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Episode: Episode 10: Forge War Review, Ashes, Tesla Vs. Edison, Yinsh ( 165.78 MB / 120:23)

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 8-25-15 


It’s a BIG day in War Room Studio B – No Fans/ No A/C, but that’s not going to stop Josh and Brandon and the fun they are having for the Episode 10 milestone celebration – We celebrate with drinks and encouraging new listeners to make fun of Josh with Brandon. Josh travels to Indianapolis and totally misses GenCon in favor of a marching band competition… … ummmmm… ooookkkkaaaayyy. We check in with the voicemail of the week to a surprise music performance. We fulfill the whiskey wet t-shirt promise and it’s a delight.



We get a chance to play and discuss, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn , Tesla vs Edison: War of Currents.



The guys finally take some time to plug themselves. Brawling Brothers runs its first promotion giveaway with the NM Escape Room! Forge War is on the table this week for review which turns out to be more in depth than originally planned. Boards Alive is a great podcast, and we let them know it. We end our 10th episode with a review of the top 10 funniest outtakes over 100 hours of recorded audio.


Episode highlights include:

Celebration for Ep 10 – Sun reflects off of Brandon’s beady eyes – Whisky + Josh’s Body = a good time – Brandon Cesar at the Steps of the Forum – Josh does NOT go to GenCon – Marching band is FUN –Shrimp Sauce Thing is pricey – Brandon missed his Brawling Bro – VoiceMail Karaoke –Mom jokes abound –“Do dastardly things to”-Brandon– Tesla v Edison has a bi-polar rulebook - 575-616-BROS – Luigi and Mario stop and tell you about facebooks and meatballs – Brawlers: Well here we are… no nono… #brosbeforechurros – Sticky things on the table – The Cabin Escape Room – no way getting around bros –Dwarfy’s first radio appearance – Only Brandon and Josh can give dings -Just go with it Brandon – Who determines if we’re funny or not? – Outtakes are fun!





00:00:40 – Intro and Banter


00:08:45 – Traveling Fun


00:18:45 – Voicemail of the Week


00:21:33 – Wet T-Shirt Contest Event


00:24:25 – What Did We Play?! :Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn , Tesla vs Edison: War of Currents


00:40:50 – Call Us, Rate Us, Share Us, Like Us


00:40:50 –Escape Room Promotion Giveaway and Meet-Up


00:53:57 – Forge War Review


01:47:00 – The People up North: Boards Alive Podcast Clarification


01:52:17  – Brawling and Boardgamin' Feature Segment:  Top Ten Quotes




Digital Voice Line - #575-616-BROS(2767)


email :Josh@brawlingbrothers.com OR Brandon@brawlingbrothers.com


twitter.com/brawlingbros -- facebook.com/brawlingbros -- boardgamegeek.com/guild/2215

Episode: RDTN Episode 74 – Do You Believe in Magic: Review of Ashes -Rise of the Phoenixborn, Vs. System 2PCG, Mage Wars Academy, and Fields of Arle ( 66.24 MB / 72:16)
As we have said many times, pre-constructed deck games or hand management games* are what pulled us into this hobby and it is what we get all excited about when a new pre-constructed constructed deck game comes out. So, needless to say, we were really looking forward to doing this episode because it is in our […]    Related Stories 
Podcast: Meeple Nation
Episode: MN 0071 Viceroy ( 28.99 MB / 36:12)

This week we talk about Viceroy, which is designed by Yuri Zhuravlev and produced by Mayday Games and Hobby World. Viceroy is a board game of bidding and resource management set in the world ofBerserk, a Russian collectible card game.

