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Smash Up:: Smash Up Random Faction Cards By: Riggah19
munchkin faction cards.pdf (433 KB)
This file is for the smash up munchkin faction cards.This also includes a bonus faction cards of having your opponents choose your faction.
Oct 3, 2015
smash up random faction cards.pdf (1.30 MB)
Here is a set of random faction cards for every faction up to pretty pretty. The purpose of these cards is to give 2 to each player and those are the factions that are played. If a player draws the "your choice" card, then they get to choose one of their factions. If people enjoy these random faction cards, I can create some for the 8 munchkin factions coming soon.
Jun 8, 2015


Smash Up:: SMASH UP FACTION CHIPS By: thangtran
Smash_Up_Factions.jpg (2.14 MB)
i was looking all over for the faction chips for this game. i found a few but not all. so i decided to make some myself. these are the faction chips for ALL expansions to date. hope you enjoy them. i put mine of sticker paper and cut and pasted them onto wooden chips from the Craft store.
Sep 25, 2015


Smash Up:: Scoring Sheet By: Riggah19
score sheet.tif (1.82 MB)
Here is a Smash Up scoring sheet for 4 players. It starts at 0 points and goes all the way up to 21 points.
Aug 24, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up player aids By: Barliman
SU player aids.pdf (474 KB)
Includes: mats for the bases with numbers lines to keep track of power totals; tokens for the mats and for minion power changes. This is similar to aids used by SU Munchkin playtesters, minus items needed for SUM only.
Aug 4, 2015


Smash Up:: Tłumaczenie kart By: Miszcz
Karty.pdf (871 KB)
Tłumaczenie wszystkich kart, które na tą chwilę się ukazały.
Jul 10, 2015


Smash Up:: Polska instrukcja do gry By: Miszcz
Instrukcja.pdf (1.16 MB)
W instrukcji uwzględniłem kilka dodatkowych drobnych zasad, które pojawiły się w dodatkach.
Jul 10, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up Tuck Boxes By: PubMeeple
SmashUpTuckBoxes.pdf (4.45 MB)
Pub Meeple's tuck boxes for the base game of Smash Up.

You can watch a quick DIY on how to put these together here: https://youtu.be/xYLdMhnkhFQ

More Smash Up Tuck Boxes:
Smash Up Base Game
Awesome Level 9000
The Obligatory Cthulhu Set
Science Fiction Double Feature
Monster Smash
Big Geeky Box
Pretty Pretty Smash Up
Jun 24, 2015


Smash Up:: An Arabic Transelation By: badrak
SMASH UP card transelation.docx (36 KB)
An Arabic translation for Smash Up cards and bases (Core Game)
Jun 13, 2015


Smash Up:: Base Mats By: XOMB5
smashup mouse pad v1.png (1.53 MB)
I made these base mats and had them printed on mouse pads. I am very happy with how they turned out and thought I would share them.
Jun 5, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up Reference Cards By: valknut79
Smash Up Reference Cards.pdf (70 KB)
A PDF, as requested.
May 22, 2015
Smash Up Reference Cards.docx (48 KB)
I created these reference cards for new players. With so many factions, sometimes new players are overwhelmed. I find that sleeveing these and including them with factions can help new players make better decisions about which factions to pair together and which factions they'd like to avoid.

Each faction has a one or two-word description of types of minions, types of actions, good factions to pair with (in my opinion), and a blurb about how to use the faction.

Includes everything through Pretty Pretty Smash Up.

Uploaded as a Word document so you can edit my descriptions to your tastes.
May 21, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up Faction Summary By: Mijal
Smash_Up_Factions_Summary_v1.pdf (38 KB)
A brief summary of the core mechanics/theme of each Smash Up Faction, including a brief flavorful description in parentheses. Also indicates which factions are more difficult to play (in my opinion) or have non-traditional deck structures. Includes all expansions up through Pretty Pretty Smash Up. Version 1.0.
May 18, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up 30 point Base Counter Mat By: Denyou
Smash Up Base Counter.pdf (3.25 MB)
A 30 point base mat for Smash Up. I designed this based on Outinthedark's base mats but wished the track to extend beyond a break point of 20 as well as have spaces be a little larger for pawns/meeples. Two mats are printed on each page and should fit the cards fine.
May 8, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up - Random Selection Faction Chit Tokens By: apcki
Smash_Up_Faction_chits.zip (5.27 MB)
A set of 1.5in circular faction selection chit tokens up until the Pretty Pretty expansion.
Apr 30, 2015


Smash Up:: 4 Player Base score track 4X6 By: jahwarrior2012
smash up 4X6.docx (457 KB)
Base scoring for a 4 player game ready to print on a 4X6 piece of photo paper
Mar 26, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up Card Reference Spreadsheet By: PirateGreenBeard
Smash_Up_Reference.xlsx (37 KB)
Updated to include the Pretty Pretty Smash Up expansion.
Mar 20, 2015
Smash_Up_Reference.xlsx (33 KB)
Updated with a correction.
Jan 27, 2015
Smash_Up_Reference.xlsx (33 KB)
This spreadsheet workbook contains all of the information on every card. It includes every expansion to date; Awesome Level 9000, Monster Smash, Science Fiction Double Feature, The Obligatory Cthulhu Set, and The Big Geeky Box.

