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Podcast: The Curators
Episode: How to kick-start an indie potato salad ( 10.97 MB / 20:51)
Add-on episode! Extra audio from Caleb Stokes' interview from the last episode. As a one-man gaming company, Caleb has a different point of view of the state of the art in the industry. Also: Joey tells the tale of the potato salad Zack Danger Brown made for $55,492. Continue reading →
Episode: I Can Deal #018: Origins 2016 Retrospective ( 59.77 MB / 87:02)
Adam and CJ sit down with a friend after Origins to talk about the game fair. Hear some stories and experiences with some of the games that were played/demoed/shown off. There was a lot of cover and we only scratched the surface!
Episode: Episode 75- Isle of Skye and Convention Advice ( 45.9 MB / 0:00)
BPPP Isle of Skye and Convention Advice (click on the text to the left to listen) During this weeks episode: 1) The Pegs discuss a few of their recent plays including: Piratoons; Munchkin Marvel; Dread; Pixel Tactics Deluxe; and more; 2) All the Pegs review the kennerspiele des jahres nominated tile laying game by Mayfair Games, Isle of […]
Podcast: MFGCastMFGCast
Episode: Pirates! Part Two! ( 30.53 MB / 0:00)
  In the next and final installment of the Pirates RPG that Kurt runs for his 6 year old son Logan, Captain Hook (no relation) and his crew finds themselves on a strange ship with some interesting characters. Captain Hook … Continue reading →
Episode: AGC News for June 2016 (35:24) ( 16.21 MB / 0:00)
With Carol and Mags. Spiel des Jahres nominations! Conventions and lawsuits, and is Hasbro planning a con? Mayfair taking over Twilight Creations, and Wizards goes big with giants and Magic: the Gathering. Organized Play announcements! Pathfinder heads for the stars! New lives for the Traveler's Aid Society and Warhammer Quest. In movie news, a discontinued Privateer Press game causes a fierce bidding war in Hollywood, while the My Little Pony movie picks up some serious dramatic cred. An announcement about Mark's continued absence from the show.

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Mongoose's Traveler's Aid Society at DriveThruRPG.com
Podcast: The Long View
Episode: The Long View - Lord of the Rings LCG ( 102.88 MB / 80:07)
In this episode of The Long View, I'm pleased to be joined by Josh Walton, as we discuss his favorite game, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Is this LCG still a vital part of the scene, or a sentimental favorite? What makes is unique? Has the power creep that seems to come to claim all collectable or living cards games slowly claimed and corrupted it like the power of The One Ring? Listen to hear our thoughts! The Long View is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network of podcasts. Go and check out all they have to offer including the fantastic sister podcasts in the Network! The Long View is also generously sponsored by www.gamesurplus.com Go and see why they are my first choice for online boardgaming purchases! Great people, great games, great prices!
Episode: DJ115: Odyssey: La ira de Poseidón (2016) Leo Colovini ( 12.76 MB / 13:54)

Continuem parlant de jocs una setmana més al Via directa de Ràdio Sant Andreu.

Aquesta setmana us portem un joc de deducció, amb un tema una mica enganxat repescat dels clàssics i totalment assimètric. La disposició a taula sempre recorda a un altre joc que tots coneixem: Hundir la flota (joc de 1931 dissenyat per Clifford Von Wickler), però aquest Odyssey: La ira de Poseidón té unes notables diferències que faran acostar-s'hi a tots aquells i aquelles enamorades dels jocs de deducció espacial.

Al final de la secció desvariem una mica però ja comença a ser normal... s'apropa l'estiu!


Espai conduït per Jordi Milian amb la col·laboració/dinamització de Miquel Jornet.

Episode: MIniature Market $50 Gift Card Contest with the Game Boy Geek June 2016 ( 3.44 MB / 1:50)
It’s time for the contest of the month (June). Here is how to enter - http://www.gameboygeek.com/#!contest/ch2m
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Episode: Salem Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 7.86 MB / 4:14)
My review of this hidden role social deduction game. Play cards on others to try and accuse them. But watch out for the witches at night! Confess to elude the killing at night! Survive by revealing the witches before you’re all dead!
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.  Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website - www.GameBoyGeek.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/TheGameBoyGeek [...]
Episode: Episode 75 - Showstopper ( 0 MB / 75:33)
In this weeks special episode Andrew and Matt make a very important announcement and then discuss the UK Games Expo 2016, including all the awesome games they had a chance to play, demo and purchase.They also discuss their gaming highlights from the past year and a half.
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Ep. 97 - Go Dig or Go Home ( 87.92 MB / 95:18)

This episode the Dukes... 