  This is a beautiful and colorful collection of cards and bits with excellent artwork. The theme is stretched a bit as the characters provide fairly generic powers depending on where they are placed in your pyramid, including more resources, cards, or tokens for scoring, which is bit of a point salad.   We all enjoyed the game, though Ryan is a bit disgruntled at the way Brent and Nathan "taught" him the game, thoroughly whooping him, locking him out of resources, and gloating in their towering pyramid at his expense.   It was a tough first play.   The tagline on the box says "Build Your Pyramid of Power!" and like a elaborate stack of cheerleaders, you must stack the character cards bought at auction in the most beneficial way possible.
Podcast: The SnakesCast
Episode: Stag-ette Party ( 15.12 MB / 16:30)
What kind of games would you bring to a party for a friend who's getting married? And if all the attendees were women, how would that affect your choices? This week's Guru Voodoo is all about bachelorette parties, and how to make games an enjoyable part of the experience.
Podcast: Three Die Block
Episode: Three Die Block #113: A Tournament for All Seasons ( 112.95 MB / 123:23)

Hey it's #113? *shrugs* Sure. We'll go with that. In this episode, we're smack dab in the middle of the NA tournament season. Join us as we talk about past and future tournaments, how we did, and what we hope to do! Plus like a million little side topics. You'll love it.

Episode: Episode 33 - Belfort ( 155.37 MB / 113:08)

In our thirty-third episode, Aaron explains why he hasn't been gaming lately, and we talk about the games we have been playing. We also review the area control worker placement game Belfort, and we have the fourth session of Boards Alive Plays: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Editions.

This episode is sponsored by Tasty Minstrel Games & Crash Games

Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 165: The Game of Life ( 110.53 MB / 120:44)

In this episode Erik and Don are joined by Sen-Foong Lim to talk about games outside of the gaming table.

Indie Cardboard gives us some new game news.     In the Review-a-palooza, Don and Erik take a look at:
  • Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Venture
  • The JackPack which includes FibbageXL, Lie Swatter, Word Spud, and Drawful


Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/

Patreon account: http://www.patreon.com/obg
Twitter: @onboardgames
RSS Feed: http://onboardgames.libsyn.com/rss
Email us: onboardgames.net@gmail.com
On Board Games Guild at Board Game Geek

Episode: Loaded Dice Cast Episode 73: 3rd Year Anniversary Nonsense ( 64.16 MB / 112:04)

In this episode of Loaded Dice Cast, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary, and all the things the last year has brought us, including this network.  Many network regulars stop by to wish us well and participate in the festivities, even if an unusual number of them are drinking water or tea for such an auspicious [...]

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Podcast: CanHammer
Episode: CanHammer 61 - WFB, Canada at the ETC 2015 ( 115.03 MB / 125:24)
In this episode of CanHammer, Chris is joined by Ron and Caleb.  We discuss the ETC 2015!!!!! It is a mish mash of interviews and contect following team Canada through the European Team Championships in Czech Republic.  There are 2 Canadian song treats.  One song is half way through and the other is at the end.  Listen and as usual:  












Email: canhammer.podcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @CanHammerChris
Facebook: CanHammer
Itunes: CanHammer

Episode: PSP #234: Ranting and Raving / Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) / Summer Anime / Alan Wake's American Nightmare ( 0 MB / 0:00)

In today's episode, Marc starts off the show going off on Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) once again because they just can't help it, even reading a few random Netflix reviews while they do it. After that, they talk about art and why artists shouldn't work for free--meaning no pay, no exposure, no nothing--so don't do it, and then they hit the usual summer anime nonsense and a game or two.

Anyway, that's it and that's all, folks, and, if you're feeling extra generous, donate a little money or subscribe to show your support for the site and show(s); it's not free to host the site, the show, to make and record videos, and everything in between, so, anything would be greatly appreciated, even if you just tell a friend or two about the site and show(s). Y'all can also support the site by shopping at Amazon if that's what ya like.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Podcast: cubelovepodcast
Episode: clp003 – cubelove podcast – Two Mics, One Cup ( 40.62 MB / 0:00)
We discuss prep for Strategicon and review Kraftwagen. 0:00:00 Please Listen Carefully 0:00:43 Foreplay, Strategicon Prep, Part 1 0:16:43 Kraftwagen review 1:20:06 Dessert Penis, Feedback, Solo Ginkgopolis 1:26:00 Song Opening music by Jahzzar, Between segment music by Ray Rude, Closing song by Das Sound Machine
Episode: #88 – Tabletop – The Best Four Days in Gaming ( 25.21 MB / 55:04)
We’re joined by local gamer Sean Walsh, as he and Dan tell stories from their time at Gen Con this summer. Hear all about their deep runs in various tournaments, hotel hot tub parties, penthouse suite gaming sessions, pseudonymous Japanese designers, and an Android: Netrunner collection that never made it back to Fargo. (Brian & […]
Episode: Crippled System Episode 126: Errata discussion ( 83.88 MB / 122:10)

