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Episode: Set credulity to “stunned” ( 32 MB / 0:00)
Andrew is joined by Jeannie and Marena to talk about what happens when starship captains stop being polite, and start getting real. (Also, Lego is discussed at length.)
Episode: Not Talking ClockWise - ClockWise Stories Preview ( 2.81 MB / 3:04)

In which Corey and Billy do very little talking.

Corey is recovery from throat surgery this week so we really can't record a full episode. But rather than leave you hanging for 6 weeks, we decided to create trailers for two of our new story projects. So please enjoy a very brief preview of My Post Apocalyptic Imaginary Friend and Once Upon a Coffee Shop.

Episode: Dr. Reiner Knizia! - Part 2 - Episode 27 ( 0 MB / 71:24)
Our epic interview with Dr. Reiner Knizia concludes this week. What are his plans going forward? What game does he wish he had designed? Find out now! Instead of just reviewing one game this week, we are joined by my mom, Diane Oksienik. We discuss Battle Line, Schotten Totten, Ra, Orongo, Through the Desert, For Sale, and more!
Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: [Hors-série] Interview de Blue Cocker ( 41.73 MB / 45:35)
Dans cet épisode, ddschutz et Pèrekastor ont rencontré Alain des éditions Blue Cocker lors de sa venue à Strasbourg le mardi 28 Juin 2016. Vous pouvez « streamer » notre podcast, le télécharger en MP3 (lien download) ou vous abonner à notre flux iTunes. Si vous nous appréciez, notez notre Podcast da...
Episode: Miniature Market $50 Gift Card Contest with the Game Boy Geek (July 2016) ( 3.13 MB / 1:41)
t’s time for the contest of the month (Jly). Here is how to enter - http://www.gameboygeek.com/#!contest/ch2m
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Podcast: Win Con Cast
Episode: Review: Imhotep ( 20.94 MB / 22:35)

This week, Austin, Luke, and Jared have a talk about Imhotep from Kosmos. It didn’t win the Spiel des Jahres, but it did win our hearts. 

Check us out on twitter, on boardgamegeek, or send us some love at winconcast@gmail.com! 
Podcast: Strange Assembly
Episode: Strange Assembly 189 - H.E.A.D. Hunters ( 28.96 MB / 63:15)
In this charity episode, which raised money for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, Chris talks to Ben Cichoski and Danny Mandel about H.E.A.D. Hunters, the upcoming release from Gut Shot Games.
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Ep. 101 - Triple Crowns ( 72.78 MB / 78:46)

This episode the Dukes... 

... Discuss recent plays of Happy Salmon, Dune, Winner's Circle and Scythe (6:25);

... Discuss the latest gaming news including the announcement for the Smash Up! App, new edition of clue adds diversity, and the space ship delver game Darkness Sabotage, currently on Kickstarter (31:30);

... Review Arcane Wonder's Royals (38:43); 

... Look back at their review of Elysium and Baseball Highlights in their Dukes' Double-Take (1:00:14); and

... Provide a recap of the 2015 Dice Tower Award winners and their thoughts on the results (1:09:08).


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Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 203: Gamelyn On ( 112.39 MB / 122:46)
In this episode, Isaac and Stephanie talk with Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games about what they've played lately     (26:40) Next, the three talk about all the cool happenings going on at Gamelyn Games in the near future.   (59:15) Lastly, Isaac and Stephanie take a very in-depth look at the new board game Scythe.  
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Episode: Episode 92 – Exclusive Interview with Damon Stone! ( 56.83 MB / 0:00)
Click Here To Check Out This Episode! On our agenda: Exclusive! Interview with Lead Designer and Developer Damon Stone on the latest FAQ and MWL update! – The week the trans-continental Panel is very pleased to you bring you another interview with the incomparable Damon Stone! Damon talks about both the new FAQ, -with special […]
Episode: Episode 77- Millennium Blades and Inside the Podcast Studio Year 3 ( 51.74 MB / 0:00)
BPPP Millennium Blades and Inside Podcast 3 (click on the text to the left to listen) During this weeks episode: 1) The Pegs roll out their Patreon Campaign and discuss some of their recent game plays, including Arcane Wonders Royals and Onitama, The Game, and much more; 2) All the Pegs review the CCG simulator Millennium […]
Episode: Perfect Information Episode 21 - Right in the Feels ( 90.08 MB / 98:15)

As summer is now finally upon us, it is time that this sausage fest of ours indulges in its softer side. Ben & Georgios talk about feelings. Luckily not our own, but those that games elicit (illicitly?) in us.

