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Eclipse:: Eclipse & RoA Playmat By: DrMalevolent
final2new090516.jpg (17.15 MB)
Version 2.0 -
I've updated the map to include some small but noticeable features to add to the simplicity of startup.

*Starting Tile orientation! - Take the guesswork out with the now included visual orientation *NOTE* 7-9 Player setup requires that you have at least one wormhole touching the Hex II tiles indicated by a solid half circle

*Changed the Hex III Setup Look - Some were not too keen on the previous arrangement. Made it more simplistic.
May 9, 2016
eclipseplaymat.jpg (17.12 MB)
This is a custom playmat that I created. The game area has tile numbering and is complete with a turn order, hex overflow, and areas to stack extra tiles with number of hex 3 to use for designated number of players. I suggest using inked playmats for the print as this is the only means that I've personally tested. The image is 37in x 37in at 150 PPI and follows the print guidelines exactly for the 36x36 print from this site.

Here is a link to the order page:

Images of completed mat:
Nov 6, 2014


Eclipse:: Regole in Solitario per Eclipse By: Oliverhardy
Eclipse - Gioco in solitario - 1.0.pdf (945 KB)
Regolamento per giocare in Solitario ad Eclipse. Spero vi piacciano

May 9, 2016


Eclipse:: Player Sheet Overlay (vector file for laser cutter) By: binnet
eclipse_organizer_vector.ai (11 KB)
As the title says. This is a vector file you can use to create an overlay for the player boards to hold all the population cubes and action discs in place. The files should be correctly scales so that it fits perfectly for the game =)

Apr 28, 2016


Eclipse:: German short rules By: lucyfer
Eclipse Kurzspielregel.pdf (205 KB)
German short rules for this great game! If anyone wants this in English please let me know. Updated and corrected.
Apr 27, 2016
Eclipse Kurzspielregel.pdf (129 KB)
German short rules for this great game! If anyone wants this in English please let me know.
Sep 8, 2012


Eclipse:: Resource Tray Tops (and Bottoms) By: Mekaniak
Eclipse Tray Lids x12 P2 v3.svg (664 KB)
The Broken Token makes great resource trays for your population cubes. With these lids, you can store them fully populated between games. Contains 12 tops and bottoms. You only need the bottoms if you bought trays without them, of course. This file is formatted to be used with the Ponoko making site, but you can easily (with Inkscape) rework it for your preferred maker and number of tops/bottoms desired.
Apr 8, 2016


Eclipse:: Objectifs pour Eclipse By: tedrak
Eclipse Objectifs V2.pdf (34 KB)
Suggestions de cartes objectifs pour Eclipse Suggestions de cartes objectifs pour Eclipse V2
Mar 14, 2016
Eclipse Objectifs.pdf (33 KB)
Suggestions de cartes objectifs pour Eclipse
Dec 4, 2015


Eclipse:: Randomizer Cards for Starting Race By: crobledo
Randomizer Cards.pdf (4.42 MB)
If you want to randomize which player plays which race, use these and distribute at start of game.

Print at 100% on landscape, cut and fit inside Standard American Card Sleeves. Print on cardstock or use an old Magic or Playing card as a back for paper.
Jan 10, 2016


Eclipse:: Scorecard By: Propbuddha
Scorecard_v4.pdf (104 KB)
Scorecard that supports 9 players, alliances and all expansions. Added column for end-of-game resource storage in case of ties.
Jan 6, 2016


Eclipse:: Eclipse - Ship Part Upgrade Viewer 1.0 By: romroig
Eclipse_Ship_Part_UPG_Viewer_1.0.vmod (14.02 MB)
[EDIT: I made a new version but is almost 27 MB so I put the link here:
Eclipse - Ship Part Upgrade Viewer v2.0 (26.57 MB)DropBox:
Rift Turret Discovery Tile energy error is fixed.
Some Player help panels are added.]

Description (v1.0)
Eclipse player help.
A quick look at all ship blueprints and its upgrades (during a "real world" game) thru a screen using Vassal engine (Mac, Windows and Linux platforms).
Image: http://i.imgur.com/1pFEX2M.jpg
Every time there is an Upgrade Action, one participant is in charge of updating the information on the screen.

Includes Ship Parts and Blueprints from the board game designed by Touko Tahkokallio:
Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy
And Expansions:
Supernova, Rise of the Ancients, Ship Pack One and Shadow of the Rift.

