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Tony Dehner
United States
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Nothing like family, friends and games...and music and beer...and pizza and bean dip...
Date Qty. Players Location Comments
2011-01-18 1 Home The Diversion, Scenario #1: Battle of Hannut-Merdorp

Tony (Germany) vs. Adam (France). A 6-5 Allied victory. Adam destroyed three tank units, meaning the rest from here on out score him points.
2010-11-22 2 Home Fall Gelb: Airborne Operation

Game #1 - Valkenburg Airfield: Adam (Netherlands) vs. Tony (Germany). A 6-5 Axis victory.

Game #2 - Moerdijk Bridges: Adam (Netherlands) vs. Tony (Germany). A 5-4 German victory.

Final Score for Airborne Operation: Axis 19, Allies 15.

Grand Campaign Points So Far (following Bodange and Airborne Operation): Axis 3, Allies 0.
2010-10-26 2 Adam's House Fall Gelb: Airborne Operation

Game #1: Fort Eben-Emael - Tony (Germany) vs. Adam (Belgium). A 5-3 German victory, with 3 turrets destroyed.

Game #2: Unternehmen Niwi - Tony (Germany) vs. Adam (Belgium-France). A 5-1 Allied victory. Adam took a medal right after killing a German infantry.

Confirmed: the 3 sabotaged turrets count on the victory point track. Also looks like Adam doesn't get the victory medal, since the scenario ends as soon as the fifth unit is destroyed.
2010-10-05 1 Adam's House Tony (Germany), Adam (Belgium)

We kicked off Unternehman Fall Gelb with Bodange. A tough battle with lots of casualties. Tony won 5-4 after an infantry unit with 1 figure left took out another infantry unit with 1 figure left that was dug into a village.
2009-12-15 3 Home Falaise: Adam (Allies) vs. Tony (Axis/Germany). The "What If?" roll results in Combat Engineers for the Allies and Camouflage for the Germans. Neither made much of a difference.

Wittmann's Last Stand - we used a Tiger miniature with the new rules for Wittmann, and the Panzerschreck minis for the anti-tank guns. Not even close. Allies win 6-1.

Opportunity at Falaise - this time the Germans turn the tables with a 5-1 victory. Allies fail to capture the objective, meaning we go to...

Closing the Gap - our first experience with Armor Breakthrough, and boy did we have fun. A 6-4 Allied victory.

Final Grand Campaign Score: Allies 5, Axis 0. I swear, it seemed closer than that. We're ready for a break from M'44, but Fall Gelb is happening in '10!
2009-09-12 3 "The Breakout" was completed with an Allied victory. I still need to get around to posting the final scores for the scenarios, but a German/Axis victory is now mathematically impossible. That's okay, because we're now mainly looking forward to Fall Gelb. Details
2009-09-08 2 Home First Game - Flanking Caen, Scenario #4: Hill 112

Adam (British) vs. Tony (Germany). After three razor-close games in a row, Adam went on a tear this time and won the scenario 6-2, while capturing the Hill 112 objective medal. This gave him enough to earn a Major Victory in the Flanking Caen campaign.

Second Game - The Breakout, Scenario #1: Panzer Lehr Counterattacks.

Adam (United States) vs. Tony (Germany). A tough battle ending in a 5-3 Allied victory.
2009-06-03 1 Adam's House Flanking Caen, Scenario #3: Withdrawal from Hill 112

Adam (British) vs. Tony (Germany). Tony won 6-5, but failed to capture the objective, meaning the campaign is effectively tied heading into Hill 112. Also, of course, the next campaign is now guaranteed to be The Breakout.

Tony relied heavily on tanks for his push, which may have been a mistake since they have such a hard time attacking villages. He also had several successful strafing runs, in the first use of a plane in the campaign thus far.

On a side note, we discovered we've been playing the sandbags incorrectly: we've been applying their -1 defensive bonus in all situations, and not just on countryside and beaches. This would have changed things, but since it affected both of us, we let it slide for the rest of the game, and plan to remember for the rubber match.

2009-04-29 1 Flanking Caen, Scenario #2: Capturing the Crossing.

Adam (British) vs. Tony (Germany). Adam won 6-5 this time with a spectacular, if desperate, finish. We remembered to use the British "Stiff Upper Lip" rule this time, and the Victory Event rolls resulted in each of us losing a tank figure and an event card to start. Once again, no planes made it into the air.

After two battles now, the campaign is tied 10-10, with no Objective Medals having been achieved.
2009-04-14 1 Home Flanking Caen, Scenario #1: Securing the Flank

Adam (British) vs. Tony (Germany). Tony won 5-4 after using Counterattack to duplicate a "Direct From HQ" card, and then playing his own copy of that card a turn later. This resulted in a spectacular three-kill turn to end the game.
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