In a splendiferous return to form and this format, T.C. Petty III. invites us to discover the many-layered history of cards (35:35).

After such an exhaustive and exhausting lesson, what better way to relax and kick back in the freshly relocated and surprisingly suave and stylish new guild (48:08).

We round out this heart-felt (or hardly felt?) episode by taking a closer look at a Japanese design, that just recently found a new English language publisher in Osprey Games. We review The Ravens of Thri Sahashri (01:07:47).

And if you've read this far, why not let your eyes wander around our fancy website, and maybe, just maybe notice that freshly installed "Donate" button. I'm not saying you have to click it. I'm just saying it's there. I'll just turn around and look over there for a while. If somebody were to push that button, I wouldn't really know and I wouldn't ask any questions. It's just something that happens. It's none of my business what a discerning listener such as yourself and a button like that do in the privacy of your own screen.

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Episode: 14. Devon Dice Podcast - Runemeet vs the Spiel Des Jahres Nominees ( 142.73 MB / 103:56)

Joel and Tom handle the Podcast on their own this week as Joel forgot to invite the others, but all is well. Hear what they have to say about the nominees for the Spiel Des Jahres and the Kennerspiel and they talk about their weekend at Runemeet and some of the games they got to play; 

Onitama,  - Shop  - 6:30

Time Stories; Marcy Case - 13:40 

Via Nebula  - shop - 19:30

Twilight Squabble - shop - 25:10


Dice Tower Awards winners 30:00


  1. Millennium Blades - Ends 24th July - 33:00
  2. Martians: the Story of Civilization - ends 1st August - 38:00
  3. CRISIS - ends 31 August - 41:10 
  4. GIGA-ROBO! - Ends 10th August - 43:00
  5. Taylah Boardgame and Dining Table - 45:00
  6. Evil Dead 2 ends 10th August, 49:50
  7. The Walking dead No Sanctuary, ends 2ud August, 52:00


spiel Des Jahres Nominees - 54:40

Imhotep  - buy - 55:50

Karuba - buy - 1:03:00

Codenames - buy - 1:09:10

KennerSpiel nominees - 1:20:40

Time stories - 1:21:10

Pandemic Legacy  - buy - 1:23:00

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King - buy - 1:28:00

Other Notes:

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Find us on Tom - @TPWestrope, Lewis - @DippyDolittle, Joel - @DepressedMonk3y,

Sam - @spoonoftweets

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credits go to Bensound.com for some of the music use “Funny song”

 - Thank you listen and it’s your turn



Podcast: NPC Cast
Podcast: NPC Cast
Episode: Bullet Points – Two Player Games ( 45.05 MB / 0:00)
Download Bullet Points – Two Player Games In this Bullet Points episode, Chris and Del are joined by their friend Pete, from Mind the Gap Studios to create Two-Player games that don’t use cards! (65min) Things you may be interested in: Mind the Gap Studios Seafall Who, What, Why Cast NPC CAST: YOUR PLACE FOR FACE […]
Podcast: cubelovepodcast
Episode: clp036 – cubelove podcast – DTC Wrapup ( 50.6 MB / 0:00)
Someone went to Dice Tower Con and they can’t stop talking about it. 0:00:00 Please listen carefully 0:01:53 Foreplay, Dice Tower Con Wrapup Part 1 0:31:40 What’s Gonna Win The Spiel Des Jahres? 0:51:33 DTC Wrapup Part 2 1:25:40 People Are Stupid 1:26:57 Dessert Penis, Pokemons, Trick Takers 1:45:12 Song Opening music by Jahzzar, Between segment music … Continue reading clp036 – cubelove podcast – DTC Wrapup
Episode: Deadzone The Podcast 58.0 - Voxman! ( 118.66 MB / 86:25)
Welcome to episode 58 of Deadzone the Podcast. Jack and Rob interview Adam from War More Radio (http://www.warmoreradio.com/)! . News
Podcast: Jaded Gamercast
Episode: Episode 278: Fin. ( 34.07 MB / 0:00)
We are going to be around tonight and in the future to chat with you all about this episodes announcement. Feel free to join us on Discord using the link below. Hopefully I can shed some light on recent events and take a moment to thank you directly for the time you have spent listening to … … Continue reading →
Episode: Episode 55 - Interview with Stonemaier Games Jamey Stegmaier ( 67.77 MB / 118:10)