... Discuss recent plays of Daxu. Knitwit, Raptor, Inkognito and Arkwright (plus a mini review of the Meeple Realty Arkwright's Mill insert) (8:01);

... Discuss the latest gaming news including an announced Kickstarter for Millennium Blades and expansions, an announcement for Tiny Epic Quest, and Exoplanets currently on Kickstarter from Greater Than Games (26:06);

... Review Crash of Games' Pay Dirt (34:55); 

... Look back at their review of Patchwork and Fidelitas in their Dukes' Double-Take (1:04:26); and

... Discuss to what extent they've gone for the hobby (1:17:22).


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Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 199: Play It Again, Mags ( 50.72 MB / 55:24)
In this episode, Isaac and Stephanie talk to Marguerite Cottrell about replayability in games.     Due to the activities of Origins, there is no second segment in this episode.   Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/

Patreon account: http://www.patreon.com/obg
Twitter: @onboardgames
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On Board Games Guild at Board Game Geek

Episode: The Final Roll - 48 Hours Left to Go! - Episode 37: Monday, June 20th ( 5.38 MB / 5:52)
Episode 37 of your Last Reminder to Back some Cool Games! Monday, June 20th - 7PM CET to Wednesday, June 22th - 7PM CET Sad KS Story of the Week: Mastermind's Workshop RPG of the Week: The Driftwood Verses A Written version of this podcast can be found: https://thefinalroll.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/the-final-roll-48-hours-left-to-go-episode-37-monday-june-20th/ Links for Episode 37: Slush Fund 2: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/337407318/slush-fund-2 Sixes & Elevenses: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2002188924/sixes-and-elevenses-two-new-9-eggs-from-eagle-gryp Xia - Embers of a Forsaken Star: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1438045410/xia-embers-of-a-forsaken-star Scarab Starship Map & Miniature: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2031135231/scarab-starship-map-and-miniature Yogi: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yogi-fun/yogi-yoga-cards-for-joyful-learning Knuckle Sammich: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/9thlevel/knuckle-sammich-kobolds-ate-my-card-game Daring Escape: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1867375749/daring-escape World Championship Russian Roulette: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gerdling/world-championship-russian-roulette-by-anthony-bur Sad KS Story - Mastermind’s Workshop: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/289210196/masterminds-workshop-a-game-of-gnomish-tinkering RPG of the Week - The Driftwood Verses: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/464014331/the-driftwood-verses
Episode: Perfect Information Podcast Episode 19 - Stories We Play ( 91.84 MB / 100:10)

What if I told you that what you enjoy about games is not the game but the story? What if I told you, that today the stories that games tell is this episode's topic? What if bears did not shit in the woods? Some of these questions may be addressed later.

As loyal listeners of this podcast know we're rarely critical of games or people, but apparently out there in the magical land of love, peace and harmony called the internet, some meanies say mean things about games. Luckily, T.C. Petty III. is here to tell you how to best deal with what they say, other than asking those meanies to be friends with you. Which is clearly the best approach to take.

In this week's guild segment, we look at many and more of your suggestions as to what a gaming award should care about, and what a decent alternative to the Spiel des Jahres might look like.

Following that Nick Mariner makes an impassioned plea for conformity, respecting rules and keeping your head down as he explores the question: just how imporant are rules? And why?

Finally, we review dinosaur-hunting game Raptor or possibly Scientist-munching game Raptor. It's a bit of a two-for-one deal.