To use this file you shall have to download Vassal (open-source board game engine).

Thanks, Enjoy!
Dec 25, 2015


Eclipse:: Sector hex breakdown By: Dourgrim
Sector hex breakdown.xlsx (49 KB)
Updated file to include Shadows of the Rift expansion and the Black Hole promo. Removed a tab with an unlikely configuration.

Note that I have not even tried to make the charts print on specific pages at this point... with all the new hexes, I could not figure out any easy way to do it that would be universally desired, so I didn't even try.
Oct 21, 2015
Sector hex breakdown.xls (84 KB)
This is a new and improved version of the file I uploaded previously. This worksheet breaks down each of the types of sector tiles in the game and gives probabilities for all of the tiles' characteristics (planetary types, ancients, discoveries, etc). The file now includes the base game, Rise of the Ancients, the Nebula, Supernova and Pulsar promos, and the hexes included in Ship Pack 1. Furthermore, since I'm sure there are lots of folks out there that aren't Eclipse completionists, the file is broken out into three tabs: one for just the base game, one with the base game and RotA combined, and one with everything combined. That way if you only own some of the awesome stuff available (or if you're nuts and want to strip out some expansions for a specific game), you can still make use of this file with a minimal amount of effort.

One last thing... some things had to be condensed down to conserve on width for printing purposes. The "Base Only" tab will print onto two pages, but the other two require three to keep the types of tiles sensibly organized and to avoid tile types being broken across multiple pages.

I hope you find this useful. As always, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
Dec 9, 2014


Eclipse:: Central Playmat By: Blazur
eclipse-central-mat.zip (3.87 MB)
This is a condensed playmat that helps position the GCDS and inner ring of sector tiles. Included is an image and PSD file. Print on 11x17" paper, and paste it on cardboard if you desire a more robust mat.
May 27, 2015


Eclipse:: Species Comparison Table (English) By: chrisdk
Eclipse Species Comparison.pdf (195 KB)
Overview Sheet with all relevant race information to be used as a handout for picking races.

German Version available here:
May 19, 2015


Eclipse:: Species Comparison Table (German)/Rassen Zusammenfassung (Deutsch) By: chrisdk
Eclipse Rassen Zusammenfassung.pdf (234 KB)
Vergleichsübersicht über alle Rassen im Spiel mit allen relevanten Infos als Handout zum Rassen auswählen.

Overview Sheet with all relevant race information to be used as a handout for picking races.

English Version: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/117711
May 17, 2015


Eclipse:: Species differences summary By: sherr
eclipse_species_differences_v3.pdf (44 KB)
A summary sheet to spell out the differences between species. Can either be used as-is or laminated and cut into cards.

Version 3, which should be the last version, adds only:
* Note that Rho Indi's starting sector is not worth any Victory Points
Apr 30, 2015
eclipse_species_differences_v2.pdf (27 KB)
Version 2 changes are primarily:
* Note that Descendants cannot draw Ancient Hives
* Note that Rho Indi get extra initiatives on Interceptors and Cruisers

There are also some minor clarifications.
Apr 10, 2015
eclipse_species_differences.pdf (42 KB)
A summary sheet to spell out the differences between species. Can either be used as-is or laminated and cut into cards.

It lists differences (positive or negative) from the "average state" for each of the Eclipse species. "Average stage" being trading 3:1, standard ship diagrams, a starting world of each color, four reputation / ambassador slots, etc. This makes it much easier to tell at a glance what the strengths and weaknesses of a given species are.

The exact amount of starting resources and exact starting technologies differ amongst pretty much all the species, so I've only called it out if they're significantly different (the Eridani start with a lot of money and three technologies, Orion Hegemony start with enough materials to build a cruiser first round, Descendants of Draco start with no technologies, etc).

