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PanzerBlitz:: WEC to use with my variants, incl. changes to DF By: Steve1501
PanzerBlitz WEC #1.pdf (46 KB)
It is not set in concrete yet.
It assumes a new spotting rule.
Apr 30, 2016


PanzerBlitz:: PanzerBlitz Player Reference By: Chlapec
PanzerBlitz Sequence of Play with Charts_rev1.pdf (811 KB)
PanzerBlitz player reference with expanded sequence of play, including summary of combat procedures; also includes Combat Charts with addition of information omitted from original Terrain Effects Chart and Target Elevation Table; makes a handy reference or refresher; recommend printing double-sided onto card stock, then trim to 8" x 11" to fit in box
Mar 7, 2016


PanzerBlitz:: Panzer Warrior By: Blackcloud6
PB-PL Consolidated Rules 1-2.docx (241 KB)
Panzer Warrior, a set of rules combining PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader rules into one single set of common rules for both games.
Mar 6, 2016


PanzerBlitz:: Blank scaleable vector Panzerblitz map By: plloyd1010
Blank PB-PL map & notes.zip (17 KB)
This is blank Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader map made with Inkscape. Inkscape is a free vector drawing tool and may be downloaded from https://inkscape.org, I've included notes on the map file which may be useful.
Jul 12, 2015


PanzerBlitz:: Combined Arms Assault Tactics By: zaarin7
Combined Arms Assault Tactics.docx (11 KB)
This is the most up to date version of this variant per Bryon Henderson in a discussion on the series thread on Consimworld.
Feb 15, 2015


PanzerBlitz:: Stalingrad Module for Panzerblitz By: kajmakchalan
Stalingrad Panzerblitz Module.zip (1.48 MB)
This module consists of three maps (Stalingrad North, Center, South) each 15x23 hexes, Terrain Effects Chart, Volga Crossing Chart, Luftwaffe Mission Track, and an explanatory document. Total seven files (six jpg and one pdf). This module enables play of 1-2 day battles of the major German offensives during August-November 1942, using counters from the Imstrat website and organisations from Greg's Panzerblitz. I am the creator.
Jan 10, 2015


PanzerBlitz:: Consolidated Situation13 By: Jokem
PanzerBlitz-Consolidated Sit13.rtf (94 KB)
OK, I altered these based upon some of the feedback I got and also converted to RTF format - should be readable using WordPad instead of WORD only.
Nov 28, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: SVG vector art for iconic PanzerBlitz sleeve case By: mtngrown
panzerblitz-black-orange.svg (20 KB)
SVG is vector format allowing arbitrary image scaling, hence, a great way to create a simple image once, and rescale it to arbitrary sizes.

The SVG in this file is roughly 1200 x 1200 pixels, and has been scaled to 16 x 16 for favicon use on a web page tab with excellent results.

The license is Creative Commons Share Alike.
Oct 26, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: PanzerBlitz Combat Ledger By: mtngrown
panzerblitz-combat-ledger.pdf (16 KB)
Simple ledger for recording combat in PanzerBlitz, very useful for solo games, and for scenario development.
Oct 11, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: Solitaire rules for PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader By: matt1964
Solitaire rules for PB and PL.rtf (56 KB)
Solitaire rules for PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader
Sep 14, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: Situation 207 Extra Counters By: dimmysdad
Situation 207 Counters.pdf (20 KB)
These are the counters I made to represent the British Commandos German Radar and Gestapo Prisoners
Sep 12, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: Situation 101 Extra Counters By: dimmysdad
Situation 101 Counters.pdf (60 KB)
These are the extra counters needed to play Situation 101 from the General Vol 9 #2. These have the strengths from the original article for the British plus the 'civilian' counters. For those that want to play it as written.
Sep 10, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: Chopperblitz Counters By: dimmysdad
Chopperblitz Counters.pdf (127 KB)
These are a reworking of the original Wargamer's Guide to Panzerblitz counters in White (original),German, Russian, American and Commonwealth colors.
Sep 6, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: General Vol 11 # 4 Parablitz Counters (enhanced) By: dimmysdad
General V11 #4 Parablitz Counters Enhanced.pdf (2.57 MB)
These are made using the originals in The General V11 #4 but have been expanded to add the extra SMG counters to make the required breakdowns.
Sep 6, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: And one more Situation 13! By: Jokem
PanzerBlitz-20140526.docx (14 KB)
It seems to me Germany will have a good chance of taking the town, so victory conditions need to be adjusted by changing the number of turns.
Jun 2, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: Yet another Situation 13 By: Jokem
PanzerBlitz-20140516.docx (15 KB)
I have no one to playtest these, so have no idea what victory conditions will be balanced. Comments please...
May 16, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: Another Situation 13 By: Jokem
PanzerBlitz-20140411.docx (16 KB)
Want to head what people think.
Try this out and let me know ideas about adjusting the rules or victory conditions.
Apr 11, 2014