Episode: Podcast #104 - Juegos o juguetes ( 80.15 MB / 116:38)
Programa dedicado a comentar todos los juegos que hemos jugado en las CLBSK 2016 y alguno más, casi 2 horas de comentarios sobre juegos y algún que otro juguete. También os recomendamos los comics de El sistema D13 y Crónicas PSN dedicados a los juegos de mesa, en su páginas podéis leer algunas de sus viñetas.
Episode: Episode 88 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Click Here To Check Out This Episode! On our agenda: Regionals Recap! – The week, Hollis, Jesse and Brian recap their respective regional performances, with a deep look at the world-wide metadata pooled by Dodgepong of PeachHack. The Panel discusses what the data means for the meta and the game as a whole, and what […]
Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 121 ( 22.18 MB / 0:00)

Original Air Date: 09/06/16 The boys are back from Bordercon in this week’s episode, as they talk all about one of the new games they played while they were away.  In addition to this, there’ll be some discussion about the Kennerspiel, followed by a general recap of Bordercon itself. The Dice Men Cometh – Episode more »

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Episode: 12. Devon Dice go to UK Games Expo 2016 ( 197.16 MB / 143:34)

Joel and Tom are joined by Lewis as they discuss they weekend antics in Birmingham at the UKGE held in the NEC. 

It's 2 and half hours long; full laughter, discussions and topics about the show and how they view it. What they got out of it. 

Games played: Star Wars Rebellion, Pursuit of Happiness, Push It!, Ice Cool, Ice Fisher Championship, 

Dark Room 


Perfect Crime


The Duchess - Gaming table 

Dark souls the Board Game 

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Sorted Food who done the Donut song


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Podcast: Geekline415
Episode: Gigahoes Season Two! - Geekline415 ( 49.45 MB / 54:00)

The Kickstarter campaign is officially underway for the hilarious comedy web series Gigahoes Season 2!  This "documentary" has been a benchmark favorite on Geekline415.  Futhermore the crew had a chance to sit down with writer, director and co-creator of the show Kevin Gilligan!  As a result everyone got a chance to talk about those submissive and or "bottom" characters from TV and Movies.

For those that may not yet be familiar with Gigahoes, this web series is a fun look at the possible future of dating.  As described on their website: "Gigahoes is a mockumentary web series about the escort agency, Artificial Intercourse, as they try to deal with the changing business landscape as new, better, and cheaper sex-bots are released. Each episode follows A.I.’s sex-bots out on their calls with their eccentric clients and the sexual hilarity that ensues."

While the series is definitely R-rated it is not any further than that and is extremely funny.  There are references to so many things we had to scramble to our urban dictionaries to look a few things up!  Season One follows Steven, a small business owner struggling to survive in the for profit world of set-bots and the small dysfunctional family that has grown up around him.
What can we expect our of Season 2 of Gigahoes??
Season 2 of Gigahoes promises us more odd fetishes we may or may not have heard of.  Most of all we'll get some outlandish scenes like we saw in season one.  As a result of season one ending on a cliffhanger we are anxious to know what will happen.

Finally, you can find Gigahoes and catch up with all you missed from Season One on YouTube or you can check out their Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1778214879/gigahoes-season-2

In addition, you can follow Kevin Gilligan on Twitter at: @Gilligan_McJew

And you can also follow Adam Lash on Twitter at: @TheAdamLash

* Full disclosure:  Geekline415 is in fact a backer of Gigahoes Season Two.  We back what we believe in.

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Podcast: Legal Moves
Episode: Creating storytelling games with Thorny Games' Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalioglu ( 21.53 MB / 47:02)
In this July episode, I talk with Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalioglu from Thorny Games about the business of making story-based games. Whether it's a game about developing your own sign language or making first contact with extraterrestrials, Kathryn and Hakan have a lot of insight into this up-and-coming genre of games. Join us as we bridge the gap between tabletop and RPG games, and discover more about ourselves in the process.
Podcast: Jaded Gamercast
Episode: Episode 275: Fate worse than Death ( 66.7 MB / 0:00)
This week Lange and Nathan talk about the triumphant re-release of the monthly White Dwarf magazine. What amazing tales and new awesome…. fuck it, I can’t even act like it’s actually exciting. Also! The model of the week has us questioning new levels of hell. You get a bonus 2 stupidity checks! AAAAAAAAND we talk […]
Episode: What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Week 82 ( 111.93 MB / 97:49)

Week 82!! 

Be sure to check out the Preview for Rocky Road a la Mode over on the blog at https://wdyptw.wordpress.com/2016/06/19/rocky-road-a-la-mode/ and be watching for the Kickstarter to drop on 6/20/2016 at around 10 AM Eastern.

Also head over to www.analoggamer.com and pick up a WDYPTW Podcast Thing T-Shirt!! They are snazzy!!

