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The Boardgame Group
236 members
The Boardgame Group Guild is the BGG extension of a wonderfully inclusive group of table top gamers who have banded together on Facebook. Originating in the dark corner of a Yahtze...
# War of the Ring # Online Client
79 members
For War of the Ring boardgame players and the online Java client. The client covers all published versions (1st Ed, 2nd Ed, and expansions) and great as games be fairly long at 2-4...
#1GAM - The One Game A Month Project
13 members
#1GAM or #onegameamonth is a Twitter based movement, started by Christer Kaitilla (@McFunkypants), primarily for video games. However, this group is to support the idea of creating...
30 members
For the IRC channel #boardgames on freenode.
4 members
Mise: a. (verb) To obtain something good, especially in a manner that is fortunate and/or timely. b. (noun) Something obtained in this manner. mise: An IRC channel. A way...
's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)
0 members
Guild created for gamers living in or near 's-Hertogenbosch (aka Den Bosch).
'Tokyo Tactical War Simulation gamers'
3 members
'Tokyo Tactical War Simulation gamers' is the game group composed of tactical war simulation gamer who lives near Tokyo and likes to play the game such as ASL,ATS,EPT,LnL,etc..
**[MEGAGAME]** Orlando, FL ... Watch the Rising Sun (Sengoku 3)
2 members
HOSTED BY DICE TOWER CONVENTION Events tickets included with admission to Dice Tower Con Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 10:00am - 7:00pm REGISTER AND FOLLOW THE EVENT HERE! https:/...
**[MEGAGAME]** Sarasota, FL ... Watch the Rising Sun (Sengoku 2)
3 members
Sarasota, FL Sunday January 31st @ 10am MEGAGAME: Watch the Rising (Sequel to Sengoku) Politics and War in the changing world of 18th century Japan. CLICK HERE TO PRE-REGISTER A...
**[MEGAGAME]** Tampa, FL ... Watch the Skies !
2 members
Tampa, FL Saturday, December 5th @ 10am REGISTER HERE http://www.eventbrite.com/e/watch-the-skies-megagame-society-of-central-florida-tickets-16950452259 MORE INFORMATION HERE ht...
*GG Frozen Synapse Guild
6 members
For all you Frozen Synapse players, come join! Those new to the Shape and experienced Tacticians alike, all are welcome! Come join us in slaughtering countless vat-bred mind cont...
*GG Minecraft Server Guild
105 members
GameGeek Minecraft Server Guild Welcome to the GameGeek Minecraft Server Guild. This guild is for members of the GameGeek community (BGG, RPGG, & VGG) who play Minec...
1 Player guild
5843 members
Welcome to a guild about solitaire boardgaming. The guild started as a place for fans of the 1 Player Podcast, but quickly became a guild for anybody interested in solo games, wh...
10x10 BG Admin Guild
3 members
This guild is for those who are organizing and administering each year's Play 10 Games 10 Times Each Challenge.
12th Gamer
10 members
We are currently in a golden age of boardgaming. Gone are the days of 4 or 5 hour snooze-fest sessions of Monopoly and Risk. Instead, we are spoiled with myriad games of all length...
18XX Live
11 members
We're a group of gamers who are experimenting with ways of connecting players from across the globe to play 18xx board games in real time with the aids of modern technology. To ma...
115 members
This guild allows BGG members that are fans of 18XX games to form, organize, and participate in PBeM sessions of their favorite titles. You can post announcements of games being c...
18xx The Hague
3 members
We are a group of 18xx enthousiasts in the The Hague region. We meet a few times per month; often on the last Thursday of the month, but also on other days. Feel free to join us i...
2 ingénieurs et un patenteux
4 members
Ottawa/Gatineau based gaming group usually meeting on Thursday night. A lot of different players join us on and off. However a core of 3 players were always present: stray_flux, ro...
21st Century Comics & Games
11 members
21st Century Comics & Games is a brick and mortar LGS in East Lansing, MI, right across from Michigan State University. Feel free to come by and check out our extensive stock ...
24 uur spellenplezier
3 members
Our convention takes place in Belgium, more specific in Middelkerke. Each year we have approximately 200 visitors. You have the possibility to play games for 24 hours, for each ...
22 members
2D6.org is a board gaming community dedicated to providing gamers with a source of high quality, video & written board game reviews The offical 2D6.org forum on Board Game G...
