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Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Ca$h 'n Gun$ Spanish booklet rules By: felpa
c&g Spanish booklet.pdf (691 KB)
Reglas traducidas al español (descargadas de aquí) en formato booklet (librillo)
Oct 20, 2015


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Eight character cards By: graven13
characterstarot.zip (1.40 MB)
Here are the character cards in Tarot size with bleed.
Apr 27, 2015
playercards.zip (1.22 MB)
I do not like the original character cards, so I created these colored human targets to be used instead. They are poker-sized with bleed.
Apr 27, 2015


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Cards for the Alternative Game: "A Cop in the Mafia" By: graven13
CnG.zip (1.16 MB)
I created these cards with the design of Jaren Typpo for the alternative game "A Cop in the Mafia". This file includes:
1) Role cards-Gangster and three versions of the Undercover Cop (Undercover Cop, Rat, and Snitch);
2) Telephone card (front and back);
3) Busy card;
3) Reinforcements Sent;
4) Alternate card back
Apr 16, 2015


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Upgrade cards to 2nd Edition formatted for The Printers Studio By: zippy1979
CnG2 Zippy1979 Upgrade Pack.zip (2.86 MB)
These cards can be used to play Cash and Guns 2nd Edition rules with the 1st Edition components.

The Blackmailer Promo is included.
Mar 2, 2015


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: "A Dapper Redesign" in Hungarian By: aquir
cashandgunsdapper_hu.doc (62 KB)
A Dapper Redesign (by Typpo), translated to Hungarian - Cash 'n Guns redesign pókeres stílusban, plusz új különleges képesség kártyákkal.
Feb 19, 2014


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Manual de Regras By: Errante
Cash and Guns - Manual _ Groo.pdf (84 KB)
Cash and Guns:
Manual de Regras (Português/Brasil);
Tradução/Diagramação: Marcelo "Groo" Medeia;

PS: Veja também a Ficha de Referência e o manual Yakuzas.
Mar 20, 2013


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Ficha de Referência By: Errante
Cash and Guns - Referencia Gangsters _ Groo.pdf (312 KB)
Cash and Guns:
Ficha de Referência (Português/Brasil);
Tradução/Diagramação: Marcelo "Groo" Medeia;

PS: Veja também o Manual de Regras.
Mar 20, 2013


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: A Dapper Redesign By: Typpo
CnG_Redesign.rar (12.75 MB)
This is a redesign of Ca$h 'n Gun$ to emulate a poker game gone wrong with all the smack talk, standoffs, and wanton violence of the original game.
Nov 30, 2012


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Ca$h 'n Gun$ Cheat Sheet By: benritter
CashNGunsCheatSheet.pdf (2.29 MB)
Shorter version of David Me's Super Powers Cheat Sheet. Can be printed on one page.
Nov 8, 2012


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Ca$h'n Gun$ - The Gun$father Expansion - Español By: mrkaf
Ca$h'n Gun$ - The Gun$father - Español.pdf (1.59 MB)
Expansión The Gun$father traducida al español y maquetada como el original con permiso de Repos Production
Oct 13, 2010


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Even better.... By: davidme
Cash & Guns cheat sheet number 1.doc (341 KB)
Corrections to my just uploaded SUPER POWERS file, with all three expansions, Shotgun, Uzi, and Backstab.
Sep 15, 2010


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: SUPER POWERS cheat sheet. By: davidme
Cash & Guns cheat sheet number 1.doc (322 KB)
This is "Special Abilities Manifest" file with a correction of the "It does not even hurt" ability and the addition of the phases to make it easier to see what phase the abilities are referring to.
Sep 15, 2010


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Ca$h 'n Gun$ score sheet By: kerred
cash n guns score sheet.pdf (44 KB)
Scoresheet used to record scores
Jul 29, 2010


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: C& G power cheat sheet By: fatetwister64
C&G Powers.doc (250 KB)
This is an updated cheat sheet that has all the powers from the base game + Shotgun and Uzi. And best of all for new players when their power activates.

It's heavily inspired from the one Wargamer1978 uploaded.
Jul 9, 2010


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Tuck Box By: FarawayPictures
Tuck_Box.pdf (1.17 MB)
I tried to make it with a bit more space to allow for expansions.
Apr 12, 2010


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Ca$h 'n' Gun$ player aid v. 1.0 By: Menoetius
cash_n_guns_rules_summary.pdf (79 KB)
English language super-condensed rules summary for the basic game on page 1; descriptions of the super powers on page 2. (There's no description of the "cop in the Mafia" variant because, frankly, I haven't figured it out yet.)
Mar 11, 2010


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Money Tuckbox By: oghmagod
Money.pdf (75 KB)
This is a simple tuckbox for the money. You'll need two of these for the whole haul.
Oct 17, 2009


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Cash´n´Guns Special cards German 1.0 By: Bernhard N.
Cash&Guns_Superkräfte_ger.pdf (291 KB)
Player aid about the special cards and the yakuza special cards. Print it out for each player.
Apr 6, 2009


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Cartas remaquetadas superpoderes con texto en español By: kalamidad21
cartas maquetadas superpoderes.pdf (5.10 MB)
Cartas de superpoderes remaquetadas para incluir la explicación de la carta en texto en español.
Dec 12, 2008


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Mr Smith character By: Aarontu
Mr Smith.zip (132 KB)
Mr Smith (Agent Smith from the Matrix) character graphics and printing instructions.
Dec 2, 2008


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Homemade Wound/Shame Counters By: Nap16
Counters.pdf (38 KB)
Homemade Wound/Shame Counters
Sep 8, 2008


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Starter's Guide translation to Hebrew By: koby_shachar
C&G_starters_guide_Hebrew.doc (32 KB)
First page of the rules book, used as starter's guide for a quick refernce to start a game.
This document is in Hebrew.
Mar 4, 2008


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Special Card Manifest By: Wargamer1978
cngspecial.doc (261 KB)
Here is a user friendly "Special Ability Card" manifest. Rather than having to flip through the rulebook. Print out on nice glossy paper or have it laminated.
Jan 31, 2008


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Rules in Printer-friendly format By: da pyrate
C&G.doc (56 KB)
English version of the rules in Word format so as to be easy to edit and print.
Jan 15, 2008


Ca$h 'n Gun$:: Tuckbox to use with Yu-Gi-Oh! sized card sleeves v.1.0 By: Firepigeon
Tuckbox_Cash_n_Guns.pdf (852 KB)
Did you think to put your Ca$h'n Gun$ cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! card sleeves? And then what? Where do you put them now? On the loose inside the gamebox? This is one box to carry inside the gamebox, while the cards are well protected inside those sleeves. Just print this PDF and cut along the edges and use double sided tape (I worked this is to be the best method but YMMV) to put them all together.
Nov 13, 2007

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