Here's the show!

AnnaBeth’s Story Cubes 2:19

  • Rory's Story Cubes

Evolving Review with Derek 4:42

  • Draft Mechanic Podcast
  • MammuZ
  • Mombasa

Two Minutes with Travis 12:13

  • Gaming with his Wife

The Eric Booth Reviews 14:23

  • Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game

Mike Risley 29:51

  • Ascension
  • Viticulture
  • Automobiles
  • Seeland

Patrick and Jessica at Origins 34:45

  • Beyond Baker Street
  • Bruges
  • Wurfel Bohnanza
  • 6 Nimmt
  • Port Royal
  • Cyclades
  • Glory to Rome
  • Imhotep
  • Karuba
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Jeni’s Ice Cream
  • Melt
  • Cribbage

Mason A Weaver 42:22

  • Safranito
  • Neolithic
  • Istanbul w/Mocha & Baksheesh
  • Las Vegas
  • Agility
  • City Hall

Kerensa and Brandon 51:44

  • Dino Race
  • Paradox
  • Rocky Road a la Mode

Brandon Talking for a Bit 1:19:49

Patrick walking around Origins while Power Grid was being taught 1:22:22

  • Pirate’s Blast
  • Rocky Road a la Mode
  • Power Grid

End 1:37:48

Episode: Episode 129 – Tonal Shift ( 54.23 MB / 59:14)
This episode starts off with us having a lot of fun. There’s a Tavern Con 2016 report, we talk about playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf with kids, Arctic Scavengers, and shenanigans in the Tavern. Oh, and we also talk about … Continue reading →
Episode: Caleb Stokes and Red Markets - Boards & Swords #62 ( 0 MB / 0:00)

On a previous episode, I mentioned the kickstarter for the RPG Red Markets, which is a game of economic horror.  On today's episode, I sat down with the creator, Caleb Stokes, to talk about the game.  NOTE - Red Markets only has a few hours left on kickstarter, so make sure to jump on it quickly if interested!

Link to Red Markets: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/159466030/red-markets?ref=category

This podcast is an Obsessive Comics Disorder production - visit ocdcast.com for more great videos and podcasts, such as the Dirtbags of Holding, where my friends and I try out various roleplaying games.

I love hearing your gaming stories - Send me an email with what you are playing to feedback@boardsandswords.com. 

You can find the show on twitter @Boardsandswords, or follow me @ChrisTheProf.  On Facebook I'm at Facebook.com/obsessivecomicsdisorder or on Instagram I’m ChrisTheProfessor.  

This podcast is also a part of the Dice Tower Network.  For other great board gaming shows, check out dicetowernetwork.com

Thank you for downloading and listening to the show.  Let me know if there is someone out there you would like to hear me talk with.  In the meantime, thanks for listening to Boards & Swords, and I'll cya next time!

Episode: Garrett's Games 520 - Bohemian Villages and World's Fair 1893 ( 28.83 MB / 31:30)

Shelley and I spent some time in Tahoe hiking, then playing some games once we got home.  These two were not well liked by Shelley, though I liked one of them.

Bohemian Villages by Reiner Stockhausen and from dlp Games


World's Fair 1893 by J. Alex Kevern and from Foxtrot and Renegade


Podcast: Ludology
Episode: GameTek Classic 130 - Mental Models ( 5.65 MB / 6:02)

In this GameTek, Geoff discusses the role that mental models play in how we interact with objects in the world.

Duration: 06:00

Podcast: Beyond the Wall
Episode: Season 3, Episode 16 ( 60.09 MB / 0:00)
Cycle 1 Impact Cards & Complex Rules Quiz
Episode: Episode 53 - Terra Mystica ( 97.92 MB / 170:51)

In our fifty-third episode, Aaron and Quinten are joined by special co-hosts Matt Riddle, Ben Pinchback, and Jon Gilmour, designers of the upcoming game Wasteland Express Delivery Service. We talk about the games we have been playing lately and let Jon go on random tangents throughout the episode. We also review the fantasy-themed territory building game Terra Mystica, and we discuss Collaboration in Game Design and their upcoming game Wasteland Express Delivery Service.

