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High Society:: High Society - short player aid By: jcawlo
High Society_player aid.pdf (40 KB)
This is a 1-pg PDF containing 4 rule summaries/player aids.
Apr 20, 2015


High Society:: Polish version rules By: Hiszp_Inkwizycja
Milionerzy_i_bankruci_instrukcja.pdf (754 KB)
Rules for the polish version of the game.
Mar 14, 2014


High Society:: High Conspiracy Tuck Box 22mm By: lankyb
High Conspiracy Tuckbox 22mm.pdf (559 KB)
Here is a tuck box I created for my PNP copy of the High Conspiracy re-theme of High Society. The box is based on and uses material from the card back designed by Filipe Cunha ( http://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/endou_kenji ).

The tuckbox is 22mm thick, which gives me about 1.5mm space when printing on 11 mil paper.
Mar 21, 2013


High Society:: High Society Chinese Rules By: finhisky
High Society Chinese Rules.pdf (1.90 MB)
High Society Chinese Rules
上流社會 中文(正體)規則

©2013台東桌遊同樂會 Finhisky
Jan 30, 2013


High Society:: Tradução das Regras para Português By: Romir
Einfach Tierisch.pdf (1.33 MB)
Rules translation to portuguese (based on the german version) - Tradução das regras para português (baseado na versão em alemão) - Version 1.0
Mar 22, 2011


High Society:: Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet By: bigloo33
High Society.doc (24 KB)
Quick reference rules summary for teahing and remembering rules and game management.
Mar 10, 2011


High Society:: High Society 2.5"x3.5" rules refresher "Cheat Sheet" By: aaarg_ink
HighSociety-Cheat-2.5x3.5.pdf (78 KB)
2.5"x3.5" rules refresher "Cheat Sheet"
This is a card-sized (standard MtG CCG) "cheat sheet" with the key rules for the game. This card is meant for people familiar with the game but wants a quick refresher, especially about picky details that are easy to forget. Feel free to comment/critique for me to improve them.
Apr 19, 2010


High Society:: High Conspiracy - Re-theme - card back v0.1 By: endou_kenji
High Conspiracy - Card Back v0.1.pdf (1.55 MB)
This is the back of the cards for the High Society re-theme from kilgore (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/kilgore). (Printer Friendly)

Edit: I think I'll split it into 2 different backs. One for the money and another for the auction items... we'll see how it works.
Jun 18, 2009


High Society:: High Society - Quick Start By: cowhollow
High Society - Quick Start.pdf (27 KB)
Summary of High Society rules to refresh your memory and setup and start playing quickly.
Mar 29, 2009


High Society:: High Society homebrew remake ("Conspiracy Theory") By: kilgore
HighSociety_remake_Conspiracy.pdf (7.04 MB)
A homebrew remake of High Society.
Nov 3, 2008


High Society:: Einfach Tierisch! NL.pdf By: Scarlet
Einfach Tierisch! NL.pdf (1.11 MB)
Dutch translation of the rules on a scan of the original german ones. Size fits the box.
Oct 29, 2006


High Society:: High Society Tuckboxes.pdf By: hholzgrafe
High Society Tuckboxes.pdf (1.39 MB)
High Society Tuckboxes with Artwork.
Oct 11, 2006


High Society:: High Society?ã—¬ŽÐ˜ð.doc By: Stubid_JJ
High Society?ã—¬ŽÐ˜ð.doc (23 KB)
Rules in Traditional Chinese
Oct 28, 2005


High Society:: g_einfachtierisch.pdf By: ef__
g_einfachtierisch.pdf (37 KB)
Einfach tierisch! Hungarian translate
Apr 8, 2005


High Society:: HighSociety_ITA.pdf By: the_spy
HighSociety_ITA.pdf (31 KB)
Rules in italian
Feb 14, 2005


High Society:: New Compressed (zipped) Folder (2).zip By: mickeyjames
New Compressed (zipped) Folder (2).zip (2.27 MB)
High Society Instructions Eng
Sep 24, 2004


High Society:: Einfach Tierisch (Box).pdf By: Bobby4th
Einfach Tierisch (Box).pdf (124 KB)
Modified translation for "Einfach Tierisch!" formatted to fit in the box.
Sep 13, 2004


High Society:: High Society.doc By: dwarf
High Society.doc (27 KB)
High Society rules in English
Sep 13, 2004


High Society:: hight society.pdf By: rodolf
hight society.pdf (1.66 MB)
traduccion español
Feb 3, 2004


High Society:: Einfach Tierisch! - Reglas.doc By: JESSONSO
Einfach Tierisch! - Reglas.doc (41 KB)
Spanish rules (¡Simplemente animal! - Las reglas)
Nov 22, 2003


High Society:: High Society - Reglas.doc By: JESSONSO
High Society - Reglas.doc (32 KB)
Spanish rules (Reglas de juego)
Nov 19, 2003


High Society:: highs_rg.pdf By: BoardGameGeek
highs_rg.pdf (17 KB)
Traduction française par François Haffner
Oct 16, 2001

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