2nd Maryland US Infantry Wargaming Society
21 members
Subgroup of GCOM Maryland devoted towards playing and promoting wargames.
417 Gamer
10 members
This is an area for people in the Springfield Missouri(or surrounding areas) to get together and talk about games. Also if you want post gaming sessions, feel free. We have a week...
495 Gamers
23 members
A collective of boardgamers located around the Interstate 495 corridor outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Semi-regular sessions of both Euros and Wargames. New gamers welcome!
3 members
A year-long monthly podcast about Friedemann Friese's game 504. Your hosts are James Nathan (xitoliv) and Chris (Chris Schreiber). We'll discuss the game, interview interesting p...
562 Gamers
30 members
Founded on Labor Day weekend 2010, we are a group of gamers who meet (currently) every other week on Tuesday nights at the Santa Fe Springs Library. The cities of Santa Fe Springs...
9 members
5th Saturday Gaming (GCOM-Herndon, VA) Open gaming sessions on the the 5th Saturday of every month from 1pm - 1am (or later).
7th Street Irregulars
11 members
From casual, to medium-core, we love to get together and enjoy each others company. Anyone is welcome, we have tables for all. Bring your game or partake in our immense game librar...
A Couple of Gamers
788 members
This guild is for gamers who like playing games with their significant other. The focus of this guild is on games that play fantastic for two players, games that have cooperative m...
A Game of Marketing
1 member
This is the Guild page for my game marketing blog. My blog is focused on marketing in the board, card, or tabletop gaming hobby. I am a marketing professional, musician, crossfit...
A Game of Thrones Vancouver
3 members
Attention Greater Vancouverites! I'm making this guild initially for the A Game of Thrones LCG but would like to eventually expand more into the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Board ...
A Gateway Gamer Runsthrough
5 members
Hello and welcome to the A Gateway Gamer Runsthrough Guild. I have created this guild as a hub on the Geek to discuss my Youtube channel, A Gateway Gamer Runsthrough, and aspects ...
A Guild of Their Own: By Women for Women
165 members
This guild is primarily for the purpose of providing a place for Female members of BGG to discuss topics of interest to them (with each other) that are not specifically about gamin...
A llorar a la vía
10 members
Grupo de juegos de murcia, procedentes en su mayoría de labsk.
A.C. Circulo de Isengard
12 members
Horario Jueves Sábados Mañana 11h. - 14h. Tarde 18h. - 23h...
3 members
A.N.K.H. (Alamo Network of Khet Hobbyists) is a Central Texas group that runs Khet demos in the Lone Star State. Headed up out of San Antonio, A.N.K.H. annually attends local conv...
Aachen [NRW]
6 members
Auf der Suche nach Spielern und Spielegelegenheiten im Westen Deutschlands, versuche ich mein Glück nun auf diesem Weg.
Aalborg Wargamers
6 members
Game group for players in Aalborg, Denmark. We are currently open for new players. :) We are mainly playing medium war games such as Axis & Allies, Chaos in the Old World, Ru...
ABBYY Boardgame Cell
5 members
Гильдия для координации настольной ячейки, действующей в компании ABBYY в Москве (Россия).
7 members
AKNIR — is a non-profit organization founded at the initiative of club organizers from 10 Russian cities in December 2011 with the aim of development of game clubs movement a...
71 members
Abecorn is an automated barter exchange service (with a unicorn). We're an alternative game exchange service similar to the OLWLG. Our hope is to make everything more streamlined s...
Abecorn Trade Results
46 members
This guild page are the results from all of the completed trades on Abecorn. Please visit our main guild page at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1936 or the website at http://...
Above Reproach Gamer's Guild
1 member
ARGG is a small group of gamers that meet up once a week to play board games.
Abstract Gamer
23 members
Abstract Gamer listeners can discuss the podcast.
Achtung Sauerkraut!
213 members
Purpose A group for all German-speaking folks on the 'Geek. Feel free to join as well if you are about to learn German. Microbadge Buy It
Acme Games
6 members
We are a small family run gaming store based in Llandudno in North Wales. We stock a large variety of gaming items, with many boardgames both mainstream and the more obscure. We al...
Acquire Chapter - Secret Order of the GamesByEmail Templars
12 members
We are a group of gamers that started playing Acquire on the GamesByEmail site. Since then we've expanded to other games, Empires on GamesByEmail, The Downfall of Pompeii on Yucat...
