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Eclipse: Rise of the Ancients:: Eclipse - Turn Order Track & Tokens/Tablero y Tokens de Orden de Turno [RotA EXPANSION] By: KHARN
Eclipse - Turn Order Track RotA.pdf (2.03 MB)
Turn Order variant track Expansion for "RotA" - Expansión para la variante de Orden de Turno para "RotA"
Jul 30, 2013


Dominion: Cornucopia:: Professionally Designed Horizontal Tabbed Dividers for Dominion: Cornucopia By: dannunes
tabbedCornucopia-page3.pdf (90 KB)
Page 3 of 3
Aug 2, 2011
tabbedCornucopia-page2.pdf (4.57 MB)
Page 2 of 3
Aug 2, 2011
tabbedCornucopia-page1.pdf (4.56 MB)
My version of Ted "Toulouse" Alspach's Dominion tabbed dividers for the Dominion: Cornucopia expansion. These are designed to be printed on 11x17 paper (preferably cardstock, or glued onto cardstock). The tabs are ordered alphabetically grouped with the action cards first, then the prize cards.

(attachments separated into 3 pages due to file size)
Jul 24, 2011


Magic Realm:: Chits and details for 4 alternate MR character (9-12) (17-20) Player tiles (1-24) By: Goldenturkey
Battle mage correction.jpg (630 KB)
Corrected text in Battle Mage - Should be Medium vulnerability not Heavy (as was). Thanks to galvornman for the spot.
Apr 16, 2012
Player Tiles 1-24.jpg (733 KB)
Player tiles (hexagonal) for all 24 alternate characters, plus characters 9-12 and 17-20.

V2 of player hexes - scaling error fixed - linked below
Sep 23, 2011
Char (1.38 MB)
Chits and details for 4 alternate MR character (17-20)
[Goblin, Battlemage, Barrow Wight, Guide]
Subsequent corrections made to Battlemage and Barrow Wight. See below for link to the files.
Sep 23, 2011
Char 9-12 (1.44 MB)
Chits and details for 4 alternate MR character (9-12)v3
Sep 23, 2011


Catan: Cities & Knights:: Catan: Cities & Knights Progress Cards By: elinboyan
Catan-Cities & Knights bg Almanac bg.docx (19 KB)
This is my bulgarian translation for all Catan:Cities&Knights progress cards.
Sep 16, 2012


Catan:: New building-cost card (after Traders & Barbarians came out) By: mill1
Baukosten komplettgrv2_EN.pdf (55 KB)
New building-cost card with all the 'official' things to build and buy. In English
Aug 4, 2009


Space Infantry:: Space Infantry: HIVE Session Record Sheet By: revtiedye
Session Record (137 KB)
Similar to my original Space Infantry Session Record Sheet, but this one incorporates several new options:
- Command Points & Orders
- Ammo Tracking
- Better Team & Resource management
- "Auto" turn-numbering (sounds cooler than it is).
May 13, 2010


Diabolo:: Diabolo-Pocket mod rules (English) By: frienetic
Diabolo-PocketMod rules (English).pdf (142 KB)
Rules in English (Patrick Korner's v1.0) in concise format. Presented in Pocket Mod format to easily fold and fit in small Amigo box. For folding instructions
Mar 5, 2010


Monstererbe: Das Testament des Doktor F.:: Monster Heritage 2-player rules By: spiellabor
Monster Heritage 2-player rules.doc (21 KB)
2-player rules for Monstererbe in english
Oct 27, 2009


Lands Unknown:: (LT) Lands Unknown Lithuania rulebook By: ji_fearou
Lands Unknown - taisykles LT.pdf (1.48 MB)
Taisykles lietuviu kalba zaidimo ,,Nezinomosios Zemes" (angl. Lands Unknown)
Mar 25, 2012


Dark Darker Darkest:: *** Official Revised rules *** By: ausloosd
printerfriendly2.pdf (4.99 MB)
Printerfriendly version of the revised rules, for those who plan to print out on their home printer. Same content as the file below, but with background graphics and the color in the information boxes removed. Should save a considerable amount of ink on inktjet-based printers.
Apr 15, 2014
DDDrevisedrules.pdf (16.82 MB)
These are the official revised rules for Dark Darker Darkest with full graphics.
They contain a complete rewrite of the original rules, with added examples, clarity issues addressed and errors removed.

Additionally, some mechanical elements are further streamlined. Most notably the code breaking mechanic that is greatly simplified to ensure even smoother gameplay.

