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Star Wars: Epic Duels:: SW:ED Expanded Universe Expansion FAQ By: xgamerms999
SWED_EU_FAQ.doc (34 KB)
FAQ for the Expanded Universe Fan Expansion.
Jun 11, 2014


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Epic Duels Tuckboxes - Letter, Unsleeved By: The Schaef
Epic-Duels-Tuckboxes_Unsleeved-Letter.pdf (2.38 MB)
Individual tuckboxes for each of the 12 character decks.

Nothing fancy or artistic, borrowed art from boxes, card backs and character boards to populate the sides, and compiled them using the Tuckbox Generator website.
Mar 10, 2014


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: General Grievous Expansion By: mastershake2468
General Grievous (2.98 MB)
A General Grievous card expansion for Epic Duels! Enjoy!
Oct 15, 2013


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Rules Summary By: Benjamin Maggi
Epic Duels (Rules Summary).docx (23 KB)
A short double-sided documents that lists all of the rules of the game, including any FAQ which affects game play. It doesn't list FAQ for each individual card. Print it out, laminate it, trim to size and toss in the box.
Nov 3, 2012


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Sarlacc Map By: Oiler
Sarlacc.pdf (3.73 MB)
This is a map of the Sarlacc pit from ROTJ. I've given it the Epic Duels treatment
Jun 28, 2011


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Epic Duels - die/dice labels By: Benjamin Maggi
Epic Duels die labels.pdf (66 KB)
This is a high-resolution scan of the labels from the game Epic Duels. I purchased an unused game and before I put the labels on the die I scanned them. If you print them out, make sure that your printer doesn't adjust their size. Each die label should be 1/2 inch square.
Feb 14, 2011


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Star Wars: Epic Duels rules summary By: Grimnir
Star Wars Epic Duels rules summary v1.doc (50 KB)
Star Wars: Epic Duels rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory.
Incorporates any clarifications from the BGG Rules Forum and the FAQ found in the Files link.
Dec 26, 2009


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Card & Deck Design Templates By: The_Sultan (4.53 MB)
.psd (Photoshop) and .indd (InDesign) files for making custom decks for use with Epic Duels. These templates are not exact replicas, but they do look good.
Sep 2, 2008


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Epic Duels - Quick Reference.pdf By: delta1119
Epic Duels - Quick Reference.pdf (19 KB)
1-page rules summary
Jun 10, 2005


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: SWEDKarten.pdf By: Tikigod
SWEDKarten.pdf (43 KB)
summary and translation of the cards into german
Oct 5, 2004


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: SWEDRegel.pdf By: Tikigod
SWEDRegel.pdf (127 KB)
Rules - german translation
Oct 5, 2004


Star Wars: Epic Duels:: Star Wars - Epic Duels_Regles_français.pdf By: ynys
Star Wars - Epic Duels_Regles_français.pdf (508 KB)
Règles en français
Nov 10, 2003

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