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Cyclades:: Cyclades FAQ – com revisão de Bruno Cathala By: AcemanBR
Cyclades FAQ - PT-BR v1.0.pdf (50 KB)
Este FAQ foi retirado dos fóruns do BBG e traduzido para português por Bruno Oliveira (AcemanBR). Ele foi postado originalmente pelo usuário Fabien Conus (FabienC) que pediu para que o designer Bruno Cathala fizesse uma revisão. Este é portanto o mais próximo de um FAQ oficial possível.
O original pode ser encontrado qqui:
Aug 19, 2015


Cyclades:: Two pages (SIR) By: korneeltroch
Cyclades (SN).docx (2.05 MB)
SIR = Summary of Important rules.

Two page summary of the most important rules to freshen up your memory that you can't forget to play this game.
Jul 21, 2015


Cyclades:: Universal Head CYCLADES Rules Summary & Reference By: UniversalHead
Cyclades_v2.2.pdf (928 KB)
The Universal Head CYCLADES Rules Summary & Reference v2.2 (Apr15). Rules summary and reference sheet; rules summary and reference sheet for Hades expansion.
Apr 17, 2015
Cyclades_v2.1.pdf (869 KB)
The Universal Head CYCLADES Rules Summary & Reference v2.1 (Jul14). Double-sided rules summary and double-sided reference sheet; single-sided rules summary and double-sided reference sheet for Hades expansion.
Jul 9, 2014
Cyclades_v1.4.pdf (665 KB)
The Universal Head CYCLADES Rules Summary & Reference v1.4 (Aug12). Double-sided rules summary and double-sided reference sheet.
Aug 19, 2012


Cyclades:: Regex' horizontal tuckbox set for sleeved Cyclades cards By: regex
Regex Horizontal Tuckbox for Cyclades Sleeved Cards.pdf (4.10 MB)
This is a box with a special horizontal design suitable for sleeved cards that would help you store your cards (standard Mayday thickness).

The box also feature a nice graphics design and a content list, with useful cards frequencies.

Make sure you do not print from the browser preview and you disable fit to page.

Get more of my horizontal designs here: Regex' horizontal tuckbox series for sleeved cards.
Mar 24, 2015


Cyclades:: Alternative Philosopher Cards with unique philosohers By: Michaeljyoung3
Cyclades Philosophers Alternate Cards.pptx (8.39 MB)
Cyclades is a beautifully produced game, with wonderful components, unique in every way. A lot of effort has gone into the presentation of the game

But in one way I think it is lacking. The philosopher cards are really boring, just being copies of a generic man pondering. I have therefore made a new set of cards, as I just could not bear to play without having unique cards for Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, and wish to share them with you copyright free.

The philosophers all come from Raphael's painting "The School of Athens" in the Vatican. This means that they share a unique style and are copyright free. I hope that they enhance your enjoyment of the game. (You could even learn the names of some Greek philosophers when playing the game)

They don't influence game play in any way, I just think they look nicer.

Playable with all versions of Cyclades
Mar 21, 2015


Cyclades:: Cyclades_sheet_PL By: dilerus
Cyclades_sheet_PL.pdf (7.39 MB)
Podsumowanie Rundy
Jan 10, 2015


Cyclades:: Cyclades Übersicht über alle Karten, Götter usw. By: theugly7000
Cyclades-Übersicht.pdf (6.01 MB)
Übersicht über alle Karten und Plättchen aus dem Grundspiel und allen Erweiterungen (Titans, Hades, C3K und Promos).
Jan 7, 2015


Cyclades:: Cyclades Spielrunde für alle Erweiterungen By: theugly7000
Cyclades-Spielrunde.pdf (87 KB)

ihr könnt hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung einer Spielrunde unter Berücksichtigung aller Erweiterungen runterladen. Bei Fehlern bitte ich um Kommentar. Viel Spass damit!
Dec 31, 2014


