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Diplomacy:: Diplomacy Heads of State Covers By: JimHackerMP
Diplomacy Heads of State Covers 2.pdf (2.68 MB)
Update of the Heads of State covers. These I think look a little nicer.
May 19, 2016
Diplomacy Heads of State Covers 1.pdf (2.40 MB)
Cover Sheets for the standard game of DIPLOMACY, with public domain photographs/portraits of the 7 great powers' respective heads of state, information about the Great Power itself, and its starting units and positions on the board. All portraits and great seals labeled public domain by Wikipedia.
Aug 17, 2015


Diplomacy:: YAOS (A5) By: tunefix
Order Sheet.pdf (17 KB)
Yet Another Order Sheet. In A5 format.
Has Spring, Fall, and Winter Adjustments on one sheet.
Jan 21, 2015


Diplomacy:: Diplomacy Vietnamese By: oewillrocku
Diplomacy.pdf (491 KB) Jan 15, 2015


Diplomacy:: How to write orders - Dutch reference sheet By: Exoow
Diplomacy - orders schrijven.pdf (426 KB)
I made this for new Dutch players. This lists the order types with some examples and the basic rules for writing them legally. (This does not explain how orders are resolved.)
Handy to have some copies lying around in a new group.
Nov 19, 2014


Diplomacy:: DIPLOMACY COVERS - CLASSIC By: Presti70
Diplomacy Covers - Classic 2.0.pdf (1.92 MB)
Custom covers for each country (fitted for the Classic Game). Useful to identify each player and hide his Order Sheet. Print front/back (better if A3 sheet). Cut and fold.
Sep 3, 2014


Ancient Med Map 2.0.pdf (1.11 MB)
New map graphic of the Ancient Mediterranean variant. For 5 players.
Aug 12, 2014


Diplomacy Covers - Ancient Med 2.0.pdf (2.24 MB)
Custom covers for each country (fitted for the Ancient Mediterranean Variant). Useful to identify each player and hide his Order Sheet. Print front/back (better if A3 sheet). Cut and fold.
Aug 12, 2014


Diplomacy:: ORDER SHEET By: Presti70
Order Sheet 1.0.pdf (368 KB)
An useful Order Sheet in A4 format. Fitted for the Diplomacy Covers.
Aug 10, 2014


Diplomacy:: Diplomacy PowerPoint for the Classroom By: spartacus_1138
Diplomacy START 2.0.pptx (211 KB)
This is a power point I developed for a teacher to use in a classroom.

Thoughts or improvement ideas are appreciated.

2.0 Added "stars" for control center markers.
Jun 4, 2014
Diplomacy START.pptx (212 KB)
This is a power point I developed for a teacher to use in a classroom.

Thoughts or improvement ideas are appreciated.
May 13, 2014


Diplomacy:: Identification Counters By: r.vantveer
Identificated counters.pdf (1.22 MB)
A set of home made identification counters for marking resource centres on the gameboard map.
A4 - format, each counter should be 10 x 10 mm
Feb 3, 2014


Diplomacy:: Global Warming 9-Player Variant By: CharlieSaxon
Global Warming Diplo Variant.zip (3.33 MB)
This is a 9-player Diplomacy variant where players vie for control of a North America ravaged by global warming and internal conflict. The .zip file includes a large map, player map, and rules clarifications.
Aug 19, 2013


Diplomacy:: Gamephase-Board German By: Kurd Lasswitz
Phasen.pdf (2.77 MB)
Hier meine Version eines Spielphasen-Boards.
May 14, 2013


Diplomacy:: A Diplomacy solution for Shabbat By: Kimpire
Diplomacy magnet page v1.zip (170 KB)
Are you an Orthodox Jew who wants to play Diplomacy on a Friday night or Shabbat afternoon, but can't because you're not allowed to write? Here's a solution.
Oct 21, 2012


Diplomacy:: Custom counters with identification By: Cheh
armies.doc (1.87 MB)
Identificated counters for all Great Powers and also for lesser ones, if you wish to play customized game with neutral countries.
Aug 12, 2012


Diplomacy:: 7 maps with starting position for super powers By: SimonRoadhouse
Diplomacy_Maps.zip (7.72 MB)
I've created 7 maps with starting positions for all the great powers in the game. Each super power is coloured in in the appropriate colour for the game (England=Blue, Russia=White etc.) I have laminated the cards and use dry wipe markers on them to mark positions. They make great tools for when you are discussing who to back stab next. I have them in PSD format as well. If you want them, just ask.
May 21, 2012


Diplomacy:: diplomacy units By: Domtetsu
ディプロマシー.xls (521 KB)
new units for diplomacy
Apr 17, 2012


Diplomacy:: Diplomacy Tuckboxes By: SPARTAN VI
Diplomacy1.zip (5.95 MB)
Cut along solid lines, fold along dotted lines.
Feb 22, 2012


Diplomacy:: Dimplomacy custom counters By: seado3
diplomacycounters.pdf (2.27 MB)
Custom counters for my Diplomacy project. http://boardgamegeek.com/image/1112267/diplomacy
I printed them on adhesive paper and then sticked to wood disks or poker plastic counters. Now fixed!
Feb 11, 2012


Diplomacy:: Diplomacy Player Sheets By: Innawerkz
Diplomacy Player Sheets.pdf (1.18 MB)
A compilation of 7 player sheets for use when playing Diplomacy. Includes:

-flags of each country to avoid confusion when resolving orders
-quick summary of the Orders with examples on how to write them
- two columns with 17 lines each to write orders. Enough space for an entire game year.

Suggestions to improve it are appreciated.

(Borrowed some of the text from ORDER WRITING REFERENCE by davidgpeterson.)
Aug 20, 2010


Diplomacy:: The Web of Diplomacy By: dknemeyer
dip_standard_balance.pdf (222 KB)
A visualization updating Allan Calhammer's classic diagrams showing the diplomatic connections between different powers at game start. This combines the best connections of both of his versions and adds some simple infovis techniques to improve the potential tactical application of the diagram. Feedback appreciated.
Apr 4, 2010


Diplomacy:: 5-player South America 5.1 Variant Map + Player Aid By: MScrivner
South America 5.1.zip (54 KB)
This is an MS powerpoint file I made from the public domain South America 5.1 Variant map. This map is ideal for five players.

The Powerpoint includes starting units and supply centers already colored and placed (and movable) so the game can be played on a computer screen or by using an LCD projector (without printing anything.)

Zip file also includes a word .doc with a printable black and white map for player aids.
Apr 29, 2009


Diplomacy:: Diplomacy Negotiation Guidelines By: MScrivner
Negotiation Guidelines.doc (24 KB)
My answer to the "ruining friendships for fifty years" motto. This document is a set of rules or guidelines for negotiation that can be given to new players who may not otherwise understand the emotional dimensions of the game. I use it in my classroom when I teach the game to generate discussion over each of the items so that players understand how to play without taking things personally.
Jan 29, 2009


Diplomacy:: Polish Rules By: masterein
Diplomacy.rar (24 KB)
Tłumaczenie instrukcji na j.polski.
Dec 9, 2008


Diplomacy:: The Pollard Scale of Negotiation Game Categories By: mtpoll
spectrumfinaldraft.jpg (413 KB)
A scale that attempts to break down the distinctions between negotiation games.
Sep 21, 2008


Diplomacy:: New Counters and Coat of arms (for the conquests) By: Feanor BR
Diplomacy.zip (1.08 MB)
Yellow: Russia
Blue: France
Grey: Deutschland
Pink: Great Britain
Red: Austria-Hungary
Green: Italy
Purple: Ottoman Empire
Jun 29, 2008

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