Intro Announcements 6 Pack Recap Errata discussion Huge Zappity Grumble Recommendations Hosts: Andy W, Brian G, Brian K, Nathan H our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/crippledsystem Twitch Channel http://www.twitch.tv/crippledsystem – Broadcasting approximately 6 PM Central Sundays Movie Pain Train! – Movie preview/review rants! http://www.youtube.com/moviepaintrain email us at podcast@crippledsystem.com Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow […]

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Podcast: Run Last Click
Episode: Episode 39: Core, Blimey! ( 56.05 MB / 48:51)

In this episode our heroes are joined by their chum Kev. This week’s episode goes out to all you lovely beginners out there. If you’ve got a core set and are wondering what is next, this one is for you. We talk about what data packs to get; what to expect from your first tournament and thing we wish we’d known when we first started. It’s a literal smorgasbord of information!

Episode: Episode 42 - Guild of Rocketeering ( 0 MB / 81:16)
In this weeks Gameplay episode Andrew rockets into the big leagues with the highly competitive, adrenaline fuelled, ball smashing, car exploding arena of doom that is Rocket League, later he gets cryptic as he and his team of special agents try to deduce secret identities in the tense and mind breaking party game that is Codenames, finally Andrew gets a much needed brain scan and psychiatric evaluation in the dark dystopion world of Psycho Pass. Meanwhile Matt  sends wave after wave of hapless adventures to their doom, trying to plunder the depths of a series of ever evolving dungeons in the Guild of Dungeoneering, later he opens shop and starts a market stall war in his attempt to undercurrent his competitors At the Gates of Loyang, finally Matt sits back, straps on his haptic gloves and VR visor as he makes yet another dive into Ready Player One.
Episode: Episode 3 - For Science! ( 36.74 MB / 40:09)

"No, 'tis perfectly safe, m'Lady! It's 100% steam-controlled, faster than a horse and less noisy than a bobcat. That screeching sound? T'is funny you ask, really. See, the Bauxite in Ghost rock reacts with the trapped air within, by whose emission an almost wailing sound is created. See, everything can be explained through Science alone..."


Show topics:

3:35 Reader Mail!

10:25 Cards we liked: Nightmares At Noon

21:58 "Flesh": The Deadlands Story of Mad Science

31:13 "Bones": The Mechanics of Mad Science in DT:R

38:12 The Philosophy of Clown Carriages


Don't forget to go to the Sheriff Event in Budapest on September 12th!

Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/events/886585974723206/

Music by WellBad (www.wellbad.de)

and sometimes by Ta Techneta (www.tatechneta.de)

Thanks for listening!

- The Booted Dudes

Podcast: Dice Tower News
Episode: Dice Tower News 446 - Aug 24 2015 ( 12.76 MB / 13:57)

The Best Board Game News in the multiverse with Roger Hicks on this episode of the Dice Tower News.

Episode: Episode 28: Colony Wars Preview! ( 26.76 MB / 29:14)

This week Dustin and Matt preview TWO never before seen cards from the COLONY WARS Set. Tournaments and League play is also discussed. A New BLOG and Three overrated cards complete this amazing episode! Join in!!

Podcast: Out of Game
Episode: OOG - EP13 - The Best & Worst of GenCon 2015 ( 75.34 MB / 0:00)
In the thirteenth episode Out of Game Ryan & Chris are joined by special guest Tim to discuss the best and worst experiences of GenCon 2015.
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Ep. 54 - Fields of Huh ( 90.9 MB / 98:34)

This episode Alex steps down and Duke Suzanne fills in! The Dukes... 

... Discuss recent plays including Nevermore, The Last Banquet, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, Onirim. Trambahn and Francis Drake (04:30); 

... Review Z-Man Games' Fields of Arle (25:25);

... Alex pops by for a solo review of Rio Grande Games' Friday (1:07:45); and

... Answer some short topic questions from listeners (1:18:08).


Please be sure to support the Dukes on their Patreon campaign page!

