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Files - Sorted By Date Football Strategy

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Football Strategy:: Football Strategy graphic overhaul By: Mr_Tricorder
Football Strategy graphic overhaul - Ball Control offense-cards.pdf (7.19 MB)
This is the Ball Control Offensive deck. These Offense cards are to be used in place of the Offense charts.
Nov 13, 2016
Football Strategy graphic overhaul - Aerial Game offense-cards.pdf (7.15 MB)
This is the Aerial Game Offensive deck. These Offense cards are to be used in place of the Offense charts.
Nov 13, 2016
Football Strategy graphic overhaul - Pro Style offense-cards.pdf (8.17 MB)
This is the Pro Style Offensive deck. These Offense cards are to be used in place of the Offense charts.
Nov 13, 2016
Football Strategy graphic overhaul - board_scoreboard_defense-cards.pdf (12.66 MB)
This is my complete graphic overhaul of Football Strategy, containing a redesigned board, Defensive cards, a scoreboard with rotating wheels.

Nov 13, 2016


Football Strategy:: Defensive Coordinator Aid Sheet By: Molus Maximus
Football Strategy Defensive Coordinator Aid Sheet.docx (14 KB)
This is fan generated and to be used in Football Strategy to help Defensive Coordinators record offensive plays called by either down or quarter and keep track of play calling trends by the Offensive Coordinator. Could also be used in a league format as well.
Nov 5, 2014


Football Strategy:: Updated Rules, Tables 1-7 By: Molus Maximus
Tables 8-10.docx (29 KB)
Updated Tables part 2
Jun 20, 2014
Tables 1-7.docx (39 KB)
Used to replace the old tables in FS.
Jun 17, 2014


Football Strategy:: Variant Football Strategy Rules By: Molus Maximus
Football Strategy updated rules.docx (33 KB)
Updated and refigured rules for FS.
Jun 17, 2014


Football Strategy:: Football Strategy Defesive Coordinator's Card By: Molus Maximus
Defense Sheet.pdf (213 KB)
All of the defensive plays, updated, onto one landscape sheet PLUS an offensive play counting chart to help watch for trends.
Jun 5, 2014


Football Strategy:: Uppdated Defense Cards By: Molus Maximus
Updated Defense Cards for FS (Recovered).docx (225 KB)
The title says it all.
May 25, 2014


Football Strategy:: Two-Minute Clock By: ToeJam
Two Minute Clock Rules (with Setup).pdf (14 KB)
TWO-MINUTE CLOCK: In the last two minutes of each half use the time system described in the attached document. The key improvement over game rules is that the exact length of a play is somewhat variable, using the roll of one die for a range of one to six seconds in addition to standard amounts associated with the type of play and play yardage. Board game users need only create a set of time cards numbered 0 to 15 (writing the numbers on index cards works great). The result is a very realistic and exciting period in which both offense and defense attempt to play each second to full advantage as in real games.
Dec 29, 2011


Football Strategy:: wbc-fbstrat-charts.pdf By: crparis
wbc-fbstrat-charts-2011.pdf (76 KB)
Updated charts based upon feedback from Bruce Reiff. Also, color coding for Penalties, Turnovers, and Long Gains added.
Aug 30, 2011


Football Strategy:: Football Strategy - Hi-res version By: fermmoylle
Hi-res.zip (3.87 MB)
No charts version - hi-resolution images
Jan 18, 2007


Football Strategy:: charger field base.pdf By: Fenway5
charger field base.pdf (3.82 MB)
Chargers field, print 11x17
Dec 10, 2006


Football Strategy:: NY field base.pdf By: Fenway5
NY field base.pdf (3.45 MB)
Jets field, print 11x17
Dec 10, 2006


Football Strategy:: patriot football field.bmp By: Fenway5
patriot football field.bmp (3.17 MB)
New england field, print 11x17
Dec 9, 2006


Football Strategy:: teams & markers.bmp By: Fenway5
teams & markers.bmp (1020 KB)
teams & marker for Fenway fields
Dec 9, 2006


Football Strategy:: football field.pdf By: Fenway5
football field.pdf (4.17 MB)
generic football field, print 11x17
Dec 9, 2006


Football Strategy:: hawkfield.pdf By: Fenway5
hawkfield.pdf (4.18 MB)
hawks football field: print on 11x17
Dec 9, 2006


Football Strategy:: Football Strategy - No charts version.pdf By: fermmoylle
Football Strategy - No charts version.pdf (1.83 MB)
Modified game play: no charts and no dice
Nov 26, 2006


Football Strategy:: GFL Charts.pdf By: rootbeer
GFL Charts.pdf (49 KB)
Original 1972 edition charts (reformatted), for use by GFL
Nov 3, 2006


Football Strategy:: Football Strategy Rules 1972.pdf By: cbrua
Football Strategy Rules 1972.pdf (51 KB)
1972 AH Rules
Jun 21, 2006


Football Strategy:: football field.xls By: sourwyrm
football field.xls (30 KB)
Printable Football Field
Aug 14, 2005


Football Strategy:: fs_pad.jpg By: Geese
fs_pad.jpg (157 KB)
Printable Scorepad/Scoreboard
Aug 6, 2002

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