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User: Jighm: Board Game Collection
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Title Status Want Parts Has Parts
All pieces except for 1 Open Lock.
Game Board
Both Dice
If you can't DL the thief sheet, I can send one out. You will need to make copies from those.
La Granja (2014)
Cards in French.
Various Features and Missions
Various Features and Missions
Treasure map piece 2
Treasure map piece 1
Blue credit marker.
Scrabble (1948)
I bought an extra copy at a flea market in a very bad box. It was not complete. I will part it out to those in need.

Scoring Racks - 2 (no pegs)
Draw Bag - 1
Turntable board in great shape ($10 or game trade for S&H)
A-8, B-2, C-2, D-3, E-12, F-2, G-3, H-2, I-9, J-1, K-1, L-4, M-2, N-6, O-7, P-2, Q-1, R-5, S-3, T-6, U-4, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-1, BLANK-2

If you want the board, I will either ship it for the $10 fee or do a trade of everything for a game of yours.
SpyQuest (1994)
I am missing a sabotage pack token.
I have extras of the following:

Most of the player tokens, chips, etc.
A few $1000s, several $100s.
All key envelopes. One (Sydney) is a bit deformed.
All cards in the 3 story decks. Great shape.
All key cards except for the brown 5 card. Some cards are a bit wrinkled.
Game pad.
Both plastic inserts.
All 6 storage bags.
Both dice.
Location Decoder. (Both parts)
Supremacy (1984)
Want To Play
1 black disc
8 yellow marines
20 yellow armies
For Trade
Many parts available.
Upwords (1981)
I have some letter tiles:

A-2, D-1, O-1, R-1, S-1, T-4
1 to 10 of 10   Page 1. 1
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