This episode is sponsored by Crash of Games & Tasty Minstrel Games

Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Episode 27 - Intellectual Properties in Games ( 100.84 MB / 73:12)

In Episode 27, the Low Player Count Crew discusses Intellectual Properties in gaming. They also talk about some Kickstarters they have been backing, Travis’ trip to HeavyCon, #LowPlayerCon, and some hot topics.


0:00 - Future Travis
1:19 - On With the Show
5:20 - Travis’ HeavyCon Recap
7:19 - Donny’s (too late discussion of being) at Origins
10:25 - Being a Solo Gamer at a Con
11:30 - Podcasting at its Best
11:59 - Kickstarters We Have Backed Recently
14:05 - Shawn Issues an Ultimatum
20:20 - BoardGameTables.com Kickstarter
24:00 - Post Kickstarter Pledge Managers
25:30 - Intellectual Properties in Boardgames
30:10 - The Cash Grab Notion
35:40 - Why IPs in boardgames?
44:30 - Misapplied IPs
47:45 - Applying Themes to Euros
58:00 - Travis Gets Snooty
64:01 - A new IP for a Game
72:10 - End Bits

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Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Flattered (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Episode: Deadzone The Podcast 56.0 - Our Stuff ( 95.31 MB / 69:25)
Welcome to episode 56 of Deadzone the Podcast. Jack, Coach and Rob show off what they’ve been working on since they have all dove into Infestation as well as have a conversation about units they like and don’t like in version 2 of the game! . Rob’s Stuff
Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: N°77 – Ambiances et jeux, Eludd et le Grand Cauldron ( 70.88 MB / 154:50)
La semaine dernière s’est déroulé le week-end jeu des  Rencontres Ludiques de Lyon à Montchat. On pouvait y croiser Didier Lenain et Florent Mortier, talkie walkie à la bouche, courant partout en s’assurant que tout se déroule au mieux. Stéphane Surget du Grand Cauldron était également l...
Podcast: Game Wisdom
Episode: Reacting to E3 2016 ( 106.48 MB / 116:18)

Reacting to E3 2016 Josh Bycer josh@game-wisdom.com

This week on the cast it was a full house, as James and I welcomed back Ezekiel and a new guest Will for a night of talking E3 2016. Even though none of us were able to attend, we each caught the big news and reveals from the show floor. After brief introductions, we started […]

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Podcast: The Boardroom
Episode: The Boardroom – Episode XXI – What did we play at Expo? ( 51.79 MB / 0:00)
‘Our heroes returned and well rested from the legendary journey to the far lands of Birmingham to visit the UK Games Expo provide the second piece of coverage. This time, they try to discuss all the wonderful games we got […]
Episode: Podcast #30 – Sidemouthed ( 142.62 MB / 155:47)
Download Episode #30 FFG Article – 2016 World Championships Registration Primer VASSAL Skirmish has been updated with Bespin and Wave 6 Wave 4 is available in Germany/Austria All Wave 6 reviews up on boardwars.eu cards.boardwars.eu launched! Bespin Gambit – Rebel Hero: Davith Elso Bespin Gambit – Rebel Hero: Murne Rin List of helpful Imperial Assault links […]
Episode: TAPP 123 - Watching Over You ( 96.49 MB / 105:24)

In this episode:

There's going to be some Overwatch in this episode. No escaping it. We talk about ethical game design, particularly in relation to representation and monetisation. We also catch up on what we've been up to since we last recorded more than a month ago: Jackson was at AMAZE, Evan's been playing Dark Souls 3 and reading up on it in You Died, Dan's been playing Pokemon GO and T.I.M.E Stories, and I've been playing Alpaca Pakapaka and reading Something New and Relish by Lucy Knisley.

Episode link below or on iTunes, and feel free to send us any feedback at mail@theactionpointspodcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter as @action_points, and on Facebook and Google+. You can also find us on Twitter as @ehronlime, @adam_holdswater, @MostStrange, @pinkytweets and @melodatron.

