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Played Games on 15 February 2014

2014-02-15 Players Location
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Got 2nd place. Very cool game. My best friend got last (3rd) place!

I built out 4 villages (with 4 Tiki Heads on top) each with a Kahuna leader for extra points. I don't recall my end game victory points, but maybe around 70 something?
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Won 1/3 games played during the meetup. Had a team of 5 with 2 new players (very new to board game meetup-type games) and we won the first (or maybe second) time, but lost the other 2/3 games. One game we played with curses and rewards, and I "got out" with my best friend, but the others were trapped I believe.

Curses and rewards bring extra interest to the game, and it was my 1st time playing it (I got several rewards, but wish I had actually used them; still forgetting how it worked).
Katy Boardgame Meetup Details
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1st time I played, and I got 2nd while my best friend got 1st (a tie, resulting in us counting our non-pop numbers, and him winning by 2 points to reaching 26 with me at 24), while the game owner who taught us was last.

Was enjoyable game, but the disasters were a bit frustrating to deal with. Game mechanics were decent though to make it interesting.
Katy Boardgame Meetup Details
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Was dead last. 4 players: myself, best friend, and 2 new players to the board game scene.

I failed a lot due to having stakes in land that just weren't getting the good rolls I wanted (6's and a 9 in particular) and others lucky enough to get the rolls they needed. 1st place turned out to be the husband of the newbies, with his wife and my best friend almost winning right after his turn if possible.
Katy Boardgame Meetup Details

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