In our fifty-fifth episode, we talk about our summer vacations so far and the games we have been playing lately. Then we interview Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games about how his Kickstarter Guru skills, his designs and his life as a publisher, including his newest game Scythe and his upcoming legacy style game Charterstone.

This episode is sponsored by Board Game Bliss & Tasty Minstrel Games

Episode: Episode 131 – Fifth Year Anniversary LIVE SHOW! ( 54.75 MB / 95:41)
We bantered and tackled audience questions from those in attendance for our live broadcast via our youtube channel. If you wanted to be there but couldn’t make it happen, we now present the audio portion for your listening pleasure. To give … Continue reading →
Episode: What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Week 86 ( 120.27 MB / 105:06)

Join the Guild, enter the contest!!





Week 86!!

Intro :34

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 4:08

Jessica Wade's Highlights and Lowlights 8:41

  • RuthCon
  • Hopewell Board Game Meetup Group
  • Abyss
  • Shakespeare
  • Deception Murder in Hong Kong
  • Mysterium

Valiant Variant with Carl and Aly 15:45

  • Indigo
  • Karuba
  • Scythe

Two Minutes with Travis Hill 24:45

  • Train Games

The Evolving Review with Derek Davis 26:55

  • Vast The Crystal Caverns
  • My Village

The Over The Hillier Gamer, Patrick Hillier 40:30

  • T.I.M.E Stories The Prophecy of Dragons
  • Star Trek Panic
  • The Networks
  • Hamsterolle
  • Police Precinct App

Kerensa and Brandon 44:03

  • Kingdom Builder
  • Beyond Baker Street
  • Pokemon Go
  • Stranger Things(Netflix Show)

Jamie Maltman 54:41

  • Subdivision
  • St. Petersburg
  • Scythe

Mason A Weaver 1:09:50

  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • Mystery Rummy
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Murders in the Rue Morgue
  • Jeckyll & Hyde
  • Al Capone

Contributor Top 5 in July-Number 3 1:22:23

Outro 1:43:47

End 1:45:05

Episode: sba004 – Die BerlinCon2016 Interviewreihe ( 66.04 MB / 72:00)
Guten Morgen liebe Klasse, Herr Noe und Herr Wagner waren auf Klassenfahrt in Berlin und haben die BerlinCon2016 von Hunter&Cron besucht. Dabei haben Sie natürlich die Chance genutzt und ein paar Interviews geführt. 1: mit Inka und Markus Brand (über ihre Exit-Spielreihe und andere Themen) 2: mit Stephan Kessler, dem Spieleleiter und den Bretterwissern Arne & Matthias 3: mit Hunter&Cron über ihre persönliches Fazit des Wochendes Natürlich war einiges Los - was natürlich auch zu Hintergrundgeräuschen führte, siehe Interview 2 - Die "Hunters-Sohn-Alarmanlage". ;) Ein absolut ruhiges Plätzchen war eher schwer zu finden, aber wir denken, wer gerne ein bisschen Brettspiel-Smalltalk hören will, hält das schon aus... ;) Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten! Viel Spass! -die brettagogen- PS: Besucht Stephan Kesslers Seite, falls ihr auch mal eine Krimi-Party veranstalten wollt. Es lohnt sich! :) --> http://www.mord-im-leuchtturm.de Intro/Outro Musik: Bubens van Lyka
Podcast: Breaking News
Episode: Breaking News — Episode 49 ( 183.44 MB / 0:00)

Dodd, Jeff, & Scott review Fear The Masses.

