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Elemental Mystics:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Elemental_mystics_box.pdf (1.19 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7,3 x 10,5 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards of the official PnP game version, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Aug 27, 2016


Democracy under Siege:: DuS Traducción al Español By: Salfuman
Democracy Under Siege_v1_Reglas (trad).pdf (3.23 MB)
Traducción de las reglas de la versión 1.0 de Mayo de 2016.
Aug 27, 2016


Pocket Imperium:: PI-Rules Summary and Reference 1.0 By: pelish
PI-Rules Summary and Reference 1.0.pdf (207 KB)
Combined color coded A5 rules summary containing:
- Basic game rules
- Prosperity expansion rules
- Mech Worlds promo tile rules
- Galactic Bounty Variant rules
- Designers official Dice Combat Variant rules

For best result print page 1 once as a setup reference and 4x pages 2-3 double-sided as player aids.

If you find any mistakes or have suggestions, let me know.
Aug 27, 2016


Revenge of the Dictators:: English Rulebook By: Black Box Adventures
ROTD_Manual_ENG_final.compressed.pdf (9.06 MB)
This is the English rulebook for Revenge of the Dictators.
Aug 27, 2016


Multiuniversum:: Rulebook - for Czech language players By: Iras
Pravidla CZ..pdf (5.93 MB)
Rulebook prepared by Tomáš Hubka
Aug 27, 2016


Vast: The Crystal Caverns:: Unofficial Rules Summaries and One-pagers (draft) By: dsdhornet
VastRulesSummaries.pdf (892 KB)
[Unincorporated fixes - I'll upload a new version when I've collected a decent amount]

1.) In General Rules - Moving Other Players, should say: Knight cannot be moved onto tile with another player (except Wisp), and Goblin cannot move onto tile with Knight, but may move onto tile with Dragon if Strength > Armor. Dragon and Thief cannot be moved by others.

2.) In General Rules - Collapsing Tiles, moves causing attacks should be Goblin->Knight, Knight->Goblin, Knight->Surfaced Dragon, or Surfaced Dragon->Knight/Goblin(Ash only) if Armor<=Str.

3.) Goblin is not required to attack Surfaced Ash Dragon >Armor to enter). Knight is not required to attack when starting on tile with Dragon (as opposed to entering it).

Since Vast can be rather rules heavy, I've attempted to condense Player rules into a set of 1-page rule summaries, incorporating clarification from the forums where possible. The first page of each sheet gives rules and turn flow for each player, while the second (intended as the back side of a double-sided print) has clarifications for more limited subjects (things like Dragon powers or Goblin Secret cards).

They are not intended to replace the rules, but could be used as a teaching guide for new players or reference sheet (with the official rules sheets providing full detailed information).

Note: these are currently in draft form, so if you find something inconsistent with Patrick or Kyle's rulings, please let me know in the comments (link the forum post if possible).
Aug 26, 2016


Lock 'n Load Tactical World War II Era Core Rules:: LnLT WW2 Melee Resolution Tables Rev2 By: LNL Publishing
LnLT WW2 Melee Resolution Tables Rev2.pdf (1.77 MB)
Here is an updated Lock 'n Load Tactical Melee Player-Aid card that has been updated to match the LnLT v4.1 rules. This can be used with both LnLT World War 2 and Modern.
Aug 26, 2016


Lock 'n Load Tactical: Modern Era Core Rules:: LnLT Modern Melee Resolution Tables Rev2 By: LNL Publishing
LnLT Modern Melee Resolution Tables Rev2.pdf (1.77 MB)
Here is an updated Lock 'n Load Tactical Melee Player-Aid card that has been updated to match the LnLT v4.1 rules. This can be used with both LnLT World War 2 and Modern.
Aug 26, 2016


Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game:: Defenders of the Empire By: Storgar
AI movement Rebel Ships.pdf (427 KB)
x wing, a wing, z95 and y wing movement cards
Aug 26, 2016
Defenders of the Empire v1.1.pdf (1.15 MB)
Defenders of the Empire v1.1
The next mission has been added, any feed back appreciated.
Aug 25, 2016
T65 & z95.pdf (315 KB)
AI movement cards for the X wings and Z95's

Now updated, see above.
Aug 24, 2016
Defenders of the Empire v1.0.pdf (1.11 MB)
Improved graphical layout.
This upload includes the basic rule additions to HotAC along with the entry mission.
The entry mission may still need some adjustments for 5-6 player games. 2-4 players should be working well.
Any comments and feedback is welcome.
Aug 18, 2016
Player cards Imperial v1.pdf (772 KB)
Player Ship Cards
Aug 18, 2016
Defenders of the empire.pdf (136 KB)
Imperial Co-op campaign
This is a 1st draft of 4 missions for play testing, many thanks to all who are able to help out. Thanks also to Josh Derkin for creating the X wing co-op HoTAC upon which this is based. Thanks as well to the guys on the ffg forums, the discussions there have helped a lot.

