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King of Tokyo:: Rules with expansions By: SirCptnAwesome
King Of Tokyo.docx (29 KB)
If you are like me, you have so many games you can play 2 a week for over a year and never play the same one twice. Reading rules every time you play a game takes precious, precious game time. I use these rules to give me enough to get going quickly with minimal need to reference the actual rules! It includes all the expansions to the date I posted it (as applicable) in a clear concise way.
Oct 5, 2016


King of Tokyo:: King of Tokyo - A Plain and Simple Guide By: malibu_babe_28
King of Tokyo Plain and Simple Guide.pdf (129 KB)
Plain and Simple Guide for King of Tokyo based on the Iello 2016 rules.
Aug 25, 2016


King of Tokyo:: Traducción de Cartas Originales en tríptico By: royepi
KoT Cartas espaÑol 1 Hoja.pdf (105 KB)
Versión de una sola hoja.
Jul 19, 2016
KoT Cartas espaÑol.pdf (106 KB)
Listo para imprimir en formato de tríptico e incluir con el juego.


*Pega todas las hojas por los bordes blancos (la segunda hoja va en medio, asegúrate que el borde blanco derecho de la segunda que debajo del izquierdo de la primera).
*Dobla la segunda hoja verticalmente por la mitad y pega ambos lados en blanco del lado que no tiene texto.
*Dobla verticalmente en tres partes.

Traducción de los efectos de las cartas del juego original hecha por
Gerardo Samudio (oidumas).
Jul 17, 2016


King of Tokyo:: King of Tokyo Persian Rules 1.0 By: yasaman72
KOT_farsi rules.pdf (1.01 MB)
قوانین بازی پادشاه توکیو به فارسی از سایت گیمی باکس
Mar 6, 2016


King of Tokyo:: King of Tokyo holistic summary (includes Power Up! and Halloween; the promos don't affect the rules) By: zefquaavius
KingofTokyoholisticsummary.pdf (130 KB)
I recently taught King of Tokyo to a ravenous audience that wanted everything included. I opted to leave out the evolutions, because, under pressure, I couldn't remember how they worked. Well, that turned out to be silly, so I made this holistic summary to integrate all the rules for King of Tokyo and its expansions.

As usual, here is the Google Doc so you can comment or derive your own.

Check out my other holistic summaries, too!
Oct 7, 2015


King of Tokyo:: King Of Tokyo - Samenvatting By: howdiebelg
King Of Tokyo - Power up - Halloween Samenvatting.pdf (5.03 MB)
I just translated the version that was posted by
Aug 29, 2015


King of Tokyo:: ЧАВО / FAQ in Russian By: stridmann
King of Tokyo FAQ.pdf (168 KB)
Дополнительная информация по различным картам, pdf, v. 1.0.
Jul 23, 2015


King of Tokyo:: Arabic transelation for KOT and it Expansions' cards By: badrak
King of Tokyo Card ready labels.docx (108 KB)
ready to be printed on a4 sticker
Jun 11, 2015


King of Tokyo:: Kot + expansions foam core insert By: bobR132
KoT_foamcore_instructions_v0.1.pdf (3.65 MB)
All the measures are in millimetres [mm]. If you are not very precise when making this inserts, I suggest you take 1-2 mm off trays measures.

Measures of base tray have been corrected. Everything should be OK now.
Apr 5, 2015
KoT_foamcore_instructions.pdf (3.65 MB)
All the measures are in millimetres [mm]. If you are not very precise when making this inserts, I suggest you take 1-2 mm off trays measures.

Edit: Pieces 2 and 3 in the instructions are wrongly dimensioned. Correct shorter dimension is 60 and not 66 (for both).
Apr 5, 2015


King of Tokyo:: New Player Learning Guide By: mid_mo_gamer
King of Tokyo - Rules.pdf (168 KB)
A flow chart that summarizes the game in an easy to read outline. Great for introducing new players or refreshing veteran players.
Apr 2, 2015


King of Tokyo:: Wreck-it Ralph character By: fortyfive
KoTWreck-itRalph.pdf (781 KB)
This has become one of our favorite characters to use in King of Tokyo / New York.
Thanks to user for the formatting of the PDF.
Feb 20, 2015


