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Kickstarter Edition

And this add-ons:
+ Nibbles Hero
+ Zahara Hero
+ Bob Hero
+ Pigsy Hero
+ Elysia Hero
+ Beyond the Grave Expansion
+ Goldilocks Token Pack
+ 100 extra Sculpted Coins
+ 60 extra Sculpted Wound Tokens
Arkham Horror (2005)
+ Dice Set
+ Blessed Dice Set
+ Cursed Dice Set
Sergeant First Class Level. Two copy of the Armymals + All Applicable Stretch Goals + Mechasquirrel module for 5+ Players.

+ extra dice
+ 2x tankmix
+ aditional set of animal cards in high quality (400mgs)
+ aditional set of skill cards, action cards... (400mgs)
+ 6 Tactical bombers
+ Cartón correcto de batalla (battle board)
+ Premium Banner Pack
+ Miniatures SetA
+ Miniatures SetB
Kickstarter edition

And this add-ons:
+ Arsonist Hero Card
+ Pickpocked Hero Card
+ Meeples Mini Pack
+ Meeples Boss Pack
Stretch rewards and this add-ons (of Kickstarter):

+ #2 Backer's Special: 3 new creatures 1 Survivor, 1 Nemesis - normal and Radioactive - and 1 David Survivor - normal. For a total of 11 minis and cards (David's unusual genetic inheritance will help him stay ahead of the undead legions.) (Delivery date TBD) - $45 including shipping.

+ Radioactive Expansion "Radioactive Zombie Expansion 1 - $35 (expected MSRP $50)

+ 10 of each Grey zombie (Stench, Tuff Guy, Guts, Disco Doll, and Chunk) - $35

+ 10 of each RadioactiveRed zombie (Stench, Tuff Guy, Guts, Disco Doll, and Chunk) - $35

- Light in the Dark Expansion
- Bunny Van Camp Survivor
- 2 new room tiles
- 2 new room tiles
- Chuck Lee Survivor
- 10 new zombies (Guts)
- 8 additional Stench zombies
- Toxic (giant snake creature), Masher (gorilla creature), Helen Kronin, wife of Doc Mortimer (Nemesis)
- Helicopter expansion and 4 equipment cards
- 10 new zombies (Disco Doll)
- Glow-in-the-dark creature dice and 2 new room tiles
- Rachel Kronin, daughter of Helen (Nemesis)
- 10 Glow-in-the-dark zombies (Stench)
- Victims mini-expansion - UNLOCKED
- RadioactiveRed Survivor/Nemesis expansion
- 10 new zombies (Chunk)
- set of 20 Survivor dice (4 in each player color)
- All tiles are now double sided (back of tile shows burnt room)
- 6 equipment cards
- 2 extra rooms
Black Edition
+ 2 Extra Dice Set
+ Lieutenant Kar-Amag-Atoh
+ Lieutenant Krieg The Relentless (Lugarteniente Krieg El Implacable)
+ Lieutenant Kraz (Kraz La Plaga)
+ Lieutenant Dar Hilzernod

+ 3 Extra Dice Set

+ More extra items of a second Descent scrap (tokens, tiles...)

+ Tiles of expansions scrap
+ Extra Set Dice

+ Extra heroes (repetidos de un DungeonQuest desguazado, DQ scrap):
-> Challara + familiar token
-> Hugo el Glorioso
-> Hermano Gherinn
-> Tatianna
-> Lindel
-> Krutzbeck

+ 4 Héroes promocionales del Descent V1 (que tengo varios juegos de los 4)

+ Miniatures and tokens of Descent Basic Game Scrap (minis de un Descent desguazado, son minis extra de un segundo Descent V1 que ya tengo y así no tengo que sacarlas del Descent, realmente tengo 3 Descent, dos juntos y otro desguazado para el Descent V2)

FINALMENTE HE DESGUAZADO TODAS LAS EXPANSIONES que tenía repetidas, así que ya están todas las criaturas y héroes del Descent V1 para el V2 con el Kit de conversión (sin necesidad de utilizar las de mi juego V1)

Además tengo REPETIDAS las 4 primeras expansiones del Descent V1 nuevas en inglés (veré si las desguazo, las 3 que venían con minis, para tener todos los héroes y criaturas que vienen en ellas para esta V2).