Cyclades:: Cyclades Anleitung für alle Erweiterungen By: theugly7000
Cyclades-Anleitung.pdf (115 KB)

in dieser Anleitung werden das Grundspiel und alle Erweiterungen berücksichtigt. Ich bitte um Kommentare falls Fehler gefunden werden. Ich werde diese dann ausbessern. Viel Spass beim Spielen!!!
Dec 31, 2014


Cyclades:: Spielhilfe Cyclades inkl. FAQ und C3K-Erweiterung By: silent117
Spielhilfe Cyclades-v2.pdf (1.48 MB)
Spielhilfe v2:

-aktualisierte Texte die einige Unklarheiten beseitigen
+ Kreaurentexte
+ Kreatureneffekte immer sofort und einmalig
+ Gebäude dürfen nicht umsortiert werden
+ freie Götteraktionen müssen immer zuerst durchgeführt werden
+ Kreaturen mit Figur ausführlicher erklärt
-Spielaufbau Übersicht inkl. dynamischer Spielaufbau aus Hades
-C3K Agyptische Verstärkungen auf Spielaufbau ausgelagert, wodurch man nicht verwirrt wird, falls man nur das Cyclades Grundspiel besitzt.


Version 2 of german Cyclades player aid with updated and corrected texts, new pages for game setup and shifted C3K to game setup page.
Jul 19, 2014
Spielhilfe Cyclades Final.pdf (1.12 MB)

DIN A5 Spielerhilfe für Cyclades mit Übersicht für:
-Aktionen der Götter
-Oft vergessene Regeln
-C3K-Erweiterung: Ägyptische Verstärkungen
(sollte man nur das Basisspiel besitzen, kann man den kleinen Abschnitt einfach ignorieren, es ändert sich sonst nix)

Ich habe die aktuelle FAQ (v1.8) eingearbeitet, sodass man nicht dauernd nachschlagen muss.

Doppelseitig randlos drucken und dann in der Mitte mit einem Cuttermesser und einer Unterlage oder Schere durchtrennen. Ergibt 2 DIN A5 Spielhilfen die jeweils eine Vor- und Rückseite haben.


German player aid for Cyclades with built-in FAQ (v1.8) and C3K-Expansion
Oct 8, 2013


Cyclades:: rules in Greek By: bouzou
Cyclades_summary GR.pdf (2.38 MB)
summary of turns
Jun 18, 2014
CYCLADES Rules GR.pdf (9.01 MB)
rules in Greek
Jun 18, 2014


Cyclades:: Common overlooked rules By: LunarSoundDesign
Cyclades Overlooked Rules.docx (518 KB)
This is a document I made for our group of common overlooked rules. Some are pulled from the official FAQ others the rules forums but all are verified accurate. Hope you find it to be of some use. Feel free to add your own rules to the document.
Mar 30, 2014


Cyclades:: Cyclades FAQ - English translation By: limeybastard
cyclades_faq_en.pdf (2.33 MB)
This is a straight translation of jybe's FAQ v1.8, up-to-date with the latest version at New version, minor edit to improve creature rule clarity per forum discussion.
Jan 22, 2014
cyclades_faq_en.pdf (1.69 MB)
This is a straight translation of jybe's FAQ v1.8, up-to-date with the latest version at
Jun 10, 2013


Cyclades:: Cyclades Tuck Boxes By: Kerrin2
Player Pieces Black.pdf (438 KB)
This is a tuck box for all the pieces for the black player: Offering tokens, Fleets, Troops, and Territory tokens.
Jul 11, 2013
Player Pieces Blue.pdf (575 KB)
This is a tuck box for all the pieces for the blue player: Offering tokens, Fleets, Troops, and Territory tokens.
Jul 11, 2013
Player Pieces Green.pdf (658 KB)
This is a tuck box for all the pieces for the green player: Offering tokens, Fleets, Troops, and Territory tokens.
Jul 11, 2013
Player Pieces Red.pdf (544 KB)
This is a tuck box for all the pieces for the red player: Offering tokens, Fleets, Troops, and Territory tokens.
Jul 11, 2013
Player Pieces Yellow.pdf (590 KB)
This is a tuck box for all the pieces for the yellow player: Offering tokens, Fleets, Troops, and Territory tokens.
Jul 11, 2013
Buildings.pdf (1.32 MB)
This is a tuck box for all the Building tokens: Ports, Fortresses, Temples, Universities, and Metropolises.
Jul 11, 2013
Dice ProsperityTokens CreatureTokens.pdf (2.12 MB)
This is a tuck box for the Dice, Prosperity tokens, and Mythological Creature tokens.
Jul 11, 2013
Gold Pieces.pdf (1.30 MB)
This is a tuck box for all the Gold Pieces tokens.
Jul 11, 2013
Cards Unsleeved.pdf (928 KB)
Size: Unsleeved cards. If you would like one sized for sleeved cards, please contact me and I'll be happy to work with you to create it.