Apr 4, 2014


Thrash'n Roll:: 6 Quick Reference Cards By: Lines42
ThrashHelpCardsV2.0.pdf (347 KB)
Version 2.0
These are 6 quick reference cards I made to place on the table and make gameflow a bit easier.
- use of Fan cards
- use of Scandal cards
- use of Support cards
- icon connections of support cards
- End of Round procedure
- End of Game scoring
Nov 3, 2015
ThrashHelpCards.pdf (288 KB)
Old version
Oct 19, 2015


Arcana:: Arcana Rulebook (3.5mb PDF) Updated Nov 4/2009 By: kneumann
arcana-rules.pdf (3.13 MB)
Arcana Rulebook (3.5mb PDF) Updated Nov 4/2009
Nov 6, 2009


Army of Frogs:: Army of Frogs Print and Play - Anura Drawings Edition V1 (in pdf) By: salish99
Frogs_PnP_DrawingEdition_V1.pdf (2.30 MB)
A beautiful set of drawn members of the order Anura for this Army of Frogs Print and Play Drawings Edition. Comments welcome. Enjoy.
2 spots per frog unit are left free for your own creativity.
pdf file
Jan 2, 2010


Army of Frogs:: Army of Frogs Print and Play - Kids Edition V1 (pdf version) By: salish99
Frogs_PnP_KidsDrawingEdition_V1.pdf (2.71 MB)
A fun set of child-friendly drawings of frog % Co. for this Army of Frogs Print and Play Kids Edition. Comments welcome. Enjoy.
2 spots per frog unit are left free for your own creativity & to make additional pieces (simply copy the drawing file and move it on the empty slots)
pdf file
Jan 2, 2010


Ars Alchimia:: Ars Alchimia French rule By: matador
ars_alchimia_fr_regles.pdf (1.33 MB)
French rule of "Ars Archimia" after done lay out
Jul 28, 2014


Ancient Terrible Things:: ATT : The Lost Charter - Fiche d'aide (v1.0, couleur) By: djcrazyb
ATT_TLC_FR_fiche_aide_cartes.pdf (1.95 MB)
Fiche d'aide pour les cartes Swag et Feat de la nouvelle extension "Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter" traduite en français par DargouWouloulou


Ajuster la taille lors de la l'impression (entre 25 et 30% selon l'imprimante).

Merci à RoyZ pour l'aide et la relecture ainsi qu'à Monkyky pour les corrections.
Jan 10, 2016


Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea:: Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures War at Sea rules in CN By: Yukari Ja
Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures War at Sea in CN.pdf (5.84 MB)
Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures War at Sea rules in Chinese
Jul 31, 2015


Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg!:: Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg! - reglas en español By: NoMasOvejas
TK Living Rules es V1.5.pdf (2.31 MB)
Traducción al castellano de las reglas de AE:TK, actualizadas hasta las Living Rules de fecha feb14.
Feb 7, 2015


Black Sheep and White Sheep:: Black sheep and white sheep the English rules of the game v1.0 By: vcdjason
Black sheep and white sheep the English rules of the game v1.0.pdf (1.25 MB)
Black sheep and white sheep the English rules of the game v1.0 / 黑羊與白羊英文規則V1.0版
Jan 27, 2014


For Sale:: box redesigned By: black white
box redesigned.pdf (4.99 MB)
for card back redesigned. enjoy!
Jun 10, 2011


Mice and Mystics:: Campaign Tracker for Books 1-3 By: ElixisJade
Campaign Tracker 1-3 single page.docx (35 KB)
This is a campaign tracker for the characters in Mice and Mystics. This has the names of all abilities for the first 3 books.
Apr 9, 2015


Cat Tower Lite:: Cat Tower Lite By: aza543
Cat_Tower_Lite.pdf (395 KB)
English Rules
Dec 22, 2014


Cave Pilot 55:: Cave crawlers scenario By: weterings
Scenario_Cave_crawlers.jpg (241 KB)
Scenario sheet "Cave crawlers' Duration: 8-32 min. No. of players: (solo) + 2-4 (33, 3rd version)
Mar 4, 2015


Cave Pilot 55:: Cave Pilot 55 Spielanleitung By: weterings
Spielanleitung_Cave_Pilot_55_A5_Deutsch_II.pdf (5.15 MB)
Rule book Cave Pilot 55 in German (1, 2nd version)
Mar 21, 2015


China: Grenzstreitigkeiten:: China: Grenzstreitigkeiten - modded higher resolution, Chinese names and dampende colors By: Cy0n
China-moded-expansion-medium.jpg (9.19 MB)
I have taken Michael Schacht file and dampened the colors slightly, added a texture which makes this originaly low resolution better looking in 300 dpi on 2 - A3 papers, and I have added Chinese characters names to the regions (I dont speak Chinese but took them from wikipedia, though I'm pretty sure they are correct.)
Nov 2, 2014

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