Music: Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Links for the things we talked about:


I was on the Hyper Pixelcast talking about Overwatch as well

A MAZE Independent Games Festival



Trust Me I'm a Doctor

You Died

Dark Souls 3

Pokemon GO

T.I.M.E Stories

Spiel des Jahres 2016

Alpaca Pakapaka

Aza Chen's games

Cat Tower

Lucy Knisley's amazing comics


Something New

Jim Sterling's video on Overwatch and Microtransactions

Team Fortress 2


LEGO Minifigures

Pokemon TCG

Magic: The Gathering's Reserved List

Adventure Capitalist

Neko Atsume

Tiny Tower Vegas

Fallout Shelter

Casey Muratori and Shawn McGrath on the "Free to Play" business model

Episode: Episode 17: Inspiration ( 25.57 MB / 55:51)

Mark McGee (@mmark40) and Adam Skelding (@spur_serif) join Matt Wolfe (@mattwolfe) to discuss inspiration and how it relates to game design.

  • :55 - What's in the Oven?
  • 4:32 - Main topic: Inspiration
  • 50:55 - GDofNC news

Links to things mentioned in the podcast:

Please join our guild at podcast.gdofnc.com to discuss this episode! Follow us on Twitter at @GDofNC.

Episode: Meeples & Miniatures - Episode 172 - UK Games Expo, OML4 & Tanks Review ( 223.54 MB / 244:10)

Welcome to Episode 172 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

In this episode hosts Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs, Mike Whitaker & Dave Luff are joined by special guest co-host Rich Jones

Together we talk about what we have been up to in the hobby, and chat about the UK Games Expo and our trip to Operation Market Larden 4.

We then have a number of interviews that were recorded at the UKGE.

Finally we present an in-depth review of the new Tanks World War II skirmish game from Gale Force Nine.

We hope you enjoy the show

Show details:


Links for the show:

Podcast: 1 Player podcast
Episode: 1P 104 - Mow Money ( 71.51 MB / 104:09)

Episode 104 is here!  This time we have a good PnP report, an interview with the designer of Dungeon Crusade: Book 1 Genesis of Evil, which is currently in Kickstarter.  Then we discuss the merits of owning your own lawn mowing business.

00:05:45 - Kickstarter report 00:05:45  - Elevenses for One, and Bowling Solitaire (BGGKS) 00:11:30  - Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 (BGGKS) 00:20:25[...]
Episode: Advance After Combat 2016-06-17 ( 151.74 MB / 165:45)

Other Podcasts
Lots of Garbage Time
Stonewall Jackson’s Way Blind Game
Across 5 Aprils
Victory in Vietnam
Falling Sky
MxPx-Chick Magnet

Episode: Bonus Episode -Monsterhearts Part 3 Abridged ( 25.61 MB / 18:39)

MC Tara and the girls play another game of the Monsterhearts campaign. We catch up with Rebeqah, Cora and Lex during their first week back at Wintercrest High. Rebeqah throws a party and channels Oprah, Lex shows her sensual side to Rebeqah and Shad, and Cora brings a new follower to the trickster!

This podcast is NSFW

We will be back with more full episodes of Monsterhearts soon! Follow us on Twitter @meeplesgo to stay up to date!

Episode: #29 C&G - UK Games Expo Round Up ( 105.9 MB / 57:50)
Ben interrogates Russ & Dave about the UK Games Expo while Ben sniffs out fake games in this week's podcast!
Episode: Codenames Pictures Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 10.11 MB / 5:26)
My Board game review of this sequel to the Spiele Des Jahres Nominee Codenames. Get your team to finish their clues before the other to win. The trick? Only one word clues may be given to describes the pictures you want covered.
My Allegro Review - https://youtu.be/DPr7sHBv7-w

The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day. 
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Patreon Interviews 4 - Lance Myxter (Tasty Minstrel Games / Undead Viking Videos) ( 54.83 MB / 59:14)


Thanks to all of our awesome Patreon supporters the Dukes are able to bring you additional interviews of publishers, designers and board game media personality.


This episode, Sean sits down with Lance Myxter from Undead Viking Videos and Tasty Minstrel Games.

Check out Yokohama from TMG on Kickstarter on June 21, 2016! 