King of Tokyo:: Paper box for cards By: Pard (3.24 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7 x 10 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛ with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Feb 20, 2015


King of Tokyo:: King of tokyo vietnamese By: oewillrocku
King of Tokyo.docx (1.32 MB)
King of tokyo vietnamese
Dec 25, 2014


King of Tokyo:: King of Tokyo - Teaching Guide in Hebrew By: Leptoquark
King of Tokyo - Teaching Guide in Hebrew.pdf (54 KB)
מלך טוקיו - תקציר חוקים בעברית
Dec 23, 2014


King of Tokyo:: Tłumaczenie kart ewolucji do King of Tokyo + PowerUp + Haloween By: Andreal
King of Tokio PowerUp Haloween PL_.pdf (7.91 MB)
Jest to kompletne, polskie tłumaczenie kart ewolucji do gry King of Tokyo. Jako bonus rewers kart oraz dodatkowe znaczniki używane w dodatku PowerUp.

Sep 23, 2014


King of Tokyo:: Traducción de cartas al español By: oidumas
Traducción cartas.doc (41 KB)
Cartas del juego base traducidas al español
Aug 24, 2014


King of Tokyo:: Sonic Adventure's Perfect Chaos By: Old Man Lucy
PerfectChaosKoT.pdf (3.11 MB)
Another one of my favorite giant monsters in video games: Sonic Adventure's Chaos in its Perfect form.

I'll be working on its evolutions soon.
Jun 5, 2014


King of Tokyo:: Ralph, from the city destroying videogame Rampage! By: Old Man Lucy
RampageRalph.pdf (2.61 MB)
I thought it would be a great idea to bring one of the characters from the video game series Rampage into King of Tokyo.
Of the original three monsters from the series (George, Lizzy, Ralph), I decided to go with Ralph because King of Tokyo already has a giant ape and lizard.
I decided to use the graphics from Rampage: World Tour as it's probably the Rampage game most people played back in the day.

I will be working on evolution cards for him soon.
Jun 5, 2014


King of Tokyo:: Slime Tower monster By: Toy203
Slime Tower.pdf (169 KB)

Custom Slime Tower monster for KoT, directly from Chunky Fighters. Print without resize, it should fit on a4 sheet or similar with no problems.
And remember... Beware of the blob!
May 19, 2014


King of Tokyo:: KOT FAQ French (trimmed to box size) By: Pikaraph
FAQ_KOT_fr_box_size_trim_v1.1.pdf (65 KB)
May 2, 2014


King of Tokyo:: KOT Gumby and Mecha Streisand By: jhopkin
gumby and mecha streisand.pdf (4.28 MB)
Mecha Streisand and Gumby that I created for you to print out for KoT. Version 1.0
Apr 30, 2014


King of Tokyo:: King of Tokyo - Dice Probability on Complete Destruction By: layolayo
KoT-dice.xlsm (67 KB)
Created this from a question on BGG and G+.

Odds seem to be better than I originally thought - [unless there is an error!]
Apr 14, 2014


King of Tokyo:: KoT Referenzkarte Deutsch By: Kerrin2
KoT_Referenzkarte_Deutsch_v1.pdf (227 KB)
King of Tokyo - Referenzkarte - Deutsch v1
von Michael Burkard (Kerrin2)

Uebersetzung von Steffen Eichenberg (scameronde)

- Beinhaltet Regeln der "Power Up" Erweiterung
- Beinhaltet Regeln der "Halloween" Erweiterung

Im Querformat ausdrucken.
Apr 11, 2014


King of Tokyo:: KoT Dice Reference Cards By: Kerrin2
KoT_Dice_Reference_Cards_v2.pdf (229 KB)
King of Tokyo - Dice Reference Cards

Includes information from the Power Up expansion,
specifically rolling three hearts gaining an evolution.

Includes information from the Halloween expansion, specifically rolling three claws allowing the stealing of costumes.

Print three copies for enough reference cards for the maximum number of players.

v2 adds information from the Halloween expansion.
Mar 23, 2014


King of Tokyo:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
King of Tokyo.pdf (437 KB)
Als het een lange tijd geleden is, kan deze samenvattingskaart je helpen bij het spelen van King of Tokyo. Zo moet je niet hele tijd grijpen naar de spelregels!
Jan 31, 2014

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