Don't forget to give us your hearts on Board Game Links!

Twitter: @dukesofdice
Facebook: /dukesofdice
Dukes of Dice YouTube Channel


Episode: Games on The Treadmill with Shoe Ep 73 – Lazy and Low on Content ( 17.57 MB / 0:00)
Podcast: Gaming Rules!
Episode: Gaming Rules! – Podcast 15 ( 19.09 MB / 20:44)
Games I’ve been playing and an interview with Richard Breese!
Episode: Episode 46 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Click Here To Check Out This Episode! On our agenda: 2015 Australian Nationals recap! – This week the Panelists recap on their individual performances at Nationals 2015! They reflect on the choices they made both in and out of the tournament, and discuss what they learned from the process and which of them are better […]
Episode: Board Games, Business, and Season 3! Ep. 65 ( 31.99 MB / 34:48)

In this episode, Jeff, Lee, and Kyle reflect on the past 65 episodes, discuss hopes for the next year, and Lee rages on Jeff for interrupting her story. #Jeffissorry Company Updates The Kickstarter Campaign for Season Three of the Happy Mitten Podcast drops August 25th! Obtain a “Play Games. Live Happy” shirt! Sign up for the […]

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Podcast: Jaded Gamercast
Episode: Episode 238: Skirmish in your pants ( 119.21 MB / 0:00)
This week Lange and Nathan are joined by our final kickstarter backer Ian! In this episode we chat about skirmish games and why we love them. How the rules tend to differ from your typical large scale tabletop game as well as how we feel they work on the tournament scene. This weeks models are […]
Episode: The Good, The Board, and the Funded: Episode 33 “Kickstarter” ( 60.97 MB / 66:36)

Hey there GBU fans, they boys are back (and all remembered to press record) and they’re here to talk about Kickstarter.  Hear about some good and bad experiences and their feelings on how kickstarter has helped/hindered the board gaming community.  Today they review Caylus, Kemet, and La Granja and on the hype train is Star Trek: Frontiers, A Feast For Odin and A Fake Artist Goes To New York.  

As always feel free to PLEASE send us your emails with questions or comments to goodboardugly@gmail.com or check us out on facebook at facebook.com/goodboardugly
Episode: What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Week 39!!! Viceroy Review w/ Eric Booth ( 49.92 MB / 21:49)

It seems it was a two player game kind of week with plays of Twilight StruggleTargi and Akrotiri all played and discussed.

This week we have a special guest review of the now available from Mayday Games game, Viceroy, from Eric Booth at 11:15.


Lots of Kickstarter discussion including current projects, Dingo's Dreams and the Button Shy Wallet Series. Also lots of talk about what's coming in September!! Next week we'll have our preview out for GemPacked Cards and possibly for Avalanche at Yeti Mountain, although the latter may have to wait until the following week.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Episode: Episode 55- Viceroy and On-Line Gaming (CONTEST WINNER!) ( 60.54 MB / 0:00)
BPPP Viceroy and On-Line Gaming (click on the text to the left to listen) During this weeks episode: 1) All the Pegs review their recent gameplays and gaming news, including plays of Stockpile, El Gaucho, and Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn; 2) Announce the winner of The Dice Tower/Coolstuffinc “Thanks for the Meme-ories” Contest; 3) […]
Episode: Episode 68b: Gaming Greebles ( 27.81 MB / 60:45)

In this episode, we once again hop on the wagon with more "dynamic application of metaphorical terminology" than you can shake a stick at. Chris has been reading about "greebles" in sci-fi visual design, and runs off with the term to discuss it with Will and Brandon. What is a greeble? What are they in games, and why would designers put them there? What are some poor uses, and, more importantly, what are the best?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Made up words! - 0:01:04