This will be updated later with better formatting, and I plan to insert images for factions. I just wanted to upload a simple preliminary file in case anybody else wants to do anything with the data. My goal is to have a printable, easily readable reference in order to select more synergistic factions.

Also, I plan to get the Pretty Pretty Smash Up expansion when it comes out, and add that data to this file.
Jan 25, 2015


Smash Up:: Smash Up Bros 30 point, 4 player Base mats By: hogfatherAU
Smash_Up_Base_Mat_B2_30points.pdf (1.93 MB)
Based on Outinthedark's excellent bases, these have been extended to include support for 30 point scoring.

The background of the bottom row isn't perfect as I don;t have the source files, but it worked well for us so I thought I would post them up.
Mar 18, 2015


Smash Up:: 4 Player Rectangular Mats By: wolfejo
SmashUpBaseMats.pdf (1.76 MB)
This is a rectangular 4 player base mat for Smash Up that fits nicely in The Big Geeky Box. It separates Minions and Action cards played on the base for better organization. It also scores up to 30 for new higher scoring bases. Available in 5 different colors. I recommend printing on card stock and using 10mm cubes as point counters.
Feb 27, 2015


Smash Up:: Very basic low ink score keeping mats for Smash Up By: Oreot
Smash-Up-grid-blank.pdf (35 KB)
These aren't anything special to look at but they work and don't use color ink. I banged these out for myself in photoshop because I didn't see any simple bases on BGG and thought other people might like them as well. I just printed a few off at work and laminated them, added some cubes to the box to track with and they work nicely. Hope someone else finds them useful.
Feb 17, 2015


Smash Up:: Graphic Tuckboxes By: Zub3ri
Smash Up Core Set Tuck Boxes v1.0.zip (945 KB)
Version 1.0

This is my first attempt at designing my own tuck boxes. The current options on BGG did not appeal to me artistically. Images are used with permission from Mark in AEG customer service.
Jan 15, 2015


Smash Up:: Faction Drafting Cards By: marshimartian
SmashUpDraftCards.pdf (1015 KB)
A homebrew set of cards I designed for drafting/randomly dealing factions for your game of Smash Up.

Dec 18, 2014


Smash Up:: Faction Generator By: demck85
Smash Up.zip (1.26 MB)
Took images from provided by 1havok12 and combined with the HTML code from r0t1prata faction generator to make a simple one with added faction icons next to the randomly selected factions for easier picking out the box.

Needs icons for new factions out of Monster Smash and Geeks
Sep 22, 2014


Smash Up:: Color Coded Double Sided Base Mats & Scoretrack By: waleslie
Smash Up Double Sided Base Mats & Scoretrack.pdf (892 KB)
Based on Outinthedark's great base mats & Mistbeen & fospaint's player 4 & 6 player scoretrack.

The player numbers have been put in clockwise order with 4 player on one side and 6 player on the other. The player numbers have been color coded with the scoretrack. All fits within the Smash Up box.

Print the pdf out at 100% (Not scale to fit).
Print the base mat page 7 times.
Cut out the base mats, fold them in half, and laminate them.
Cut out and laminate the scoretrack.
Jul 13, 2014


Smash Up:: Tabla mazos jugados By: eugeniojuan
Tabla mazos jugados.rtf (43 KB)
Es una simple tabla con las facciones (Básico, Awe level 9000, Cthulhu) para poder señalar con las que ya has jugado e incluso valora sus sinergias.
Jun 21, 2014


Smash Up:: Smash Up Faction Characteristics and Strengths By: allstar64
Smash Up Faction Characteristics and Strengths.pdf (191 KB)
This is a quick overview of all 20 of the current factions as well as their general abilities and strengths. Useful as a quick guide to understanding generally what to expect from any faction you intend on playing.
Apr 30, 2014


Smash Up:: Smash Up 6-player scoretrack By: fostpaint
smashup_6P_scoretrack.pdf (18.35 MB)
A modified version of Mistabeen's Scoretrack to accommodate 6-player games.
Apr 24, 2014

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