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Episode: sba002 – Die Konferenz ( 25.7 MB / 23:16)
Guten Morgen liebe Klasse, eigentlich hätte, wie vor Kurzem erst noch angekündigt, dieses Wochenende ein Nachsitzen veröffentlicht werden sollen. Allerdings kam so dies und das dazwischen, weshalb sich Herr Noe und Herr Wagner spontan dazu entschlossen haben, ein bisschen unvorbereitet über ihre Planungen bis zur SPIEL 2016 zu sprechen. Dank dieses Teasers hält es die geschätzte Hörerschaft hoffentlich unbeschadet bis zur nächsten regulären Episode in zwei Wochen aus. Vielen Dank für Treue und Geduld! -die brettagogen- Intro/Outro Musik: Bubens van Lyka
Podcast: NPC Cast
Podcast: NPC Cast
Episode: Play by Post RPGs ( 40.82 MB / 0:00)
Download “Play by Post RPGs” The gang interrogates Aaron all about Play by Post RPGs! (59min) Things you may be interested in: Starfinder Screenplay Massive Darkness NPC CAST: YOUR PLACE FOR FACE TO FACE GAMES.  
Episode: Who, What, Why S14.E02 :: Recorded Between Two Cities ( 13.82 MB / 44:00)

Between Two Cities, designed by Ben Rosset and Matthew O'Malley, is a competitive drafting game that asks players sitting next to each other to cooperate. While this definition might seem internally incongruous, the game requires that players cooperate with neighbors to build their cities but with the overall goal of winning the game individually. Players draft tiles that will be placed in a 4x4 grid. Six different buildings means each will score in its own way, and that is the negotiation that players must navigate to be success in this game. The real catch to the scoring mechanic is that a player's lowest scoring city between the two will be his or her's final score at the end. This gives players some interesting choices when trying to build their cities.

Ben and I discussed the genesis of this game and how he started collaborating with Matthew. We talked about how he got hooked up with Stonemaier games (the publisher of this title) since this game is fairly light for the company known for Euphoria, Viticulture, and Scythe. Ben also talked about WashingCon: a convention he runs in Washington D.C.

If you wish to learn more about either this game or the con, please visit these links: WashingCon and Stonemaier Games.

Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BW068 – Zweite Edition ( 74.26 MB / 92:24)
Dieses mal beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Thema "Zweite Edition". Warum gibt es sie und wer braucht sie? Natürlich werden wir auch einige Vertreter benennen und darüber Diskutieren.
Episode: Interview Special #9: Holly Clarke (4 Sisters Games - Honeycombs) ( 39.37 MB / 17:13)
The 9th Interview Episode of The Final Roll! Interview with Holly Clarke (4 Sisters Games) about their game "Honeycombs", Now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/642911078/honeycombs-the-fast-paced-game-of-connections
Episode: Love Letter Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 5.48 MB / 2:58)
My card game review of this simple family level game that is deeper than it first seems. Read other people’s motives, and deduce what card they have in their hands. It has a good balance of luck & strategy. 
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.  Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website - www.GameBoyGeek.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/TheGameBoyGeek [...]
Episode: The Final Roll - 48 Hours Left to Go! - Episode 36: Friday, June 17th ( 5.71 MB / 6:14)
Episode 36 of your Last Reminder to Back some Cool Games! Friday, June 17th - 7PM CET to Monday, June 20th - 7PM CET Sad KS Story of the Week: jack the Ripper RPG of the Week: Goblin Punk A Written version of this podcast can be found: https://thefinalroll.wordpress.com/2016/06/17/the-final-roll-48-hours-left-to-go-episode-36-friday-june-17th/ Links for Episode 36: Dungeon Monsters: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967512676/dungeon-monsters-28mm-miniatures-undead-zombies-an HabBlock: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1988679138/the-hab-block-multi-build-28mm-gaming-terrain-buil Zombie Bingo (and other games): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/markgonyea/zombie-bingo-and-other-games The Obligatory $1 Pledge Level Board Game: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/475727730/the-obligatory-1-pledge-level-board-game Snapcat: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1671305805/snapcat-fun-educational-and-cute-playing-cards Not Parent Approved: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/53471480/not-parent-approved Spank the Yeti: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/galacticsneeze/spank-the-yeti-the-party-game-of-questionable-deci Hipster - Teenage Wasteland Expansion https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/388563595/hipster-teenage-wasteland Movie Plotz: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/239309591/movie-plotz-the-original-game-sequel-and-bonus-fea Goblin Punk: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1773039209/goblin-punk-a-pathfinder-compatible-adventure The Folio - Digital Content: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/563681582/the-folio-bonus-digital-content Red Dragon’s Lair - 2nd Edition: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/514865806/red-dragons-lair-role-playing-game-digital-edition

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