Elegance and Sterility - 0:07:36

Excitement and Cacophony - 0:18:21

The Downsides of Greebles - 0:28:16

Bring on the positivity! - 0:40:08

Properly Engreebled Games - 0:48:31

Magic: The Greebling - 0:55:17

Closing and Contact Info - 0:59:00

Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Big Fun in a Little Box with Shawn: Kahuna ( 12.96 MB / 13:40)
Having to rearrange the schedule for this week, we ended up recording a new minisode instead.   In Episode 2 of Big Fun in a Little Box, Shawn discusses the recent reprint of the two player Kosmos game: Kahuna!   Check us out Twitter | Online | Email | BGG Guild | iTunes | Stitcher   Music:   Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0
Podcast: Beyond the Wall
Episode: Season 2, Episode 29 ( 60.09 MB / 0:00)
Targ AaA & What to do while waiting for 2.0
Episode: Garrett's Games 478 - Kraftwagen and Codenames ( 31.63 MB / 34:33)

Shelley and I take a quick, 1-week break from Meeplefest episodes for a discussion of two fo the games that we played over that extended weekend:

Kraftwagen by Matthias Cramer

Codenames by Vlaada Chvatil


Podcast: The Long View
Episode: The Long View: Leader 1 ( 102.88 MB / 65:19)
In this episode of The Long View, I'm very pleased to be joined by first time contributor Sam Schimek as we discuss his favorite game Leader 1. Is this a game or a game system? Does it model cycling well, or is it just a pale imitation? Should this game be on more people's radar, or should you just let the peloton go right on by? Listen and find out? The Long View is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network of podcasts. Go and check out all they have to offer! Thanks, of course, goes to my sponsor www.gamesurplus.com as well for their continued support for the show! Go and check them out! Thanks also, of course, to YOU for listening!
Episode: Garrett's Games 66 - Listener Voicemails and Kublacon 2007 Planning ( 47.71 MB / 52:07)

Listeners get to chime in once again this week, along with our discussion of Kublacon 2007, which was right around the corner.

Episode: Garrett's Games 65 - Post-Gathering Game Reviews, 2007 ( 55.38 MB / 60:30)

Many different games discussed, including Guatemala Cafe, Yukon Co., Fire & Axe, and Gulo Gulo.

Episode: Episode 23 – We dove off into a hole and out with a buckled tongue! ( 114.46 MB / 0:00)
On this episode of the board games and beer podcast:  Vel and Morgan continue our segment: Brewin’ on the table – what new games we are playing and is insane once again!  We dive into the calendar and see what may be happening in the board gaming world including plenty of recapping of Ragecon!  We look…
Episode: 29 - Book Club II - Long-expected Shadows ( 56.87 MB / 71:00)

The book club returns as we investigate the first two chapters of Book 1! Also, the lads are debriefed on their GenCon 2015 experiences. Fireboarding is discussed. Enjoy!

Episode: BGA Ep. 84 - If You Like Munchkin, Try... ( 24.8 MB / 54:11)

This week, join Anthony, Chris and Daniel to talk about 9 games you might like if you also like Munchkin, along with reviews of recent releases Nevermore and The Voyages of Marco Polo, and ruminations on a couple of games headed our way after Essen. 

  • ​Intro: Cool Stuff Inc. Contest! ​Shout it From the Tabletop: New Origin Awards
  • Acquisition Disorder: German Railroads, CVlizations,Doomtown Premium Edition
  • At the Table: Creative Clash,The Voyages of Marco Polo, Nevermore
  • Feature: If You Like Munchkin, try...
  • Final Round: Where is Drew?!

Make sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and on BoardGameGeek, and if you like what you hear, back us on Patreon for $1!

Episode: A Very Inappropriate Episode - Episode 16 ( 0 MB / 111:32)
This is a special adults only episode as we take a look at a company making awesome games with adult themes: Inappropriate Games. We start by interviewing company founder and game designer, Greg Cozza. After that, Horsey Avenger and I review Shootin' Blanks. That's followed by our Game of the Week: America's Next Top Pimp. Keep the kids away while you listen to this one!
Podcast: Ludology
Episode: Ludology Episode 111 - Silver Ball Playbook ( 60.27 MB / 65:41)

Mike and Geoff are pleased to welcome pinball game designer Keith Johnson, designer of games such as Simpsons Pinball Party, Revenge From Mars, and Lord of the Rings.

What are the special design techniques used for designing a pinball game? How do you keep players engaged? How do you make the fixed physical layout feel different in different modes?

