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Played Games on 22 February 2014

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Played for 1st time today.

We all lost; doom went down all the way to zero. We just could not get to resolving all the portals opened that came on the east part of the map; and our best fighters were rolling very bad combat rolls towards the end of the game, creating a backlog of monsters and portals.

I was the only character to lose his player; I lost Leo Anderson in the Pyramids after unable to roll any 5's or 6's (with 4 dice!) to resolve I believe a general wilderness challenge and had to lost 6 psych, in addition to 1 psych I had already lost, so it got dead. I barely played my 2nd character (Akachi Onyele)before we were doomed.

I was never too exposed to Lovecraftian themes (except for minor things like Hellboy [film], Pacific Rim [film], etc.) until I played this game. I'm a bit more interested after playing this at a meetup.
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Won! Won once as the good guys (1st game) and won once as the bad guy (3rd game).

4 players (illegal, but we used the concept of the 5-player card and had 1 bad, 3 good) just to test it out and it was still enjoyable. Maybe not as good as having at least 5 players, but it was still fun and somewhat difficult to guess who's evil.
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Didn't win. (2nd game)

Played illegally with 4 players (1 bad, 3 good) based on the rounds in the 5-player card). The guy who we correctly deducted was bad in the 1st game, was actually evil again the 2nd game, and we weren't too wise this time (expecting someone else to be bad).
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1st time ever playing. Not used to these types of games, but I played with the Russian bear soldier set with the wizard set.

It was a pretty good combo letting me get lots of cards as well as having good strength. Was very happy I managed to win the Russian bear-leaning base with just barely the right amount of cards after using my Borscht card taking the minions from the other base I had a minion on.

Got 3rd place with 14 victory points (other guy had a ninja set, and popped a base that pushed my friend out of the base rankings leaving his son to get the most victory points, him being in second, and myself being third thanks to that). Would've gotten 2nd if it weren't for that.
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