Intro: 0:00
Card Discussion: 9:55
The Heap: 1:37:00

We are happy to announce that the technical issues have been resolved and <a href=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/breaking-news/id623698404?mt=2″>we are back up on iTunes</a>. However, you may need to resubscribe at the link.

If you’d like to send us feedback on this episode, please come find us on <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/ANRBreakingNews”>Facebook</a>, email us at anrbreakingnewsATgmail.com, or (best of all) comment at Team Covenant.

Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Episode 29 - Next Step Games ( 74.98 MB / 70:37)

In Episode 29, the Low Player Count Crew discusses some of their favorite Next Step games. They also talk about GenCantSoloCon 2016, the Watch It Played IndieGoGo, Pokemon, and Travis’ failure in Austerity 2016. Also included: some additional small audio feedback issues, creaky chairs, and extraneous noises.

1:20 - The Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game Giveaway Reminder
3:40 - GenCantSoloCon 2016
4:50 - PokemonGo
10:00 - Dallas Recap
10:27 - Watch It Played IndieGoGo
12:08 - Travis’ Austerity Failure 2016
20:30 - boardgametables.com
21:17 - Next Step Games
24:05 - First Step 1-2p Games
26:22 - Dungeon Crawlers
31:27 - Miniatures Games
38:20 - Euros (Oh, So Many)
42:55 - More Planning Next Time
43:54 - Co-op Games
50:38 - Wargames
56:25 - Economic Games
62:25 - Party Games
63:50 - Miscellany Games
69:25 - End Bits

Check us out online here:
Twitter | Online | Email | BGG Guild | iTunes | Stitcher

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Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Flattered (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Episode: Garrett's Games 524 - Carcassonne Star Wars and Golden Ages with Cults and Culture Expansion ( 36.29 MB / 39:38)

Shelley and I try out the new Star Wars version of Carcassonne, then add the expansion to The Golden Ages, called Cults and Culture.

Carcassonne Star Wars by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede from Hans im Gluck

The Golden Ages by Luigi Ferrini


The Golden Ages: Cults and Culture Expansion by Luigi Ferrini, both from Stronghold Games

Podcast: UnderDiscussion
Podcast: UnderDiscussion
Episode: UD224: A Topical & Timely Summer Rambler ( 107.04 MB / 77:56)
This week on UnderDiscussion the hosts delve into hard hit... ok, let's be honest, we recorded this like two months ago. But in our defense we didn't release it until after we released actual on-topic episodes.
Podcast: Beyond the Wall
Episode: Season 3, Episode 18 ( 60.09 MB / 0:00)
Favourite Fan (Book) Theories
Episode: 01.El cine según El Circock. Especial Zombis! ( 33.76 MB / 73:44)
Comenzamos esta nueva aventura, en la que cada mes hablaremos de una película o serie en concreto. Películas que nos apasionen, nos maravillen, veamos y hayamos visto mil veces... En este primer programa, hacemos un especial de Zombis. Y con un invitado de excepción, el periodista Juan Ramón Lucas. Participan también en el programa, Rosita, Alain, Isaac Alvarez y Juan Fraile. Espero que lo disfrutéis.
Episode: The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 7 ( 84.44 MB / 91:46)

Steve is our only hope as his misfit rebellion defeat Andy’s evil empire in Star Wars Rebellion, Andy takes his revenge as a blood hungry vampire in Fury of Dracula and John talks about Imps Devilish Duels, a game of dice and cards from Triple Ace Games.  The boys also take another look at the economic worker placement games of Crisis and Scythe. Discussion is then prompted by questions from listeners where all three weigh in with their thoughts on Battleships, Legacy games and the Spiel des Jahres nominees.


