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User: Ryuu: Board Game Collection
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Nov 2014
Plays: 1
Horribly unbalanced. When I beat three of the smartest people I know (Full ride scholarship to Rice University, etc.), there's an issue. I'm not unduly modest, just honest.
Oh, and watching one of my friends have a horrible time as I played the game as it was meant to be played and beat the crud out of his faction, and there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING he could do, was awful. Worst time playing a game ever.
Elder Sign (2011)
Dec 2012
Prev. Owned
Plays: 2
There are too few decisions (1. Which card do I try to defeat? 2. Do I heal? or 3. Do I buy?). After that it's just dice. Normally I don't mind dice, but there has to me MORE to a game than that.

A friend compared the phone app to a slot machine. He meant it as a compliment, but I think it's a huge detraction - just luck of a dice roll and little more to the game. The "slot machine" comparison is just as apt in the board game itself as it is for the app.

There is far too little interaction or collaboration for a "cooperative" game.

Finally, it felt dry as the Atacama desert. Which is the driest desert on Earth.

I gave my copy away to someone who I sincerely hope will like it more than I did.
Nov 2015
Horrible rehash, broken scientists, take that.
Apr 2013
Plays: 1
This is a time killer, little else. Random in the extreme. Lots of "screw you." This is entirely NOT my box of cardboard. I won't be playing again.
Feb 2015
One dimensional gameplay, and mechanics that are too much like Sentinels of the Multiverse for Last Starfleet to be considered only "inspired by Sentinels" cast a shadow over this game.

First, the gameplay:
Players try to put people on the planet. The planet does damage not to the ships, but only to the people. This is very linear and one dimensional, when the theme cries out for multiple branches of play.

Also, while the turn mechanics are almost exactly copied from Sentinels, in Last Starfleet the players are only battling the planet (environment), while in Sentinels the players are up against both a Villain and an environment. The combination of different villains and environments and how their attacks work together lend depth and replayability to Sentinels which is missing in Last Starfleet. Since players only battle the environment in Last Starfleet, one would think Last Starfeet would have many unique and amazing planet environments to fight to keep it fresh. But no, there are only a few.

The turns:
Ships have individual powers and a deck.
Play a card.
Draw a card.
If you die, turn your card over and there are two powers for you to use to aid the remaining players.
Then it is the planet's turn.

To the designer: I understand being inspired by other works, but for heavens sake, make an effort to branch off of it enough to make it something new and something uniquely your own. Just beacuse they are ship captains rather than Superheroes doesn't mean you aren't plagiarizing in a way that reflects badly on you even if it isn't illegal. Do other people do this? Yes, but that doesn't make it right. And if you do borrow ideas, try to make them into something MORE, so that you are helping board games progress rather than giving people less (in this case, half of the game that was borrowed from).
Dec 2013
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