Acropolis Games
1 member
FLGS in Lenawee County in Adrian Michigan facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acropolisgames.llc YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChliWd9BT2ZlUx-SEd8CshQ
Across the Board
1 member
Welcome to Across the Board, board gaming podcast. We are monthly podcast that strives to be 60 minutes per episode. We are based in Omaha, Nebraska and we plan to have a large foc...
114 members
A gathering place and player finder for BGG users of ACTS, the "Automated Card Tracking System". ACTS handles card draws and die rolls for several popular games and incl...
Adams Memorial Library Gaming Group
30 members
We are a great gaming group in RI. We meet at the historic Adams Memorial Library in Central Falls. Join us! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adams-Memorial-Lib...
Adelaide Board Game Group
149 members
The ABGG is an informal group of gamers who gather regularly at various Adelaide locations to play Board Games and some card games. We play Euros such as Agricola, Carcassonne, Pu...
87 members
This is the reboot of the Adminions group. The Adminions work toward improved content and content management on BoardGameGeek.com. Though some content on BGG is still administere...
Adminions 2008-2013
117 members
The Adminions work toward improved content and content management on BoardGameGeek.com. Though some content on BGG is still administered by Admins (Files, Links, Game Submissions,...
Adminions II Beta *CLOSED*
20 members
This was a special task group created for the initial population of the Versions system. This guild is now closed and inactive. Microbadge (not for general purchase):
Advance After Combat
381 members
An occasionally explicit, monthly podcast about wargames and wargaming. Obscenity (from the Latin obscenus, meaning "foul, repulsive, detestable") generally covers sex...
Aether Captains Design Guild
16 members
A guild to facilitate a 'by invitation only' exhibition/design showcase of games in the Aether Captains World this is the official (and complete) list of those who have joined us ...
Aether Magic
6 members
Aether Magic was founded as a Magic: the gathering club by a tight group of university friends in Belgium in 2008. We all liked to play Magic, but we weren't really into collecting...
2 members
This regional guild is being created for game groups in the 64 countries that comprise the continent of Africa and its surrounding islands and territories including: Algeria Angol...
Afternoon Play - Birmingham
24 members
Afternoon Play is a monthly casual board game meet up. Drop by and join in, or feel free to bring bring board games, card games, dice games, or anything else you think you could pl...
AGoT Sthlm
34 members
GROUP IS INACTIVE. This is a regular group that plays A Game of Thrones (the boardgame) in Stockholm, Bromma every other Saturday at 10-17. I find AGoT one of the greatest gaming...
Agricoholics Anonymous
28 members
Agricoholics Anonymous is a voluntary group set up to support those gamers, geeks and assorted Hobbyists who find themselves still wholly involved in collecting, playing and - in s...
Aikon Board Gaming Club
10 members
So it begins ... The purpose of the "Aikon Board Gaming Club" is to gather all boardgame geeks of the soon to be scattered "Nokia Cph Gaming Club". The goal o...
1 member
People who play board games at 888 Brannan
Alameda Board Gamers
15 members
A group for folks who live in Alameda who want to get together and play all sorts of board games, from Macao to Age of Renaissance, from Wits and Wagers to Troyes. We meet Tuesday...
Albany Board & Card Gamers (ABC Gamers)
33 members
There are several gamers in the Capital District of New York. This is an attempt to get more of us together for some gaming. Whether you like Euro-Style Games, War Games, Card Ga...
Albany Star Wars:X Wing Group
6 members
This group currently meets at Zombie Planet in Albany every Monday at 6:00pm for some casual Star Wars:X Wing play. We usually play until about 9:00 - 9:30. We are fairly experie...
Alberta, Canada
134 members
Welcome to Alberta Gamers! This is a regional guild for game players, event organizers, store owners, and industry insiders operating in sunny Alberta, Canada. BGG has an Alberta...
Albuquerque Game Developers Guild
6 members
A circle of game developers and playtesters in Albuquerque, NM, that routinely gather to display, playtest, and discuss game design ideas. We typically meet at Active Imagination: ...
Albuquerque, NM, USA
39 members
Like any decent city, Albuquerque needs a board game geek guild page. Albuquerque has a thriving community, and we serve to connect that community.
Alexandria/Pineville, LA USA
1 member
This guild is for publicizing the guilds and game groups with open memberships (receptive to adding new members) that meet in either or both Alexandria and/or Pineville and in thei...