Most of the rules are the same, the main difference is a new banding I am trying to determine what AI forces you face. This is based upon value of your ships which has created 9 brackets of difficulty.
In this version you start as a humble PS1 tie fighter pilot and work your way up.
I have also created 2 squads for most of the rebel ship types, this will increase variety and make more use of so many of the upgrades and different builds that can be done.

Hope you enjoy, I am very open to feedback and when it has been tweeked I will eventually put it in a improved graphical format. I also have 2 more mission arcs drafted with 3 missions each, more are intended and scum missions too.

Have been playtesting with 1-3 players
Mission 1
The following will be edited in the next update:
Use 4 satellites at R1.5 from each edge in the 4 corners.
The shuttle must escape via the player board edge or hyperspace jump after collecting the sats.
Players 2-3 worked well, some wins and losses, win with a ship lost in 3p mode.

Thinking of scrapping the 1 player option, while it worked after tweaking in The 1st mission, in M1 of the station arc it highlights the difficulty of inflicting enough damage with just 1 tie. I would reccomend that if someone want to play on thier own they should just control multiple ships.
Aug 8, 2016


Smash Up:: Deso's Balance patch v1.02 By: desocupado
Deso's Balance patch v1.02.pptx (1.67 MB)
Smash up faction power balance leaves a bit to be desired.
So after some discussion and testing I came up with several card adjustments that should make the game more interesting, usually improving the weaker factions or even the tweaking the gameplay of strong ones.

1 - Download and install a font very similar to smash up - Curse Casual
2 - Print on A4
3 - Cut them carefully (cut any black borders)
4 - Place those paste ups on the bottom half of each corresponding card (inside their sleeves)

This file includes paste ups for factions from the following sets:
Core Set
Awesome Level 9000
The Obligatory Cthulhu Set
Science Fiction Double Feature
The Big Geeky Box
Monster Smash
Pretty Pretty Smash Up


Disclaimer: This file is for personal use by smash up owners - any commercial use is strictly forbidden.
Aug 26, 2016
Deso's Balance patch v1.01.pptx (1.67 MB)
V 1.01 (just a few typo fixes - pointed by Anonymous Person (Father Time))
Jul 27, 2016
Deso's Balance patch .pptx (1.67 MB)
V1.0 Outdated (first release)
Jul 12, 2016


Glorantha: The Gods' War:: Chaos robot variant By: deleriad
The Chaos Robot v0.docx (22 KB)
This is a very sketchy first draft for playing Chaos automatically for those of us who want an extra player.
Aug 26, 2016


Guilds of London:: Guilds of London - A Plain and Simple Guide By: malibu_babe_28
Guilds of London Plain and Simple.pdf (689 KB)
Condensed rules for Guilds of London. I have included all card abilities, and incorporated all clarifications from the Rules section of the game forums.
Aug 26, 2016


Eldritch Horror:: Y'Golonac AO Expansion By: parkerw1997
Y'Golonac Mysteries.pdf (356 KB)
Updated, harder versions of the mysteries.
Aug 26, 2016
Y Golonac v3.rar (1.67 MB)
-Made some Mysteries harder
Download the PDF file above for updated mysteries.
May 6, 2016


Freak Shop:: Règles Freakshop - FR By: SebCatchup
regles_freakshop.pdf (4.23 MB)
livret de règles FR (éditeur)
Aug 26, 2016


At Villers Cotterets:: Living Rules By: lerugray
At Villers Cottérêts_ Mons 1914 2.1.pdf (200 KB)
Newest living rules
Aug 26, 2016


Freak Shop:: Freak Shop Rulebook - EN By: SebCatchup
freakshop_rules.pdf (4.23 MB)
Official Rulebook - EN (publisher)
Aug 26, 2016


