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Mission: Red Planet:: Astronaut placement summary By: tobydjones
MRP astronaut placement summary.xls (7 KB)
A chart showing how many astronauts you can place when playing each character card.

Under 'Astronaut placement' is a list of the possible placements:
(*) place one astronaut in a spaceship
(*)(*) place two astronauts in two ships, one in each ship
(**) place two astronauts in one spaceship
(***) place three astronauts in one spaceship
May 19, 2015


Mission: Red Planet:: Character Quick Reference with Highlights By: jasonw91
Quick Reference with Highlights.docx (61 KB)
A Quick Reference to see what each Character does on one small player aid. Two different color highlights. The "place X astronaut" in florescent yellow and the second ability such as "destroy X astronaut" in florescent teal/blue. 3 on 1 page, print 2 pages.
Dec 14, 2013


Mission: Red Planet:: Russian Event Cards By: Igiigi
event_cards.rar (1.27 MB)
Перевод карт Cобытий на русский язык. Для вставки в протекторы. 2 варианта - оригинальный и с немного измененными картинкам. Обработка изображений: Moldon. Перевод и "верстка": Jay
Feb 14, 2013


Mission: Red Planet:: Russian rules By: Igiigi
mars_rus_v1[1].pdf (1.77 MB)
Сверстанные в pdf на основе оригинального буклета. Перевод и верстка: Jay
Dec 13, 2012


Mission: Red Planet:: M:RP Unique Abilities Variant By: squash
MRP Unique Abilities.pdf (1.90 MB)
This variant gives each player a unique identity with a special power and a different crew of characters. There are 8 identities to choose from, each with a male and a female character image. This is a 10 page PDF document. The first 2 pages are the rule changes, and can be printed double-sided on a single sheet. The last 8 pages are the Abilities Reference Sheets, and every 2 pages can be printed back-to-back on a single page so that each ability has the male character on one side and the female character on the other.
Jul 28, 2010


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission: Red Planet Nederlands By: zepson
Mission Red Planet NL.doc (44 KB)
Nederlandse spelregels van Red Planet in tekstvorm.
Jun 3, 2010


Mission: Red Planet:: Scoresheet for "Mission: Red Planet" By: partino
MissionSkor.doc (19 KB)
This is my own simple scoresheet for "Mission: Red Planet" (copyright 2006, Asmodee Editions LLC) that I made up and use, the categories for which are according to the official scoring rules for this game. There are spaces for scoring a maximum of 5 players, as per the game rules (the game is recommended for 3-5 players). This is a Word file, with no graphics.
Oct 5, 2009


Mission: Red Planet:: Player Mat for Mission: Red Planet By: Gamegrunt
MRP Player Mat.jpg (249 KB)
A player mat for Mission: Red Planet - two to a page with spaces for astronauts, score tokens, bonus card(s) and used character cards.
Jul 27, 2009


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission: Red Planet Notes v1.1 By: Gretyl
Mission_Red_Planet_Notes_v1.1.doc (46 KB)
Updated and revised edition based on Grimnir's original, with permission. Now with more clarifications and precision!
May 17, 2009


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission:Red Planet card paste in simplfied chinese By: eastfire
牌表.xls (25 KB)
Mission:Red Planet card paste in simplfied chinese.《火星任务》牌表
Jan 3, 2009


Mission: Red Planet:: Polish Rules By: masterein
red planet.rar (1.23 MB)
Tłumaczenie instrukcji na j.polski.
Dec 9, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission Red Planet - Player's Aid - Hebrew By: TneMadKow
Mission Red Planet - Player's Aid - Hebrew.pdf (106 KB)
Quick Rules and Rules Summary in Hebrew.
Enjoy ^_^
Nov 22, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Overview characters DUTCH By: facenorth23
red planet personageskopie.jpg (166 KB)
An overview of the different character load abilities and powers.
Oct 30, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission: Red Planet Tuckboxes By: Verkisto
Mission Red Planet Tuckboxes.pdf (497 KB)
This is a one-page file that has the designs for two tuckboxes. One is for the event cards, and the other is for all the character role cards. The boxes were created using graphics from here on BGG and the generator at http://tuckbox.gameupdates.com/.
Sep 29, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission: Red Planet 2 Player Variant By: jumatake
MissionRedPlanet_2P_variant.doc (19 KB)
Mission: Red Planet 2 Player variant without neutral player
Jun 24, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Karty PL - polish cards By: Aleks
Mission Red Planet - karty end plus skany.pdf (2.74 MB)
As stickers - ready to print
Apr 23, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission: Red Planet - Chuleta By: mymenda
Mission- red planet (chuleta).pdf (344 KB)
Chuleta de los personajes. Tamaño de las cartas de eventos
Mar 22, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Spanish cards - Cartas en castellano By: JESSONSO
MRP_etiquetas.doc (62 KB)
Cartas traducidas al castellano, para recortar y pegar.
Mar 18, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission Red Planet - Rules Clarifications 1.0 By: DLongo
Mission Red Planet - Rules Clarifications 1.0.doc (62 KB)
This is a compiliation of the Questions and Answers brought forth here on the Geek so far. Most of the answers are official ones.
Jan 8, 2008


Mission: Red Planet:: RedPlanet_Karten_GE_1.1.pdf By: Michel
RedPlanet_Karten_GE_1.1.pdf (945 KB)
Deutsche Kartentexte - German card texts - zum Aufkleben auf Karten und Spielplan. V1.1
Jul 31, 2007


Mission: Red Planet:: MissionRedPlanet_Anleitung_deutsch_V1.pdf By: Michel
MissionRedPlanet_Anleitung_deutsch_V1.pdf (121 KB)
Deutsche Regeln komplett auf 2 Seiten 20x20cm, passend zu den Kartenaufklebern. V 1.0 (German complete rules, matching the German card stickers)
Jul 31, 2007


Mission: Red Planet:: mission-red_planet_german_rules.pdf By: drfunk
mission-red_planet_german_rules.pdf (133 KB)
Rules in german - Deutsche Regelübersetzung
May 20, 2007


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission Red Planet rules summary and player aid By: Grimnir
Mission Red Planet Notes v1.doc (45 KB)
Mission: Red Planet rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory. Incorporates any clarifications from the BGG Rules Forum and Bruno Faidutti's website FAQ. Page 3 can be used for player handouts describing the characters.
May 17, 2007


Mission: Red Planet:: Mission Red Planet - cartas.rtf By: GSReis
Mission Red Planet - cartas.rtf (6 KB)
Portuguese character and event cards translation
Apr 27, 2007


Mission: Red Planet:: Pianeta Rosso_RegolamentoITA.pdf By: gnoccarello
Pianeta Rosso_RegolamentoITA.pdf (1.53 MB)
Pianeta Rosso_Regolamento ITA - ver. 1.1
Jan 18, 2007

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