All of ethim's geekbuddies
7 members
Guild to list the games available to ethim and his geekbuddies. The goal is to facilitate sharing games, commenting and wasteful duplication of game purchase.
All Things Fun!
13 members
All Things Fun! is a podcast hosted by store owner Ed Evans and co-hosted by Wes Hitchens with special guest host including Glen Walker and Allison Eckel. All Things Fun! podcast ...
All Us Geeks
36 members
A podcast dedicated to giving voice to your inner geek.
11 members
Griasdi! Wenn Du a Allgaier bisch (oder gern oinar wärsch), dann komm rei und spiel mit. Translation into German: Hallo! Wenn Du ein Allgäuer bist (oder gern einer w&aum...
2 members
A place to meet the few geeks in Almaty and/or Kazakhstan and organize meet ups.
12 members
Punto de reunión de los aficionados a los juegos de mesa en Almería (España)
Alpharetta Gaming Lunch
10 members
We are a group of people who want to play boardgames, during the weekday lunchtimes, in Alpharetta(ish). Currently at Super Games in Alpharetta(ish). We are open to any new members...
Alpine Community Center
1 member
Alpine Community Center gaming is an officially sponsored program of the non-profit Alpine Community Center. The program is open to the public and consists of teaching, learning, ...
Alternate Boardgames
41 members
The Alternate Boardgames group does not meet, and is on indefinite hiatus. Alternate Boardgames used to meet on the first Saturday of every month at Alternate Universe, a comic bo...
Alternate Worlds Comics and Games
2 members
Baltimore's Oldest and Best Comics, Games & Collectibles Store! Celebrating our 37th Anniversary of Service to the Reading, Gaming and Collecting Community! Come in, meet our ...
Amateur Radio
8 members
This is a guild for amateur radio (ham) operators. If you already have your license, are interested in getting your license, or just interested in amateur radio, then this is the ...
3 members
The Americus Board Gaming Society is dedicated to spreading a love of board games throughout our community. We meet frequently and play a wide variety of fun/strategic/interesting...
American Cardboard
9 members
American Cardboard is a board gaming fellowship located in Schönaich, Germany.
Amici Ludici - Mantova - Italy
4 members
Amici Ludici is a Gaming association in Mantova Italy.
Amiga Owners
2 members
Once upon a time, a computer often had a C as a logo: The Commodore company have reached an almost epic state - and we are here to hail the last, great Commodore line: The Amiga! ...
AMS - Asociación Madrileña de Simulación
5 members
A.M.S. es una asociación de personas que gustan de jugar y debatir sobre juegos en general y wargames en particular. Desde el año 1992 tiene una actividad ininterrum...
7 members
This is a group of mainly Kansas City area boardgamers that attend AmyCon boardgame weekends. I set this up mainly to browse through our collective game collections. We'll see whe...
An Asteroid, streaking from galaxies unknown carrying with it two men, men of destiny.
2 members
Podcast about games, video and board in general, with special features about the intersection of games and various pet topics. Also Asteroids? Actually, hopefully not.
2 members
Guild del canal de Youtube: Análisis-Parálisis
1 member
ANARHISTS is the Anne Arundel History & Strategy Society, a gaming group dedicated to educating secondary school students in the Anne Arundel County School system. Organized a...
Anchorage Board Game Meetup
12 members
Gaming guild for members of Anchorage Board Game Meetup. This will be a place to view our collections and have various discussions.
Ancient Wonders
11 members
Ancient Wonders was the culmination of decades of schooling, study and determination. We started out of a suitcase and worked our way into the multi-national... OK, I can't back th...
Android: Netreader
22 members
Welcome to Android: Netreader, the Cyberpunk Book Club! This club was started on the Android: Netrunner forums as a way to investigate the literary roots of the card game that we ...
Android: Netrunner OCTGN gaming guild
446 members
This guild is a place for anyone wanting to play Android: Netrunner through OCTGN, an online game table tailored for card games A place to find opponents and organize games Insta...
Android: Netrunner Tournament Scene
84 members
This is a guild to help facilitate the Android Netrunner Tournament scene. Tournament related content, including metagame discussions, are encouraged here.
Android: Netrunner Webcam Gaming
67 members
Android: Netrunner is one of those rare game where each player has her own supply of game components. Because of this, we are able to play opponents over the internet in real time...
Andy's Super Duper Cold War Guild
2 members
A guild for me and my friends to discuss the Cold War and even a little bit more.
Angry Gamers
4 members
A local gaming get together.

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