  • Star Wars Rebellion
  • Fury of Dracula
  • Imps Devilish Duels
  • Crisis
  • Scythe
  • Pandemic Legacy
  • Codenames

Intro and Outro Music: "Ouroboros" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Don't forget to visit www.polyhedroncollider.com for more great reviews and interviews, or connect with us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/polyhedroncollider), Twitter (https://twitter.com/PolyhedronC)

Episode: The Game Boy Geek’s Set List #28-2016 ( 4.62 MB / 2:28)
My “Set-List” of Performances from this past week.
Perfect Alibi - https://youtu.be/dvi-R5FReak Perfect Alibi (Allegro) - https://youtu.be/Yp80pWa48n8 Beasty Bar: New Beasts in Town - https://youtu.be/gN5dLGgVu7c Beasty Bar: New Beasts in Town (Allegro) - https://youtu.be/w17gtQEnqnA Via Nebula - https://youtu.be/e75jfjo9ZNc
Episode: Friends of the Show - Starting a Vault War in the Dead of Winter on the Wasteland Express - Jon Gilmour ( 130.01 MB / 94:41)
In our latest Friends of the Show edition, we reach across the pond and have a chat with Jon Gilmour which unearths one of the funniest and interesting stories we’ve heard about getting into the hobby. We were really pleased he took the time out to talk to us and it’s certainly worth a listen.   Jon, along with Isaac Vega were responsible for the creation of Dead of Winter, a personal favourite of Richard’s. He has been involved in a number of other games which he was happy to talk about as well as telling us what he likes to get to the table. We talk about Kickstarter and the choices in the route to market and finish up with his latest game in progress, the extremely interesting looking Wasteland Exp [...]
Episode: Broken Meeple Reviews - #6 - Onitama ( 9.7 MB / 10:35)
I used to play Chess for my town in my teenage years so I really enjoy a good abstract game from time to time. It scratches that itch for a duel with no luck involved without having to take 4+ hours like some games I could mention! This is the new release from the Dice Tower Essentials line which has taken the US by storm and is having a similar reception here. So let's find out what's what and whether this is a collection sitter for me.
Episode: 138: Hakkaa Paalle Finnalle! ( 0 MB / 0:00)
SEASON FINALE This is the last show of our seventh year on the air, and we have everything you'd expect from a season finale. We start things off innocently enough with some excellent listener mail. Then we have an oh so satisfying conclusion to a long-running story arc with the highly anticipated release and reveal of Hakkaa Paalle! We even have a cliff hanger ending! Will Jeff be returning
Episode: Episode 30 – That Checks Out ( 41.67 MB / 52:00)
In what can only be described as a dazzling display of high energy banter and over the top explosive commentary, all you can do to prepare your ears for this episode is lite the fuse and stand back. The show sizzles to life with the crew (after a very "long" wait) finally getting to review one of the hottest releases of the year. The intensity increases as the boys discuss Jupiter's wazoo, space slavers and intergalactic plumbing. It then wraps up with an unlikely cooperative experience that no one saw coming. So climb onto your roof, find a comfortable shingle and enjoy this... the spectacle that is the 30th Episode of the Board Game Point of View. Games Discussed: Dead of Winter: The Long Night, Galaxy Trucker, Engineering Ants Shout Outs: Steven's Grandparents, Wieners, Kevin Jackson, Captain Harlock, Alex Eding
Episode: WIPNcast 122 ( 14.52 MB / 17:28)
Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 125 ( 21.66 MB / 0:00)

Original Air Date: 14/07/16 No, it’s not a typo – this is Episode 125. Episode 124 has at this stage been lost to the wonders* of technology. Efforts are underway to retrieve it, so if we do get a hold of the episode then it will show up! All that said, this is Episode 125, more »

The post The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 125 appeared first on HoGS.