Duration: 01:05:40

Podcast: Nerdrunners
Episode: Episode 15: Hollywood Renovation ( 75.27 MB / 82:23)
In which entertainment is unleashed The glitz, the glamour, the celebrities - are unfortunately not what you'll find in this episode. Instead, Mark and Stef delve into the Old Hollywood data pack for an in-depth look at the brand new cards.
Podcast: Cards And Chit
Episode: Cards And Chit Announcment for August 23rd ( 4.45 MB / 1:56)
We need your help! support us on Patreon and follow us on your favorite social media site! patreon.com/cardsandchit facebook.com/cardsandchit instagram.com/cardsandchit twitter.com/cardsandchit soundcloud.com/cardsandchit
Episode: Episode 05 - Christianity and Gaming ( 58.07 MB / 42:15)

This episode certainly has the possibility of being contentious, but it's our attempt to understand a few of the issues that we find ourselves running into in the gaming space because of our faith. To be clear, Lije and Jason are both conservative Presbyterians, so we have quite a few opinions about faith and morality which are not in line with the cultural consensus at the moment. We discuss a lot of morality, which is hopefully of interest to you even if you're not coming at this with a Christian perspective. If you're interested in hearing any more about this, we would certainly encourage you to contact either of us and we can try to answer your questions. Happy listening!

Podcast: UnderDiscussion
Podcast: UnderDiscussion
Episode: UD206: Gen Con wrapup episode ( 29.26 MB / 31:57)
Out wrapup episode. Sorry it's a little late this year.
Podcast: Game Wisdom
Episode: Chris Crawford on Storytelling and Siboot ( 5 MB / 0:00)

This week on the Perceptive Podcast, I spoke with veteran Game Designer Chris Crawford on the challenges of interactive storytelling and his long term project of Siboot and Dramagine. We started with a brief talk on Chris’ background in the industry before talking about interactive storytelling and what it is from his point of view. [...]

The post Chris Crawford on Storytelling and Siboot appeared first on Game Wisdom.

Episode: Episode 57 - Genre Spotlight: Bluffing/Traitor Games and Carcassonne ( 70.83 MB / 77:11)

In this episode of the SSP we're looking at another game genre! This time, we look at games which include lying and bluffing as a central mechanism, talk about our favorite ones, and how they work in the game group. Then, we review Carcassonne, the last of the holy trinity of gateway games!

Episode: W3.E02 :: Designing Games with John Ariosa ( 7.69 MB / 5:30)

Our second episode features John Ariosa, well-known board game artist. Some of his games include Mice and Mystics, Floating Market, and Bullfrogs. His four premises were cute school girlsdollsblood sport, and heartwarming.

In an effort to bring more content to our listeners, we have subtracted the game design segment from the end of our episodes and are releasing these segments on their own. We record a lot of interviews, so we will have a lot of these game design exercises. The purpose of the segment is to brainstorm about a game design with a published or soon-to-be published designer.

The rules of this segment are as follows

  • We give the designer 4 premises taken from the game Channel A.
  • He or she has to design a game idea answering these 3 questions
    • What is the theme?
    • What is the main mechanic?
    • What is the victory condition

Alex and I participate in the discussion, so it is a collaborative venture. I hope you enjoy this segment and future segments of this kind.

Episode: TABCAST Episode 15: Dice Town ( 119.01 MB / 129:59)
On this episode, we talk about the real old west, visit a gaming Mecca, and wrangle a play through review of the western themed game Dice Town.
Podcast: Spiele-Podcast
Episode: Terra Mystica (Feuerland Spiele): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 259 ( 18.25 MB / 19:56)
Terra Mystica (Feuerland Spiele): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 259 - Vielfach ausgezeichnetes komplexes Brettspiel. Die Rezension und Beispielrunde auch als Video: YouTube.
Podcast: Flip the Table
Episode: Episode 79: Batman Returns 3D Board Game ( 45.86 MB / 66:09)
We don the cape and cowl once more and take up the role of Michael Keaton in the Batman Returns 3D Board Game! In this one, players punch as many bad guys as they can, hoping to find enough Batman logos to earn the right to battle The Penguin...but Catwoman is on the prowl, sending you back to your home space to contemplate your dark past. It's a board game so dramatic, even the board is in "tiers"! The board is in "tiers", you guys!

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