This is a tuck box for the Mythological Creature, Philosopher, and Priest cards.
Jul 11, 2013


Cyclades:: [DUTCH] Overzichtskaart mythologische wezens By: The Iced One
Mythologische wezens Cyclades.pdf (318 KB)
Een scan van de uitleg van de mythologische wezens zodat elke speler een kaartje heeft en het boekje niet steeds moet worden doorgegeven.
Gewoon recto verso printen, eventueel lamineren en spelen maar
This scan is intended only for the personal use of existing owners of the game for additional reference. I make no claim whatsoever to the rights of the publisher
and copyright holder, and do not benefit financially from this document. Artwork from the original game is copyrighted by the publisher and used without permission. This PDF may not be re-posted online, sold or used in any way except for personal use. (Thanks UniversalHead for inspiration)
Apr 23, 2013


Cyclades:: Cyclades with Hades rules resume By: cyberbob666
Cyclades with Hades resume.doc (91 KB)
Just print it, nice to explain the game to a new player and a good reference for everyone too.
Jan 18, 2013


Cyclades:: Cyclades and Hydes reference card By: Action Andy
cyclades cheeatsheet.jpg (2.51 MB)
This is a reference card that has the rules and turn order for the entire game and expansion.

Dec 21, 2012


Cyclades:: Cyclades Tuckbox ( No Sleeve ) By: Selgador
CycladesTuckBox.pdf (245 KB)
A little Tuckbox for the Card whithout sleeve

Oct 30, 2012


Cyclades:: Cyclades rules summary By: Grimnir
Cyclades rules summary v1.doc (68 KB)
Cyclades rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory.

Incorporates any clarifications from the FAQ on the BGG Rules Forum.
Jul 20, 2012


Cyclades:: Divine powers in portuguese. Tabela dos deuses em brasileiro. By: Patesi
Tabela de deuses verso1.pdf (203 KB)
Tabela dos deuses em brasileiro. Qualquer erro reportem, por favor.
Jun 2, 2012


Cyclades:: Quick Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet By: bigloo33
Cyclades.docx (16 KB)
Quick Reference rules summary for helping to teach the game, and remember key rules between plays.
May 8, 2012


Cyclades:: Краткие правила на русском / Short Russian Rules By: ZoRDoK
Cyclades_short_rus.doc (39 KB)
Минорные правки 1.1
May 5, 2012
Cyclades_short_rus.doc (38 KB)
Краткие правила на русском (на 1 странице) и свойства всех существ (на другой). Можно распечатать двусторонний вариант на 1 листе А4 или уложиться ещё меньше, если распечатать две страницы на 1-й стороне.
May 4, 2012


Cyclades:: Gods order table By: matmo
ordinedei.pdf (103 KB)
PDF version
Feb 3, 2012
ordinedei.xlsx (38 KB)
Table to randomly choose Gods order using a 6 sided die and an 8 sided die. With ingame graphics. Excel XSLX file
Jan 29, 2012


Cyclades:: Cyclades - table to order the gods By: lliwedd
Cyclades gods order table v1.doc (30 KB)
A table to be used with 1D20 and 1D6 to determine a random order for the gods, avoiding the need to shuffle the god tiles.
Jan 7, 2012


Cyclades:: Regras em português By: Patesi
Cyclades- regras em português.pdf (1.47 MB)
Regras totalmente traduzidas e diagramadas.
Oct 25, 2011

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