and enjoy the show!

2:32 - Cool stuff on the web
10:10 - Hobby Time
32:52 - Hobby Tip
36:14 - Question of the Episode
46:30 - Main Topic: Guild Ball
1:36:10 - Closing

Cool stuff on the web
Frostgrave Flying Castle board

Main Topic - Warmachine & Hordes Mk3
Official: Website, Announcement.

Episode: Episode 31: Geekway To the West ( 65.96 MB / 81:52)

Hello everyone! We have an amazing show for you this week! Podcaster, Co-Organizer of the Geekway To the West Convention, and board game designer, Chris Darden stops by our virtual studio to chat about games he's been playing, the humble beginnings of one of the more popular conventions, Geekway To the West and how to make your own convention successful!

1:00 Games Mentioned

Dungeon Roll, Fury of Dracula, Mombasa

22:35 Meat of the Podcast Topics

Podcasting, Geekway to the West 

1:04:30 Kickstarter Projects Mentioned

Ninja Camp, Depths of Durangar, Larklamp, Succession, Stockpile:Continuing Corruption, Dark Souls, Starving Artist, Bottom of the 9th Clubhouse Expansion, Cavern Tavern

Important Links

Geekway To the West link

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Episode: TABCAST Episode 33: Dead of Winter ( 140.91 MB / 153:55)
On this episode Fred and Nicole take the time for stories, discuss a zombie plague, and shovel through a play through review of Dead of Winter.
Podcast: Epic Gumdrop
Episode: 47: Greedy Greedy Goblins, Knit Wit ( 0 MB / 26:56)
This week James and Jeff take a look at two recent family games, Greedy Greedy Goblins and Knit Wit. For show notes, comments or images for this podcast visit the show page for this episode: http://www.breakingdads.com/epic-gumdrop/eg-pod/ep-47-greedy-greedy-goblins-knit-wit
Episode: Limited Resources 334 - The Big Picture with Noah Weil ( 40.47 MB / 88:21)

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis welcome former pro Magic player Noah Weil back on the show to talk about planning out your turns in game. 

Noah's website: http://www.betternoahlawyer.com/

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

Marshall’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Marshall_LR

Luis’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lsv

Email: lr@lrcast.com

LR Community Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/lrcast

Contact Marshall_LR on Magic Online if you’d like to join the Limited Resources clan.

Episode: Game Review: Scrabble Slam ( 6.99 MB / 7:38)

In today's episode, I go a bit off the tracks and review a game I wouldn't normally play, Scrabble Slam.

For more information on getting into the hobby, I ask that you check out my book, "Beyond Monopoly: A Beginner's Guide to Modern Board Games." The book is available on Amazon, the Apple iBook store and SmashWords.

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Free music provided by: 

No.02 (Room For A Ghost) / CC BY 3.0
Podcast: Boardgaming FTW
Episode: International Tabletop Day ( 0 MB / 24:18)
Segment 1: International Tabletop Day story Segment 2: I talk about the the promotional items from the Tabletop Day promo kit. Segment 3: Games that should or could be showcased for International Tabletop Day.
Podcast: Ausgespielt
Podcast: Ausgespielt
Episode: Actual Play-Projekt 200: Monsterhearts Teil 2 – Erste Szenen ( 47.16 MB / 58:51)
Hier der zweite Teil rund um unsere „Helden“ Neil, Luca und Zachary, in dem wir unser Städtchen bevölkern, man sich beschnüffelt und eine Party plant.

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