Cockroach Poker:: Unoffical Strategy Guide By: DorksGoneWild
Cockroach Poker -DGW.docx (15 KB)
Hello, this is the unofficial in depth strategy guide to be the best Cockroach poker player in the world! Enjoy!
Aug 26, 2016


Star Wars: Armada:: Armada Icon Fonts By: err404
ARMADAICONSCustomsV1.ttf (10 KB)
Font file containing custom upgrade and ability icons from DA'S Armada Shipyards and Kuat Drive Yards.
Aug 26, 2016
Now updated with Glyphs from Waves 3 and 4. Plus several other extras!

See notes in comments
Aug 26, 2016
The Armada font has been updated with Wave 2 icons for Contain, Grit, Rogue, and Intel.
Oct 20, 2015
Icon set with Command, Upgrade and Defence Token images.
Apr 16, 2015


Fahrenheit 420:: Fahrenheit 420 full game By: Matt Loter
Fahrenheit 420.pdf (1.68 MB)
Download it first, print it, then...

Roll it. Spark it. Score it.
Aug 26, 2016


Zone Of Action:: Zone Of Action - Advanced Game Mode Rulebook (Ver 2.01) By: bonfiregamestudios
Advanced Rulebook ver 2.01.pdf (929 KB)
This is the Advanced Game Mode Rulebook for Zone Of Action by Bonfire Game Studios Version 2.01
Aug 26, 2016


Zone Of Action:: Zone Of Action - Basic Rulebook (Ver 2.07) By: bonfiregamestudios
ZOA Basic Rulebook ver 2.07 colored.pdf (2.47 MB)
This is the Basic Rulebook for Zone Of Action, by Bonfire Game Studios (Version 2.07)
Aug 26, 2016


Grimslingers:: Phase Reminder Cards By: Neikedjour
GrimslingerPhaseReminders_Sheet.pdf (799 KB)
A sheet of reminder cards - Quick rundown of all of the steps/actions in a phase. Print double sided for 8 cards. Make sure your printer is not set to stretch the image.
Aug 26, 2016
GrimslingerPhaseReminders.pdf (2.06 MB)
Printable reminder cards - Quick rundown of all of the steps/actions in a phase.
Aug 25, 2016


Scythe:: Scythe Meeple Crates By: ScaperDeage
ScytheMeepleCrates_byScaperDeage_v01.pdf (3.91 MB)
This file contains small tuck box cubes that fit all the wood bits for each faction in both the base game and the Invaders from Afar expansion. File is set to print on 8.5x11 Letter sized paper, but should print fine on A4.

I also plan to make tuck boxes for premium sleeved cards in this same style. I'll post a link to them in the comments section when done.
Aug 26, 2016


Zombicide: Black Plague:: Epic Abominations - Special Rules By: LX1986
Zombicide Black Plague - Epic Abomination Rules.pdf (669 KB)
These house rules add Health Points to Abominations in order to make them more difficult to defeat with Damage 3 Weapons and Skills. Each successful Hit with a Damage 3 Weapon (or higher) inflicts 1 Wound on an Abomination. I think this variant feels very consistent with the rest of the game, since it does not change any core mechanic apart from adding HP. This variant does not affect anything else, but Damage 3 Weapons and Skills. Instead of killing Abominations right away, you need to successfully hit them several times in order to defeat them. Some special rules concerning Abominations have been altered as well to make them slightly stronger (nothing major). The assumption is that you do not add all Abominations to the Spawn Deck with this variant, but only a few. The intent is to make Abominations terrifying again and feel more like Bosses.

The file also contains a Targeting Priority Table containing all Zombies.
Aug 26, 2016


Legendary: Dark City:: The Knarf's Legendary Dark City Vertical Dividers By: Knarf247
TKLegendary Marvel v.03 Dark City vertical dividers.pdf (102 KB) Aug 26, 2016
TKLegendary Marvel v.02 Dark City vertical dividers.pdf (102 KB)
fixed elektra and colossus team icons

Aug 25, 2016
TKLegendary Marvel v.01 Dark City vertical dividers.pdf (101 KB)
based on Naked Gremlin's dividers, but a bit taller and wider to suite my needs for the hobby lobby artist's case & go7gamings insert.

Aug 23, 2016

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