Episode: Episode 32: Bloodied Servers ( 70.8 MB / 77:20)
In which we discuss registering for World’s, the recent FAQ and Tourney rules, as well as our thoughts on what to do when you have a bloodied warlord as well at the burgeoning elite possibilities.
You may like us or interact with us on Facebook, via Twitter (@TraxisSectorWC) and subscribe to us via iTunes.
This episode was sponsored in part by Rocky Mountain PC (http://www.rockymountain-pc.com/).
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Patreon Interviews 6 - Geoff Engelstein & Brian Engelstein (Ludology, Space Cadets) ( 59.88 MB / 64:48)


Thanks to all of our awesome Patreon supporters the Dukes are able to bring you additional interviews of publishers, designers and board game media personality.


This episode, Alex sits down with Geoff Engelstein and his son Brian Engelstein. Geoff is the one of the hosts of the Ludology podcast. Geoff is a prolific game designer, who along with Brian have designed games like Survive: Space Attack, Space Cadets and The Dragon & Flagon.


Please be sure to support the Dukes on their Patreon campaign page!


Twitter: @dukesofdice
Facebook: /dukesofdice
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Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BW070 – Top 10 Spiele für die Mittagspause ( 63.13 MB / 78:28)
Eine neue Top 10 Folge. Dieses mal mit genaueren Kriterien, ein paar offensichtlichen Nennungen aber auch mit einigen ungewohnten Kandidaten.
Episode: Gamer Tested Spouse Approved - Love Letter with the Game Boy Geek & Denise ( 17.34 MB / 9:20)
In this series Dan & his wife Denise discuss games that are deep enough for gamers, but easy enough for casual or non gamers to learn & play.In this episode Denise talks about why Love Letter made her “shelf”. In this game you are trying gain favor of the Princess by getting your love letters to her through deduction, and tricky card play.
My full review can be found here - 
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day. 
Episode: Who, What, Why S14.E05 :: Betrayal of the Runelords ( 18.32 MB / 57:40)

World renowned designer and president of Lone Shark Games, Mike Selinker, joined me for a discussion of semi-coop games. We explored what players can expect in the new expansion to Betrayal at the House on the Hill and learned about the wide array of creative people who contributed haunts to the new game, Widow's Walk. We also discussed how Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game informed Lone Shark's upcoming Apocrypha.

If you would like to learn more about Lone Shark Games and the cool games they publish, check out Lone Shark Games on the web.

Episode: Collecting! ( 49.36 MB / 35:56)
Podcast: The Curators
Episode: Burning mushrooms ( 11.25 MB / 21:28)
Add-on episode! Marcelo and Joey seem to like all the games! Plus: extra audio from Luke Crane's interview from the last episode. A little more focused on him as a game creator — but also as a villain, bwa-haha! Continue reading →
Episode: Boardcast News 7.14.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers ( 59.25 MB / 64:43)
Many, many game announcements and fresh Kickstarter Spotlights to hear about this week. Enjoy!
Podcast: Gradanie
Episode: Odlotowy wyścig (Steampunk Rally) – Gradanie #146 ( 36.36 MB / 0:00)
Czwartek nastał nam w tym tygodniu trochę wcześniej. Ma to związek z trwającą na wspieram.to kampanią, w trakcie której zbierane są fundusze na wydanie jednej takiej gry o ścigających się machinach napędzanych parą itd. No i postanowiliśmy wrzucić recenzję trochę szybciej, żeby wyrobić się jeszcze w czasie zamówień Early Birds. Tak więc w najbliższy czwartek mamy […]
Podcast: Game Wisdom
Episode: Discussing the Impact of Key Resellers ( 66.27 MB / 72:23)

Discussing the Impact of Key Resellers Josh Bycer josh@game-wisdom.com

This week on the cast, James and I sat down with Level Up Labs’ Lars Doucet to talk about the studio’s hit game Defender’s Quest, and examining the debate and issues of key resellers going on right now. We started with introductions and talking about Level Up Labs and Defender’s Quest. We discussed Lars’ decision […]

The post Discussing the Impact of Key Resellers appeared first on Game Wisdom.