PanzerBlitz:: New BPV for DYO Scenarios By: pugbuddy
New BPV_11-2013.zip (212 KB)
11/2013 - this file includes updated counters from Gregpanzerblitz as well as corrections to two existing Italian counters (which I previously posted on Consimworld). It also organizes all of the counters for each nation in a single Excel spreadsheet. The updated and new counters are highlighted for ease of spotting the differences from the previous submission.

This is an extension of the systems originally created by Tom Oleson and Robert Chiang for DYO scenario generation for PB and PL. It allows for greater variety in unit types and addresses shortcomings in Mr. Chiang's system for PL.

Charts are included covering BPV ratings for the original units in each game as well as all additional and updated units on the Imaginative Strategist and Gregpanzerblitz sites. EDIT: This new file is updated with new units that have appeared on Gregpanzerblitz.com.
Nov 11, 2013


PanzerBlitz:: PanzerBlitz Asymmetrized; version 12 of Draft 1 By: Doug Ragan
PBAsym Activation Times and CO's.pdf (35 KB)
These are the Activation and CO counters required to play PB Asymmetrized.
Jan 27, 2013
PBAsym Troop Quality Counters.pdf (31 KB)
These are the Troop Quality counters that are required for PB Asymmetrized.
Jan 27, 2013
PBAsym Attrition Markers.pdf (4 KB)
These are the attrition counters that are required to play PB Asymmetrized.
Jan 27, 2013
PBAsym Collection of Ideas-v12.doc (621 KB)
PBAsym is a Redesign of the 1970 classic "PanzerBlitz" to make the battles "Asymmetrical", so that opponents must use different tactics in battling one another. The Germans have great Communications, Command and Control, whereas the Russians have numerical superiority. Both demand different tactics. The redesign is not quite complete, so it needs lots of play testing and feedback at this point. And it requires other counters such as CO's, Troop Quality, and Attrition, all of which are in separate PDF files and downloadable above. Please provide any comments, good or bad. Thanks, Doug Ragan.
Dec 10, 2012


PanzerBlitz:: Sequence of Play By: mtgjudge
Panzer Blitz Sequence of Play.docx (13 KB)
This is an outline my friend and I used to streamline and classify turn order as we played through the scenarios.
Dec 28, 2012


PanzerBlitz:: Air Warfare house rules for PB/PL By: SimGuy
Air Warfare Rules.pdf (125 KB)
Provides an alternate set of rules for air units covering Recon missions, Ground Attack, Transports, Paradrops, and Gliders, as well as AA fire and simple Air to Air combat.
Jun 16, 2012


PanzerBlitz:: Leaders for PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader By: SimGuy
PB_Leaders_rev1.zip (421 KB)
Leaders file has been corrected to fix a rather glaring error in the application of combat bonuses. Also the rules file has been converted to a .pdf format.
Jun 16, 2012
PB_Leaders.zip (166 KB)
A rules variant adding leader units to the PB/PL games. The variant describes leader attributes, how they can be used in combat, and how to configure them. Also mentioned are a couple of URLs: to the Junior General site for counter art files, and the Zhodani Base site which has a nice counter creation tool. Four .gif files provide example counters generated using the above tool.
Feb 24, 2011


PanzerBlitz:: Sim Guy WEC+ By: SimGuy
Sim Guy WEC+.pdf (230 KB)
The Weapons Effectiveness Chart that I use for my PB2K home games. A little simpler than similar charts by Fung, and Rogers, and a little bloodier in practice. Also includes a couple of tables separated out from my PB2K House Rules file.
Jun 11, 2012


PanzerBlitz:: PanzerBlitz 2K House Rules By: SimGuy
PB2K House Rules.pdf (330 KB)
Eight house Rules tried and true, by myself and my game group from some years back. Suitable for PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader. One of a series of mods that I use in my home games.
Jun 11, 2012


PanzerBlitz:: updated Commonweath UFT By: progers
Commonwealth UFT.pdf (67 KB)
New UFT to go along with Commonwealth unit counters upload in October 2011.
Oct 21, 2011

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