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Carcassonne: The City:: [Español] Reglas a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Carcassonne The City - Reglas a la JcK.pdf (267 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas con y sin imagenes al estilo JcK

Oct 1, 2013


Carcassonne: The City:: 4 Reference cards with art By: PK1988
Carcassonne_the_City lsr3-4pp.pdf (10.51 MB)
Print double sided to have 4 cards to cut out
Oct 23, 2012


Carcassonne: The City:: 50/100 Scoring Tiles for The City By: vandesc
City 50-100 Tiles.pdf (108 KB)
Set of four 50/100 scoring tiles for Carcassonne: The City.
Feb 27, 2012


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne the city dutch rules By: Prosperoo
carcassonne.doc (40 KB)
Dutch translation of Carcassonne the city
Feb 11, 2011


Carcassonne: The City:: Rules in portuguese By: ealpendre
Carcassonne the City - Regras PT-BR.doc (2.06 MB)
Regras em português
Jul 5, 2008


Carcassonne: The City:: AutoCAD Blueprints for Holders By: mem010
TheCityHolder.dwg (91 KB)
AutoCAD file (.dwg) of baalrukh's blueprints for improved box storage. I had a buddy of mine do this for use with a laser cutter. Maybe you can find a use for them?
May 5, 2008


Carcassonne: The City:: Quick scoring reference By: r3gamer
Carcassonne the City.doc (409 KB)
Carcassonne veterans may not need it, but it's great for newbies.
Feb 23, 2008


Carcassonne: The City:: Concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet04 - Carcassonne The City.ppt (52 KB)
Concise reference sheet for teaching the game and easy reference
Dec 29, 2007


Carcassonne: The City:: Box Storage Improvement v1.0 By: baalrukh
Carcassonne-The_City.zip (35 KB)
The blueprints to improve the box storage options.
You can see it in imageID 157800 , 157522 , 157521 and 157519.
Sep 26, 2007


Carcassonne: The City:: Carc_City_Rules.pdf By: ColtsFan76
Carc_City_Rules.pdf (3.69 MB)
Original RGG The City Rules (permission granted by Rio Grande)
Jun 23, 2007


Carcassonne: The City:: Die_Stadt_suomeksi.pdf By: Westwood
Die_Stadt_suomeksi.pdf (3.40 MB)
Suomenkieliset säännöt
Jul 15, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne staden A5.pdf By: hakko504
Carcassonne staden A5.pdf (797 KB)
Svenska regler till die Stadt
May 14, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: carcassonne.txt By: schlappy
carcassonne.txt (12 KB)
english translation -- txt format
Mar 9, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne-The City Solitaire.doc By: wyldeoak
Carcassonne-The City Solitaire.doc (21 KB)
Solitaire for Carcassonne: The City
Feb 22, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: carcassonnethecityENGtranslation.pdf By: xombe
carcassonnethecityENGtranslation.pdf (421 KB)
Carcassonne English Rules
Feb 9, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne-The City Rules.doc By: BeyondMonopoly
Carcassonne-The City Rules.doc (101 KB)
English Rules in Word Format
Jan 28, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne - Die Stadt2 (it).pdf By: lupalberto
Carcassonne - Die Stadt2 (it).pdf (532 KB)
italian translation of Carcassonne - Die Stadt
Jan 27, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne Die Stadt - UK rules.pdf By: stofferm
Carcassonne Die Stadt - UK rules.pdf (142 KB)
Carcassonne - Die Stadt rules in English, images not included
Jan 24, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne DIE STADT.pdf By: michely
Carcassonne DIE STADT.pdf (586 KB)
French Translation made by Annie RAJA – Rêves de Jeux – Novembre 2004
Jan 11, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne die Stadt_kor.pdf By: ento
Carcassonne die Stadt_kor.pdf (440 KB)
Korean Rules Translation
Jan 11, 2005


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne die Stadt.rtf By: NeuroNiky
Carcassonne die Stadt.rtf (12 KB)
English translation based on the French Translation. Hand made, not Babelfished.
Dec 8, 2004


Carcassonne: The City:: carcs_rg.pdf By: Toad
carcs_rg.pdf (584 KB)
French Rules Translation
Nov 12, 2004


Carcassonne: The City:: Carcassonne - The city.doc By: minismurf
Carcassonne - The city.doc (27 KB)
Brief English Rules / Player Aid
Oct 19, 2004

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