RAMPAGE Kickstarter Edition

And these add-ons:

+ Two extra teams
+ Mars Attacks Team
+ Weiss Speedball MVP
+ Miniatures Yellow Team
+ Miniatures Blue Team
+ 3 (x 51) Medieval Metal Coin Set
+ Fief Buldings Pack
+ Templar Commandery and Teutonic Knight Stronghold Buildings Pack
+ Extra Dice Set
Kickstarter edition

+ a lot metal coins of various types
cientos y cientos de minis extra de otros HeroQuest, dados.. mobiliario, tiles... en fin, para la caja Remake al menos para montar 6-7 HeroQuest completos y mucho más (incluidas una expansión extra de los hechiceros y otra de los ogros). POWER UP!!!
Heroquest: Contra la horda de Ogros (aka HeroQuest: Against the Ogre Horde) (1993)
+ Otro juego completo de minis y tiles para la caja Remake
Otro juego de minis completa con tiles... para la caja Remake
+ miniatures and promo Verkami (waiting)
Apprentice Level (with all stretch goals)

Add-ons bought:
+ Spriggan (miniature and hero deck)
+ Spriggan card sleeves
+ Skald (2 miniatures and hero deck)
+ Skald card sleeves
+ Agents of Darkness (3 miniatures with 2 Quest cards)
+ Elemental Boss (with 10 cards)
+ Treasure Bag
+ Treasure Deck Expansion
+ Quest Expansion I
+ 6x6 Tile Supplement (6 new tiles)
+ 6 Sculpted Lairs (extra) X 2
+ Slaughterfield Supplement Pack (40 cards)
+ Extra set dice

Kickstarter Stretch Goals:
- Twilight Knight (mini boss) (with mini boss card?) KS Exclusive
- Expansion Set 1: 10 Skeletons Minions and 2 Captains (include 3 creature cards?)
- Rat mini boss KS Exclusive (mini boss card?)
- 2 of each (6 captains): Orc, Arachnid and Skeleton
- 6 of each (18 minions): Orc, Arachnid and Skeleton
- Hero Deck Card Sleeves (155 sleeves?)
- Alternate Gender Heroes (5 miniatures)
- Trickster Hero (with 31 cards and 31 sleeve cards) KS Exclusive
- Expansion Set 2: 10 Elemental Minions and 2 Captains (include 4 creature cards?)
- Skeleton Boss with 10 card deck
- 1 of each Sculpted Lairs and Trapas (more 6 miniatures?)
- Orc Boss with 10 card deck
- Set of 10 New World Tiles
- Expansion Set 3: 10 Rat Minions and 2 Captains (include 3 creature cards?)
- 6 of each (18 minions): Skeleton, Elementals and Rats
- Rat Boss with 10 card deck
- 2 of each (4 captains): Elemental and Rats
- Expansion Set 4: 10 Cyclops Minions and 2 Captains (include 3 creature cards?)
- Minotaur mini boss (with mini boss card?)
- Metal Hero Tokens and Coins (KS Exclusive)
- Conner Mini Boss with Conner Toy Quest (and with mini boss card?) (KS Exclusive)
- 10 Additional Story Quest cards (KS Exclusive)
- Slaughterfield Tile Set (5 map tiles)
- Torchbearer Follower (KS Exclusive)
- Cyclops Boss with 10 card deck
- Marcus The Ready (miniature)
- Fire Drake Boss with 10 card boss deck

Also, Apprentice Level comes with this:
- 1 Cover Lithograph signed by Keith Lowe
- 1 Special Promo mini boss miniature (with a mini boss card?)
- 10 Orc Minions and 1 Orc Captain
- 10 Arachnid Minions and 1 Arachnid Captain
- 10 Skeleton Minions and 1 Skeleton Captain
- 10 Elemental Minions and 1 Elemental Captain
- 10 Rat Minions and 1 Rat Captain
- 10 Cyclop Minions and 1 Cyclop Captain
For Trade
Captain Level:

Stretch Goals of Kickstarter + Spriggan Hero + Spriggan cards + Spriggan sleeves + Elemental Boss + Elemental Boss cards

FOR TRADE (only this item of Captain Level without Twilight Knight)
Ring of Rule (2003)
Two little boxs (Magicans and other of five miniatures)
Kickstarter edition with all add-ons
- Reglas impresas a color de la Edición Renovada
Dark Consul "Everything" Bundle + extra Wound and Potions pack:

1x Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Board Game
1x Questing Knight
1x Thundervale Huntress
1x Princess Emerald
1x Fae Alchemist
1x Royal Warden
1x The Colonel
1x Madam Hilde
1x Mrs. G. Snorts
1x Admiral Fuzzybottom
1x Lord Gruff
1x Mr. Chompers
1x Forgotten King
1x Trent the Treant
1x Bashful Boris
2x Bramble Knight Spawning Point
2x Grobbit Executioner
4x Frog Knight
8x Billmen
2x Old Growth Hollow
1x Sprout
1x King Sprout
2x Wisps
2x Turniphead
6x Mook
6x Rabid Squirrels
5x Treasure Chests
3x Boo Booty
6x Double-sided Dungeon Tiles
8x Blue Dice
6x Red Dice
2x Green Dice
Stacks of Game Cards
Piles of Tokens
1x Forgotten King Upgrade Deck
1x Super Dungeon Explore Dice Pack
8x Blue Dice
6x Red Dice
2x Green Dice
1x Mistmourn Coast Warband
1x Mistmourn Shaman
1x Salt
1x Mistmourn Chieftain
2x Spirit Walker
2x Ghostfire Warrior
1x Tribal Stone
2x Mist Hounds
6x Sorrows
1x Salt Crystal
1x Claws of the Wyrm Warband
1x Dragon Blade
1x Wyrm Claw Templar
2x Black Claw Assassins
3x Drake Tamers
6x Drake Hounds
2x Claw Shrines
1x Emerald Valley Warband
1x Silver Chevalier
1x Glimmerwing
2x Kinoshroom
4x Truffle Pig
8x Okoshroom
2x Fungal Growth
1x Stilt Town Zombie Warband
1x Survivor Marie-Claude
1x Zombie Bunny
1x Gruesome George
1x Shamble Priest
2x Prowlers
2x Pudge
6x Swampie
1x Dungeon Tiles: Dungeons of Crystalia
6x Double-side Dungeon Tiles
12x Slimes
1x Dungeon Tiles: Von Drakk Ghost House
6x Double-sided Dungeon Tiles
12x Rattle Bones
1x Brave-Mode Candy
1x Never-Lost Cola
1x Kunoichi Candy
1x Ninja Cola
1x Shadow-Mode Candy
1x Tabbybrook Mage
1x Deeproot Wolf Rider
1x Wandering Minstrel
1x Twilight Knight
1x Kobold Exemplar
1x Bag O’ Squirrels
1x Bag O’ Bones
1x Bag O’ Slime
1x Goro
12x Giri
1x Pumpkin Patch
1x Crypt Spider
2x Curse Coven Witch
2x Miserable Toad
4x Skullbats
30x Wound (Heart) Tokens
12x Potion Tokens
1x Metal Princess Coin
1x Crystalia Adventures Coloring Book
1x Boo Booty Bonus Box
Captain Level Kickstarter
All stretch goals with all add-ons exclusive kickstarter:

Add-ons bought:
+ White custom dice
+ Black custom dice
+ Glow custom dice
+ Special Guest Box Adrian Smith (Suvivor and zombivor - 4 miniatures)
+ Special Guest Box Karl Kopinski (Suvivor and zombivor - 4 miniatures)
+ Special Guest Box Kevin Walker (Suvivor and zombivor - 4 miniatures)
+ Moustache Pack (Suvivor and zombivor - 6 miniatures)
+ Helen (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
+ Adriana (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
+ Rick (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
+ Will (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
+ Lea (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
+ Ross (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
+ Dakota (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
+ Fred (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)

Kickstarter rewards:
- Red Dice Set
- Orange Dice Set
- Zombie Dogz
- Dog Companions
- Additional Spawn Cards
- 4 Toxic Walkers
- 4 Berserker Walkers
- 2 Fatties
- Toxic Abomination
- 2 Berserker Runners
- 4 Runners
- Abomination
- Berkserker Fatty
- Toxic Fatty
- 8 Walkers
- 2 Toxic Runners
- Berserker Abomination
- Mack (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Brad (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Gary (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Thaissa (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Aunt Rose (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Kirk (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Achille (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Chuck (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Smith (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
- Mike (Suvivor and zombivor - 2 miniatures)
More, more extras:

+ 3 bolsas extras de hombres zombie (100 zombies en cada una)
+ 3 bolsas extras de mujeres zombie (100 zombies en cada una)
+ 3 bolsas extras de perros zombie (100 zombies en cada una)
+ 2 bolsa extra de payasos zombie (50 zombies en cada una)
+ 1 bolsa extra de perros zombie brillantes (100 zombies en cada una)
+ 1 bolsa extra de payasos zombie brillantes (50 zombies en cada una)
+ 1 bolsa extra de hombres zombie brillantes (100 zombies en cada una)
+ 3 bolsas extras de Zombies Animals! (90 zombies en cada una, 15 por 6 tipos distintos de animales)
Zpocalypse (2013)
+ Tile Set 2 Expansion
+ Dice set
+ Zemergency
+ Zmaster

+ Zpocalypse Aftermath Kickstarter: The Fortress
++ Z-Team Alpha Pack
++ Z-Team Beta Pack
++ Fortifications Pack
++ Hospital Zombies
++ Horde Bonus
++ Military Bunker Tile Pack
++ Z-Team Guest Minis (5 Celebrities Pack)
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