Enjoy. :)
Apr 1, 2015


Eclipse:: Eclipe scoring sheet in french By: Lysukai
Scoring_FR.jpg (789 KB)
Translation in french of the Eclipse scoring sheet made by BGG user lap00. Traduction en français de la feuille de score fanmade pour Eclipse réalisée par lap00.
Apr 20, 2015


Eclipse:: Eclipse_hu_I By: Dunda
Eclipse_hu_light_ve11.pdf (7.29 MB)
A szabályok magyarul - Hungarian translation of the rules (Unofficial) Az 1-25 oldal v1.1
Apr 17, 2015
Eclipse_hu_light_v1.pdf (7.71 MB)
A szabályok magyarul - Hungarian translation of the rules
Az 1-25 oldal
Feb 6, 2012


Eclipse:: Eclipse Technology overview Cards By: kallimero
Eclipse-Technology-Overview-card.pdf (11.83 MB)
Two-sided cards with an overview of all technology tiles including the Rise of the ancients expansion technologies. You can put them right next to your player board during the game because the heights are equal. Useful as a reminder for all available technologies.
Apr 4, 2015


Eclipse:: Eclipse Sector Storage By: Zodiac
Eclipse - Sector III-top.pdf (296 KB)
5 of 5. Print 2x at 100% scaling. 250g A4 paper recommended.
Mar 29, 2015
Eclipse - Sector II-top.pdf (296 KB)
4 of 5. Print at 100% scaling. 250g A4 paper recommended.
Mar 29, 2015
Eclipse - Sector I+GC-top.pdf (296 KB)
3 of 5. Print at 100% scaling. 250g A4 paper recommended.
Mar 29, 2015
Eclipse - Starting Sectors-top.pdf (296 KB)
2 of 5. Print at 100% scaling. 250g A4 paper recommended.
Mar 29, 2015
Eclipse - Sector-bottom.pdf (296 KB)
1 of 5. Print 5x at 100% scaling. 250g A4 paper recommended.

Inspired by https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/187003/paper-boxes-ca...
Mar 29, 2015


Eclipse:: Memento synthétique des règles + extension By: major john
memento Eclipse.pdf (112 KB)
Une synthèse en 3 pages des règles de base et de l'extension.

Le logigramme ce lit dans le sens des flèches
Mar 21, 2015


Eclipse:: The Galactic Council: A Political Variant for Eclipse By: frankgallagher
Politics Variant for Eclipse.docx (25 KB)
Multi-player games with significant player interaction often succumb to Bash the Leader Syndrome. THE GALACTIC COUNCIL variant takes a different approach however. This design throws a substantial bonus into the game at intervals, and the players collectively must decide who gets that bonus. Presumably, it will most often go to the player who threatens other players the least, or to one who has managed to ally with the most powerful factions, without being the most powerful faction. In other words, it’s a catchup mechanism that rewards inter-player diplomacy and good meta-game play.
Feb 23, 2015


Eclipse:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Eclipse.pdf (3.01 MB)
Paper box for cards, 7x10 cm, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛

Feb 19, 2015


Eclipse:: Player Aid By: smeedear
Eclipse_PlayerAid.pdf (17.08 MB)
Player Aid for Eclipse + Rise of the Ancients expansion
Dec 26, 2014


Eclipse:: Cartas Sumário - PT By: loouiz
Cartas Sumário.pdf (17.03 MB)
Cartas sumário para o jogo, traduzidas para o português.
Dec 22, 2014


Eclipse:: Eclipse player manager V1.0 By: Blue Nebula
eclipse 1.jpg (146 KB)
Hello to those who enjoy Eclipse as much as I do! Recently, I sat back, and took the time to make an Eclipse player calculator. Right now it only tracks population, resources, and influence, but I mean to expand upon, and refine it as time allows. Please try installing it and let me know what you think! thanks!

Dec 2, 2014


Eclipse:: Variante Jeu plus court By: baillezone
Eclipse-Jeu-plus-court-v1.4b.docx (22 KB)
Proposition de variante pour raccourcir la durée d'une partie à plus de 4 joueurs d'environ 1 heure.

Nécessite sans doute quelques playtests mais cela me semble équilibré en l'état. Je suis ouvert à toute suggestion/modification et les retours de béta-testeurs sont les bienvenus ! :D

Version 1.4b. Corrections mineures et précisions à propos du placement des hexes pour les Descendants de Draco (ils doivent bien évidemment défausser une deuxième tuile lorsqu'ils défaussent une tuile lors de leur tour de placement).
Oct 12, 2014
Eclipse-Jeu-plus-court-v1.4.docx (22 KB)
Version 1.4 : Quelques réajustements et corrections.
Oct 6, 2014
Eclipse-Jeu-plus-court.docx (22 KB)
Version 1.0
Sep 28, 2014

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