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Jeffrey D Myers
United States
Los Ranchos
New Mexico
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"Always rely upon a happy mind alone." Geshe Chekhawa.
Aug 2012
Core module plus sets 2-12. Despite the warts noted by others, the entire set contains a lot of fun ASL. The use of a large mapboard with overlays made a lot of sense.
Edoardo Benvenuto
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May 2012
two different views on this product/series. Thus a bit of a long comment.

First the big view: what a colossal disappointment for fans of the DTO. After the Blood and Jungle product brought droves of new fans into the PTO, it was hoped that a similar product for the DTO, another theater in which many shy away from, might stimulate interest in this great theater. CH has done far more than anyone to support the DTO. However in these AK sets, CH failed miserably in bringing people into the DTO and fumbled away a chance to make a defining theater product. In addition it reinforced a great many negative stereotypes of the company as word got out about the poor quality of the counters and whispers of lack of proofing and playtest of the scenarios themselves.

From a personal viewpoint. I love counters and this was the first product to feature the new improved CH counters with standard layout. The poor quality and errata was disappointing. However they can (now 2 years later)be seen as a learning experience as CH counters have improved steadily in lack of errata and physical quality since this release. The scenarios were an interesting batch of daft and challenging. Overall I liked the product but would only recommended for extreme fans of DTO scenarios. There are some gems, but some that are completely throw away. Overall I enjoyed the product. Beggars can not be choosers when it comes to DTO.

CH may not have done the best job, at least they took the chance on a fringe theater and gave those that want to play it fresh material. While it had it faults there were things to like about it. I really liked the use of the blank desert maps, easily customizable with some creative overlays. I thought that was a creative touch and much better than the DTO geoboards. The new Italian counters for the Folgore were spot on and a welcome addition to any DTO players counter mix.
Eoin Corrigan
Wexford Town
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ASL Fanatic
Royal Dublin Fusiliers "Spectamur Agendo"
Apr 2012
The product which caused me to permanently cry off from Critical Hit's contributions to ASL.

Minimal playtesting, poor components (which have never been replaced to my satisfaction, despite multiple communications with CH), errata rich scenarios.

This module confirmed my suspicion that CH's business model is to simply crank out product as quickly as possible, wth no thought given to the care and attention to detail which is a hallmark of ASL. A cynical and parasitic endeavour.
Mark Humphries
Metro Manila
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Will sell/trade locally

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