Episode: Qwixx Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 5.78 MB / 3:06)
My review of this family level dice game. It’s a simple game that is easy to learn and portable. Cross out numbers, but be careful since you can’t cross out numbers to the left of the current number. 
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.  Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website - www.GameBoyGeek.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/TheGameBoyGeek [...]
Episode: GSL 52: Pokemon Go ( 17.26 MB / 0:00)

In this episode Donald, Stephanie, and Ian talk about the latest ARG hotness - Pokemon Go. Learn what happens at a Pokemon Gym, what being a Pokestop means, and how to lure Pokemon Trainers into your library.  

Our library is swarmed with Pokemon trainers and some of them join us on mic to let us know what they think about Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game.  

Games in Schools and Libraries Guild at Board Game Geek
Facebook group for WNBTeens https://www.facebook.com/WNBTeens
Patreon Account: http://www.patreon.com/obg
Email us: onboardgames.net@gmail.com
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Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/ 

Episode: RTT Episode #14 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
SOOOO many questions!


•••[00:00:25] Games of Interest►►►
Hero Realms, Targi Expansion, Angry Ocean, Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, Fabled Fruit, The Bird Told Me To Do It, Mines of Olnak, Legends of Andor: Dark Heroes, Lorenzo the Magnificent

•••[00:27:45] Top 10 2p Only Games Revisited

•••[00:36:54] Q&A►►►
How many games a week? LOAD controversy? Hybrid games? Rethinking dismissed games? What themes would Jen like to see? Scantily clad minis? How to keep collection under control? Most played games? "In the know" games? Overproduced games? LeiriaCon? Do old faves still stand up? The Rahdo effect? Watch it played? What would RRT videosgames look like? What kind of conflict do we avoid? Jen's mic? Standard boardgame review format? Most viewed vids? Best and worst things about RRT? Fave historical period for games? Best games to represent various mechanisms? Why so much ranking? How can I rank with so few plays? Can I leave the cult of the new? Update on Jen's top10? How to get into boardgame graphic design? Why no good boardgames in mainstream stores? What's gaming like in Germany? What were our "next step" games? How to help AP? Gateway to Agricola? Treasure hunting games? Does Jen disagree about games with Rahdo? Are game reviewers too tight with game publishers? Conflict heavy top 10? Table Top audience?

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Episode: sba003 – Die Projektwoche 2016 ( 90.8 MB / 99:02)
Guten Morgen liebe Klasse, es sind zwar ab heute Ferien in Hessen - das soll uns aber nicht daran hindern, uns doch nochmal mit Schule zu beschäftigen. An der Wirkungsstätte Herrn Wagners war in der letzten Woche vor den Ferien Projektwoche. Ein guter Anlass, um zusammen mit Kollegin Zimmer ein Projekt mit dem Thema "Wir machen unser eigenes Brettspiel" zu veranstalten. Eine Woche lang haben die Kinder gebrainstormt, gebastelt, gestestet und gespielt. Am zweiten Tag bekamen sie dabei sogar Hilfe von echten Profis! Vielen Dank an der Stelle nochmal an Arve D. Fühler (Spieleautor), Bernd Keller (Amigo) & Matthias Wagner (ABACUS) für ihre Unterstürzung. Ihr könnt mit dieser Episode ein bisschen Mäusschen spielen und bekommt hoffentlich interessante Einblicke in die Projektwoche. Viel Spass! -die brettagogen-
Episode: Killer Fillers ( 46.32 MB / 33:44)
Vi har 15 minutter til de andre kommer. Hvad skal vi spille? Vi har lige tid til et spil, inden folk skal hjem. Hvad kan man nå at spille, når der kun er kort tid? De små hurtige spil, man let kan sætte på bordet, og gennemføre på kort tid, kaldes blandt brætspillere for fillers, og vi kigger på en håndfuld, som vi hver især kan godt lide at fylde tiden ud med, og vi snakker om, hvad der skal til for at et spil tæller som en ‘filler’. Velkommen til Killer Fillers. De gamle spil på hylden Family Buisness Diplomacy OGRE Hurtige spil 6 Nimmt No Thanks Westeros Intrigue Love Letter Pinguin Pinguin-Party SET Car Wars the card game

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